#TLBsafekids 2017 – a Giveaway to Inspire and Support

Keeping our kids safe is quite a daunting task. They start out so little, so vulnerable, and though they are amazingly resilient and life comes across as a force with a seeming will of its own, at least babies can’t get themselves into trouble – they’re immobile.

But as they gain mobility, and curiosity grows inside them, each new stage of development has a way of keeping their parents on their toes. How do we balance allowing them to explore their world and satisfy their curiosity, with keeping them safe from dangers lurking around every corner? If we slack on the one side they’ll get hurt! But if we slack the other way, we’ll hold them back.

Put that under things you never thought you’d worry about when you became a parent. This parenting thing was going to be challenging, of course, but frightening? We didn’t see that coming.

But I can tell you this much: those fears are healthy, and so is your desire to allow your kid to explore. Your emotions and your brain may seem like they’re pitted against each other, but in reality you need both to parent well. Because deep down you already know that you can’t completely shield your child from getting hurt, and you also know that hurt, to a degree, is a great teacher. Who ever learned how to walk without falling a hundred times? It’s par for the course, and you are a better parent for allowing your child to learn how to walk even though they will get hurt. And you are an even better parent if you demonstrate to them that you believe in them, comfort them when they’re frustrated and overwhelmed, and encourage them to try again when they’re ready.

We, the parents, have got this, modeling how we can use both our brains and our hearts.

We can learn about developmental milestones form experts, and everyday experiences from others just like us. And there are a ton of tools available to make our life easier, and products designed by people who care about child safety. #TLBsafekids 2017 is featuring several of these products, from brands that were created out of a desire we share with them: making the world a safer place for our kids.

A huge thanks to Diono, Pura Stainless, and Crane for supporting parents and their kids year-round, and for supporting #TLBsafekids 2017 for the next few weeks. Check out their featured products below and enter the giveaway for your chance to win all of them!



The radian rXT All-In-One Convertible Car Seat, retail value: $359.99

Your child’s security is our top priority. We engineered our radian® rXT with premium, innovative features like a steel alloy frame, aluminum reinforced sidewalls, energy absorbing EPS foam and a reinforced adjustable head support to keep your little one protected and comfortable. 


Pura Stainless

Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Bottles, retail value: $24.99

100% plastic-free, NonToxic Certified stainless steel bottles that grow with your child from infancy through grade school.




Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, retail value: $54.99

Get relief from dryness in style with a Crane Drop Humidifier. Featuring an award winning design and top rated performance, Crane’s Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers provide up to 24 hours of soothing moisture to help relieve the effects of dryness and congestion, helping you and your Family to breathe easy and sleep through the night peacefully. Crane’s Drop design complements any home’s decor. Not only are Crane Drop Humidifiers stylish, but they are easy to use, whisper quiet, more efficient than a household light bulb, and include a built-in auto-shut-off feature that engages when the water tank is empty to ensure safety. The moisture that humidifiers add to dry air also help alleviate many common nuisances brought on by winter heating such as static electricity, peeling wallpaper, shrinking wood, and cracks in paint and furniture.

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  1. Wendy Thao says

    I am most interested in winning the Diono Radian rXT ! I have heard so many , like a lot of good things about it and would love to try it.

  2. That carseat is amazing! Would love to upgrade.

  3. Amber Lasley says

    I love the water bottle! So much better than plastic bottles that are useless after the infant stage!

  4. Steve Weber says

    I’m most excited about the car seat.. I’ve always wanted to win one of these!

  5. I would love to win the Diono car seat to use with my children!

  6. I am interested in the carseat because we could use one!

  7. I’m most interested in winning the car seat because my son needs a new one.

  8. I would like to win Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

  9. Definitely most interested in the car seat! We’re currently short one convertible seat and I mostly like the Diono seats-a few quirks in installation but I like that it’s low profile,e asy for the kids to climb in, fits for a long time, tethers rear facing, and is steel reinforced.

  10. Veronica Bohan says

    I am most excited about the Diono carseat!

