Wrap Your Leaky Boobs in a Cloud- Bamboobies Giveaway

As part of our LIVE Facebook chat this week with TLB sponsor Bamboobies, Kerry Gilmartin has generously offered 3 prizes just for The Leaky Boob readers.  I love Bamboobies, of all the breast pads I’ve used, these are my favorites.  You can read my, uh… “experienced” review of them here.

The three prizes are a $16.99 discount code to the 3 winners good for a 2-pair package of either our regular ultra-thin, milk-proof bamboobies or our ultra-thick ultra-soft overnight bamboobies.

All you have to do to be entered is to comment on this post and if you feel like it, share a breastfeeding challenge you got through and how.  For a second entry, go like Bamboobies on Facebook, let them know TLB sent you and come back and leave a second comment letting me know you did so.  If you already like Bamboobies on Facebook, share them with your friends and leave a second comment letting me know.

That’s it!  Two easy ways to be entered.  This giveaway is open just for the next 24 hours as part of today’s chat.  The giveaway is open to international entries.

As always, Kerry has also generously offered an ordering code for Leakies as part of Bamboobies regular support of TLB.  Use TLB20 for 20% off at www.buybamboobies.com.  This code is always available for Leakies, use it this week and thank her for the informative and helpful chat!


  1. I recently had a weight gain issue with my then 9 month old son – he only gained just over 1 lb between his 6 and 9 month appointment. My pedi recommended supplementing with formula, and because I knew it was not a supply issue, I asked if I could work with an LC to come up with a weight gain plan. Luckily, my pedi was very supportive, and asked us to come back in at 10 months to check on him. By nursing often (every 2-3 hours, plus two or three night feedings) coupled with fatty solids like yogurt, banana, avocado and almond butter, my son gained 21 ounces between the two appointments! We’re thrilled, and no formula!!

  2. carly glover says

    MY biggest challenge was pain for the first month but we got through it and are still nursing strong!

  3. carly glover says

    i like bamboozies on fb!

  4. Janece Molinuevo says

    Loved the chat tonight! It was great to have the support of moms and get advice on what to do when your baby starts getting distracted. Mine is 4 months and I can’t wait to start trying a nursing necklace or a lovey to keep him occupied 🙂

  5. I have been so frustrated with my breast pads showing through t-shirts. It looks like I have a freaking cookie in my shirt. (milk and cookies anyone) Anyways. I liked bamboobies on facebook, and I would love to win!

    • love that lol…I actually have some breastpads that have a milk & cookies print on them

  6. Michelle Clarke says

    I would love to win…I HATE disposables and I still am leaking( have an 8 wk old) and it’s embarrassing to walk around with wet spots all the time! Lol

  7. Angie Phillips says

    bamboobies look and sound amazing!

  8. Recently got over mastitis using lots of nursing, Vitamin C & Echinacea. It’s so good to have my boobs free of pain again!

  9. Also, I just liked Bamboobies on Facebook!

  10. Janece Molinuevo says

    I liked the Bamboobies page…Would seriously love to try these!

  11. Awesome chat tonight! Very informative! Thanks TLB and bamboobies!

  12. Leaving my 6 week old baby girl to return to work was, by far, the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. And the worst thing for my milk supply. I had the hardest time letting down and my supply quickly dwindled. I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to provide enough milk for my little one, and formula was just not an option. So I started a serious campaign to boost my supply. When I was with my baby I always nursed on demand, but in the first several days of my effort to get things flowing more, I started to pump after the morning feedings. And when I was at work I committed to pumping every two hours, despite output. Between that and my slowly increasing comfort with pumping in my office, my supply started to go back up! It takes work, but it’s a commitment to my little girl that I’m happy to make.

  13. Michelle Clarke says

    Liked the Bamboobies page!:)

  14. I have been breastfeeding my twins for 9 months now and I thought I was not going to be able to make it past the first month. I plan to BF them until they no longer want to.

  15. We had recurring yeast/thrush for the first 4 months. I had to get rid of all our cloth nursing pads to prevent the infections from coming back. Changing my diet, washing our laundry separate from the rest of the family, coconut oil, frequent handwashing– and lots of PRAYERS– no more issues for us ; ) I have been looking for new cloth breastpads, I hate using the disposables, and it’s getting quite expensive. Hopefully Bamboobies are the answer!

  16. Shared Bamboobies with friends!!

  17. We still are struggling with a lazy (yet somehow very effective) latch 10 months in. Sore nipples are a very very small price to pay for a healthy and happy baby girl!

    • julie clerkin says

      I with you in the lazy but effective latch… my 2 month old is in the 80th % for weight… at 12.2 lbs… so i know she is getting enough but my nipples are still so sore at 9 weeks. 🙁 its really like she doesn’t like all the nipple in her mouth… but I’ve just gotten use to it… and ill take a little pain for good heath for her…

  18. Tasha Ayers says

    My sore nipples could use a bit of heaven!

  19. I “like” bamboobies! =) <3

  20. Melissa Taylor says

    Entry #1

    My biggest challenge was weaning my 20 day old dd off formula supplements, but we did it! One oz. at a time!

  21. Thanks for the chat, it’s so nice to know the challenges I have are not mine alone! I ‘liked’ Bamboobies FB page. (And the earlier comment cracked me up, “milk and cookies anyone?” I know that feeling!!)

