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In the summer of 2011, after a little over a year of running The Leaky Boob blog and Facebook page, I saw a need to help answer the many reoccurring questions moms, dads, and others had about breastfeeding.  There are many incredible resources out there that are full of well-researched, evidence based information, this resource is not intended to replace any of those.  What The Leaky Boob Relational Resource is intended to be is a collection of articles sharing information in the relational manner that is part of TLB culture.  Presenting well-researched, evidence based information with the “pub” feel, a conversation and dialogue, and personal connection that is a hallmark of The Leaky Boob.  My vision is that the Relational Resource would be a place to find information for experts that was accurate and supportive, easy to understand, presented in lay-person terminology, and like talking with a good friend.

The Relational Resource is an ongoing work in progress.  Featuring materials from the personal voices of doctors, IBCLCs, CLCs, various field experts, and parents.  This resource is not intended to be medical advice or medical counsel and readers are greatly encouraged to take personal responsibility for their health and the health of their child by seeking out qualified health care and to fully research all their options independently.

It is my hope that these materials will encourage and support those seeking information along their breastfeeding journey.  Please let me know if there are other topics or specifics within a topic you’d like to see covered in the comments section.  Thank you and I hope you find this helpful!

Happy breastfeeding!

~Jessica Martin-Weber


Current Relational Resources:

Low Supply:

Breastfeeding the newborn:




Breastfeeding and breast cancer:


Clogged Ducts, Mastitis, and other boob issues:

Breastfeeding in public:

Breastmilk pumping:

Breastfeeding and divorce:

Breastfeeding beyond the 1st year:

Breastfeeding during pregnancy:


Introducing solids:

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