Pumpin’ On the Premises Photo Contest!

Do you pump on a couch?
When you pump are you a grouch?
Do you pump at a desk?
Do you pump milk from your chest?

Do you pump in a house?
Do you pump under your blouse?
Do you pump in a plane?
Do you pump your milk on a train?

Do you pump in an office?
Do you pump in tiny boxes?
Do you pump in a car?
Do you pump your milk real far?

Do you pump on a boat?
Enough milk that you could float?
Do you pump in a tree?
You can pump your milk hands-free!

If you pump here or there
If you pump milk anywhere
If you’d like to pump hands-free
You can take a pic and win PumpEase™!

(My pumped nod at Dr. Seuss and if you liked that you should check out Life with Levi’s little ditty, clever and fun!)

The Leaky Boob sponsor PumpEase™ has partnered up with another TLB sponsor, A Mother’s Boutique to bring you Pumpin’ On The Premises!  PumpEase™ hands-free pumping support Photo Contest! It’s easy, Just enter a photo of where you spend your time pumping (not actual pumping, just the area! LOL)!  Top 5 photos based on fan votes all WIN! You can vote for the best or worst – your choice!  Contest ends March 25th, 2011.

There are 5 prizes:

Grand Prize

PumpEase Prize Pack
Includes: Your choice of any size/style PumpEase, Nursing Mother Goddess Necklace, Breastmilk Storage Guidelines Magnet, & your choice of Do Not Disturb Door Hanger.
Plus, a Nursing Undershirt from A Mother’s Boutique!

2nd Prize
3rd Prize
4th Prize

PumpEase (any style/pattern) & a Nursing Undershirt from A Mother’s Boutique!

5th Prize

PumpEase (any style/pattern) & a Nursing Undershirt from A Mother’s Boutique!

Whether you pump for your little one while you’re at work, pump for date night out, pump to donate or exclusively pump, this contest is for ALL pumping moms!  It’s super easy to enter, go to the Pumpin’ On the Premises Facebook page and make your submission.  Have fun!  If you haven’t already, be sure to like PumpEase™ and A Mother’s Boutique on Facebook for news about sales, store announcements, and conversation and tips for breastfeeding and pumping moms.

You can read my review of PumpEase™ here.


Alright, you currently lactating moms. We’ve got a contest. This contest is based entirely on ridiculousness and honesty. You have to honestly be ridiculous.

Inspired by a post on The Leaky Boob Facebook wall by a… liker? Not loving the new Facebook set up, seriously, what are we supposed to call the people that used to be fans? Anyway, the contest.

Inspired by a post on The Leaky Boob Facebook wall, this contest is to see how far your lactating boobies can spray milk and in how many streams. Think of it as The Leaky Boob’s version of darts. Wait until you see what we come up with for pool. 😉

Here’s what you’ll need for the contest:
3 piece of paper (colored paper is probably best)
measuring tape
digital camera

Be honest please, we have to take your word and it just won’t be fun if somebody lies. A brawl is kind of hard over the internet, so play nice.
You have to take a picture of your paper.
Measure from the wall to the arch of your foot where you were/are standing.

Tape a piece of paper to the wall.
Measure and stand 5 feet from the wall.
Aim boobie at the paper and “give ol’ Bessie a squeeze”, trying to hit the paper.
Adjust as needed, moving closer or farther away.
You can try with both boobies.
Whatever your farthest shot comes from, measure that, take a picture of your paper.
Count your streams too, you get bonus points for individual spots from the different streams showing on the paper.
Post picture online and share the link with us in the comments as well as the details.

You get a point for each inch away from the wall you were standing.
Each stream is half a point.

I have NO idea yet. I’ll get working on that.

This contest is open until Friday evening at 7pm Central.

Now, Ready… Aim… Fire!