  22. I also “liked” Bamboobies on FB!! <3 <3

  23. Melissa Taylor says

    Entry #2 Liked on fb

  24. Thank you for this! One of the hardest parts of nursing my first born was that my breasts were constantly leaking! I could hold a cup up to one and fill it while my baby nursed on the other side. LOL.
    Months after I had weaned my baby, I had a beer while one of my husband’s friends was visiting for dinner one night. He pointed at my chest and his whole face turned red. I was leaking all over my blouse! I guess it was the beer but I didn’t even think I had milk left! I guess I am a true LeakyBoob. Haha. I’m pregnant with my 2nd one and curious if this time will be the same.

  25. I love Bamboobies! I still wear the overnight ones even though I don’t really need to. 🙂

  26. Bamboobies pads look amazing! I’ve tried all of the disposable pads, and then moved to cotton pads, I’m having a hard time finding a good decent pad that doesn’t leak & the thing is I feed my DD atleast once every hour, on both sides & I STILL leak through any pad.. It’s horrible!

  27. When my son was 1 month old (he is 5 1/2 months old now) I got a clogged duct. I worked with my LC to figure out how to solve the issue. I soaked in the tub, used disposable diapers soaked in HOT water for 5 minutes before feedings, I pumped after each feeding, etc. It didn’t go away, actually, it got worse.
    A week later, my breast was so engorged and was fire engine red. I spoke with my LC and she said to call my OB and let her know, they prescribed me antibiotics and told me if I didn’t improve over the weekend, to call back so I could be checked. By Monday, my breast was even more engorged and even redder, so I saw my OB and she sent me to the breast center for an ultrasound and aspiration of the fluid. They stuck me and drained some of the fluid, but part of it was actually solid! They sent a culture to the lab, and told me to watch out for signs of the flu.
    By that night, I was running a 102 fever and had the chills and other flu symptoms, so they had me come back to my OB in the morning. She sent me to a surgeon because she wanted him to cut me open and drain the rest of the fluid. He only wanted to do surgery as a last resort, so he admitted me to the hospital for IV antibiotics. The next day, I was visited by the hospital’s infectious disease doctor. It turns out I had MRSA…
    What was supposed to be a day or two in the hospital, turned into a week and several IV’s since mine kept going bad. I had to drain my breast, and had to have my surgeon aspirate it every couple days. It was not pretty.
    I was unable to breastfeed off that breast for two months. I struggled to get my supply in my other breast up to my son’s needs, and did that successfully, I am now in the process of relactating on my other breast.
    I was one of two cases of MRSA in a breast my LC’s had seen in twenty years.

  28. Tasha Ayers says

    Liked Bamboobies and posted on the wall!

  29. Like and message posted on FB. These look amazing and sooo very soft. Would love to get some and try them out as my current breast pads are too rough but they are all I have. And I need something to protect against the soreness from my voracious DS.

  30. Samantha Ray says

    I unfortunately had a severe over supply of milk. Constant leaking and spraying, I smelt like sour milk all the time, and still do. My milk never regulated so I started looking at it positively. I am happy to have an over supply than an under supply, and I’m so happy to have been able to work through and learn how to prevent my own engorgement. Not to mention I keep a lot of cloth wipes I cut from some swaddle blankets to fold up and stuff my bra which keeps me from leaking too much lol.

  31. I am a breastfeeding mom of a 15 month old toddler. Most of my friends are shocked that I have chosen to breastfeed this long. Honestly when I started I would have been shocked too! Most of my friends only breastfed their kids a few weeks or months but hardly any to a year or more. My husband and I are both young, we are only 20 years old. He has been very supportive of my breastfeeding our daughter even though he believes a year should be a cut off he has never once said anything negative about me continuing it longer. I may do things a little differently the next time around but as long as I can I will always breastfeed my babies. 🙂

    I have never found a breast pad that I liked. I would love to try these and see how they work! 🙂

  32. My biggest challenge was fighting through the first 3 months of terrible pain from a lip tie that we could not find a single doctor to fix. We made it through and my daughter learned how to work around it so I ignored all the doctors’ advice to just bottle feed, now we have a wonderful breastfeeding relationship and are already beyond 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding.

  33. Already a fan on fb and have shared with friends ^_^

  34. currently nursing my 14 month old!!

  35. Samantha Ray says

    I also commented on bamboobies and let them know I heard about them from TLB;)

  36. I liked the Bamboobies!

  37. My pedi is constantly pushy with her opinion, when my son was 5 months (7 months now) she told me I deprived my son of food and was malnourished because I wasn’t feeding my son solids yet and he wasn’t on formula, even though he was 14.8 lbs (7 at birth.) She was always saying that I should be supplementing through formula and solids. But I knew he didn’t need that yet. I’ve since then attended many Le Leche League meetings and other breastfeeding support groups and have help educated me on breast feeding more and they have reassured me that my son is on the right track and that I shouldn’t doubt my instincts. He was able to gain weight and I never had to supplement with formula and minimally add solids.

    p.s. I liked the fb page

  38. Liked Bamboobies!

  39. My biggest problem was my son’s reflux for the first few months. At first they thought it was an allergy so I kept changing my diet, but to no avail. I tried a tincture (3 drops as recommended by an herbalist/RN) and the doctor freaked because of the alcohol despite the fact that it helped some. We tried Zantac and no help. Then they wanted us to have an upper GI study done. I stalled and DS started to show improvements around 4/5 months. They also suggested trying sensitive stomach formulas, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that.

  40. Stephanie mccarl says

    Growth spurts!!