  11. Veronica Bohan says

    I am most excited about the Diono carseat! It seems very safe

  12. Amanda Iden Howell says

    I’d like to win the Radian car seat the most because it’s only 17″ wide which is just what we need to fit in the back seat of our Subaru in between the other kids. I may have to buy car seats for all three so I’m a little panicked about the cost, but oh well, we’ll be okay. We just need the smaller widths so they’ll all fit! I don’t want to buy another car right now and buying 3 car seats is cheaper than a car! lol

  13. Love the Radian

  14. How do you pick just one? I’ve heard great things about the Diono and my kids always need more water bottles

  15. I’m most interested in the carseat. My twins are in Dionos (got them 1/2price from Zulily) and I’d love to be able to afford one for my 3yo also.

  16. Macy Garner says

    Wouls love to win any of these products! Love the reviews I have read on the diono and would love to have a safe water bottle for my little to use.

  17. Would love the Pura stainless steel bottles to help scald my high lipase milk using TLB’s tips! The Diono car seat for our little one arriving in March would be amazing, too, of course!!

  18. Jessica Franks says

    We are getting ready to add our 4th daughter to our family and would love the diono!

  19. I’d love to win the Diono! We are looking for a new seat for my son and this would be so helpful!!

  20. I’m most interested in the carseat but the stainless steel bottles are a close second.

  21. Erika xavier says

    So cool! Hope to win!

  22. Definitely excited about the car seat! We got one Radian rxt before we found out we were having twins…. now I need another one!

  23. Megan Gallant says

    Would love to win the Diono seat to keep our new baby safe once he or she out grows her Keyfit 30!

  24. I am definitely most interested in the Diono rXT. Carseat safety is extremely important and I would love to own a Diono

  25. I neeed that car seat!

  26. Krista Anne P says

    I am interested in the carseat as my son’s is about to expire this year.

  27. I am most interested in the diono. We love it with my oldest and would love another one.

  28. Haley Embry says

    Uhh all of it?!? Haha I would love to try each of these items! Great giveaway!

  29. Mikki Murray says

    I would love to win the Diono

  30. Sandra Caballero says

    It’s so hard to pick because all the stuff are amazing.

  31. The car seat looks great! We need to purchase a new one soon for our growing family!1

  32. Car seat- we need a new one for our growing family!

  33. Danielle Kober says

    What an amazing giveaway!! I would love to win the carseat! Car seat safety is one of my top priorities and we currently have two kids in carseats and one in a highback booster. I’d love to try a Diono!!

  34. Amy Howard says

    Love all of the products! I’d really love the Diono. We have six littles and hopefully more in the future. I love how slim it is. The safety ratings are great too!

  35. Breanna Jewell says

    Oh! I really want the car seat. We are having baby number three and need to be able to fit three across!

  36. Mikki Murray says

    I would love to win the Diono because of the weight limits

  37. Trying to squeeze 3 seats across with our third due in the spring! Diono would definitely help with that!

  38. Meagan Swafford says

    Would love to upgrade to a Diono, have heard wonderful things about them!

  39. The car seat. We got a r100 for our 4 year old so we could fit three car seats across in our car. It is so slim and quality. We would love this for baby #3 to go into after the infant car seat

  40. We have two Diono car seats for our two older kids! Would love to win for our three month old.

  41. Regina Martin says

    I NEED this carseat! Seriously, I wish I had started out with this system when we had our first baby nearly 9 years ago, and now that we are expecting our 4th (surprise!) baby and will need to invest in a new carseat, I’m really, really wishing for this!

  42. I would love to win the car seat for our 3rd due in January

  43. The car seat and the stainless steel bottles would be so awesome! We need to get a new seat for the baby since he is so close to growing out of the infant seat. Thanks for the opportunity!

  44. Amanda Stratton says

    I’m excited for all all 3 prizes. They are all items we use every day.

  45. I would love to win the humidifier!

  46. Megan Hartle says

    Awesome giveaway, thanks TLB!

  47. Sherry Blamer says

    I love the diono radian carseat. I would love to have that for my son.

  48. Rachel Steele says

    Diono! Because of it’s saftey ratings and slim design.

  49. Nikita vineham says

    I would love the car seat!

  50. Amazing! We need a new car seat for number 2, and we always have a humidifier going for number one (highly prone to nosebleeds). Would love a second one for kitchen/play area!

  51. Onyx Moore says

    I’d love to win that car seat! My daughter’s is going to expire soon and that would be a great replacement!

