Two weeks in with #5

This is an old post from January 2010 from my other blog. It seemed fitting to share it here. It’s funny, I wrote this before I started The Leaky B@@b and used the phrase “leaky boobs.”

Ok, so I’m nursing a new baby again which is… hard. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of nursing, it is good for mom and baby but I’m not going to sugar coat things and tell you how easy it is at first, not even for a 5th time mom. Smunchie is cute, adorable and absolutely precious and as true as these things are every two hours or so I have to grab a glass of water, pull out my leaky boobs, practice breathing techniques I don’t even use for pushing in labor, and willingly let my baby suck on my sore nipples. Her perfectly sweet mouth is transformed into a device of torture, a pit of barbed wire churning around my tatas. Experts will tell you that it shouldn’t hurt, that if there is pain it is because of a poor latch and can be corrected with proper positioning and getting the baby to get on the breast correctly; I’ve told women this as well. For the most part, I think that is true but there are times when mom and baby just can’t get it worked out for a few weeks and for them it just isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. This is me and Smunchie, the combination of my rather large nipples and her tiny mouth plus this thing she has against putting her tongue forward have all combined to make this a difficult and painful two weeks of nursing so far.

But we’ll get there. I had one other baby that gave me cracked and bleeding nipples and eventually we made it through and nursing became a bonding experience for us, special and easy so I have confidence that Smunchie and I can make it there too. When we do I’ll be nursing her anywhere she needs to eat (for the torture sessions I prefer to remain at home at the moment) and doing so unapologetically. Even in church. Since I believe that God made me to nurse my baby I’m not about to leave and go nurse somewhere else when we’re there to worship. Boobies nursing babies aren’t a shock to God and if they are to the people around me, well, they are free to turn their attention back to God and leave me and my baby alone. Most of the time I won’t be covering up and if I choose to do so it will be very special circumstances. I don’t cover up for my dad, don’t cover at church, don’t cover around our friends… in fact, I can’t think of such a special circumstance, interesting. I’ve heard all the arguments in favor of covering up but seeing as I believe breasts are for nursing babies and anything else is just a bonus I don’t see me changing. Any man that is turned on (or grossed out) by a baby being fed has issues, that’s all I’m saying. And any woman… well… yeah.

And because I have a baby crying, a 6 year old needing some direction, a 2 year old needing a diaper change, an 8 year old “doing homework” that needs supervision, an 11 year old freaking out about a Greek test tomorrow, dinner that needs to be warmed up (thank goodness it is cooked thanks to wonderful friends!), a house in dire need of cleaning, laundry that needs to be folded and put away, dishes that need to be done, and a new lace pattern to try on that sweater, etc. I’m going to go now and just say: read this. She’s obviously not as tired as I am and said it all so much better.


  1. Well you just burst my bubble. I was hoping when I had my second child that the first few weeks of nursing would be rainbows and butterflies since I'm now a pro at positioning and latch. :: le sigh :: At least next time around I'll have realistic expectations about our breastfeeding relationship and I'll be able to face our challenges *knowing* there is light at the end of the tunnel!