Announcing The Leaky Boob Needs A Logo Design Contest!

Help me Rhonda!  Help, help me Rhonda!  Or Amanda!  Or Tania!  Or Matthew!  Or Wally!  Or Melissa!  Or Amy!  Or… ANYBODY!

I need a logo.

*Bad infomercial voice-over voice.* Are you a professional graphic designer?  Or just enjoy using the creative medium of digital art?  Like to sketch and doodle?  Whatever your background, let your creative juices flow and submit your design concept for consideration for the new logo of The Leaky Boob. *End bad voice-over voice.*

The Leaky Boob has been in existence for over a year now.  In that short time a lot has happened but one element still lacking is that of a real logo.  It’s high time I do something about that.

The problem hasn’t been a lack of desire but more a lack of inspiration and resources.  I’ve pondered long and hard, I’ve talked with friends (some marketing experts that just can’t believe I’ve gone so long without a real visual representation of the brand), I’ve tried a few drawings and considered hiring a designer.  But all of that is useless if I don’t even really know what I want.  So I’m turning to the Leakies and the fabulous TLB sponsors to rectify this situation.  A logo design contest with a cash price, gift certificates and products generously donated by The Leaky Boob sponsors.

The judging.  This contest is being judged by several of the participating sponsors and The Piano Man and I.  Our 5 beautiful girls will probably weigh in too.  Our judging will not be a reflection on anyone’s talent, artistry, or anything else, just reflect personal taste and what we hope a logo to communicate and reflect for TLB.

The style.  I like a clean look and I’m not into fussy or cutesy at all.  TLB was started with the idea of a pub where breastfeeding moms could hang out, swap stories, encourage, vent, cry, celebrate, find help and chill.  Something classic (like breastfeeding) yet modern (like a trendy coffee shop) would capture the kind of feel I’m going for.

Edited to add: Submissions have been coming in and there are so many neat ones!  A few observations after reviewing the submissions we’ve already received that may be helpful.

  • The name of the site, The Leaky Boob, is already very imagery based and I’m finding I don’t feel it needs to be illustrated in great detail, if at all.  The feel of the site, not the what it’s about is what I’m wanting the logo to help communicate.  It doesn’t need to scream “breastfeeding!” we’ve already got that covered with the name.
  • “TLB” is great but I do want the actual words too, whether it’s underneath, above, in the design, etc.
  • I really, really, really like clean, non-fussy designs.  It is possible for it to be too cluttered.
  • Though I don’t want it cluttered, I do like detail, just not distracting detail.
  • My favorites have been easy to read.
  • I like creativity a lot.  Thinking outside of the box, something different and surprising tends to grab me.  Maybe because that’s what I hope TLB already is.  😉
  • I’m going to be using this logo on business cards, think about how your design would look on a business card as well as the website, bags, tshirts, etc.


The @ symbols.  I don’t care either way.  They are kind of a TLB thing now but I’m really not married to them.  They aren’t required, use them in your design if you’d like or don’t, either way it’s up to you.

The Color.  Because I like flexibility and I like color, use color.  But I would discourage you from having the design based on color in case we want to change the color.  Ask yourself will it look good in a different color?  Black and white?

The image.  I’m really not sure if I want an image or just text.  That’s why I’m reaching out to you.  At this point there isn’t a tag line (tag lines make me uncomfortable, I could use a different one for each day!) just the name and maybe “a breastfeeding pub.”  If you come up with an image, symbol or even tag line that you think is just brilliant, go for it, you could just win us over with your creativity.

The sponsors.  We have amazing sponsors.  Generous, supportive, encouraging, and genuinely interested in breastfeeding and The Leaky Boob.  Without their support TLB wouldn’t be around any more.  I’m so incredibly grateful for all their help and that TLB can help connect quality businesses with our readers.  The sponsors of this contest are:

A Mother’s Boutique ~ Bellamama ShowerHug ~ PumpEase ~ Bamboobies ~ Wild Mother Arts ~ Lollidoo Diapers ~ Hip Mountain Mama ~ My Little Market/Mommy Jewelry Sturdy and Purdy 



The Prizes.  There are 2 prizes; a grand prize and a runner up.  The winner and runner up will be announced on the website.


Grand Prize:

$200 cash.

Bamboobies $50 gift card to the store

Hip Mountain Mama $25 gift card to the store

Wild Mother Arts: $50 gift certificate to the store

PumpEase: PumpEase Prize Pack = PumpEase Organic, Do Not Disturb door hanger, Breastmilk Storage Guidelines fridge magnet and a Nursing Mother Goddess necklace. ($72 USD value)

Showerhug: Belmama bundle (Showerhug, 3 luxury wash cloths, 3 luxury burp clothes) ($60 value)

Lollidoo: A Lollidoo cloth diaper ($40 value)

My Little Market/Mommy Jewelry Sturdy and Purdy: $50 gift certificate


Runner up prize:

A Mother’s Boutique: $50 gift certificate

My Little Market/Mommy Jewelry Sturdy and Purdy: $50 gift certificate


The Contest details.

  • Entries are due by midnight CST August 24th, 2011.
  • Artists may submit as many entries as they wish.
  • Designs must be original work, not used elsewhere.
  • The Leaky Boob may request additional modifications to the original design.
  • Entries are to be submitted via email to
  • All entries must be accompanied by a statement from the artist certifying that they are the author of the material they are submitting to  The Leaky Boob and it’s licensees may reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify, create derivative works and otherwise use the material for any purpose in any form and on any media.  Any submission neglecting this statement will not be considered.
  • Please include your name, address, phone number and email address with your submission.
  • Group submission are permitted but TLB will not be responsible for determining the distribution of the winnings and will ship to only one address.

Thank you all so much and good luck to all the entrants!  I can’t wait to see what we get for submissions, have fun!


  1. OMG – I’m so excited. Illustrator, here I come!

  2. SOOOOO excited for you!!!

  3. I can’t wait to see all of the designs!!

  4. I am sooooooo going to give it a go! <3 <3 <3

    • Did you send it in yet? I don’t think I’ve seen one from you yet, can’t wait to see what you come up with! ~Jessica

    • I can’t wait to see Joni’s! I’m not very talented when it comes to drawing or design but I’m still going to give this a go, I think! Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  5. I sent one in! So exciting. This is my first logo contest! Can’t wait to see what you choose. <3


  6. Been looking for a place to funnel all this creative energy. Thanks for the motivation!

  7. ok ok don’t worry i share some designs and will make new and send you .. let me know which one you like

  8. My husband is an Art Director for a design firm in Pittsburgh. I hope I can talk him into submitting a logo!

  9. Just submitted several logos! So excited =) =)

  10. I just submitted my entry! Let me know if you have any troubles or don’t receive it for some reason! 🙂

  11. Is it too late for a logo entry. I’m 6 mos pregnant and been sick in bed and haven’t been able to get up to send my concepts ) : Please advise. Many thanks! 😀

  12. Can’t wait to see the winning design! When will winners be announced?

  13. I’m anxious to see what folks came up with – will you be posting the entries?

  14. I’m super excited about this. Hoping to see all of the submissions and the announcement for the winners soon!

  15. Hi Jessica!
    Did you get my email in reply? I received a mailbox full error and have been trying to get in touch. I also posted a message on Facebook. Let me know! Thanks!
    Beth Swan