  41. I like Bamboobies on FB!

  42. My biggest struggle was for the first two weeks my son wanted to nurse 24/7 non stop! my boobs hurt, I was EXHAUSTED and I was just completely frustrated thinking I would have a baby attatched to my boob FOREVER! I wanted to stop nursing SO bad and just cave to formula, but my family was SOOO supportive! They got rid of all the boobytraps (formula suplaments I got from the doctors and hospital!!!) and just gave me encouragement I needed! Now here I am still nursing my 13 month old.

  43. Rachel dams says

    I have crazy leakage so far at 4 weeks post partum and my nursling gets covered in milk!! I use about 20 disposable pads in a day! I got breast shells to help catch some of my milk to store but I need better pads!!

  44. Due to some bad advice from the pediatrician, we had a case of nipple confusion the first week. Thanks to the ladies on TLB, I nipped it in the bud with a nursing vacation on the couch. He’ll be three weeks next week, and we’re still going strong!

  45. I’ve liked Bamboobies on fb! 😀

  46. My biggest challenge was my milk supply kept dropping, the more times i feed my little guy it didn’t increase (i had to comp feed for awhile just so he got enough), then i got told about some herbal tablets to take which i tried as i was determined to BF and they did increase my supply lots, but then he didn’t want my milk and i had no idea what to do, i though he must of started to prefer the bottle. I then told a friend who had trouble once and she told me that the tablets i used can turn your milk sour, and she uses these other ones which a pharmacist told her to uses and they worked great. I bf my lil guy until he was 11mths and im now 21wks with bub number 2 and am going to bf this bub, and i think these breastpads look really cute and i would love some, as i am planning to uses reusable breast pads this time instead of wasting money on disposables 🙂

    • If you don’t mind me asking, what herbal supplement was it that worked.. I am having the same issue here.

  47. Would love to win!!! YAY!! Thanks!

  48. I like Bamboobies on FB.

  49. Liked bamboobies page 🙂

  50. Hi there! Went through a “nursing strike” with my second son. Never experienced this with my first, so I was terrified that our BFing relationship would be over so soon! At 3 months, we went to the lactation consultant at the hospital down the street. We were there for 3 visits, and he started to make an improvement. He still nurses best if I lie with him. Now at 5 mos., we are still BFing, and I have my familial support, The Leaky Boob FB page, and local LC to thank! Thank you for the Bamboobies giveaway!

  51. I’ve been wanting to try these for a while now. I made my own and they only turned out so-so. But then again, I leak so much, it might not be the pads that are the problem! Lol.

    The biggest thing I overcame was the first week. DS had an okay latch, but didn’t get quite enough boob into his mouth till he got a bit bigger. I hurt so bad and would cry while nursing at night. Then, one day, the pain started going away and everything has been wonderful since then. Thanks to TLB for providing the support I needed during that first week.

  52. I liked Bamboobies on FB

  53. I would love to win!!

  54. Candice Kelly says

    Breastfeeding my first son was extremely challenging. He had a terrible latch and I was too stubborn to admit that I needed help to do something so natural and simple as breastfeed. Weeks went by and my the cracks on my nipples worsened and worsened until one day they became so bad that my son threw up mouth fulls of blood following a feed…. my blood. So I came to the conclusion that I obviously didn’t have all the answers and sought the help of a lactation professional and read several books on breastfeeding. Within no time my son’s latch improved, my nipples healed and breastfeeding became the joy it was suppose to and it continued to be that way 🙂

  55. Candice Kelly says

    I like bamboobies on facebook and told them you sent me

  56. Christafina says

    Haven.t startd my bf journey yet. But i know these will come in handy

  57. Christafina says

    Liked on facebook

  58. Trish Lacy says

    Would LOVE to have breast pads that don’t leak through in the middle of the night… Her diapers don’t leak so why should my pads?? LOL!

  59. Sheilah Skaggs says

    I am breastfeeding my second child and would love an alternative to the disposable pads….the washables I’ve been using don’t last and I produce quite a bit of milk per breast…so my let down literally soaks my shirt. Hoping to give these a try.

  60. My daughter was born via c-section (unplanned – hoping for a homebirth, and had labored at home for 11 hours, but she was breech and wasn’t dropping…the cord was wrapped around her neck), and we both spent 4 days in the hospital. The last three weeks since her birth have been a struggle between recovery, pumping and trying to get her off the bottle they gave her in the NICU, since they wouldn’t let her be with me. After many tears, we finally have had a breakthrough, and are on our way to breastfeeding without the nipple shield & SNS – yay!! I would love to try the Bamboobies, as my milk is finally in, and at full force!!

  61. And I just “liked” & commented at Bamboobies on Facebook 🙂

  62. I have been nursing for the last 18 years (that’s 7 kids worth, the 18 yo is no longer nursing!) and have always struggled with an overabundant supply and an overactive letdown, even when I was nursing 3. I solved it with only nursing one side at a time. It backfired when my youngest was not gaining weight from his 10#6 birthweight. I wound up getting to nurse from both sides at every feed, even though I was tandem nursing. This fixed the problem. Its amazing how well supply and demand works when you have experienced LCs helping you work out issues!

  63. I pushed through feeding my newborn with 1/4 of my nipple missing, open & bleeding. At times I cried as my son latched on, the pain was toe-curling. After eight weeks it finally healed & now I cherish our booby time together, he’s 3 months old & we feed like pros.