  52. Jewel Lindblad says

    All three look like great prizes. Most interested in the car seat because I will need to upgrade my little live soon.

  53. Nicole Hutchinson says

    Would love to win the car seat! I have twins and this is actually the convertible seat that is on my list to buy since it will fit nicely in my tiny prius. I’d love to only have to buy one!

  54. Taylor Larareo says

    I’m most excited abo ht the Diono radiant ext. We just found out we are expecting our 3rd which means we need to fit 3 across and I planned to buy a diono so this would be a blessing!

  55. Diono will fit across my backseat.

  56. Melissa Morris says

    I am most interested in winning the car seat! We need one for the grandparents and this would be perfect!

  57. We need a new car seat badly!!! Would love to win!

  58. Heather Dean says

    Would love to win the car seat! Our daughters expires soon and big brother has a diono. Not sure we can afford another! He loves his and it kept him rf longer

  59. Amanda Hiles says

    The car seat would be amazing as we have 3 kiddos that are growing fast and car seats are expensive! I also love the stainless steel bottles!

  60. Ohhh… car seat!!! 😍😍😍

  61. I need this car seat badly. My DD is 7 weeks and screams in her infant seat. We tried a friends diono and it helped. I need to feel like I can leave the house! I hate making her scream for an errand or play date for the older kids.

  62. Hannah Buckley says

    I am the most excited about the Diono Radian!! We are expecting baby #3 in about a month and are planning on buying one for him and my oldest! All 3 of our kiddos are still in car seats and we just bought my middle a Radian and LOVE everything about it.

  63. I would love to win any of these, but mostly the car seat. I have babies that I would feel much safer in a diono. Thank you

  64. I am most interested in winning the Diono car seat!!

  65. Tawny duncan says

    I’m most excited for the opportunity to.win the car seat!! We recently got a new car and with baby #3 on the way in January we will need to replace at least 2 of our seats, and from research Diono is what will fit the best 3 access in our car. Having HG has made money extra tight and not having to stress over the cost of a car seat would be such a relief!

  66. Thanks for your info ☺

  67. Mireya Mendoza says

    I need that carseat!!

  68. Victoria Calder says

    The car seat!!! My little ( not so little ) guy is just outgrowing his infant seat. Should have gotten an all in one to begin with :(. This would help a ton!!!

  69. Beth Garcia says

    I would love the Diono carseat! My daughter needs a new seat!

  70. I’m most interested in the car seat!

  71. I could use another carseat for my 21 month old. Such an amazing give away! Thank you theleakyboob!

  72. Jennifer Stevens says

    Three of my favorite brands for my kids!

  73. Peaches mcdaniel says

    Happy to hear about this giveaway!! We love diono and Jessica!

  74. Krystal Zaragoza says

    We have tried all of these products and love them. My son loves his pink Pura and also his new car seat. But we do need another car seat, and we love Diono. Thanks for the opportunity.

  75. Emily Margolies says

    This is a great giveaway from a great page

  76. Excited about the water bottles and humidifier!

  77. Always been a lover of diono!

  78. I’d love the car seat!

  79. Cristina P says

    Carseat – they get expensive

  80. I am most interested in th Diono car seat. We are about to buy a car but my youngest doesn’t have a seat yet!

  81. Holly doble says

    The car seat because I need another one

  82. Tanya Ramos says

    That’s a tough one. I’m torn between cars eating and bottles.

  83. I would love to win that car seat as I have heard such good things about it!

  84. Wow, all of these look amazing! We really wanted a Diono car seat but couldn’t really come up with the over $200 more it costs than our Graco.

  85. Sarah jackson says

    Thank you for the chance to win! I would love a new car seat or the other prizes as well. Love your blog.

  86. What cool bottles.

  87. Colleen Petro says

    I wouldn’t object to the Diono (I like the seats we have in our van but they suck rear facing due to the location of the tightening mechanism, so I wouldn’t mind replacing it), but I think I want the humidifier even more, lol. I stumbled across a Crane humidifier on clearance at Target once, and we love it! But we only have the one and when the whole family gets the snuggles we have to decide whose room it goes it. :/

  88. Mechelle Lehman says

    Most excited about the car seat, though I will admit to being rather interested in those bottles!

