Naked Nursing Tank Giveaway

“Don’t go into business with friends.”  This is a generally accepted adage, but every once and a while you run into an example of friends working together that exemplify just the opposite.  Close friends – best friends – can sometimes be the exact chemistry required for a business to thrive.  This is certainly the case for Jessica and I (The Piano Man writing here); best friends AND married, we  love nothing better than to work together and we are continually bemoaning how little time we have to do so.  Jen and Carrie, the women behind new TLB sponsor NakedNursingTank, appear to be in the same boat.  In the following interview, we catch a glimpse into their busy mom/work/best friend lives.  They love The Leaky Boob community and are thrilled to offer our Leakies a giveaway of their unique tanks.  What is a Naked Nursing Tank, you may ask?  Here is their take on it:

“Vital to every nursing mother’s wardrobe, the Canadian made, NakedNursing Tank Fits EVERY body type providing coverage for your midsection during nursing. Our Luxury Bamboo Naked Tank line covers below the pregnant belly and can be worn during pregnancy as a layering piece, and it retains its original shape after washing so you can wear it with your shrinking figure for the perfect midsection cover-up while you nurse your baby. The Classic Cotton and Luxury Bamboo Naked Tanks are extra long in length and were invented by two nursing Moms who designed its unique low scoop beneath-the-bust shape, allowing women to select their supportive bra of choice without infringing on necklines or having to be limited to the one-size-fits-all shelf bras. Slipping on your Naked Tank underneath your outfit transforms every regular shirt in your wardrobe into a nursing shirt, saving you money while providing a stylish choice. No other nursing blankets or cover-ups necessary…Easy. Efficient. Effortless.”

14. Jen & Carrie profession photo for NT

TLB:  What inspired you to start your company, “Naked Nursing Tank”?

Jen:  I was nursing at the gym one day and was extremely frustrated with the nursing tank that I had on because it did not allow me any access to my sports bra.  At that moment I immediately ran to find Carrie, who happened to be in the bathroom, and I told her that I had come up with a great invention 🙂  We had NO idea what we were getting into that day in the bathroom 😉

TLB:  Could you tell us a bit about your nursing tanks, and how the “naked” piece fits in?

Jen: Our tanks are designed to keep the breast area open for easy access, and your midsection covered.  We knew that the easiest way to nurse was when your top half was essentially ‘naked’.  We needed to be half naked and yet half covered all at the same time, which is how we coined the phrase, “When you need to be Naked, we’ve got you covered!” …and voilà, the Naked Nursing Tank name was born.

7. BEFORE shot -with sour face -no caption8. AFTER -with caption
TLB:  How long have you and Carrie known each other?  In what way has this business venture changed your relationship?

Jen:  We have known eachother since we played Varsity Rugby at The University of Guelph, which was in *gulp* 1996…wow, a seriously long time!! The business venture hasn’t really changed our relationship at all.  We are together all of the time because we have 2 small children each who are the same ages, and we are best friends.  I think we have an enormous amount of trust in one another from our days playing on such an intense team together and we compliment each other because we really are polar opposites, which fits amazingly well into our business plan.  I am the ‘let’s get running & leap off this cliff and see how we land’ person, and Carrie is the one who has the parachute making sure all the details are taken care of. It’s a great fit for the both of us!

TLB:  Running your own business and having a family is tricky; how do you balance work and family?

Jen:  Haha, I am not sure if ‘balance’ is the proper word to use right now.  We have an enormous amount of passion for the Naked Tank and helping women to feel more comfortable while nursing, so we dedicate as much time as possible to running the business.  With that being said, we are also very passionate about the time that we spend with our families.  A lot of the time that is dedicated to the business are stolen hours at the gym while the kids are in the playroom and then also the time right after they go to bed…and the occasional 20 minute intervals strung together during the day 😉

TLB:  What is your favorite breastfeeding tip?

Jen:  Breastfeed on demand, your baby is the only judge of when he or she is hungry. And enjoy the precious time you get to bond with your baby…this was our favorite part!

9. Jen Coffee Shop

The Girls at the Naked Nursing Tank are giving away 2 different prizes to 2 lucky Leakies.  

The prizes are:

1.  A Luxury Bamboo Naked Nursing Tank.  Our luxurious blended Bamboo fabric in your choice of Midnight Black or Lily White.  Retail Value: $39.99

4. Both Bamboo Tanks Together2. Black Tank Rear View No Straps- rear view 06-19-2012_noBra

2.  A Classic Cotton Naked Nursing Tank.  Our super soft blend of Cotton/Lycra fabric in your choice of Charcoal Grey or Light Platinum Grey  Retail Value: $29.99

6. Charcoal Grey Mauve Bra5. Platinum Grey

Currently Leakies can find these and other breastfeeding items on the Naked Tank website, www.thenakedtank.com.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from April 5, 2013 through April 11, 2013.  A big thanks to Jen and Carrie and The Naked Nursing Tank for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter at @nakedtank and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway open to international entries.

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