Sex, Interrupted – the ins and outs of doin’ it when you have kids


What if intimacy and sex could actually be BETTER after baby?

Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber, together for over 20 years and still “doin’ it” even with having 8 kids, share their stories and thoughts on how they’ve kept their connection – and their groove – alive all this time. Straightforward and honest, they share the good, the bad – the ugly – the challenges and the beauty in maintaining a relationship when babies enter the picture – and stay there FOREVER. 

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Sex, Interrupted – the ins and outs of doin’ it when you have kids

~ One couple’s naked truth about intimacy and sex after baby and beyond 

by Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber


Jeremy and Jessica Martin-Weber open up with an honest look and what they have learned about intimacy and sex after baby… 7 times over.

They are getting real about the realities, struggles, and upsides of the ins and outs of connection and sex when you have kids. With personal stories, real life steps, and guided space for your own personal reflection, this short e-book is an easy read filled with humor and what nobody is talking about when it comes to how having kids impacts your intimacy and sex life. Drawing on over 20 years of experience through having 8 children together, Jessica and Jeremy share what they wish they had known so you can know the ins and outs of doin’ it when you have kids.

Intimacy and sex can actually be BETTER after baby when we understand ourselves and our partner and what we need.

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