That’s it..I QUIT! I am not enough…


We are now three weeks in to 2016.  Do you find yourself already trying to keep up, catch your breath, and are you drowning in broken new years promises and resolutions?  Take a moment and reflect on the amazing ways you have been stretched, grown, and learned who you are.  Take that positive energy and say “I AM ENOUGH”. Now, repeat. Friends, you are indeed enough, no matter who you are or in what season of life you find yourself. Come join us Leakies for this weeks edition of our newsletter as we talk about that “one thing” that we can do to become the change we want to see in the world (and start with your little world right in front of you).
-TLB Team

You are enough

Let’s make that statement a given. Whatever you are facing today, whatever challenges, whatever insecurities, whatever voices in your head, you are enough. No matter what people say to tear you down, or keep you down, you are enough. 

It’s a great starting point. It’s the best starting point. It opens you up to all the possibilities of growth, change, creativity, healthy relationships, balance, adventure, and everyday tasks done well. 

You are enough. 

With that as a given, how can you be the best version of yourself today? 

That’s a difficult question to answer, and the millions of vehicles on the information highway all have a their own “right” answers to this question, in all its various applications: how can you be the best mother or father today? Or the best partner? How can you be the best cook for your family, or for yourself? How can you be the best working parent? Or the best sexual partner? Or the fittest version of yourself? The most compassionate? The most inspiring? The most self-actualized?

We are multi-faceted individuals, and for each facet we are faced with the question: how can it be all that it can be? And for each question, an information-storm of answers is at our fingertips, thanks to the internet, not to mention our friends’ take on it and what our mom, dad, and grandparents had to say about it growing up (and still do), and our own pastor/yogi/Oprah/mentor has to say about it too.  

That’s it, I quit, I am not enough.  

But I am enough. 

You are enough. 

So where do we start? To continue reading, go to HERE.

– Jeremy, The Piano Man

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