The Letter We Know You Won’t Read- You’re not really gonna open this are you?


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Well, now you’ve done it. We warned you but here you are…GOOD cause you’re in for out most lighthearted newsletter yet, stocked full go hilarious videos, satire, and wit. We hope you have had a wonderful holiday season and we are so glad to have you apart of The Leaky Boob community. So sit back, relax, make a cup of Hot Momma Cocoa and get ready to laugh. Happy New Year!

-TLB Team


Hey Leakies!

If you’re reading this, I’m surprised. Welcome to the irrelevant TLB email this week. We figured nobody would read it anyway, this week is like Tardis, transporting you through time with no real sense of how you got there. 

Hope your holidays have been great! And if they haven’t, welcome to the club. I took one of my tips here to heart about how not to gain 10 pounds this holiday season and got myself sick. Don’t get my wrong, I have enjoyed the holidays with my family, for the most part. I haven’t enjoyed the wrecked schedule, my nasty cold, and the unbelievable and unending pile of dishes. Starting to dream about kicking our Christmas tree to the curb. 

I’m getting through with some “cleaning” breaks AKA checking social media on my phone. Since my children seem to be allergic to cleaning, I’m left completely alone for as long as 10 minutes at a time! That’s a lot of Facebooking. 

I’m not one to pretend I’ve got this parenting thing figured out or that I’m perfect in any sense. The holiday just seem to highlight that reality for me. I’m really just winging all of it. 

Winging it meme- TLB

Winging it is so much less disappointing when I’m at least laughing all the way (Christmas carol reference right there- I’m winning some things, right?). To read more about some of the things that have made me snort and cough in laughter through this nasty cold that I’ve come across this week, click HERE.


Jessica Martin-Weber

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