#LeakyLooks : Holiday Family Photo Ideas

by Shannon Streger
This week’s Leaky Looks was put together by an experienced photographer, Shannon Streger. As she recommends options for family photo ideas with a traditional look, a more modern feel, and a weekend at the campfire, she offers some helpful tips to think outside the box.

It’s that time of year when we gather with our dearest family and friends to celebrate another year spent together. What better time than now to commemorate the season with a family portrait in this year’s holiday card. As a former professional photographer, I know there are a lot of things that can make a family portrait go from mess to success! Here are three great looks for you this week, put together to give you some great ideas as you prepare for that perfect holiday card snapshot.  

Some great pro tips: Instead of a matching theme, use colors that coordinate. The varying textures will add depth to your portrait. Decide on a casual look in an outdoor setting, or go formal with an elegant shoot in the studio with the typical holiday props.  

LL- Under the Mistletoe

Look 1:  

Looking for a formal style to wrap that classic holiday family photo? This essential little black dress (from Figure8) is perfect for an elegant maternity look or breastfeeding Momma. Collaborate it with a comfortable pair of pumps and a simple yet stylish pendant. Your partner can coordinate in a fitted black blazer with a red pocket square. Dress up the kids in some red and gold formal wear and keep the accessories simple.  



LL-Happy Holidays2

Look 2: 

If you want to go for a non-traditional look, make it a theme focusing on jewel tones. It will provide the rich colors of Winter while allowing you to stray from the traditional reds and greens.  You can do this look up casual or dressy, and you can mix up the textures a bit like throwing in an adorable lacy dress (BTW it’s from Target!).  Chunky jewelry and hats are great ways to add depth to your portrait. Pair this soft, stripped nursing dress (from Figure8) with some modern rain boots and chew beads from Chompy Chic.  


LL-Into the Woods2

Look 3:

If you want a more organic feel for your family photo, head outside! Ambient light and natural landscapes provide a great look. Mix up a few posed shots with some fun candid ones. Perhaps hire a photographer to capture the family trip to the Christmas Tree farm. This cozy mustard yellow coat (from ModCloth) will look great accented against some warm flannel plaid prints. The trapper hat (from Target) is essential for the baby with this cute “Baby’s 1st Christmas” bodysuit. Think layers!  Now would be a good time for your partner to grow out that facial hair for that woodsmen look. 😉 And don’t forget the NoseFrida! Nothing ruins a great photograph quite as well as a drippy nose. (Pro tip: wet wipes will only make it worse.) Now pull up those fuzzy boots and head into the woods. 

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