Give Back To The Leaky Boob and Help Us Keep On Giving On

Support The Leaky Boob- give back so we can keep on giving to babies and families.

Your monetary donation is greatly appreciated and will go toward helping cover operation expenses of The Leaky Boob and creating new materials and resources. Although there’s a $15 suggested donation, YOU decide how much you’d like to contribute (with a $1 minimum, no upper limit).

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Give back to The Leaky Boob

Providing information, support, and community, The Leaky Boob supports thousands every day in their baby feeding journey and far beyond. Sharing resources and real-talk about pregnancy, birth, babyhood, toddlerhood, parenting, relationships, and life, millions have been brought together first around breastfeeding and then sharing life in general through The Leaky Boob. With these resources and the connection of personal stories, parents all around the world have been supported in finding their footing to parent in confidence, often starting with coming through challenges in their baby feeding journey with the information, support, and community of The Leaky Boob. All free of charge.

But not free of cost.

It takes a substantial amount of time, energy, and financial investment to continue to make this resource available. Truly a labor of love and passion, The Leaky Boob has come at great personal expense to manage. It is our heart-work. With support, we can do so much more in helping others grow in confidence as parents and humans.

2020 brought a significant decrease to the financial income generated through sponsorship of companies we felt we could trust to share with our audience in sharing education and connection. So much so that we have questioned if we can or should continue.

Ultimately, the decision has been to keep going but to ask for your help doing so.

If The Leaky Boob materials have been helpful for you and/or you believe in the work we do and how it encourages others, changes lives, and helps babies, then please consider donating. Whether that is a one-time donation or ongoing patronage, you can make a difference in ensuring The Leaky Boob continues.

If you’d like to have access to exclusive materials, hear about new developments, get discounts on materials such as The Night Weaning Gently Workshop and The New Baby Guide, sign up to be a monthly supporter of The Leaky Boob and her sister We’re All Human Here on Patreon.

If you would like to make a one-time or on-you-own-time donation rather than pledge ongoing support, you are welcome to so here at any amount that works for you. Every little bit helps, from $1- $10,000 (hey, we can dream, right?). The cost of a coffee drink from your favorite coffee shop goes a long way.

And if you would like to make an anonymous donation for someone else to be able to watch the birth who can’t afford to do so, there’s an option for that in the TLB Shop. Each donation of $12 will enable an individual or family that is going through financial hardship to be able to watch the birth. You can purchase as many or as few as you would like. Any help is immensely appreciated.

Thank you for caring about the work of The Leaky Boob, your support matters.

~Jessica Martin-Weber, The Leaky Boob founder