  89. Would love to win the seat!

  90. wow! i could def use the carseat. and the humidifier. and the bottles. lol

  91. Pam Hartley says

    I’d love that car seat!! I need a convertible one!

  92. I am most interested in the car seat because my 4th baby is due soon! 💜

  93. Brittany mcvey says

    Most interested in the car seat!!

  94. Jessica Martinez says

    The diono carseat would definitely be at the top of my list. I’ve been wanting one for both of my girls but just can’t afford one. But would also love the pura cup for my toddler!

  95. Would love the car seat!! I’m particularly interested in car seat safety!

  96. Alison Van House says

    The Pura Stainless bottles are awesome,
    I love how they grow with your child.

  97. jennifer scholz says

    id love to win the diono and get a nice carseat for my son

  98. Love Diono. We have 2 and will need a 3rd for the newest addition!

  99. Mary Francisco says

    I want to win the car seat for my daughter so her baby brother can have what she is using now 🙂

  100. I am super excited about the car seat!! This is our first baby and it would be awesome to have that as young first time parents.

  101. Adrienne Lopez says

    It would be awesome to win the Diono carseat! I’ve read so many great reviews about them and would love to upgrade.

  102. Rochelle Luaders says

    Definitely interested in that Diono! Love our RXT that we have, would love a new version

  103. Would love to win the car seat! In need of a new one so this would be amazing!

  104. Allison reinhard says

    I would love to win any of the great products, but I would love to win the car seat the most as I have 2 little ones and I could use it for both of them!

  105. Kayleigh Roy says

    I would most love to win the Diono car seat! We are expecting our third (and final) in March, and in order to fit car seats three across in our vehicle, we need to upgrade both our toddlers to the slim fitting Diono. We just bought one and are stretching our money to accommodate the second before baby is here!

  106. Would love to win something

  107. Elizabeth Malinis says

    Most interested in the pura stainless water bottle. I think it would be most useful.

  108. Tania Vieira says

    I am super interested In the car seat! My little one is nearly at a time to switch to a bigger seat and this would be so helpful for us! Looking forward to seeing who the winner is! Thank you!

  109. Everything is great, but we are going to need a new car seat for my growing son, so I’m very interested in that one!

  110. The car seat is where it’s at!! We love our Dionos and have told so many friends about them!

  111. Emily Hartford says

    I have been so curious about the car seat!

  112. I’m interested in winning the humidifier. We have a wood burning stove and wool need something since we will habe a baby in the house this winter.

  113. Jennifer Graham says

    I would love to win the diono! Fitting 3 kids across in a sedan is tough, this seat would give the big kids more space.

  114. Karen Ramos says

    Would love to win the Diono! Love that I can fit 3 across.

  115. I am most interested in the Diono Radian. We have one for our son and love it. Now that our daughter is here, we need one for her too!

  116. I am most interested in the car seat give away. I need a new car seat for my son who has out grown his but is still too small for a boaster. I am finding it very hard to find a car seat in my price range.

  117. Thank you for doing giveaways! I love your pages! I am most interested in the car seat though I would be thankful for any of them! Thank you!

  118. Karly Massengill says

    I am interested in the car seat the most because I may be getting custody of a little boy from foster care. This would be such a blessing! I already have one diono and would love one for the new baby.

  119. Would love to win a Dione. Always hear how great this brand is

  120. Faith Fontaine says

    I wanna win the awesome car seat! My daughter is almost outgrowing hers so it would be perfect!!☺️

  121. Kelly Lynn says

    I am most excited about potentially winning the Diono car seat! We have been thinking of getting a pair of them when our infant outgrows her current seat. I hear such great things about Diono.

  122. Amber Gehring says

    Hope to win a car seat!

  123. I would love to win the carseat because well, I would love to upgrade my baby from her infant seat. But definitely would love to try the Pura line!!

  124. Julia Franklin says

    The car seat would be amazing! I love Diono but they’re a bit out of our price range.

  125. Tabitha Powondra says

    I most interested in the Diono Radian RXT! We have loved ours, and we are in need of another! 🙂

  126. Laura lightner says

    I really need a new car seat. Mine are outdated. I am so thankful for this opportunity!

  127. I would love the carseat for the new baby (one less thing to buy), but any of the items would be great.

  128. Amber Harrison says

    Diono car seats are amazing!! We could definitely use a new one!!

