LIVE TLB birth livestream anonymous donation for those needing a little help


Help someone to be able to watch BB8’s birth.

Your monetary donation is greatly appreciated. Each $12 purchase (you can increase the number to any number you like) will enable an individual or family to watch the livestream of BB8’s birth. For us personally, it will go toward Jessica paying bills and getting a bit of a maternity leave. Your donation helps both! 

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We don’t want anyone who wants to witness this birth to miss out because of financial hardship. Access to education and support is something we are passionate about along with normalizing birth and breastfeeding. Help us support others by making a donation to the hardship fund. Each donation of $12 will enable an individual or family that is going through financial hardship to be able to watch the birth. You can purchase as many or as few as you would like. Any help is immensely appreciated.

Our goal with this birth livestream is to help share just how normal birth is and the diverse and wide range of normal within that. We hope this is connecting, empowering, encouraging, and normalizing of birth. Please note that as this is a labor and birth video, you may well see images of nudity, body fluids, and more. This is live and uncensored. This birth is a planned home birth attended by professional midwives. Read more about why we livestream our births and our decision to put this one behind a paywall here.

Please note: Because birth is sometimes unpredictable, we reserve the right to cut off the livestream at any point in time for either personal, medical, or technical reasons. Because of this, your purchase here is considered a non-refundable gift. We appreciate your understanding. 

Once your purchase is finalized, we will match the amount with the number of individuals/families you’re helping and we will share the link and password to the livestream with them when we’re ready.

Thank you so much for your help!

~ Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber, and family.