2016 Infant Feeding Guide with Product Reviews + Giveaway

by The Leaky Boob Community

The CDC says that the number one reason for women who intend to breastfeed but don’t end up reaching their breastfeeding goals is lack of support. Support goes a long way in making a difference in our feeding journeys. From familial, social, medical, and employment structures, there are many ways we can find and experience support. With story sharing, information sharing, and resource sharing, The Leaky Boob is dedicated to making support for the infant feeding journey easier to find. It may be breastfeeding that brings us all together but through support and finding community we stick around for the connection and rally behind the boob, bottle, formula, and solids. Our infant feeding guide pulls together information, resources, product reviews, and tips from our community to offer that support we’re committed to.

Not much is really needed for feeding a baby in those early days, provided everything goes smoothly. But since it doesn’t always go smoothly, sometimes we need some products to support the journey. Plus, even when it does go smoothly, there are some things that help make it easier and more fun.

After flipping through our guide, be sure to enter to win every product featured in our guide this year!

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And we’re giving it ALL away! Every single item included in our 31 page guide is being given away. Divided into 2 separate bundles, we’re excited to be able to give 2 different Leakies each one of these bundles from our guide. Use the widget below to enter and tell us which bundle you’d want to win in the comments.
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Good luck and a huge thanks to all the brands that wanted to make this possible!


  1. I’m excited for it all, especially the Sakura Bloom sling! Thanks!

  2. sherry blamer says

    I love the infant scale that you can use as a hanging area for baby.

  3. So excited about this, LOVE the products!

  4. Beth Davis-Berg says

    These both look great! I’d love to win either.

  5. Christine Bailey says

    I love the looks of that bag Juno Blu! Super cute! I would love to have Sakura Bloom too! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  6. My favorite is that smart changing pad. I’m a low supply mom so have to have a scale, this would be so much easier.

  7. Jennifer Odom says

    I love the bamboobies nursing pads!

  8. Nichole Hoppe says

    Love the great tips especially the product reviews. It is so hard just to pick a nursing bra!

  9. What great bundles! If love the breastfeeding bundle and especially the Sakura Bloom ring sling!

  10. Stefanie Lee says

    I love all of the Earth Mama products!

  11. The ring sling!!! that was a sanity saver going from 1 to 2 with a toddler and a newborn… nursing while chasing a 1 yr old made a huge difference for me!

  12. The think baby set would be great…my little loves to throw her plate and cup on the floor…indestructible is what we need. Thanks.

  13. Ergo pillow!

  14. Veronica Bohan says

    im excited about the nursing bras

  15. My favorite product in the guide is the Evenflo Feeding Deluxe Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump, I’ve never pumped with my first two babies, but will have to with my 3rd.

  16. Stephanie Phelps says

    I love the Ergobaby Nursing pillow all of the items are so wonderful and the information!

  17. Dena Mathison says

    The beautiful diaper bag!!

  18. Lindsay Chhaya says

    I would love to try the Ergo nursing pillow!

  19. meghan bruce says

    Ergo baby nursing pillow

  20. Stephanie Blood says

    The ergobaby nursing pillow looks amazing!

  21. Nicole Spensley says

    I love nursing tanks when at home!

  22. kalah cronan says

    I love the Think baby bottles that turn into sippy cups!

  23. Sarah Travis says

    Love the look of the French Bull diaper bag!

  24. Stacy McCorkle says

    I love both!! But bundle 1 is my favorite.

  25. This was so helpful. Has a ton of information and product reccommendations

  26. While I still breastfeed my youngest, we love our evenflo glass bottles when he wants a bottle and his sister who is no longer breastfed uses them, too! They are amazing. I wish I purchased them sooner.

  27. I would’ve loved to have a Hatch changing pad when my son was a newborn!

  28. My favorite is definitely the Undercover Mama tank; I love those!

  29. Barbara Thomas says

    I would love to try the thinkbaby bottles as its soooo hard to find spill/leak proof, environmentally safe bottles!

  30. Erin DiMichele says

    My favorite product is the apparel, it makes NIP so much easier and convenient. To win that would be amazing because those things can be very expensive and I have limited wardrobe geared towards breastfeeding. Love all of them though, what a great giveaway!!!! 😊

  31. Marnie Bergstrom says

    I am a foster mother a frankly, post menopausal so breastfeeding is no longer in the cards for me. I foster drug exposed infants and most are failure to thrive and infantile anorexia so I would love and get so much use out of the Hatch smart changing pad. I would appreciate winning that more than you could imagine!

  32. I love the ring sling!

  33. I love the think baby complete feeding set. Think longevity! Can be used for such a long time especially with the stainless steel vs plastic constantly breaking down with every wash and eventually leaking who knows what in the food/drink.

