The Email From Facebook

“Your Page “The Leaky B@@b” has been removed for violating our Terms of Use. A Facebook Page is a distinct presence used solely for business or promotional purposes. Among other things, Pages that are hateful, threatening, or obscene are not allowed. We also take down Pages that attack an individual or group, or that are set up by an unauthorized individual. If your Page was removed for any of the above reasons, it will not be reinstated. Continued misuse of Facebook’s features could result in the permanent loss of your account.”

Well, that clears everything right up, doesn’t it?


  1. Oops, better go report all those Pages where you can "like" going to the circus, etc… They're not business-oriented or promotional, hey?

  2. My boobs never threatened anyone…

  3. It seems that FB staff ought to keep their heads covered. The fan is spinning…

  4. this is repulsing! seriously! they remove a support page but allow hate groups?! as an angel mom we have had this continual fight, they remove our pics of our angels but allow sickos to steal and use our pics on hate pages and allow very disturbing comments on those pages…. my stomach is turning at the thought of those who make the decisions as to what is allowed…
    To those making the decisions, how many of you were breastfed?!

  5. They are so going to get slated for this. Has anyone informed the press yet?????

  6. Actually, my sister recently had her page removed and received the same e-mail. It took a couple of weeks, but the page was restored.
    It makes me wonder if someone "reported" the page…

  7. Wow that is absolutely ridiculous!! Your page is quite the opposite of anything hateful, threatening, or obscene.

  8. i contacted FOXnews, ABCnews, and NBC/MSNBC… can contact through their websites.

  9. Oh I am furious! If it werent for TLB I would of quit a long time ago, I also would not of decided to nurse nurse past one year! I really hope they get some bad media thrown their way!

  10. Kattina Duncan says

    What moron reports a page about breastfeeding? The same people that whined about the cover of American Baby being pornographic! The editor got fired over that front page and I find this appalling. I see teens with more cleavage and worry about them being gawked at by child molesters than I ever saw on your fb site. Don't report a breastfeeding help page, get therapy over your sexuality confusion. Breast are for BABIES!

  11. "A Facebook Page is a distinct presence used solely for business or promotional purposes." – I guess that was for "promotional purposes" – to promote the breastfeeding to the people. But that wasn't anything from the "are not allowed" or "take down Pages" reasons. So the question is the same: why they took down?
    Otherwise since the Facebook is a private service and there is no price to use they can delete what they want, so better to use different services from the Internet which are allowed more and has a more normal mentality.

  12. Have you contacted the media?

  13. What is so obscene??? The word "boob" or the pictures?? I'm confused.

  14. WEll I still don't see how the group violated any terms. THe group was promoting something…BREASTFEEDING so it's not that, It was not hateful nor did it attack any group or individual so I'm left with obscene…and no pictures I ever saw showed nipple which is what the policy states…so why?

  15. I contacted Mothering Magazine, W.H.O, Midwifery Today, KellyMom, Dr Sears, The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, La Leche Int., Attachment Parenting International, The White Ribbon Alliance for a Safe Motherhood, Mother Jones & Best For Babes Foundation.

    A friend of mine said this question w/ FB is a trick question because they have yet to have an IPO and technically are not a corporation. Any thoughts on this? Honestly, I'm not sure I understand the implications.

  16. I've looked through their policies and I don't see anything that talks specifically about any one body part. All I saw in their Rights & Responsibilities was an entry labeled Safety and within that it mentions 'nudity', 'pornographic' among other things but never explains what they believe those words to mean for fb and its users. Can anyone find the actual description that talks about specific images &/or body parts? It's all very vague.

  17. Also, does anyone know what it was specifically that triggered such a drastic response from fb? Content – if so which one(s), pictures – again, if so which one(s)? Etc…

  18. Unfortunately we live in a society that if the breast is used for anything other than sexual purposes its offensive and obscene. There was mother magazine a few years ago that that showed a baby attached at the breast eating. It got pulled off the shelves after numerous complaints and people saying it was pornographic! There are stores with facebook and thats promoting specific businesses…so its the obscenity that they pulled the page. I hate that breast feeding rooms are put in corners near bathrooms and its ok cuz its not in a toilet stall! How dare we use our boobs for anything other than SEX and PLEASURE!

  19. I had to come share this page I found when I was looking for a "Breasts are for Babies" page. I am appalled, dumbstruck and can only hope it's facetious and not literal. ARGH!!/group.php?gid=21244344979

  20. The creaters of FB were obviously formula fed. Grow up and realize that breast feeding is one of the most natural things in thw world. How about you remove pages that are actually offensive like the F Jesus Christ page?!?!

  21. Heather Minelli says

    well then it should be easy enough to get reinstated because I don't think we fall into any of those catergories.

  22. IMO…. let me say this first…. I don't believe that FB should have removed tlb with out notice. I think a good 48 hour notice with why they have an issue would be much more appropriate.

    However, I believe that they removed the page due to indecency in the photos. And though they were not provocative or sexual in any way, they were still exposure. Regardless of having a baby attached or not. Most states laws that state NIP is perfectly legal, they still stress that the public indecency laws still apply. When I am at home nursing my son, or over a friends house with a bunch of mommies and no husbands around, I can feel free to nurse without having to worry about exposure too much. However when I am in a public place, I always cover up. Even if I don't use a cover, I will still try to be discrete as possible and not draw attention to myself. The pictures that are being posted on tlb expose a lot of skin and I am not certain that most of you allow yourself to be exposed to that extent in public. I am a proud BFing Mamma, but BF is still a private matter.

    So even though I don't agree with how they removed the page, I see their issue. Just try to keep the BFing pics a little more discrete and there shouldn't be an issue.

  23. i imagine if fb gets enough complaints they will automatically remove a page then review the complaints… there are a lot of "individuals" out there that "may" work for "rival" organizations… ahem… formula companies… aahhemmm.

  24. Maybe a nurse-in in facebook's front office is on order. They DO have one, in Palo Alto, CA. Are there enough Bay Area moms interested to pull such a thing off? I'd do it. I'm nursing a 2 year-old right now, but he never minds an extra chance to nurse.

  25. "We also take down Pages that attack an individual or group" wtf?! this is *exactly* what they're doing…attacking a group!

  26. Dude, do we really have that many hateful women around? That they would go ahead & report the leaky boob just because they didn't breastfeed them selves? what's wrong with ppl.?

  27. Public indecency laws do not apply to nursing a baby.

  28. Hannah Joy... says

    Argh. so sorry! I was so upset to see the leaky B@@B was gone today!

    DH was so cute when he found out: "WHAT??? I love her posts!!! How could they take such an awesome resource down?" My lactivist hubby.

  29. Joe and Patty says

    idiots. ugh.

  30. Just BS. But you know what? Something even better will come out of this. If Facebook doesn't want your group, you'll just direct them all to the forum on your blog. 🙂

    Dagmar's momsense

  31. 45 years ago I was having babies and was the ONLY one on the entire floor of the hospital breastfeeding. They even brought a group of student nurses in to show them this “old fashioned” practice.

    My doctor beleived in breastfeeding, he once asked another recalcitrant mom “What do you think the good lord hung those things on you for”.

    It wasn’t always easy, especially because there were no support groups then but we raised 3 healthy, well adjusted, intelligent children
    and attribute a lot of their successses to a good, wholesome, well-fed start in life.

    Keep up the good work – all of you!