Bamboobies Butterfly Wrap Giveaway x 4!

As part of our LIVE Facebook chat this week with TLB sponsor Bamboobies, Kerry Gilmartin has generously offered 3 prizes just for The Leaky Boob readers.  For this giveaway there are 4 winners each of 1 of Bamboobies Butterfly Wrap, a nursing cover, poncho, or skirt.  Check out my review of the wrap here.

All you have to do to be entered is to comment on this post saying which color you’d like to have the wrap in (hot purple, stone blue, black and marine blue) and if you feel like it, share your favorite breastfeeding in public story.  For a second entry, go like Bamboobies on Facebook, let them know TLB sent you and come back and leave a second comment letting me know you did so.  If you already like Bamboobies on Facebook, share them with your friends and leave a second comment letting me know.

That’s it!  Two easy ways to be entered.  This giveaway is open just for the next 24 hours as part of today’s chat.  The giveaway is open to international entries.

This giveaway is now closed, congrats to our winners Angelina, Lora, Nicole and Jessica!  The winners have been notified via email.  Thank you all for participating!


As always, Kerry has also generously offered an ordering code for Leakies as part of Bamboobies regular support of TLB.  Use TLB20 for 20% off at  This code is always available for Leakies, use it this week and thank her for the informative and helpful chat!




  1. Hot Purple

  2. I like the Marine Blue. 🙂

    • Love the hot purple!!!! and I breastfeed in public all the time. i like walking around the grocery store with my 7 month old in the ergo, nursing herself to sleep. i use the head cover to give her privacy.

  3. black

  4. Soldi Rodriguez says

    Oooh, I would love to have a stone blue wrap! I’m off to like the Bamboobies 🙂

    • hot purple!!!! and I breastfeed in public all the time. i like walking around the grocery store with my 7 month old in the ergo, nursing herself to sleep. i use the head cover to give her privacy.

  5. Hot Purple! Love NIP. I love how it freaks my family out more than anybody, they won’t even look or talk to me if I’m nursing!

  6. Jessica Kasaback says

    Stone blue <3

  7. Black would be awesome! It would match everything :).

  8. Katie Statler says

    Awesome nursing cover, would love the stone blue!! Thanks for doing the giveaway! My favorite NIP story was when I finally did it — I had been going out to the car the first few weeks if we were out, and finally one day I decided to stay in the restaurant. Have never left anywhere to feed since! Today marks 6 months of ebf! 🙂

  9. i want the hot purple one!

  10. Commented on Facebook 🙂

  11. Id love any but lets pick black 🙂

  12. Amber Gueary says

    I would like stone blue

  13. Hot purple!!! I love it!

  14. Katie Statler says

    Posted on Bamboobies wall & told them TLB sent me! <3 Thanks!

  15. Soldi Rodriguez says

    Definitely sharing Bamboobies with my prego and recently birthed friends. Thank you Leaky B@@b. 🙂

  16. stone blue please

  17. I came here from TLB. I like the black cover. If I win I will share my love for it on my blog!

  18. Danielle Randall says

    I NEED NEED NEED the black one!!!

  19. Amber Gueary says

    I shared this on my FB

  20. would love hot purple to use with my daughter due next month!

  21. I would absolutely love a hot purple cover!! (or honestly any color would rock!)

  22. Black would be awesome!!

  23. hot purple!!

  24. Commented on Facebook

  25. I would so get either black or gray (stone blue)!

  26. Black 🙂

  27. Jenny Rogers says

    If I win I’d like black.
    Here is my NIP history. It’s not very long. My baby is only 14 weeks old and he was born 8 weeks early he only spent almost 4 weeks in the NICU though.
    We have only nursed at the park when I took my older children to play, at the VA hospital when I had to take my hubby there, and at the creek on a outing with family and friends. The first time we NIP I used a blanket which didn’t work so well because it kept falling off. Then I decided to try and make my own nursing cover. It works but it’s not the greatest because i’m not very good at sewing and I also can’t figure out have to make a good hem so when the fabric decides to unroll we have to fight the strings also. It gets easier I’m more comfortable NIP now. I’m not quite ready to go with out a cover yet though.

  28. Karen Daniel says

    Oh this looks really good!
    I like the purple one:)

  29. I like bamboobies on faceook and shared with friends! Katrina Troy

  30. black!

  31. I left a comment on their fb page!

  32. Sarah Tenney says

    Black 🙂

  33. Hot purple.

  34. nicole allen says

    Black. My favorite NIP actually happened last week. I was nursing my daughter in the mothers room at Babies R Us when my friend and her daughter came in (we had planned on meeting up). She also nurses her daughter so we were just talking about that and letting our daughters play. Then another lady came in with her newly born 5 week old son and she started nursing with us there and then I nursed my daughter again. We told her all about TLB since she’s never heard of it, and told more stories about nursing our little ones.

  35. celina pierce says

    stone blue 🙂

  36. Black!

  37. Jenny Rogers says

    Also I liked bamboobies facebook page. 🙂

  38. Black! I’ve only had the chance to nurse in public once with my 10week old so far, my baby girl was hungry while we were waiting for DH to get done with class–I nursed on Campus–overall it was positive. The looks on the faces of passing students was priceless–shock, bewilderment, disgust and just a few supportive smiles. (no comments though).

  39. liked them on facebook

  40. black please!!! so cute!!!

  41. Hot Purple

    I was at the beach with my 20 month old and my 2 month old the other day and my 2 month old decided it was time to eat right as we got there. I got her latched on and she was nursing away. Just then a group of teenage girls walked by and they had the weirdest look on there faces as they saw I was nursing baby girl. It was so funny.

