Aching Love Celebrates

I wrote this poem for a friend as she celebrated and remembered her 4 babies born prematurely. One she holds here and 3 she holds now only in her heart. Grace is the name of the daughter that survived. Recently, 2 more wonderful families I know have gone through pregnancy loss and my heart aches for them as well. I have changed the words some to fit more moms that have experienced pregnancy loss, stillbirths, or premature little ones that did not make it. With this I honor all my friends that have lost children far too early and remember theirs and my own 3 pregnancy losses.

Aching Love Celebrates

by Jessica Martin-Weber

Sweet hope, please stay

This path you trod, do not take

If I could spare you with my fragile breath

I would not hesitate





Love is breathing

Songs to sing

Wishes can not replace

The loves taken wing

Grace is but a gift

One imagines not to hold

But in the eyes of Grace we see

Joy and Grief, elegant and bold

Aching love celebrates

What some pretend is not

Empty womb knows true

Arms missing burdens lost

From her body early denied

In her heart they still survive


  1. Making room for baby #2 says

    this was amazing! today i'm sitting at home on what would be my due date for the baby i lost. i opened a blog account when we were expecting, but had to end it shortly after starting it. 🙁

  2. Thank you for sharing. My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 11 weeks. Today, I sit her staring at my beautiful daughter. My gift. The one we weren’t sure was going to be viable. The one I struggled with while pregnant. The survivor. I can’t help but let my mind wander and think about the one who should be two. Who should be napping next to his sister.

  3. Thank you. We had an early mc back in Oct 08. Then where blessed with a wonderful daughter in Sept 10. We got pg again when she was 3 months old and her brother should have been here Sept 11. His little heart stopped beating at 15wks. It’s hard to know that he should be here now. A lot of my friends where due around the same time and have their babies now or about to have them.

  4. Ive never had a miscarriage, but both my mother & paternal grandmother had 3 each & 2 this day they cant talk about it without crying over the babies that could have been. I did however have a difficult pregnancy with A LOT of small complications. I couldnt imagine what my life would b like without my son & I thank God every day that he gave me the chance 2 hold him & share my life with him every day.

    Im not normally a sap or anything like that, but Jessica, ur poem has me in tears. Thank You sooo much 4 sharing it, you have touched my heart.

  5. That is lovely, thank you. I lost a little one at 10 weeks last December and although I am 28 weeks pregnant with a new bump I still feel that sense of loss in my heart and I guess a part of me always will.

  6. Thank you. It’s been 20+ yrs since I had two miscarriages. I’ve been blessed with three healthy children and now have a couple of grand children but I still remember those two little heartbeats that went straight to heaven. Bless you for this poem and a place to remember freely.

  7. I happened to come across this while looking for information about BF for my SIL. Anyway, I thought it was lovely and touched my heart. I lost two babies almost back to back two years ago. I think about those two and wonder about what might have been and try to use it as a reminder to love the ones I have even more. Thank you for sharing.