Miracle Grow for Boobs

They came out of nowhere. I was in no way expecting them. Just woke up one morning and boom baby! There they were. I had porn star boobs. Like someone sprinkled Miracle Grow on my chest.

I always just assumed I’d breastfeed my babies. The truth is, I never thought about it, never questioned or considered that there could be another option. I knew formula was available and as a frequent babysitter had mixed and given quite a few bottles myself. But it just seemed, well, natural that I would breastfeed. I knew very little about breastfeeding other than “breast is best” and my mom enjoyed nursing my sibs and I and I knew that I would do it myself. I kind of figured that you have a baby and that triggers the faucet and voila! Milk!

So when I got pregnant I had zero idea of the changes that were coming. I understood certain changes related to pregnancy, thought I looked forward to morning sickness (HA!), the glowing skin, knew to expect swollen ankles, odd cravings and a host of other almost cute changes indicative of the growing life within me. What I was unprepared for though, among other things, were the boobs. Upon getting the two lines on the stick I peed on I started imagining myself with a round belly and cute maternity tops, anticipating the attention I’d receive as a woman heavy with child. I thought I couldn’t wait to go shopping for new clothes to accommodate my earth mother figure.

Within a few weeks, however, I had a tummy flatter than a pancake sporting an almost 6 pack thanks to the vomiting sessions and the 10+ pound weight loss. True, I did need new clothes but not because of my growing belly but rather because of the giant melons that now occupied the space on my chest where my little A cup, Hershey Kiss breasts had been. I’m telling you, Miracle Grow. Thinking it would be a while before I couldn’t see my feet, I was shocked to discover that the sore growths on my chest already obstructed the view. The Piano Man only once casually mentioned my increased chest size and then only when I complained about my bras not fitting and he suggested I go shopping, acknowledging that maybe they were a little bigger. I cried.

I marveled at the candy stripped appearance of my boobs as bright red stretch marks streaked the once smooth, even skin. I worried my husband would think me less attractive, what with my constant puke breath and neon sign striped boobs but he assured me I was still beautiful, greasy hair, puke breath and red magic marker streaked breasts and all. Smart man. Thinking he and I were the only ones that noticed my newly acquired body parts I tried not to let them bother me and go about my business, puking and pretending I didn’t have breasts nearly hitting my chin and keeping my arms from resting flat against my sides. But we weren’t the only ones aware, oh no, not at all. The 6 year old boy I babysat noticed and he finally couldn’t help himself, he asked me where those things on my chest came from. He totally did say “those things.” Scarlet, head to toe. I could feel my cheeks burning. They were still burning minutes later when, not getting anything but a blushing response from me, he took off to go play. But I caught him, more than once, staring at them. Seriously though, I was weighing in at 93 pounds with D cups, how could he not? I couldn’t help but stare at them myself sometimes and I legitimately did worry they were going to cause me to topple over.

When we finally started telling people we were expecting most of them told us they already figured it out, between the puking and all. The “and all” meant my newly found rack. Ok, fine, pretend you don’t notice them, we can just ignore the elephant tits in the room. Only one other person said anything: our gay best friend. I knew it was bad then. I really was just a pair of pasties away from looking like a stripper. My cup over-floweth had a totally new meaning to me, an uncomfortable, awkward, knockers meaning. I couldn’t wait for my belly to at least catch up with my bosom. My very ample bosom. The belly did catch up, finally, very near then end and I was relieved. There was a nice little shelf between my breasts and my belly and I was finally earth mother. I loved my curves, they were beautiful.

Then Earth Baby was born. Watermelons. Watermelons that shot milk when I sneezed, Earth Baby cried, I made chocolate milk (from cows), slept, had sex, thought about having sex, thought about Earth Baby or went out in public. Porn star cow boobs in nursing bras. And I still couldn’t see my feet. Miracle Grow for boobs, it must have been a whole bottle of the stuff.


  1. mamapoekie says

    I only had that happen after I gave birth. But completely with the streaky red lines and the A to D… In my mind I am still the same, but then sometimes I see myself in the mirror, or a picture of me and I go: Hey, where did they come from.
    I prefered the small ones, then at least I didn't have to wear a bra all the time

  2. Confessions of a Girl says

    That happened to me just like that!! And i went from i think a B to a D, while going down to like 90 pounds as well. It does through you off kilter and makes you have the feeling that you don't know what to do with your arms thanks to your ginormously growing breasts! I must've had a whole bottle of that too while pregnant with my first. Only they went back down once i quit nursing….

  3. My friend said to make sure and take a "special" picture for your hubby while you look all huge and sexy 😉

  4. He'll look at it and think "ooh-la-la!" and you'll look at it and think "ouch!"

    My boobs went back down after nursing too and they never got as big with subsequent pregnancies though they do always go up some. I'm glad they don't stay huge for me though, never thought this would be true but I kind of like them on the small side, ha!

  5. MsBabyPlan says

    What a great post. I am want to be fit pre- during- after pregnancy, but I haven't considered the changes that my body might go through which I might be able to controll (swollen ankles, and what else). When I was young I said that if I am preggo and my boobs are big I will be happy (at the time I had size A but now I am C, so I am not sure if I will be happy with big boobs). I am going to invest more into the stretch marks creams for boobs.

