The Tardy WBW 2010 Perspectives blog-carnival wrap up

“Why are you always on the computer now? I thought we were going to do something special while Earth Baby and The Storyteller were at camp?”

Lolie’s beautiful blue eyes were wide with expectation, waiting to hear what had to be a good answer from me.

Lolie, 7 years

Generally, I’m very careful about my time and protect the routine for me and my children. Though I’m not attending births right now which does make it a little easier, when I am, knowing it could be thrown off at any second means holding onto whatever rhythm I can is crucial. That, and I like to really be with my kids. Whenever I get really busy I hear the words to Harry Chapin’s Cat’s in the Craddle spinning through my head. Since I don’t want that to be me, no matter what it was I was doing, I strive to find a balance.

Looking at Lolie and knowing the answer to her question the frustration of having just lost the carnival post full of links and information suddenly melted away. In the light of Loli’s frustration with me not being available I realized that my explanation of “It’s World Breastfeeding Week and I’m running a blog carnival and lots of give-aways!” sounded weak to even my grown-up mind. No way my 7 year old was going to give a rat’s rear-end about World Breastfeeding Week, young lactivist though she may be. I had promised cupcakes and her sisters had been gone for 3 days already.

So, dear reader, I closed my laptop. Quite frankly, she matters more than a blog carnival, she matters more than World Breastfeeding Week, even. I knew you all would survive and were probably busy with your own lives on a Saturday. And I knew you would understand. Though I no longer comfort or nourish this child at my breast, I do comfort and nourish her with my time and attention. We curled up together, lap top pushed aside, with a book we had started and read for an hour. We painted toe and finger nails. We turned on Regina Specktor and danced like crazy. We played wii for hours- something we never permit in our normal family rhythm- and she profoundly creamed me in Mariocart. We went out to a fancy-shmancy frozen yogurt boutique. We said farewell to her god-parents for the next 3 months until they come home from London for Christmas. We made lactation cookies. We sighed and giggled after sliding around in socks on the hardwood floors. We built towns of blocks with farms and watch-towers. We set-up the slip-n’-slide. We attended a ball in our living room complete with play silks and gowns and danced to Rachmoninov’s 3rd piano concerto. We drank iced tea out of china tea cups because with the summer Houston temperatures we didn’t want hot tea. We watched a movie and I didn’t even multi-task, she cuddled with 3 of my girls. We went to the thrift store and found cheap treasures. We hit the grocery store and planned a fancy dinner. She reveled in being the biggest big sister and not a little sister. As my helper, she took charge when needed and entertained a tired, melting-down Squiggle Bug for us to make it through the grocery store. When I sat down to breastfeed Smunchie she asked if I needed my computer. I told her no, I just needed her and she beamed at me, grabbed a book and got as close to me as she could without knocking Smunchie off my lap and breast and she read me a story about a boy with a loose tooth. After finishing her story she stroked Smunchie’s fuzz and asked me if she breastfed like that. I told her yes she did.

People, it was good. It was better than a 1000 comments on any post ever.

Lolie, 7 years old

And I realized something. The most important thing I did for World Breastfeeding Week was step away from my computer and spend time with my daughter.

So now I bring you the late finale to our blog carnival.

The Piano Man managed to squeeze in some time to write some of his thoughts on breastfeeding; Mammaries… I mean, Memories. I’m not actually sure when he did it, honestly but when he read it to me I teared up. He shared a memory of seeing his mom breastfeed his little sister and I have now made a mental note to write or call my mother in law to thank her. Again.

Our second guest post is another beautiful and moving story. We’ve had so many this week and I’m thrilled to share another that is honest, inspiring and full of a mother’s desperate love. Breast Nurturing: A Relactating Story.

I’ve really enjoyed all of the bloggers that participated in the carnival. There were new-to-me bloggers and some I’ve been reading for a while. I hope you found some to follow, their voices offering unique perspectives on life that both challenge you and help you know you’re not alone.

Re-Normalizing Breastfeeding: A first step for life-long health– Looking solely at breastfeeding from a health perspective, Kirstin muses about the long term impact of breastfeeding vs. formula feeding. Kirstin is mother to one with another on the way, she says she’s learning to be a little crunchier everyday. She blogs at My Belly Blog.

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!
– A personal journey that leads to discovering the joy of breastfeeding. I so appreciated Laura’s honest telling of her breastfeeding experience, ups, downs, and in betweens. Laura is a SAHM who throughly enjoys catching bugs, splashing in the pool and eating popsicles with her 16 month old son Aiden and I just love the title of her blog: Blissed Out Baby.

Swimming Upstream– Becky didn’t see a lot of breastfeeding before she had children and entered breastfeeding her son pretty much alone. Her story and dreams of a world where breastfeeding moms have support is inspiring. Becky is a wife and mom of two little ones, striving to keep order in her home who is enjoying her new found hobby of blogging… somewhere in the desert.

So It Has Been A While. Your Point?
– Alex’s hubby hijacked her blog and wrote a great post sharing his thoughts on breastfeeding! Hearing from men on breastfeeding twice in one day is a perfect way to ring out World Breastfeeding Week, don’t you think? Even if it is a little late.

Our children’s art project, Perspectives: Breastfeeding Through Children’s Eyes was planned to wrap up tomorrow but to give more time for more submissions (and we already have so many great ones!) we’re extending it through the rest of the month. As August is National Breastfeeding Month this is a fitting time for kids to be creative about breastfeeding. Send submissions to theleakyboob @ theleakyboob {dot} com.

Hope you all enjoyed the blog carnival. I’d love to hear which blog posts and guests posts touched you. Leave me a comment sharing what encouraged, inspired and connected with you from this week. Thanks you all for a wonderful World Breastfeeding Week celebration and I hope you understand why this wrap up is tardy.

Loli holding the Rollie-Pollies that earned her nick-name.


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