Old Country Buffet, you call this “Family Friendly?”

Did you see this?

Ugh. Grrrrrrr. Boooo. Hissssssssss.

Bring your family! Come eat our over-size portions of country style food! All-you-can-eat! Special prices for kids! Family friendly! Something for everyone!

Unless your baby needs to eat and you don’t want to give him something from a can. Your breast being sucked on by a baby for nourishment? EWWWWWWWW! That’s gross! You’ll offend someone, one of our customers could get upset. And we’re family friendly! We can’t have that here! It is indecent! You should give your baby milk from the piece of meat sitting under the heat lamps on our buffet. That’s appropriate and decent. A mother feeding a baby with her breast is obviously sexual. You can’t do something like that at a family friendly place! No matter what the law says, we don’t like it so you have to leave. Now.

They’re trying to make this about the guy being loud? That he used profanity? I don’t know if he did or not, I don’t really care. But seriously, trying telling any parent that their kid can’t eat there or has to eat with a blanket over their head and see if that parent doesn’t get angry and a little loud. They think there was something wrong with him protect his child’s right TO EAT?! Honestly, if a child was eating anything other than at the breast nobody in their right mind would say they needed to be covered. Nobody. What makes it ok to ask for an infant to be covered while they eat? She was breastfeeding her baby. WTH is inappropriate about that? Starving her baby would be inappropriate, not feeding him. Try this on, you moronic Old Country Buffet manager: the father wouldn’t have raised his voice, there would have been no commotion if you had respected the law in the first place! How the heck can you be family friendly and NOT permit a baby to breastfeed without a cover? Your actions are the very opposite of family friendly. And then calling the police? Here’s a thought: shut-up, sit down and keep your nose out of other people’s business. Run your restaurant, don’t try to run someone else’s family. That’s just rude and it is NOT family friendly. I bet this PR is coming back to bite you in the butt royally. It should too. This is a basic human rights violation.

I don’t eat at Old Country Buffet myself but I might be soon, just so I can nurse there and dare someone to tell me to cover up. To cover or not to cover is between the mom and the baby. Restaurant managers don’t have a say. At. All. Ever.

If you find this outrageous and want to stand and speak for the right of all babies, even breastfed ones, to have the right to eat in public please check this link out.

Had to vent and get that off my chest. Go write a letter and if you currently have leaky boobs consider participating in the national nurse-in to help educate Old Country Buffet.