  64. I liked Bamboobies on Facebook 🙂

  65. My biggest challenge with my first was finding support. No women in my family and very few friends breast fed, and I had no idea that sources like this existed! I made it until 8 months and then lost my supply. I’m pregnant with #2 (due in October), and can’t wait to get started with this one! I’ll definitely be coming here for help!

  66. Katie Miles says

    Love the way these pads look. I would love to try some. Not only did I like Bamboobies facebook page, I think I love it.

  67. Also liked Bamboobies on Facebook!

  68. I was lucky. The only challenge I had was lack of sleep! I just had to wait that one out 🙂

  69. I shared the Bamboobies love on FB 🙂

  70. Krystyl olson says

    I would love to win! thanks bamboobies!



  72. Krystyl olson says

    Lol ,Liked ‘Bamboobies’ on FB

  73. My biggest challenge BFing is finding a quiet, CLEAN place in public to breastfeed! This is a constant challenge. But I found your site from youcanbreastfeedhere.com.

  74. I liked Bamboobies on FB and told them you sent me! 🙂

  75. Kim jackson says

    I would love to try them

  76. I am a new mommy & I would love to try these 🙂 already liked your fb page thanks to TLB <3

  77. Soaring Butterfly says

    I would love to win these. Even now nursing my 13 month old I still leak and I don’t like how all my other reusables show up as big obvious circles through my shirts and the disposables show wrinkles. I might as well scream, hey look at my boobies! We plan on having at least one more baby so I could sure use these. Thanks!!

  78. Sandra Schreiber says

    I had so many problems, but I had never met anyone that breastfed and really wanted to give my daughter the best start at life. She was born with jaundice and the dr told me to quit breastfeeding because she needed formula to force the jaundice out. I followed his orders, but i had a hand pump and I pumped everytime she ate (very tiresome process). The formula just constipated her, so I started giving my daughter the formula and what I could produce. Slowly her jaundice disappeared and I told the dr I had slowly got rid of the formula and was just breastfeeding her. This changed his outlook and now he is very PRO breastfeeding. 🙂 My daughter is just over 10mths and is growing like a weed, and remains to this day in the 90th percentile for her age thanks to my breastmilk.

  79. I am currently BFing my second & third kiddos. My youngest is 11 days old & so my current challenge is mastering tandem nursing with her & her 22 month old sister. That and the annoying questions & comments about it from family members who don’t understand/appreciate the importance or benefits of extended BFing & just think I’m babying the 22 month old… Who’s still a baby in my mind! 🙂

  80. I like Bamboobies on FB 🙂

  81. I’d love to try these! I had the worst luck with breast pads during my last pregnancy. I’m due again in November and will arm myself with a set of these puppies. Take THAT leaky boobs!! haha

  82. Sarah Shimanek says

    These look amazing! Would love a pair!

  83. Left a msg for them on fb. 🙂

  84. I nursed twins and it seems like we had almost every challenge. Supply, thrush, milk blebs, nursing strikes. Each I took in stride and felt the love of my local LLL group. Now I’m nursing a single babe. A week in and he’s gained 10 ozs, no real issues yet. Hoping it stays that wsy!

  85. I would love some nursing pads!!! 🙂

  86. I like Bamboobies on FB. 🙂

  87. Love the shape and thought behind the Bamboobies design!

  88. I just liked Bamboobies on FB and left a message on their page. Perfect timing on this, I was just saying today that I need to get some new pads. I leaked right through a Gerber waterproof one today. Thanks for the intro!

  89. Another entry for liking Bamboobies on Facebook!

  90. i would love to try these!!

  91. Katie Knott says

    The toughest thing for me after my first child was figuring out the whole breastfeeding thing in general. I was raised by my grandparents (not a frequent dinner-time topic) and was a teenage (18) mom so couldn’t rely on my friends for advice either! Luckily I was blessed with a fantastic mother-in-law who took me shopping and helped me buy nursing bras and pads. She was and still is the best! If you ever have problems – I recommend branching out to family, no matter how embarrassing the topic might be. 🙂 I also “liked” bamboobies on Facebook and mentioned TLB as my reference! Thanks!

  92. my biggest struggle was in the beginning. He was 3 weeks early and was 5.3 pounds. He could barely latch and had a really hard time. We had to express and give him milk in a syringe after he lost 11% of his birth weight. I fed him every two hours on the dot no matter what for the first month and had to use a nipple guard because it made it easier for him to suck. Eventually he got the hang of it, got stronger and was able to nurse without the guard.
    He’s now 7 months, still very small for his age according to the chart but he’s doing amazing. 🙂
    These things look awesome! I have to use pads every day or I’d be changing my tops every hour!

  93. Jamie Wero says

    My biggest challenge right now is the pain and engorgement from my 9 month old going through an awful growth spurt and my almost 3 year old going through an anxiety phase that is making her want to nurse several times a day. Last night, yesterday, and the night before I felt like I did nothing but nurse all day today. Today, my son went on strike while he sleeps through his growth spurt, and my daughter didn’t nurse as much just because there weren’t any anxiety attacks. I think the engorment pain is so much worse than when I first starting nursing the first time. There are moments like today while I was shopping for fabric that the pain was so unbearable that I was in tears. Even different textures of fabric that I touched seemed to cause pain. It was so bad that when DH tried to get me to look at a fabric I yelled without thinking “I can’t touch that fabric, it makes my breasts hurt.” You can imagine the looks I got from everybody around me. At least DH understood, although he did threatened to post it to facebook. Despite how painful it was today, at least I can look back and laugh about it.

