PumpEase Hands-Free Nursing Bra gift pack giveaway

Drawing from her own personal experience as a pumping mom, PumpEase™ and Snugabell creator/owner Wendy Bell has developed a product and company that offers quality support to pumping moms and now has a new line of maternity/nursing wear, the Toni Top line.  Along with a beautiful giveaway opportunity for Leakies, Wendy answers a few questions, sharing her passion, mothering wisdom, and how she overcame a breastfeeding challenge in her own journey.  I’m so grateful for the support of PumpEase™ for TLB and all Leakies and hope you enjoy the interview and giveaway.

TLB:  What’s your favorite part about working with pumping/breastfeeding moms?


Wendy:  By far the best thing is hearing from a mom that tells us that without our products she would have given up on breastfeeding.


TLB:  What’s in the future for Snugabell/PumpEase?


Wendy:  We will continue to develop and improve the Toni Top line and further penetrate the market for PumpEase.  We have other projects up our sleeves however they are in their infancy stages so mums the word! 😉


TLB:  How has being a mothered impacted your career?


Wendy:  It changed the direction of my career entirely.  If I hadn’t had a baby (and there was a time that I thought it might not be in the cards for me), then Snugabell would definitely not exist.


TLB:  When you were a pumping mom, where would you set up your pumping station?


Wendy:  At my computer.  Always.  🙂



Wendy is giving away a PumpEase hands-free pumping bra (winner’s choice excluding organic); a Do Not Disturb door hanger for pumping moms of their choice; a Breastmilk Storage Guideline fridge magnet, and Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy by Laura Keegan.  Retail Value: $80 USD.


Currently Leakies can find these and other great products on the Snugabell website.


 Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered and have fun browsing snugabell.com.  The giveaway is open from April 24, 2012 to June 1, 2012.  A big thanks to Wendy for her ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women, please be sure to visit their Facebook page and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is open to international entries.

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  1. I would pick the snowy leopard print!

  2. This is awesome! I’d pick the snowy leopard print!

  3. Mahri-Lyn Stedwell says

    I would pick tuxedo!

  4. They are sooo pretty!

  5. I would like any crazy color or pattern , SURPRISE ME <3

  6. Nichole S says

    i like the “very cherry” print!

  7. The T-Bird Red all the way!!

  8. I LOVE the BelAir Blue! Thank you for the opportunity!

  9. I would love the Very Cherry print!

  10. Soaring Butterfly says

    I like the Very Cherry print. It looks funky and fun. Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  11. I would choose the “GALAXY BLACK” print! 😀

  12. Lori Taff says

    I would choose the Snowy Leopard. It is so cute!!

  13. Marcy Sosko says

    I would love the stoney river!!! this is such a great idea!! thank you for this opportunity!!

  14. I would pick very cherry

  15. Very cherry.

  16. Elizabeth E says

    I would probably go with T-Bird Red! I would love to have one of these!

  17. Erica Kotabish says

    Any color! I’m not picky!

  18. Love the tbird red

  19. jessica poulsen says

    Belair blue!!

  20. Stoney River. Love the blue & purple.

  21. Dagny's Mom says

    Need one of these!!! Love the t-bird red!

  22. Loren Sarver says

    snowy leopard!!

  23. Jennifer says

    The Pump Ease would make pumping much more “fun!” I would pick the BelAir Blue design!!

  24. Love the blue polkadots but would be ecstatic to have any of them!

  25. Amy Dehler says

    I would love to have the stoney river. Such a great idea would make my EP life much more comfortable and easier.

  26. Alexandra Haas says

    This seems like such a great product, and I would really like one. I think that the colors and prints are all so fun that any of them would brighten up pumping!

  27. Tosha Burger says

    Love the snowy leopard one. Sassy while pumping:)

  28. Cindy Bryant says

    I love snowy leopard

  29. T-Bird Red or BelAir Blue 🙂


  30. I like the natural organic the best, but my favorite print is the verry cherry

  31. Casey Sowers says

    I love the Very Cherry! this is a great idea for when i go back to work!