    I will follow this blog and I hope you will come follow me to teach me more.

  6. You are hilarious! My breasts must have blossomed a couple cup sizes while I was preggo with my first but it was the baby's birth that brought the biggest change…Suddenly it looked like my pregnant belly had split into two and migrated North…very very shocking (and somewhat painful at times). I think it's amusing that so many women get boob jobs which make them look like breastfeeding mamas look like all the time…Maybe the men that are so obsessed with breasts were not breastfed enough as babies?? I know that many other cultures find our obsession with the bosom completely irrational…

  7. Mrs. Brock says

    What a great post, I can so relate! I was a D before I got pregnant and then wham! F. I got horrible stretch marks right away. By the end of my pregnancy they had almost faded away completely, but then my milk came in. They stretched out all over again and I don't know how big they were at first because I just quit wearing a bra and didn't go out for 6 weeks, haha.

  8. Desiree Lopez says

    My boobs shrunk when I got pregnant! I went from a D cup down to a B cup though I REFUSED to give in a buy a B so I bought a C and just tried to ignore all the extra space that my boobs should have been filling up. Once I had my son they shot up to a DD and now almost 3 years later I am back to a D and I am still proudly breastfeeding!

  9. Katie Webb says

    *sniff* I was an A, got pregnant and was an A, had a baby and was an A, drown baby in abundant milk and was an A, did all that 6 times and damnit, I'm still an A. Hmph. Oh well, at least bras are optional. 🙂

    • I started as an A 14 years ago when I got pregnant with my first. Now a year after having my 4th I’m just barely a B. Where is my Miracle Grow, darn it?

  10. I’m glad I’m not the only one! I went from an almost B to a DD with both of my pregnancies, and a week after each baby was born I had scary, rock-hard, porn star boobs. I was actually scared of my reflection!

  11. I had the same thing happen, well almost. I already was used to the attention since I had DD’s before I got pregnant, but I was unprepared by the pregnancy books I read (most said to expect a temporary growth of about one cup size) for the massive jump I made. I am currently an H! That’s right, as in Humongous! And they didn’t go away. I’m stuck with them. Fortunately they didn’t grow much when I had DS #2, and thank goodness I’ve found a place to order pretty, supportive bras in my size, since they don’t exactly carry a 36H at Wal-Mart lol

  12. I went from big, to porn star big (they looked fake), to ‘daunting’ (said my hubby) – I’m a GG now! I was so excited about the preggy clothes too, but hadn’t considered what my huge rack would do to my figure and my very limited clothing choices. I gazed enviously at friends with cute bumps. Good thing is that luckily with the boobs came abundant milk and my LO is a massive feeder 🙂

    • I feel your pain. I went from a DD to a II. I’ve started losing the baby weight, but the boobs are not shrinking thanks to nursing constantly still. I need to go buy new clothes, but it’s depressing having to buy things in XXX to fit around my chest when the rest of me is starting to resemble my body before baby. Thankfully, my fiance still thinks I’m sexy, but then again he’s a boob man LOL

  13. Hehe, just Friday my husband was kind enough to buy me some new nursing bras (because he’s willing to spend $ on new clothes and traditionally I am not, $13 for a piece of clothing?? That’s just painful!) And when I informed him the proper fit is now a DD he says ‘wow, I should really be bragging about that to someone’ 😉 men 😉 I went from a nearly A to a DD, and that’s not the engored baby moon period, my youngest nurseling just turned 1. But I have colagin/elastin problems so instead of perky porn star I get National Geographic native. My kids are happy, my husband’s happy, it works, but I too prefered the days when bras were negotiable articles of clothing!

  14. I started off as a pretty little C, and by week 17, was a huge E. Stayed an E all throught nursing and only after weight loss attempts when she was over two years old have they finally gone down to a more managable D. But I anticipate I am going to stay well endowed, because my mom is. ::sigh::

  15. This is hilarious! My first pregnancy symptom was amazing, perky, full boobs – I looked like I had a boob job overnight but they were oh so painful! Sadly the perkiness didn’t stay long – even when my milk came in they were huge but not exactly perky – even when I was engorged it would only be one side and then I’d look weird! Very funny post!

  16. I used to be a respectable A, while nursing my first two I became a full C. I’m a pretty small person. Loved my big boobs! I’m still shocked when I look back at pictures. After nursing was over I became less then an A cup. Having pretty much only nipples. Missed having womanly curves on top. Now pregnant with #3, I love spilling out of my bra. I know they will get bigger after baby comes and while nursing. SO hoping to keep some of them afterwards!

  17. My rack is huge anyways. I refuse to believe that they’ve grown, but I’ve been told that they have.
    The best thing I ever saw about large breasts was Dolly Parton. The person interviewing her asked her if she ever wanted to have kids. She said she had, but had missed it. She said she would have breast fed her kids because of (Not exact quote, but I hope I’m at least close) “What’s the point of having a grand piano if you’re not going to play?”

    • Eden That is hilarious. I personally went from a b to a c while pregnant, then on up to a d while nursing. Currently nursing number 3 (he’s 19 months), and I really miss my smaller boobs.