  34. Alexis Cuffy says

    I love the Seamless Handsfree Pump and Nurse Tank and the Plum Organics Baby Food! I def. need a hands free option for pumping with an infant and toddler and I fed my daughter Plum Organics products and loved the quality and def. plan to give my son their products!

  35. My favorite is the clothes. I can’t pick just one, I want them all!

  36. Breastfeeding bundle!

  37. Thanks for the giveaway. I have really enjoyed reading all the info and stories you share!

  38. Nursing apparel!! <3

  39. thanks!

  40. I love the nursing necklace!

  41. The twiddle necklace looks great!! 💜

  42. Betty Hargraves says

    Great idea!

  43. I’m excited about the first bundle with the ergo nursing pillow, chompy teething necklace and everything else

  44. Alexis Lavko says

    The bamboobies! I just received my first pair and am excited to try them out.

  45. Love the Floradix!
    I always feel iron deficient from nursing.

  46. Love all the nursing wear and sakura bloom ring sling!

  47. I love bamboobies! So soft and easy.

  48. I like the Ergo pillow.

  49. I love the sakura bloom sling!

  50. The Naked Nursing Tank is a genius idea… Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  51. Courtney munson says

    The nursing pjs look awesome!

  52. Abigail Frazee says

    UnderCover mama tanks are one of my favorite nursing items 🙂

  53. i like the Evenflo Feeding Deluxe Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump

  54. Any of the nursing tops would be awesome!

  55. Angelica Medina says

    It’s hard to choose a bundle since I will both be breastfeeding and pumping when I go back to work but I’m hoping to be pumping less with a new work schedule- so I would love to have the breastfeeding bundle! I’ve been eyeing some of these products since finding out we’re expecting again and it would be so helpful to have some better support this time around.

  56. Laura Fanning Pinnick says

    I would love to go to MommyCon!

  57. Stacey Roberson says

    My favorite is the Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow.

  58. This all looks amazing!

  59. cynthia eason says

    My favorite thing would probably be the Hatch Changing Station.

  60. I’m really excited about the breast pump being included with the prize. I also really like the cute clothes.

  61. My favorite items are probably the naked nursing tank and the Evenflo bag adapters to make storage so much easier.

  62. What a great contest! No pressure to nurse or bottle feed or both which is so very nice!
    I love your articles!

  63. Jennifer Leach says

    Thank you so Nch for this giveaway! I have been on both sides of the nursing aisle, pumping and bottle feeding when our babies where in the NICU and nursing our little ones after their bottle days. Earth Mama products are amazing and made my last nursing experience so much better. Baby wearing has been a life saver. Thank you for supporting all moms feeding their babies breast milk in whatever way that works best for their baby.

  64. My favourite items in the guide is the nursing necklace and the BPA free feeding set, though everything looks amazing. It would be amazing to win either package.

  65. Thanks!

  66. The ergobaby nursing pillow is my favorite item in the guide.

  67. I really think the bundle with the Plum Organics foods would be great!

  68. My favorite product is the Juno Blu Nepenthe pump bag. I just went back to work and would so love this beautiful bag, instead of having to carry 17 other individual bags every day!

  69. the diaper bag!

  70. Nicole Turnbull says

    I love the Plum organics products. My little one loves the puffs and pouches!

  71. nicolthepickle says

    I like the Cake Maternity Rock Candy Nursing Bra.

  72. Heather Mikulskis says

    I love the teething necklace!

  73. Chelsey Bennett says

    I’d love to try the Savi Mom nursing nightgown. I need something like that!

  74. I’ve been breastfeed 2 months on Sunday i love having the leaky boob to go to for questions and support

  75. Samantha Guenther says

    Love the earth mama products. A lot of these brands I have yet to get to even see so each one seems pretty awesome really.

  76. I am most excited to potentially win (everything!!!!) I am a full time nursing momma to a five week old baby, and I can use all the support I can get! This would all help me so tremendously, I am a stay at home mom and we survive off one small income from my fiancé working. If I had to pick one item specifically I think it would be the nursing pillow from the catalog, my neck and back hurt so much from hunching over every 1-2 hours, I’m actually nursing as I wrote this!

  77. The baby food pouches are the best!

  78. Kathryn Heck says

    This guide is wonderful and the giveaway is great!

  79. Kathryn Heck says

    My favorite item is the nursing shirt. You cannot have too many.

  80. I would like the teething necklace!

  81. Melissa Ferris says

    Most looking forward to the baby smart changing pad!

  82. I would love the Sakura ring sling. I loved wearing my older kids but never had a ring sling. Looking forward to this!

  83. melisa klink says

    I think everything looks amazing. I’m really interested about the apparel. As its great to see bra and shirt options for nursing.