  32. Laura Haney says

    I would pick Snowy leopard so pretty 🙂

  33. I would pick Tuxedo.

  34. Leslie Gluck says

    I would love any color!

  35. I would choose the very cherry.

  36. I would choose the very cherry print.

  37. Rebekah Knisely says

    Ooh, I really like the T-Bird Red. So cute!

  38. I like either cherry or leopard!!

  39. rebekah k says

    I really like the T-Bird Red 🙂 So cute!

  40. I think the snowy leopard is pretty neat! Thanks for doing this giveaway

  41. Elizabeth Perryman says

    Any color if it would make it easier to pump with a newborn and still do house work.

  42. These are awesome!

  43. That blue one with polka dots is super cute!!!!!!

  44. I would be happy with any color, but the Very Cherry is fun!

  45. I would choose the Snowy Leopard! It’s so pretty!

  46. I’d love the tuxedo color please!

  47. Jennifer says

    its a toss-up between T-bird Red and Verry Cherry!

  48. I love the Verry Cherry!

  49. I’m a bigger girl; so if it fits, I don’t CARE what color it is! 🙂

  50. Snowy Leopard.

  51. Stony River would be nice 🙂

  52. pumping on the go is a must for me. Hot pink is always a favorite 🙂

  53. This is pretty awesome!

  54. red!

  55. I would love any color! They are all awesome looking.

  56. Rachel DeHart says

    i’d like to have very cherry

  57. Any color would be great but the very cherry is super cute!

  58. Snowy leopard, or maybe stony river for my sister.

  59. Crystal B. says

    I’d choose Stoney River. 🙂

  60. Stoney River for me! 🙂

  61. I just love the rhubarb color!

  62. I would go snowy leopard for sure!

  63. Cassandra Clark says

    One of these would make life great.

  64. Love stoney river! So fun!

  65. retro blue

  66. Ashley Pistolis says

    I would choose Snowy Leopard.

  67. jenn thompson says

    Oooooo leopard!!! 🙂 using my hands free bra right now. Can totally use a new one!

  68. Nicole T says

    Galaxy black!!

  69. I love the blue polka dots!

  70. LOVE the snowy leopard print

  71. I LOVE the Stoney River!

  72. Anne Perry says

    I love them all!! Galaxy black is my favorite!!

  73. Ashley B says

    Galaxy black! 😀

  74. I would love a T-Bird Red one!!

  75. Francesca McCaffrey says

    Verry Cherry…no question! Awesome giveaway!

  76. I would choose tuxedo! Thanks for the giveaway!

  77. Heidi Daily says

    I would choose stoney river, I love the blues

  78. T-bird RED! I need a hands-free bra for pumping at work!

  79. Very Cherry!

  80. I love the red polka-dot one 🙂 gunna give nursing everything I’ve got this time to make it work for us!

  81. Emily R. says

    I like the Very Cherry print:)

  82. I would love any print!!! Surprise me :-). I’m not picky at all because this would help me so so much!!!

  83. T-bird red or blue…..Tough call. 🙂

  84. I’d love the BelAir Blue!

  85. Nicole Milne says

    With two babies soon to be on the go, this is just what I need in any color! Thanks for the opportunity!

  86. Mari-Kristin Gilbert says

    I would love leopard print!

  87. love the very cherry!

  88. courtney says

    I love the leopard one! They are all so cute!!!

  89. Stoney River

  90. I think that I would pick the Cherry…

  91. Stoney river 🙂 thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  92. Christina Przybyszewski says

    I like Very Cherry!

  93. Any color but pink, not a pink kind of girl.

  94. Amanda Guidry says

    I’d love to win the leopard print!

  95. Amy Phillips says

    I’d pick the best for babes, or the Stoney river

  96. Alexis Taylor says

    I LOVE the very cherry our any of the poka dpt styles. they are very retro…I LOVE them.