  94. jessi Robin says

    I pump while working a school job with no real breaks. I had to get creative!

  95. My little and I have dealt with thrush on and off since November, despite trying many remedies. New/different nursing pads are the latest attempt at clearing up the yeast. I am excited to learn about these pads!

  96. Jamie Wero says

    “LOVED” (and commented on) bamboobies on facebook <3

  97. Chani-Claire Moran says

    We cloth diaper so I hate having to use disposable nursing pads but the cloth just haven’t been cutting it. One let down and I’m soaked! The biggest challenge was the first day/night home. My lo wouldn’t open wide and latch properly. He lost 11 oz by his 2 day check up, Thank heaven for the lc that helped me fix his latch and gave me the encouragement I needed to get through the 10 days of tenderness due to his poor latch. My baby is 6 weeks old and I couldn’t be happier with our bfing relationship!

  98. emily robinson says

    I am very new to the leaky boob and only 2 weeks into breast feeding, I am so glad my friend suggested this page. My biggest obstacle right now is pain but its getting better

  99. Oops, previous comment should have said “my 16.5 month old daunt and I have dealt…” silly typing on phone.

    I liked bamboobies on FB.

  100. JennyLJarvis@hotmail.com says

    Wow, I just went ahead and bought some of these based on the picture which shows my current pad…I was just thinking this morning, these suckers are so scratchy. I’m excited for my purchase to arrive, just hope the Canadian postal strike doesn’t delay them…I don’t need to be entered in the contest, just wanted to say they did a good job on the marketing, you sold me!

  101. Melissa Cleary says

    My biggest challenge was pain for the first few months.

  102. Melissa Cleary says

    Liked on FB!

  103. I have not breastfed before. My baby girl is due July 24th. I plan on breastfeeding and am gonna do everything in my power to make sure that comes true. I have some support but not much so that is why I love The Leaky B@@B. They have helped me so much already and I haven’t even started :))

  104. I liked Bamboobies on FB and look forward to using their products in my soon to have BFing journey

  105. Teething baby can be a breastfeeding challenge at times, learning to grit my teeth & getting creative with ways to let him know that hurts without freaking him out. The times he surprises me & I squeal break my heart because he gets scared & cries….

  106. I liked Baboobies on facebook

  107. overactive letdown is a tough one for me. i usually wear a burp cloth under my shirt at night and forgot to do that last night. my shirt was drenched this morning! a small price to pay for a baby that sleeps through the night.

  108. Would love to try Bamboobies, thanks for the chance.

  109. Also liked Bamboobies on FB.

  110. I’ve struggled with mastitis and thrush but am persevering! I’d love some Bamboobies as a reward for my boobs!! 🙂

  111. I like Bamboobies on FB!!!

  112. Adrienne G. says

    I’m five months pregnant with my first child and plan to breastfeed. I’d love to have some Bamboobies!

  113. My only challenge has come as my little one has gotten older and very distractable! if we are out and about, I try to nurse him in a separate room from all the action, but sometimes I don’t bother and just deal with flashing people as he pops on and off!

  114. I like Bamboobies on FB!

  115. My 11wk old is a grazer…some days she wants to be on the boob every hour! No matter if I try n keep her awake or anything!!! Grazing is very challenging, especially at night. You’re sleep deprived, your house work isn’t finished, or even started!! But on days like that I just remind myself, “this is what’s BEST for the one I love most!” then I pick her up n let her graze…

  116. Commented & liked their page!!!! Woot woot!!!

  117. Amber E. says

    I would love to use bamboobies. They look wonderful! Never liked the breast pads I used with my other two babies years ago. Would love some great ones for baby number three on the way.

  118. Amber E. says

    Liked bamboobies on Facebook.

  119. Nicole S says

    First Entry

    I was blessed with a 9.5 pound baby with an appetite that would rival Andre the Giant’s. Because of a C-section (breech presentation, with legs Indian style), my milk was late (maybe if I took the pain killers it would’ve been there, but who wants percoset in their milk?!) Even before that though (and a month of supplementing, dragged out because of bad advice regarding her cues, and pumping – maybe the only reason I didn’t lose my supply) she drew blood. And we nursed through that. When we got her home, she nursed constantly but was starving – and formula entered the picture. It took her refusing the bottle for us to realize that my supply had recovered, and that we were getting bad advice. She has a recessed chin and would break the latch every time I tried to adjust it. She still grazes at 4 months (with a proper latch now) – it’s just how she eats. We’ve since been through 2 plugged ducts, 1 bout of mastitis, over-active letdown (2 weeks after I stopped pumping, 1 week after her 3 month growth spurt), and now we’re teething – she has 1 tooth broken through, and 1 on its way up.

  120. Becca Church says

    I would LOVE to win these!!!

  121. Kristi C. says

    My biggest obstacle with nursing was nursing TWINS! It was very time consuming at first, because I would nurse them separately. When I would try to nurse them at the same time, they were so limp as newborns that I couldn’t hold them both correctly at the same time to get a good latch…therefore I got blisters, cracks, bleeding spots, clogged ducts…you name it. But, with constant encouragement from my hubby and other nursing mammas, we made it through, got some help with latch, and they nursed until they were 2 1/2 years old.

  122. Becca Church says

    I like Bamboobies on fb!!!

