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This week in our edition of The Leaky Book Newsletter we are focusing on periods. And no, we aren’t talking punctuation! We are talking about menstruation, “that time of the month”, your ladies days, the Menzies! We are excited to focus on a topic that’s so important to women’s health and yet widely misunderstood. We also have a featured expert with some great information on the stages of Lochia. This week also, we are excited to have Lavinia Martin-Weber from A Girl With A View to join us for Period Week. Check out her video on YouTube and make sure you subscribe. Lastly, we have a great Period Week Care Package giveaway one special Leaky is sure you’d enjoy. Have a great weeks friend, and stay warm!
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Menstruation. Period. That time of the month. On the rag. Aunt Flo. Menzies. The Dot. Crimson tide. Shark week. (That one is new to me.)

Whatever you call it, menses are a normal biological part of life for healthy women of child-bearing age. And yet there is a lot of shame associated with it. Girls both look forward to it and dread it, women groan when it shows up, and everyone is expected to hide that they ever have to deal with it.

But we do have our cycles and starting somewhere between the age of 11-14 on average, most women bleed from their uterus once a month or so.

We’re daring to talk about it. What’s normal, what’s not, our personal experiences, social experiences, attitudes, and information. Men and women of all ages are invited to the conversation. Shame is not. Read more here to help us begin normalizing and not shaming periods by joining the conversation.

– Jessica Martin-Weber
Founder, TheLeakyBoob.com

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