  97. Hannah D says

    Stoney River

  98. Kristina says

    whatever i feel like at the time

  99. Nicole P says

    I am an exclusive pumper for 6 months so far and could really use a real nice new bra!!! Love the pink one!!!!

  100. I would pick the best for babes pumpease. Red is not really my color but I LOVE Best for Babes and all that they do 🙂

  101. Sasha Kane says

    I love the Very Cherry print!

  102. I like surprises so I’d like which ever one came 🙂

  103. I’d pick cherry red

  104. Snowy leopard!

  105. I’m a tuxedo kind of gal!

  106. Rhubarb:)

  107. Beth Anne says

    Very cherry for sure. I have a scrap fabric one from my last baby but my boobs are larger this pregnancy so I will need a bigger size. This is the best invention ever!!! I wish the toni top was short
    Sleeve too!!

  108. The BelAir Blue is so pretty!! Could definitely use this at the office so I could keep working while pumping 🙂 Multitasking at its best!

  109. I’m loving the Fabulous 50’s collection, Galaxy black especially 🙂

  110. Cool!

  111. I love them all. It’s hard to pick just one.

  112. I would take any of them, but I think the Stoney River one is my favorite!

  113. Libby Davis says

    I think the stoney river suits my style. Almost too bad, no one else gets to see it! 🙂

  114. I would love the BelAir Blue or Stoney River. What an awesome contest!

  115. LeAndra Purvis says

    I would chose red! I <3 red 😛

  116. I would like very cherry in a size that fits. I ordered one before that was too big and tried to make it fit myself so I couldn’t return it for the right size. Ha ha!

  117. Kaitlyn howard says

    I would pick the polka dots! Sooo cute 🙂

  118. I’d ove, love, love the hands-free! I’m a nursing, business owning, stay @ home mama on the go!

  119. Al the desigs are gorgeous!

  120. I would choose stoney river. This would be great for work!

  121. I’d love the Very Cherry one!

  122. Samantha says

    I would pick the tuxedo style!

  123. very cherry for sure! These look awesome!

  124. I would love either there tuxedo or the snowy leopard

  125. An amazing set of products. Thanks for what you do for all us pumping moms out here!!

  126. Galaxy black!

  127. I’d pick Galaxie Black! Thanks to you & Wendy for this giveaway. 😀

  128. Holly Profitt says

    I love the blue one!

  129. I’d pick Stoney River!

  130. Amy Hanavan says

    I would love the tuxedo one!

  131. Awesome! I’d pick Tuxedo

  132. Melissa Di Donato-Attard says

    Love the blue colour!

  133. very cherry is cute!

  134. I like the Toni tops. I really like the tuxedo print if I won.

  135. I am a pumping mama and would love to have one of these!!! I love the snowny leopard print!!

  136. Any color!

  137. Nichol B says

    I would choose the Snowy Leopard!!! Thanks

  138. It would be amazing to win this! I would love the very cherry print!

  139. Pink!

  140. Gimme, gimme…..polka dots please!

  141. I love the tuxedo one.

  142. I like any of the dots!!

  143. I love the T-bird Red!

  144. Any color would be awesome this makes pumping so easy!!

  145. Carmen M says

    I’m an exclusive pumper to a 15 month old, so this would make life MUCH easier for me! I would definitely pick the snowy leopard!

  146. The crazier the pattern the better. It would brighten up an otherwise unenjoyable time 🙂

  147. Any color would be awesome!

  148. Very Cherry!!

  149. Any color would be great!

  150. Jennifer dahl says

    Love the Galaxie Black

  151. possibly the cherries 🙂

  152. Would make life much simpler, as we are soon to have an 18month old and a newborn! Love it!!

  153. Sam Cook says

    T-bird Red!!

  154. i like the organic… but being a busy mom of FIVE… i’ll take any help i can get!!! 🙂

  155. Any color would make me happy!

  156. any color would be great!! I would love to win. I could get so much done!!

