It’s a nursing cover! It’s a poncho! It’s a skirt! It’s a Bamboobies Butterfly Wrap!

I sit here writing this in my Bamboobies Butterfly Wrap.  It is, quite possibly, the most comfortable article of clothing I own.

Kerry of Bamboobies, sent me the wrap to review ages and ages ago.  I’m not the fastest reviewer in part because I’m just really busy and finding the time and can be difficult.  But that’s not the only reason why I’m a slow reviewer, I take my time so I feel I can give an honest review and a time tested review.

I had some hesitation about the wrap at first.  Not because I thought it wasn’t pretty (it is) but more because I thought I wouldn’t really use it since I don’t cover to breastfeed.  But I decided to try it anyway.

There was a touch of disappointed when I took it out of it’s package, even though I knew it wasn’t bamboo, I was hoping for bamboo velour anyway.  Just because I love that stuff.  I completely and totally love my Bamboobies breast pads and so I’m afraid I’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with bamboo velour.  You can read about my experience with their breast pads here.

I got over my disappointment though and while it’s not bamboo velour (I hear angels sing every time I say that phrase) it is an incredibly soft, lightweight jersey.  So angels may not sing by I like to pet it anyway.  Throwing it on as a poncho I couldn’t help but think “I’ve never actually worn a poncho.”  Which is true.  I’m not sure why and I can’t say that any more.  It’s very easy to put on and arrange and look fabulously stylish.  The construction of the Butterfly Wrap is simple and when I examined it I thought “hey, I bet I could make this.”  And then I quickly realized two things: 1) Maybe I could but I never would, let’s be honest and 2) I probably couldn’t because it probably wasn’t as easy as I thought- nothing in sewing/crafting world is.  This simple construction, however, doesn’t mean frumpy and blah, nope.  It means sleek with an artistic flair.  I love flair.

By the way, it looks cool even without a baby bump.  Or at least I think so.

Grabbing Smunchie I talked her into wanting to breastfeed.  It took some convincing.  Ok, no it didn’t, she’s always willing and ready to breastfeed.  I was certain she was not going to like having something over her head and I was a little concerned that it would seem stifling since it doesn’t have any boning to keep it out.  Didn’t bother Smunchie one little bit and I realized I could pull the neck out a little and her head could hold the fabric taught enough so I could see her just fine.

So if I were a covering breastfeeding mom I would like the Butterfly Wrap as a nursing cover.  For starters just because I could wear it like it was part of my outfit and not have to put something special on to feed my baby.  Secondly because it’s cute but not cutesy.  More like stylish and nice.  Thirdly, because if I didn’t want to wear it and just throw it on to feed it’s super compact and thin and fits into a bag easily, I can carry mine in my purse.  We will not discuss the size of my purse.

But I’m not a covering mom and I still like it.  It’s a nice poncho and Bamboobies has some lovely photos of it as a maternity poncho, it looks stunning.  I’ve never worn it that way though and I still like it.


Because it is the most stylish, comfortable skirt on the planet.  It’s like wearing yoga pants but not pants and with way more flair.  Did I mention I like flair?  Funky flair at that.  An asymmetrical hem line, a bit of a slit without being too high, super comfortable fabric (sometimes I feel to make sure my skirt is still covering in the back- it’s that comfortable!) and a waist line I can barely feel but isn’t elastic makes it one of my favorite skirts to wear.  The zoo, a date, shopping, hanging out at home, or working at a coffee shop, meeting a friend for lunch, this skirt is ready for just about anything.  I’ve even worn it to an art gallery opening with a sparkly camisole and peep-toe heels.  Wish I had taken a picture because I looked really great that night and I was comfortable.  Well, mostly, Bamboobies needs to come out with something like the Butterfly Wrap but in footwear.  This skirt is perfect for postpartum.  For probably like 20 years postpartum.

The skirt did not improve my photography skills, my very dead, dry Texas drought yard, the laundry on my line or my chipped nail polish.  Also, I dare to bare my belly in one of these photos so you can see the waist line.  Consider yourself warned.  The afternoon light washed the black out a bit, it’s darker than this in real life.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: because I swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

What I liked:

Comfort.  The fabric is thin enough but opaque to have all areas of comfort covered.  The best part though is how soft it is.  I love soft.

Style.  I also like style and to me the Butterfly Wrap is very stylish however you’re going to be using it.  As a poncho, nursing cover or skirt it’s mom-wear with flair. (Ok, it’s killing me, every time I say “flair” I think of Jennifer Aniston in Office Space and smirk a little.)

Durable.  I’ve been wearing the Butterfly Wrap for more than 6 months now and it gets washed about once a week, depending.  It still looks good, the fabric isn’t balling up and it doesn’t show signs of wear.  Even after it’s endured some abuse it holds it’s shape well after every washing.

You know what else I liked?  I could not only nurse in it as a cover but the neckline is stretchy enough that I could also pull it down and pull my boob out and nurse with it on without covering.  Since I don’t cover but I like the look of the poncho in cooler weather, that works for me.  Covering is a personal choice, I’m in favor of a mom feeding her nursling however she’s most comfortable, covered or not.  I think the Butterfly Wrap is a great fashion choice regardless.

What I didn’t like:

I always promise fair reviews and there are a few things I’m not crazy about in the wrap.  If it’s cool enough that I feel I really need the coverage of the poncho I get irritated at the opening in the fabric letting in cool air.  However, I found I could reposition the poncho with the slit more in front and it wasn’t as much of a problem and I still liked how it looked.

Since my favorite way to wear it is as a skirt I have noticed that when I’ve been wearing it for a long time any given day it starts to sag and stretch in the waist.  I wear my shirts long so it really isn’t a problem for me but I don’t like starting to worry that it will fall down and I do wonder if that would be more of a problem with a big pregnant belly.  However, it never has fallen down, I’ve just worried that it will.  So I make sure to wear super cute panties just in case that does happen.  Really, you could say the wrap has encouraged stylish choices even in my undergarments.

Also, I was extremely disappointed that the skirt did not rehydrate my crunchy, drought stricken lawn, take down the laundry or paint my toenails.  But pedicures, lawn care and laundry maid were never promised so I guess I can’t be too disappointed.


The wrap is staying as an essential part of my wardrobe.  It has it’s flaws but they are things I can live with.  In fact, I’d like to live with those problems in a few other colors.  There’s room from brown and purple in my closet I think.