  84. I like all, the breast bras, and pump

  85. My favourite product is the ChompyChicChewlery. I can’t believe how awesome having teething jewelry helps with nursing. My baby loves to hang on to it while she nurses, saving my face and breast from tiny claw marks! It also helps when I need someone else to take care of her; they wear my necklace while they give her a bottle and it helps her take the bottle better. I have a Lalabu shirt too which is amazing for feeding new babies in and I was surprised to find that I can still pop my 8 month old in it for an easy feed when I wear it out.

    Is this giveaway only open to USA?

  86. Gisselle Pantoja says

    I believe the breastfeeding and apparel bundle would be wonderful! I’m always worried abouty milk supply. It’s nice to have a necklace that will distract the baby. Also cloth is the best way to go instead of the disposable nursing pads. And as for the apparel, it’s so hard finding something to wear that you are able to nurse and look good in.

  87. I like the feeding apparel!

  88. The Thinkbaby: The Complete BPA-Free Feeding Set is my favorite !

  89. What great recommendations, I love that breastfeeding bundle by Earth Mama Angel Baby!!

  90. I’d be most excited for the Sakura Bloom ring sling!

  91. Nicole Maxwell says

    My favorite product from the guide that I’ve actually tried would be the Bambooies Nursing Pads. They’re so soft and feel great against your skin. My favorite product that I haven’t tried but want to would be the Cake Maternity: Rock Candy Nursing Bra. I love how smooth and seemless it looks, perfect for under a fitted t-shirt.

  92. Hatch Baby Smart Changing Table is my favorite

  93. Would love to try Earth mama angel baby!

  94. So many things look amazing. I really want to try reasonable breast pads this time.

  95. Emily Ferguson says

    I love the JunoBlu bag.

  96. My favorite are the bamboobies!

  97. I love the milk storage bag adapters for the pump! What a great idea!

  98. Kayla Bergstrom says

    I love the bag in bundle one!

  99. The teething ring!

  100. abigail grove says

    I’d love to win the breastfeeding bundle!!

  101. abigail grove says

    my favorite item in the giveaway is the Ring Sling!

  102. The chevron diaper bag is so cute! I have an evenflo pump and it’s so great, I bought a second

  103. We need the diaper bag.

  104. Sarah Parker says

    Bamboobies nursing pads were a life-saver for me! They’re so soft and I love the cute heart shapes!

  105. I love that zigzag duffle diaper bag. 13 pockets, I definitely need one!!

  106. Amelia Bayless says

    I would say one of my favorites from the Guide are the bamboobies!

  107. I like the diaper bag

  108. Laura Bornhoft says

    Oo, mommy con would be amazing!

  109. I love the babmoobies nursing pads and also the earth mama angel baby products. I haven’t tried the other ones but I would love to with this new baby due in 6 weeks.

  110. Andrena Robinson says

    My favorite product is the Earth Mama Angel Baby Breastfeeding essentials bundle

  111. The baby organic food in the breastfeeding package!

  112. I’d love to win package 2 for the double electric breastpump!

  113. Jacquelyn Rogerson says

    There are so many great things through out the guide. I love it all and it’s hard to pick a favorite. If I must choose then I guess I pick the nursing necklace.

  114. I cant pick a favorite!

  115. My fave item is the pretty pump bag. I would love something like that!

  116. My favorite thing in the guide is the Bamboobies. So soft and necessary for breastfeeding. Their reusability is a bonus. The Sakura Bloom ring sling looks nice, too.

  117. The think baby feeding set looks pretty cool

  118. brittany chelette says

    The HATCH changing pad is super cute for monitoring baby’• weight, and I really like thr ThinkBaby meal containers!

  119. Lara Leigh Winton says

    The ring sling looks amazing.

  120. Chambray ring sling!

  121. My favorite thing is the nursing clothes! I also need a little help..
    I’m having trouble getting my 2 month old to stay latched on. She didn’t have this problem until about a month and a half old. She will nurse fine for about 5 mins and then she starts wiggling and moving her head back and fourth. She opens her mouth to try again but does the same thing a few seconds after nursing. I have to keep fighting her to get her to eat. I’m scared she’s not eating enough.

  122. Evenflo, so need it!

  123. Emmeline Stoddard says

    My baby loves Plum Organics Little Yums. I also liked the Sakura Bloom ring sling. It looks comfortable and convenient.

  124. I love the ring sling from Sakura bloom! so versatile as a baby carrier, nursing cover, and great into todlerhood

  125. I would LOVE to have a Lalabu!!!

  126. I’m having trouble getting my 2 month old to stay latched on. She didn’t have this problem until about a month and a half old. She will nurse fine for about 5 mins and then she starts wiggling and moving her head back and fourth. She opens her mouth to try again but does the same thing a few seconds after nursing. I have to keep fighting clothing her to get her to eat. I’m scared she’s not eating enough.

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