  157. Snowy leopard is sweet!

  158. I love all the prints, but I would pick the blue with polka dots 🙂 I love polka dots.

  159. Katherine C says

    I’d get the stoney river print- so super cute, and I’m probably going to have to pick one up whether I win or not- only 10 weeks ’til my new little one arrives 🙂

  160. Wish I had gotten one of these for baby number 1! It’s on my list for number 2 when the time comes.

  161. jessica mortimer says

    any would do im not picky

  162. First choice: T-Bird Red
    Second choice: BelAir Blue

    Hope I win!

  163. they are all so awesome! what a great give away

  164. Cherry!

  165. I would choose Snowy Leopard. 🙂

  166. I would pick leopard print.

  167. Ilka Guevara says

    I love the Very Cherry!

  168. Heather I says

    I would pick the Very Cherry Print

  169. Melissa Shafer says

    Very Cherry is the cutest!

  170. Amberlyn Harkleroad says

    I adore the Stoney River!

  171. this would make my life so much easier. I love the Bel-Aire blue print!

  172. verry cherry!

  173. Leopard print!

  174. I would love to have the Stoney River print! These are amazing!

  175. Snowy Leopard for sure!

  176. Shannon R says

    I think I’d pick Stony River, tho I really like Tuxedo as well!

  177. Christina says

    I’m torn between the galaxy black and stony river!

  178. I would pick the T-bird red for sure!!!!

  179. I like the snowy leopard print!

  180. Trish B. says

    LOVING the t-bird red!

  181. Brandi Cranston says

    I’d pick very cherry!

  182. So cute! Love Bel-Aire blue:)

  183. Belair Blue!! This would be soooo super handy for me!!

  184. Mandy Moo says

    I’d take any but the “galaxie black” would edge its way to favourite I think 🙂 x

  185. Ashley Shoup says

    i love my hands free bra, with it I can pump 3x a day at work, wish I would have had one for my first, I could only pump during my lunch and struggled to keep up plus I didn’t get to really eat lunch, I usually shoved a sandwich in 10 minutes 🙁 but now I can do it all and not get any more behind at work

  186. Kelsey W says

    I would love to get the stoney river!!!!

  187. Kelsey W says

    I would love to get the stoney river!!!

  188. I pumped until 18 months with my first, would love one of these in stony river so I can do it again with #2!

  189. I think it would be cool to be surprised they are all fun colors!!!

  190. Lynda Needleman says

    I would probably pick tuxedo.

  191. It is so nice to have brands that are so supportive of breastfeeding. I am not surrounded with the best support so it is nice to get it from somewhere.

  192. Kristine F says

    The tuxedo is neat

  193. Kristine F says

    The tuxedo is neat

  194. I would get the Belair Blue

  195. Tamara D says

    Stoney river would for sure be my choice! I love the idea of hands free pumping!

  196. Amber Coats says

    I love the Stoney River pattern!

  197. Jessica O says

    I would pick the Galaxie Black

  198. Totally wish I had a hands-free option, would make pumping so much less time-consuming so I could maybe eat my lunch r something while pumping! I like the blue polka dots print 🙂

  199. Very Cherry! So cute

  200. Tuxedo. Cause its classic. 🙂

  201. We just got a milk bank in our province, and I’m on my way to being able to donate. This would make pumping for them so much easier!!

  202. Sarah Saysana says

    Very Cherry!

  203. These look great, I’m not sure if I’m eligible to enter being in the uk, but expressing at least 4 times a day one of this would be an absolute godsend.

  204. Jennifer says

    Oh! These are adorable! And so convenient! If I was the winner, I’d choose the belair blue! I love the 50’s idea! So cute!

  205. Stoney River for sure!

  206. Jessica B says

    galaxie black!

  207. I love the very cherry!

  208. i love the snowy leopard print color!

  209. Stoney river!

  210. i would love to win this as i am returning to work very soon!

  211. Very Cherry!

  212. t-bird red! Gotta feel pretty while you pump… right?

