Bleeding uteruses of the world unite!

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We’re talking about our bleeding uteruses again! But that’s not all, we also have information on breastfeeding and returning to work, sleep issues, bacon, and more. Read all the way through our email for a special discount from our friends at Lunapads!
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Hey Leakies!

It was an amazing week talking about our menses last week. So great.

No, seriously.

It was like a breath of fresh air. We think about our periods a lot, think about them monthly, manage them for days at a time, and try to forget them frequently. Talking about them was freeing and refreshing. 

And to think, people used to douche for that feeling and all we had to do was talk.


We learned that there is a wide range of normal, that extreme pain and bleeding through a full size pad in an hour aren’t normal and can be indicators of a more serious problem, that our cravings have meaning, with A Girl With A View we learned that there is some crazy menstrual history out there (here), that many of us wish we had been more prepared for our menarche (first period- 5 things one girl wishes she had known here), and some surprising realities we weren’t expecting about our postpartum periods here. If you’re interested in reading on, click here.

Jessica Martin-Weber
Founder, TheLeakyBoob.com

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