KIDS EAT FREE! Paper Mama Mama-T and Baby-T Give Away!

Here at The Leaky B@@b, kids eat free and often, particularly if they are of the younger variety, straight from the tap. Not everyone can get away with that but around here, that’s just how we roll. For World Breastfeeding Week we are excited to bring you a fun give-away from Paper Mama, a mommy t-shirt and a onesie or baby t-shirt set with designs fashioned just for The Leaky B@@b for WBW. The lucky winner will have the chance to select their favorite, in their size, from 3 designs available for this give-away.

Now, there are some guideline to be entered but they’re simple enough.

Post a link to this give-away somewhere, anywhere. We don’t care where: post it on your FaceBook Page, on someone else’s FB page, a breastfeeding or parenting forum you participate in (not the TLB forum though, that wouldn’t really count), tweet it or share it on your own blog. Anywhere you want. Then leave a comment with your e-mail address and make sure you add “I posted a link!” in your comment.

For additional entries:

Fan Paper Mama on FaceBook and leave a separate comment here letting us know you did so. (1 additional entry) As a personal goal, Paper Mama has been so great with lots of great ideas and supporting breastfeeding women, I want to see her page reach 500 in the next 24 hours. We can do it Leakies! Share this wonderful WAHMs FB page and website with everyone you can think of and let’s support another Leaky!

Visit and let us know what your favorite product is in a separate comment. (1 additional entry)

Leakies, you’ve never leaked so good!

I just can’t resist: a sneak peak at another give-away from Paper Mama coming later in the week!


This Give-Away Is Now Closed!
Thanks to Paper Mama and everyone that entered.

The winner is Dawn! Paper Mama has your e-mail address and will be in touch as to what size and what design you’d like. Congrats and enjoy! Oh, and once you get your shirts, we’d love to see some action shots!



  1. I 'like' Paper Mama on FB, too!!

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  7. UnitOfForce says:
  8. LOVE the 'my favorite diaper is in the washer' onesie!!!

  9. supermiller says:
  10. supermiller says:

    I'm going to say my fave item on the PaperMama site has to be the delivery date tanks and tees. Although I'm approaching my 6th month, no one seems to realize this chunky monkey is actually pregnant. (C'mon folks, I'm not THAT fat!) I'd love to have one for every day of the week until I'm CLEARLY pregnant enough for people to stop acting shocked when I tell them.

    [email protected]

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  17. Posted it on my FB page!!! :boobie:

  18. I checked out Paper Mama and my favorite thing is the "I'm a boob man" shirt. I wanted one of those for my youngest but never had the $$ to get one. "fleakie"

  19. Anonymous says:
  20. Anonymous says:

    I also love the I'll wean when I am ready. I forgot to say above.

  21. Angylene says:
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  24. Lemurkinsmommy says:
  25. Lemurkinsmommy says:
  26. I like so many of the shirts.. I can't choose lol I like the milk on tap shirt, the I'll wean when I'm ready… there are too many to choose πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing !:)

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  29. I posted a link on my FB page

  30. I fanned Papermama on FB

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  32. Mama Sanford says:
  33. Anonymous says:
  34. Also liked Paper Mama on FB

  35. I posted a link on FB and another forum I look at everyday. Go boobies!!

  36. Thanks for entering everyone! I'll announce the winner in just a little bit. Thanks to Paper Mama for such a great give-away!

  37. I love the NIP cards. i so need to get some.