  129. Lee Brouwer says

    I definitely could use the Diono to keep my little one safe in my new car!

  130. Tracy Bland says

    The Diono Car Seat would be amazing. One set of our car seats is expiring in a few months and with a little on the way our oldest may have to be switched to a booster due to cost. If we could get one of these then she would stay in her 5-point even longer.

  131. With four kids, I always need more car seats!

  132. Man that car seat would be a God send! Right now we log around our $80 cheapy from car to car and it’s a daily struggle!

  133. I would love Love LOVE any of these items, but I am especially i terestested in the car seat since those are so expensive! Baby boy will be here in one month!!! 😍

  134. I’m excited the most over the carseat. I’m struggling with making three across work in my rodeo and the seat would help a lot!

  135. Evie Hutchison says

    I am interested in the car seat! My daughter is coming up on her weight restriction for her current one and I am big into car seat safety!!

  136. Sara Grzelka says

    We would love to win all of these products but in particular the car seat! Diono car seats are top notch for safety and design. We would love to upgrade our little lady to this carseat. Thanks for the opportunity to win these products!

  137. I’d love to try the stainless waterbottles. They look great! So many options 🙂

  138. I would love the bottles for my sweet baby boy! I love stainless steel water bottles and use them for the while family

  139. Jessica Silvernagel says

    The carseat! We just had our second child, and will be needing an additional carseat for Dad’s vehicle.

  140. Jennifer Odom says

    I’m most interested in winning the Diono Radian because of the narrow width!

  141. Interested in the carnseat especially. It looks really neat and my son needs to upgrade soon, and they are so expensive :/

  142. I’ve heard so many good things about the Diono Radian! Plus I’d love a nice, narrow car seat so I can fit another one in my back seat.

  143. Kari Barone says

    The Diono carseat, as it’s travel friendly and would work for either of my boys.

  144. Rachel Stenger says

    I most interested in the two smaller prizes I definitely need the crane and I wouldn’t mind the water bottles

  145. Eugenia Athanasiou says

    I would really like the Diono car seat, because the one I use is outdated, small, and I constantly worry about my baby’s safety, but we cannot afford another.

  146. Shelly Pineda says

    Love Diono car seats😀

  147. Rebekah Alvarez says

    I am most interested in the car seat because our baby will be outgrowing his infant carrier seat soon!

  148. Jessica Gibson says

    Would love to win the carseat!!

  149. The car seat! Need to fit three in the back of a Passat, trying to figure it out!

  150. That car seat looks AMAZING!!!!!! I would LOVE to win that for my little man

  151. Would love the Radian. My 20 month old is rear facing in a marathon currently, but he is 100% percentile in height. His torso is very long and it won’t be long before he will need a seat with a higher height limit, like the Radian.

  152. Amanda Taveira says

    Dream giveaway! I have bedn looking for a new seat and humidifier for my baby! Thank you

  153. I have heard great things about this car seat!

  154. The car seat for sure. We haven’t had a never before used car seat since my first was born. But the humidifier would be useful!

  155. Jodi Williams says

    I’m most interested in the diono radian rxt because I have a friend that is about to have a baby and could really use this car seat for its slim design and amazing safety features

  156. I would love to win the carseat because I’ve got my final baby boy on the way and need a safe forever carseat!

  157. I’d love to win the car seat because we will need it!

  158. Juleah Bracker says

    I most interested in winning the car seat! I desperately need one!

  159. I would love the Diono car seat because my little guy is just about to outgrow his current car seat! I love that these car seats have reinforced steel frames!

  160. Our carseat expires in December, so we would be so excited to Winn the diono, but I’ve also been wanting another diffuser to put in the kids’ room.

  161. I have been wanting to try the Pura Bottles for a while, and could use a humidifier in my newborns nursery.

  162. Kate Field says

    Would lo win the car seat

  163. I would love to win the carseat! We desperately need one for our little guy as he is quickly growing out of his carrier car seat!

  164. I would love to win the Diono Radian rXT All-In-One Convertible Car Seat.

  165. Megan Marcroft says

    So love all the products! We have a Diono Booster for my 6 YR old, Diono r120 for my 2 yr old and would love to get another diono for the new baby coming in March! Both KIds USe Pura KIki Waterbottles And we Have Been needing A humidifier for the boys room!

