#LeakyLooks: Of Pumpkins and Steampunks

by Kileah McIlvain

I know it may come as a shock to some of you, but I am a nerd. Major nerd. October (besides being my birth month!) is just a 31-day-long reason to dress up and get away with it in public. 😉

Here are a few awesome additions to our #LeakyLooks dress-up-October edition! Have a costume you’re putting together for you and baby? Want to share? Tag us on Instagram or Facebook so we can feature you!

Steampunk Cosplay 



Yeah. I totally went there. I’m pretty sure one of my secret fantasies is getting to go full-on steampunk! I’ve always wanted to wear some Victorian gothic-inspired outfit with goggles and a top hat. This look features some fun ideas (and a GREAT breastfeeding-friendly dress!) and the beautiful Tekhni Nymphai woven wrap in Tuxedo! (it’s not out yet, so consider this a great preview and get your ordering fingers ready!)

1.Leche Libre  2.CafePress  3.Silver Bird Treasures  4.Etsy  5.Ebay  6.Tekhni Nymphai  7.Steampunk Parasol

Mermaid & Merbaby


Remember when we did an awesome PaxBaby themed-look called “Under The Sea”? Well this one is an updated version for all of your trick-or-treating fun! My favorite part? All of these items are great deals!

1.Etsy  2.PaxBaby  3.ASOS  4.PaxBaby  5.AliExpress  6.ecrater mermaid wig

Pumpkin Patch Party!


I look forward to Pumpkin Patch parties all year long! I chose this outfit to highlight some GREAT sizing options for some great autumn wardrobe pieces. My favorite piece in this collection? The Tekhni Nymphai Clover woven wrap. It’s heaven. <3

1.Modcloth  2.Bebe Au Lait  3.Torrid  4.Tekhni Nymphai  5.Target (great deal!)

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