  213. Very cool! I’d take the Stoney river one.

  214. Tiffany M says

    Love them all but given a choice I’d choose tbird red

  215. Nicole Mckinney says

    I’d love the very cherry 🙂

  216. Ladybug11780 says

    I already have a pumpease, but i know lots of pregnant women who will need this!

  217. Love the t-bird red!

  218. ninjamom says

    wicked cool – stoney river of course

  219. I like them all! It’s hard to choose! Any one will do! 😉

  220. I like them all! It’s hard to choose! Any one will do! 😉

  221. Mary McKeever says

    i love the stony river or very cherry pattern. Super cute!!

  222. I’d pick bellair blue, such a pretty print!

  223. I’d pick the Snowy Leopard print!

  224. Jaime DeMott says

    I would choose the snowy leopard print

  225. I am inducing lactation to breastfeed my adopted baby! So I’m pumping all the TIME! It would be lovely to have a handsfree bra 🙂 I would pick the black!

  226. I would love the snowy leopard one!

  227. Amber Haggard says

    I’d love the stoney river! BEAUTIFUL!

  228. Elizabeth Mark says

    Like the Stoney River

  229. VioletaBambi says

    My baby is in the NICU still and I would really love to have this because I pump every 2-3 hours so she can have my good milk:D I would pick the tuxedo.

  230. Galaxie black is cute! <3

  231. Shannon Lynch says

    This would be awesome to win- If I have to pump full time for another preemie, it would be so helpful. I think I would go with the stoney river print. They are all cute, though.

  232. Very cherry!

  233. Brenda Weiss says

    This would make a great baby shower gift!

  234. the very cheery — need to brighten the mood while pumping!

  235. Sarah Haman says

    These are so much more aesthetically pleasing than other pumping bras of this sort!

  236. katie alexander says

    Hey Hey! I’m thinking a little tuxedo action! X-D

  237. Jennifer says

    T-Bird Red is awesome!

  238. Sarah Haman says

    Color wouldn’t matter to me as long as it fit!

  239. The T bird or the cherry are nice. 🙂 I really could have used this a few months ago. Pumping is slim to none now for what comes out but I’m planning to have another so I’ll need one then!

  240. I would pick Galaxy Black. Thanks for the chance to win!

  241. Danielle Hall says

    Any color/design would be acceptable for me. 🙂

  242. Kristy Cronkrite says

    Love the Tuxedo Black!

  243. Ohhh, polka dots for sure! Awesome!

  244. I would like the stoney river 🙂

  245. Samantha says

    The Tbird red is my favorite!

  246. Love the Best for Babes Pink!!

  247. Jaymee Houser says

    Great product! Snowy Leopard would be my choice!

  248. I would choose stoney river. Since I go back to work next week, this would be awesome!

  249. Michelle P. says

    I love the red polkadot!

  250. Would love the Stoney River!

  251. This would be great to have!!

  252. I like very cherry!

  253. I would use it every day!

  254. Kristin Harry says

    T-bird Red!!!!

  255. I love the Tuxedo pattern! Simple!

  256. I need one of these for when I return to work after Baby #2! I never found a hands free bra that worked when I was pumping for our daughter. I like very cherry and tbird red!

  257. They are all cute!

  258. Jennifer says

    Any color would be awesome. They are all great.

  259. I love all the colors, but if I had to pick one it would be T-Bird Red

  260. Jennifer says

    I love the tuxedo!!!

  261. I own one in pink, but would love a second to share with expectant momma colleagues. The day I forgot my PumpEase was the worst day back at work so far. It usually takes me 15 minutes from locking the door to unlocking, but without my trusty PumpEase it took nearly 30.

  262. I would love the organic!! Also, I NEED something at work when I am pumping so noone will try and walk in!!! EEEKK

  263. I would be appreciative of any of these!

  264. Shannon Brazee says

    Stoney River is gorgeous and definitely my first choice!

  265. Very Cherry for sure!

  266. brandi jones says

    I love these

  267. Any color!!! I just want my hands to be free!