  166. I would love to win the Diono Radian rXT Convertible Car Seat. We have a 2 month old and soon we will need a convertible car seat

  167. So excited for this giveaway! Love our current Diono car seat but will need a second one in May!

  168. laura bernard says

    Diono since my dog ruined mine!

  169. Jessica Appleby says

    Would love the car seat! My little one will soon be too big for the infant car seat I currently have.

  170. With winter coming the humider would be a huge help but foremost we need a car seat. Great giveaway TY so much for an amazing giveaway TY.. Godbless!

  171. Flor hollifield says

    I would love to win the tbe stainless steel bottles.!

  172. I’m most excited about the car seat; we’re expecting a new baby and really need a car seat

  173. The diono would be awesome!

  174. Kristina Prewitt says

    I’m most excited to win the Diono car seat!!! I’ve read great reviews on Diono products!!

  175. Emily Edington says

    I seriously LOVE the leaky boob! Thank you so much for doing all you do 🙂

  176. I’d love the Diono car seat for my toddler.

  177. amanda whitley says

    i am interested in the carseat because my son’s carseat is terrible. the straps are constantly twisted, its not comfortable etc.

  178. Gabrielle Stewart says

    I am most excited about the chance to win a Diono car seat! I have always wanted one, but sadly, we haven’t ever been able to afford one. And the crane humidifier is great for this upcoming cold and flu season particularly, let’s be real, it would be used all year long in my house! This giveaway is absolutely wonderful!! Best of luck to everyone’s and thank you #TLBsafekids and all of the sponsors.

  179. I have wanted to try a Diono seat for a long time!

  180. I would love to win just before baby #3 joins the world!

  181. Hannah myers says

    if love the diono carseat but seriously any of it is great just found out we are surprise pregnant with #3

  182. What an awesome giveaway! I’d be most interested in the carseat, but would love the humidifier too!

  183. I would love to win the car seat!!

  184. Amber Casiquin says

    I would love to win the car seat. I’m having babies number 5&6 (twins) in 6 weeks and any help we can get is amazing.

  185. Sara Warren says

    I am most excited about the car seat! I have heard wonderful things about this particular brand.

  186. Elizabeth Katz says

    I would love to win a new Diono! Our favorite seats. I’m also curious about the stainless steel bottles

  187. What a great promotion give away!

  188. Hannah Fellows says


  189. Teresa Youngblood says

    I would love to win the Diono car seat! We have Radians for 2 of the older kids, and it would be great for our new little one.

  190. We need the humidifier and car seat!

  191. Autumn Hadden says

    Awesome giveaway and congratulations on your new bundle!

  192. We need a third Radian for our third baby due NYE! We’re also going to need a humidifier soon 🙂

  193. Sara J Cary says

    The humidifier would be perfect for the dry Pittsburgh winter. We are expecting a new baby so we will need an extra humidifier in my toddlers room.

  194. I would love the car seat! With a baby on the way and a 1 year old as well, anything would be wonderful!

  195. Ashley Knox says

    I would truly be thankful for any of them. Due with #2 and it’s been 5 years since the first. The car seat would be the most useful.

  196. The car seat would be amazing you win for my little guy

  197. Rachel Paoletta says

    I am pregnant with my 3rd little boy and the super thin dionio radian will really help save space

  198. Jessica Osipowicz says

    Would love to win the carseat — Need to keep my babies safe!

  199. Would love to try Diono when my son grows out of his infant seat

  200. Car seat!

  201. My baby is growing out of the infant car seat and I would love to win a new one for her! New water bottles are pretty cool too!

  202. Car seat for my little guy arriving in January !

  203. Scott Kent says

    Car seat would be great!

  204. Oliviamartinez says

    We would love this and need it too

  205. I would love to win the car seat as ours is about to expire! They are all exiting products and I’m definitely looking into the stainless steel bottles!

  206. The car seat! It’s nearly time to upgrade ours and I’d love to win one :).

  207. Would love the car seat!

  208. Rachel Feltaous says

    Most interested in car seat and humidifier

  209. Christina Sansone says

    My family would love to win the Diono car seat. Feeling as if our current car seat is not as safe as it should be. Thank you for this opportunity.

