The Leaky B@@b Tube- NIP with layers and standing

I’m embracing my new found lactivist status by posting a video of me breastfeeding. This is moving beyond the photos, right?

Just some information.

My cup size is around a C give or take depending on how full I am.

I’m not sure why the video is so grainy.

Smunchie is just a few days shy of 8 months in this video and about 16 pounds.

Our adorable shirts come from Paper Mama.

I’m breastfeeding her standing up and would walk around just like this while out.

I am not wearing any clothing specifically designed for breastfeeding, not even my bra.

For this technique to work well, the bottom layer needs to have a stretchy neck-line.

You don’t have to show even as much b@@b as I do this way.

That strange positioning thing I do when she’s already latched is my bizarre obsession with making sure her ear isn’t folded over while she’s nursing. I know, really strange.

I don’t usually glow like that, this video could be called “The outdoor breastfeeding sauna” thanks to the 100+ temps and over the top humidity. The camera lens kept fogging up. No, seriously.

Our adorable shirts are from Paper Mama.