  123. Kristi C. says

    Already like Bamboobies on Facebook, but sharing with friends!

  124. I’m still expecting my first so I haven’t started yet, but I know I need to be very patient with breastfeeding because it can take time and a lot of effort to really get the system going 🙂

  125. I like Bamboobies on Facebook (Danielle Knapp)

  126. Mandy Brzezinski says

    Everytime I put my nighttime bamboobies on I say “ahhhh!” cause they really do feel like clouds!

  127. I love the idea of having washable breast pads, but I have yet to find any that don’t show under my clothes. I’m not bf’ing my 2nd child, and all is going well!

  128. I “liked” Bamboozies on FB!!

  129. oops- typo! Bamboobies 🙂

  130. I would love to get to try these!!! I leak like a faucet lol.

    My current bfing challenge is that my lo (17mo) has a full set of teeth (4 top, 4 bottom, 4 molars, 2 eye teeth), and seems to have forgotten how to latch properly on one side 🙁 He keeps rubbing his teeth on my nipple, and it hurts like a bugger. I have been using my Lansinoh as much as I did when he was newborn.

  131. I also “liked” their facebook page 🙂

  132. I’ve heard such amazing things on The Leaky B@@b about Bamboobies!!

  133. Already a fan on FB, so I shared them on my page!

  134. My ds and I recently made it through an 8 week battle with thrush. I’m so proud of myself for not stopping breastfeeding because when I had it with my dd I stopped but it didn’t stop me this time!! WOOOHOOO.. 🙂

  135. Here’s my comment! My current challenge is actually a teething babe. This is my third child to breastfeed, but I’ve never had one so young get so many teeth in at once. He started at 6 months old and proceeded to cut 6 teeth in under a month. YOWZAS!

  136. And I already liked bamboobies, so I shared them with friends. Good thing all my friends know I’m a lactivist! 😉

  137. Nicole S says

    like bamboobies on fb and left them a wall post.

  138. Jennifer M says

    I would love to try these pads, I hate how my other ones show through my tops & I still have leaking issues.

  139. Allana Giesbrecht says

    I was JUST admiring these online last night! I had a severe nipple crack that took 10 months to heal, and it left permanent damage that causes major leakage from that breast. I would love to try these as an alternative to the disposables I have been using.

  140. Allana Giesbrecht says

    Just liked Bamboobies on Facebook for a second entry.

  141. I liked bamboobies, and posted on the wall! Our biggest challenge was latch. I had a LC give me a nipple shield in the hospital, which made matters worse. We got home, and our first night home I had no milk didn’t know what to do, and he was just crying and crying. I gave him a bottle of formula, and cried the whole time! The next morning my milk was in, but of course between the bottle and shield he wouldn’t latch. I pumped and gave bottles for a week until that was tooooo much. I got him to latch with the shield and slowly weaned off that within 2 more weeks. It took us a month before we had it down. 8 1/2 months later he is my little boobie boy 🙂

  142. Jennifer says

    I like Bamboobies on Facebook!

  143. Anna Pry says

    Could really use these, don’t like the disposables. annatiffany@yahoo.com

  144. I loved breastfeeding my first for 15 months. We did have one tough situation with thrush and my tip is it gets so much easier after the first few weeks!

  145. Anna Pry says
  146. Jennifer says

    My biggest challenge was breastfeeding Triplets (ended up pumping for 7 weeks). I am due with #4 in 2 weeks and plan to breastfeed!

  147. I like Bamboobies on FB and wrote on the wall.

    Katrina Troy

  148. I have started to include a business card for Bamboobies in the gifts i give at baby showers. i dont want to automatically assume they are BFing, but i do want to share my FAVORITE bfing ‘product’ for them to use if they do choose to!

  149. i like bamboobies on fb!

    allisonmdodge at gmail dot com

  150. my lo (now 10 1/2 months) and i had a reeeaaaal rough start. i was induced at 39w4d due to a “large” baby-ultrasound tech said she was 8lbs13oz. after 42 hours of miso, cervadil, pitocin, and stadol filled labor, dr breaking my water, sitting in the bed upright for 3 days hooked up to an iv and monitors, i had only gotten to 4cm (no surprise there now as i look back on it!) so i relented to a csection. meghan was born at 129pm on july 28th, 2010 at a (whopping) 7lbs 8oz. she was this skinny little thing and literally slept for the 3 days we were in the hospital. i stopped taking pain meds as soon as possible because i knew she was sleeping all the drugs off and just couldn’t stay awake to nurse! luckily, my milk came in at 3 days and since then, she has been a nursing champ!

    allisonmdodge at gmail dot com

  151. Courtney Klatt says

    I liked Bamboobies and commented on their wall.

    I also wanted to thank you for your review. I am 33 weeks pregnant with my first child. I have already started to leak a little colostrum. Reading this review has been so helpful! I am definitely going to get a pair of these, whether I win or not!

    Thank you, again,


  152. Arielle P. says

    I started leaking BEFORE the birth and have loved bamboobies for their discreetness since!

  153. Arielle P. says

    I am already a FB fan, but have sent two dear friends your way ( with discount codes in hand)!

  154. I was in so much pain for the first month. I dreaded my baby boy’s latch. It always made me cringe and my toes would curl. Had the latch checked out – apparently I was just sensitive. We powered through that month together and now I can’t dream of stopping! I’m so glad I didn’t give up.

