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Honesty and Balance is exactly what we aim to offer you with TLB Reviews.  Our writers have committed to share the pros and cons of the design and use of each product and also any inconvenient or otherwise deterring aspects of each product in a format that we humorously call “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.”  Each product is reviewed by 2 of our writers so you immediately get 2 perspectives.  They are compensated for their time and writing, not by the company whose product they are reviewing, but by The Leaky Boob.  That way they don’t feel like they owe the company anything and are free to be completely honest.

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You can find a list of available reviews in the widget in the right column of this website, in the drop down menu near the top of the page, or in the list below.  Feel free to add your honest and balanced opinions in the comments below any of the reviews.  Only comments that are helpful, respectful, and honest will be permitted.  Your perspective is important!  Don’t hesitate to share your impressions of the products reviewed, for the benefit of others visiting The Leaky Boob, and also for the companies that are represented in our reviews.

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List of products reviewed:

A Mother’s Boutique: Keyhole Tunic and Maternity Leggins (Annee Matthew line)
Bamboobies: Nursing Bra and Nursing Shawl
Cezara: Belly Support Panty
Líllébaby: Complete All Seasons Carrier
My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear: A cuddly stuffed animal with a recording of your baby’s heartbeat, pre-birth
Push Pack: The Princess Push Pack (a pre packed hospital bag for expecting mamas)

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