  210. Would love to win the Diono! Safe and would get a lot of use!

  211. Meagan Swafford says

    Would love to win a Diono and my oldest had been wanting new water bottles too!

  212. I really need the Diono car seat for my 16 month old.

  213. Brittany Kinsey says

    Due with my 4th baby in February, so the car seat would be amazing!

  214. I’m most excited for a diono car seat! I love the safety features and sleek design! Perfect did my little man

  215. Most interested in winning the carseat as we are expecting our fourth baby in February and all of the others are still using their carseats.

  216. Eileen Meals says

    All of these items look great! I would be happy to have any one of them. The bottles are great to transition all through growing, the car seat has wonderful reviews, and who doesn’t need a humidifier through the coming cold season?!

  217. Any of them I would love to win. All would be put to good use from me!!

  218. Valorie Zavala says

    Diono, would love to win one. With a baby coming next month I could put my toddler in the new carseat abd the baby in her current one!

  219. I’m hoping to win the car seat!!!!

  220. The car seat and humidifier would be a complete blessing to win right now!!!
    I absolutely adore this blog and the chance to win giveaways!!

  221. The humidifier we need a new one!

  222. Tosha mcbride says

    Love diono

  223. Im most excited about the car seat! We would love to upgrade.

  224. Kamma Burns says

    I would love to win the carseat for my daughter! Also I’d never heard of the water bottle brand but just might buy one even if I don’t win!

  225. I’m interested in the diono seat. I’m about to have to buy a convertible rear facing seat for my 9 month old and I’ve heard nothing but great things about it!

  226. I’m interested in the diono seat. I’m about to have to buy a convertible rear facing seat for my 9 month old.

  227. Cindy Kong says

    I’m excited about the diono radian rxt. Third baby needs one soon!

  228. Jennifer Noel says

    The car seat!

  229. The diono would be perfect for my 2 yr old since theres a baby on the way!

  230. Bridget Nutt says

    I would be most excited to win the car seat, because my LO is quickly outgrowing her infant seat!

  231. I would love to win the stainless steel bottles!

  232. Love Diono and would like to try the stainless bottles

  233. I would love the Diono, my littlest is about to move up out of his infant seat and my other 3 still use theirs :).

  234. The car seat would be the coolest thing to win!

  235. I’m excited about all of these products! I would love to upgrade our car seat, and the baby could have something new rather than hand me down. The bottles look great, we are trying to eliminate plastic wherever we can. And it gets sooo dry in CO, so yay humidifier! All so useful. Thanks for the giveaway and best of luck with the baby!

  236. I’d most like the crane humidifier. We have 2 diono (rainier) and while *excellent* seats for safety and certain features, they aren’t the easiest for quickly growing infant adjustments haha!

  237. Jessica Southward says

    The Dionk car seat is the obvious choice for me because I value safety, uhhhh, and also love that color! 😍 The bottles are great too, and will likely be added to our collection even if I don’t win. 😉

  238. Rachel Anderson says

    Most interested in the car seat I have always been interested in diono car seats. The crane humidifier so essential for the dry Colorado air.

  239. Those stainless steel bottles are awesome!

  240. Awesome giveaways! Thank you! I’d be happy with anything but that car seat would help my family a lot.

  241. Cherise Ruskiewicz says

    I would love to win the car seat. We are pregnant with our 4th and have recently gone through a financial hardship with our home and are struggling. It would be a blessing to have a free car seat for our new little one.

  242. I definitely woukd love to win the Diono Convertible Car seat. We are just months away from needing to upgrade my toddlers seat and with a brand new baby (#3) and new job search and move hanging in the wings, any luck we can get wouldbe greatly appreciated. Thanks for the opportunity and love.

  243. I would love to win the car seat for our newest babe!

  244. The car seat would be great. We have a Diono now, but it is expiring and we have another baby on the way within the next few weeks!

  245. These look like awesome items. New baby due in April. Never even considered stainless steel bottles!

  246. Heather Teter says

    I would love to win any of it!

  247. I would love to try the Diono car seat because of its narrow footprint.

  248. My goddaughter is in need of a car seat for her son whose pretty much grown out of his old one and this would fit him perfectly.

  249. Stephanie Grant says

    I’m most excited about the Crane Drop Humidifier.

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