  155. oh i would love to win this. i only use reuseable pads

  156. Would love to try these out. I think my biggest challenge currently with nursing my 4 week old is what we just hit the last few days…first GIANT growth spurt. I LOVE nursing him, really, I do. But I felt like I had NO break-today seems better already. I just kept reminding myself it was a growth spurt and necessary to keep at it 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  157. Went and fanned Bamboobies on FB 🙂

  158. I like bamboobies on FB!

  159. My son (3 months old) was born with tongue-tie and we started with a really bad latch. I got so close to quitting because it hurt so much to feed him. He got his tongue-tie fixed and I pushed through the pain. Now we are doing much better 🙂

  160. Our biggest breastfeeding challenge was complete refusal to breastfeed despite trying EVERYTHING and my milk taking forever to come in…. She has been on 100% breastmilk since two weeks even though I am EPing and miss the bonding, I know my girl is getting the good stuff : )

  161. Liked you on facebook!

  162. Quincy L. says

    We got through the initial growth spurts thanks to my hubby’s encouragement! Now he is 10 weeks old and BF is easy breezy 🙂

  163. Liked the FB page 🙂

  164. Ruthie sloan says

    …. This sounds amazing- I feel like I have paid a fourtune for breast pads. I didn’t realize how sensitive my breasts were until I experienced cheaply made breast pads

  165. Quincy L. says

    Boom! Liked Bamboobies on FB

    P.S. – I love your blog!!

  166. I found bamboobies here, and I’ve been using them for about 5 months now. I just love them! I am so glad I found them, I only wish I would have found them earlier, before my baby was born, I wouldn’t have used anything else. The Lansinoh disposable pads feel like SOS pads compared to these!

  167. Bamboobies are my absolute favorite!! I love how the heart shape makes them less visible under clothes – you don’t see a round “pad” shape showing through thinner shirts!

  168. Meredith Lovell-Thayer says

    My biggest breastfeeding challenge was sore nipples, once I got through that first few weeks I was a Breastfeeding Rock Star.

  169. Ruthie sloan says

    I feel like I have spent a fortune on breast pads. I didn’t realize how cheaply some pads are made until I purchased a box. It is radiculous how expansivE they are!

  170. The major issue we have this time is over production which is still an issue ( and why id like to try bamboobies). But in the beginning my letdown was so forceful i would spray across the room several feet if she came off for a second… My poor DD i tried to slow it down but none the less much choking and sputtering ensued. And i was changing several times a day even with disposable pads!

  171. Meredith Lovell-Thayer says

    I like Bamboobies on FB!

  172. Oh, and I had previously liked bamboobies on facebook.

  173. Not sure if I can be counted since our LO’s haven’t arrived yet (counting the days though!) …but I’ll be faced with the challenge of BFing after a breast reduction 9 years ago as well as BFing twins! I can do it!!

  174. I would love to win these for a good friend of mine who just had her first baby. She wants to breastfeed and I think giving her these would be gantastic. I am still nursing my toddler and my boobs rarely leak, but her milk is just coming in.

  175. Holly aka Lynne says

    My biggest challenge is and has always been that I have PCOS and Grave’s Disease. Both of these mess with hormones… AND everything else. I have dealt with low supply, PPD and everything in between. Somehow (tons of awesome support and avoidance of any type of booby trap whatsoever) I am currently still nursing my 19 month old beautiful baby boy!! 🙂 Thank you TLB for that support… and for telling me it was ok to nurse him past a year 🙂

  176. Holly aka Lynne says

    I went and “liked” the bamboosies page 🙂 <3 the review by TLB! 🙂 Funny AND informative 🙂 Would love to have some 🙂 Thanks 🙂

  177. My biggest breastfeeding challenge is the challenge I’m having now BFing my fourth child. His big brother my third child (3yo) is having a hard time with mommys “tention” being spent with the baby when I’m nursing. He could care less about any other time spent with the baby it’s only a problem when I’m nursing. He now will crawl up on my lap and ask for my “tention” and want to know why the baby needs to have “booby juice”. Its been a real challenge and kills me to see my litle guy so upset that I’m feeding his brother. Now I will let him lay on my lap while I nurse the baby then he helps me burp the baby

  178. I had to have a lump removed from my right breast when my nursling was 5 months old. It was quite a challenge to go through the surgery and recovery while continuing to nurse and keep up my milk supply in the right breast. We came out successful on the other side though! I am happy to say that I made a full recovery and my DD is still happily nursing at 21 months!

  179. Just “liked” bamboobies on facebook also!

  180. Sandy ferreira says

    I liked on Facebook. My biggest obstacle at the beginning was my sin always falling asleep while eating. We would have to strip him down and tickle his feet.

  181. Erin gregoire says

    Looking forward to trying these pads. My biggest issue with bf is the nursing pads showing/ leaking :/

  182. I would love to win some of these… I am going to like their facebook page right now!

  183. My biggest challenge has been surviving the last 3 months of breastfeeding. We’ve had pain since the beginning (I’ve yet to have a pain-free nursing session), but I’m doing everything I can to save our breastfeeding relationship. I’ve been to numerous LC’s, treated for Thrush for 9 weeks (which we found out later we didn’t have), clipped tongue tie (which didn’t work) and although there hasn’t been a solution yet, I’m still trying to find one!

