World Breastfeeding Week Blog Carnival SUBMISSIONS NEEDED!

World Breastfeeding Week is August 1st through the 7th. The Leaky [email protected]@b is excited to host our first blog carnival and will launch our very own website! There will be give-aways, guest writers, links to other blog participating and maybe a few more great things up our sleeves. Will you participate? Know someone that should? The theme is “Perspectives: Breastfeeding from every Angle.”

I’m looking for Everything from the medical/health perspective to historical perspectives, a man’s perspective and a child’s perspective. Breastfeeding in different cultures, breastfeeding from a new mom, breastfeeding from a mom knowing this is her last child to breastfeed, breastfeeding from a grandma, the extended breastfeeder, the pumping breastfeeder, the professional breastfeeding support (LC’s, etc.), from different faiths, from the abuse survivor, from a formula feeder, etc. Personal stories, researched information, or essay style, pretty much anything would be appropriate. It can be blog carnival style (link to a blog) or guest post style (posted on TLB blog). Anything is great. I would prefer a new piece to an old one but if you think you have something that would be perfect then please go ahead and submit an older piece. Anyone interested should e-mail [email protected]om. We would like to have all the submissions by the 30th.



  1. Farmer's Daughter says

    Sounds fun! I'll try to write a new post but if I can't get to it I wrote one a little while ago about the environmental benefits to breastfeeding and I'll submit that one.

  2. Confessions of a Girl says

    i know i already told you i'd be writing a piece. now i just gotta sit down and do it.

  3. I could get it a whirl. Maybe something along the theme of Mexican background but American girl. I'll get to work and email it.

  4. These all sound great! I'm really looking forward to the different submissions.

  5. Petroglyph says

    A Favorite:

    Q: If regular Bees make Honey….What kind
    of Bees make Milk?

    A: Boo-Bees!!!

    (From a male supporter…love to lend a hand…or two; when I can.)

  6. Yaya, more breastfeeding carnivals! Love it. I have given you an award. You can come here to claim it.

  7. rachel... says

    Are you still looking for submissions? I am a sporadic (at best) blogger, but I'd be honored to participate. I could write something from a personal perspective on my feelings about breastfeeding and how it is to know that I'm nursing my *sniff, sniff* last baby.

  8. Any and all submissions welcomed! I'd love to hear about your perspective in nursing your last baby Rachel, that would be great.

  9. Brenda Dale says

    If you don't mind a new blogger, I'd love to help out. I formula fed my first and I'm nursing my 14 month old (and last.

  10. I wrote a research paper or two on breast feeding when I was in nursing school. I would be happy to submit them, they are kind of dry being research and all.

  11. Anonymous says

    Hi, new to this blog. I applaud you hosting this site and providing a place for moms to post their comments. Just curious, why are there formula ads here??

  12. @Anonymous, thanks for the encouragement on the blog. Sadly I currently have no control over the ads as they are through an ad hosting company (google) right now. I'm slowly moving towards complete control of the ads but haven't made it there yet. Hoping to see that change in the next few weeks.

  13. The Mamas says

    We are doing daily postings this week on breastfeeding at

    Would love a link or to guest post here.

  14. The Mamas, you can e-mail me at theleakyboob {@} theleakyboob {DOT} com to talk about it!

  15. I want to participate! But choosing a topic is kind of hard. I have been nursing for four years now, and never had any problems. It's hard to say more than – breastfeeding, just do it!