  184. I liked Bamboobies on facebook!

  185. I developed 2 different auto immune diseases post pregnancy and for the testing i couldnt feed for 48hrs as i had to hav a nucleur iodine scan. Once diagnosed i was then told that the medication that would be most beneficial would be harmful for my bub so i would hav to stop breastfeeding altogether. I asked about the other treatments and was told there was one tablet i could take that would be abit less harmful but is much less affective. I opted for the later coz i loved breastfeeding. Probably 2 months into the treatment i discovered a way to self treat with natural herbs and it was so much healthier for my bub than any of the meds. And was also healthier for me as it didnt have any nasty side affects. Im very proud to say i ended up breastfeeding my lil girl for 28 months thanks to my savvy herbal trick and doctors were amazed i was doing so well with out my meds. Till i told them wat id bin taking istead and they did abit of research and said id dont a great thing looking into wat was best for bub and not taking the harsh meds just coz one doc said to, tho they were all of the opinion i had to take some form of meds in the begining.

  186. I think these would work so much better than what I am using now!

  187. I liked their page but couldn’t comment Im mobile 🙁

  188. Christina Wall says

    I am currently experiencing leaky boobs that like to escape from my breast pads i wear to bed. i think ive created an oversupply issue for myself since going back to work i have been pumping 1x at home on the side my dd doesnt eat on and then 3 x while at work, and im pumping way more than she needs for daycare, so the rest is being frozen, and my freezer is getting full. today i didnt pump at home just hand expressed, then only pumped 2 x at work spaced out more I am hoping this will encourage my body to not produce as much overnight. we shall see. but the overnight breast pads sound good.

  189. I just read about bamboobies on their site, and since I’m expecting my third child, I’d LOVE to win! 🙂

  190. Elizabeth Pickett says

    I love that these things are so thin! I have big boobs and normal pads make them even bigger…

  191. dolores barrientez says

    I struggled so much in the beginning. My milk wasnt coming in. I was constantly supplementing and hating it. One day I just got all the formula I had and got rid of it. It took three days of just nursing almost all day for my supply to regulate. There where times where I was in tears because I was in so much pain from her lazy latch. Now 6 months later she’s a nursing pro. Now my only struggle is that she still nurses every 3 hours like she did when she was a newborn.

  192. dolores barrientez says

    Liked and commented bamboobies fb page.

  193. Camilla Rich says

    My daughter had latching problems, and I pumped and bottle fed, until her mouth grew a little bigger and she could latch without causing me pain. We still breastfed a couple times a day so she would remember how to nurse. At 7 weeks we were able to EBF again.

  194. I want to try these out SO bad!!!!! Expecting babe #4 in just a few weeks!!!! 🙂 Thank you!

  195. I ‘liked’ Bamboobies on fb and commented! THANKS!

  196. Rachael Salyards says

    I did it!

  197. After I had my first baby, you’d swear my body thought I had twins, I was so engorged. That was followed by cracked and bleeding nipples. But, I hung in there and nursed my sweet boy for two years and I’m currently nursing our new baby girl. Would love to win this giveaway!

  198. I “liked” Bamboobies on FB 🙂

  199. With my 19 day old, I battled sore bleeding nipples in the first week. Just a simple latch readjustment and the pain was gone! I’m still very leaky though, would love to win Bamboobies!

  200. Bamboobies “liked” on facebook!

  201. I like them on FB!

  202. My supply has been an obstacle & going back to work. I don’t have enough to pump because he eats to much. Also dr says he’s “fat” his words & prior to monday I only bf. I was offended, when I breastfed my daughter in 2002 I fed on demand. My lactationist said he’s fine.

  203. Kunang Agung says

    Wow, lots of entries.

    My challenge was definitely at the start of breastfeeding. We had problems with latching to the point where I was crying every time it was time for a nurse. At nursing a newborn can sometimes take up to 45 mins, I felt so miserable and low, like if I gave up I was a bad Mother. At one point my baby sucked off a small chunk of my nipple and thats when I thought “No, I have to look after myself. My mental health is being affected.” So I started pumping and giving her breast milk in the bottle. This already made me feel so guilty. After about a week of doing this my nipples healed and I decided to give it another go. It still hurt, but not as much. Eventually we got the hang of it, but that was well and truly 7 weeks after trying. Now the NEW challenge is teeth and tired nighttime biting! Haven’t conquered that one yet.

  204. jennifer nolan says

    I would love some ! I liked bamboobies of fb!

  205. Would love to try these!

  206. I like Bamboobies on fb

  207. The biggest challenge was returning to work after 6 measly weeks of maternity leave. It was SO hard. But now, with my babe about to turn 10 months old, I’m now a full time work/stay at home mom 😀

    The next biggest challenge was around 9 months when she started BITING me while nursing. Really, really hard. Oy. We’ve gotten through it with my fair share of shrieking in pain and her grinning like a cheshire cat. 😉

  208. I just liked Bamboobies on Facebook 🙂

  209. we have been breastfeeding for 10+ months. The only problem we have had was over production from one breast when baby was very little. Now I am wondering about teeth. He has two on the bottom.

  210. I like Bamboobies on Facebook
    Anne E. Perry

  211. I wasn’t able to breastfeed my first baby, so with my second, 7wks old now, I pledged to do it no matter what.. The first weeks I tried really hard not to quit cuz of all the excruciating pain, so I would think happy thoughts everytime I latched him on.. After the first 3wks I was ok, I feel like a pro at breastfeeding now.

    I “liked” TLB and Bamboobies on FB..

    Its awesome to know about other experiences BF moms have.. Makes BF sound more natural than what it already is.