  42. My favorite color…..BLUE!!!!!

  43. Liked Bamboobies on FB!

  44. Allison younger says

    I’d love the Marine Blue!

  45. Barbara Ketchum says

    Hot purple

  46. Stone Blue!!

  47. Sarah Tenney says

    I Liked Bamboobies and let them know TLB sent me!!

  48. I’d like to have the wrap in Stone Blue 🙂

  49. stone blue would be pretty i think

  50. I would love a black one! BF in public for the first time this past weekend- at a restaurant and I’m pretty sure our waiter was nervous/uncomfortable. It was his first nite and he kept asking me if there was anything else he could get me! (I just covered up with a receiving blanket.)

  51. Bekah Hadley says

    Liked them on FB, and I love love love the hot purple!! These products are great, I’m going to share with my sister who is nursing new born twins I think this is going to help her so much too!! Thanks for sharing great new products with us =))

  52. sandra bujak says

    liked you!!!

  53. Susan McNamara says

    I love them all! Stone blue is my favorite.

  54. i liked bamboobies on facebook

  55. celina pierce says

    also liked the page 🙂

  56. Angela Aranda says

    I would love to have any one of these items in any of the colors!! My favorite BFIP story is when I was dropping off my unneeded baby items to a local Caring Pregnancy Center and my daughter needed fed. The office was full of professionals answering phones and setting appts not really paying much attention to me yet. There was a nice little couch facing the window. I sat down and proceeded to nurse my girl, uncovered. We were almost finshed before one lady came over to us and realized what I was doing! She just sat next to me and praised me for not being afraid to feed her among the hustle of the busy office! I was never afraid again!

  57. bekah hadley says

    I liked Bamboobies on FB and they know who sent me =)

  58. Great nursing wraps! I like the stone blue/gray color.

  59. Stacey Stroup says

    I love the Marine Blue 🙂 I am already a fan of Bamboobies <3

  60. My favorite color is black!

  61. I like Bamboobies on facebook!

  62. hot purple! I end up NIPibg at Mass every Sunday, so some nursing duds would be nice.

  63. liked and commented at @bambooies 🙂

  64. Love the marine blue!

  65. hot purple

  66. I liked Bamboobies on FB and told them I heard about them from TLB! =)

  67. Definitely the black … versatile and can go with anything on top or bottom! This is my first baby, so no breastfeeding in public stories yet …

  68. Just got done “liking’ your facebook page and sharing it with my friends.

  69. nicole allen says

    I’m a new liker on your page sent by the leaky boob!!!

  70. I would love this in black!

  71. Liked on Facebook!

  72. black please 🙂

  73. I’d love the black one!

  74. Liked them on FB 🙂

  75. I like ’em on Facebook!

  76. Kristen Parsons says

    Love that wrap- love it in black!!

  77. I liked them on Facebook!

  78. Alana Purple says

    hot purple 🙂

  79. Would love to have it in black!

  80. Liked you on FB and left a comment 🙂

  81. kelly foyster says

    I would love a black or purple one please

    Also am now sharing you on Facebook for a second entry!!!


  82. Ooh, I would love a black Butterfly Wrap!! Thank you so much for finding such wonderful sponsors and introducing us to their products!

  83. I’d love it in black!

  84. heather solis says

    I would love. Stone blue one these are so cool I didn’t know about them till a week ago

  85. Alana Purple says

    i shared their fb page. 🙂

  86. Black 🙂

  87. I LOVE the Jet Black!!!

  88. I Liked Bamboobies and let them know TLB sent me!!

  89. black!

  90. Black on would be great.

  91. Any color will do!

  92. Liked Bamboobies on FB!!

    Now off to share with my other mommies

  93. Would LOVE to win this in black! = )

  94. Barbara Ketchum says

    I also liked Bamboobies on FB, and let them kow TLB sent me!

  95. I’d love to have the black!

  96. I’m liking the black! As for my favourite NIP story- once I was walking around Disneyland with my girls and my 9ish month old needed to nurse. We were headed for a ride with quite the line so I knew I had time to nurse… I just didn’t want to sit down to nurse, then have to still wait in line. So, I threw a blanket over my shoulder, whipped out my boob and we nursed as we walked through Disneyland. I figured I was being pretty discreet about it when a woman approached me, asked if I was nursing then commended me on doing so, especially in a busy place like Disneyland. It was nice to be commended for something that is so often looked down upon.

  97. Black Please!

  98. I like the stone blue color.

    My favorite nursing in public story is when we were furniture shopping- my little guy was a few months old and needed to eat NOW. Conveniently, there were rows and rows of recliners- it was way more comfortable nursing in a plush chair than any other public place I’ve been!

  99. Marine blue!

  100. I love the hot purple! I guess I don’t have a favorite breastfeeding in public story, but none of them have been very different from the others. I tend to have a receiving blanket to use as a cover with me at all times, and while it’s not the most convenient, it’s definitely better than an apron cover that I have to fight with.

  101. I would LOVE one in purple!!

  102. i like stone blue

  103. I love the hot purple!

  104. Love the Leaky B@@b and bamboobies! I told bamboobies that leaky b@@b sent me although it was months ago, and I also Posted bamboobies page on my facebook so all my nursing/future nursing friends would like it also! I love the black 😉

  105. I have “liked” Bamboobies on facebook and let them know TLB sent me

  106. I’d love stone blue!

  107. I have liked and commented at TLB!

  108. marine blue!

  109. I really like the stone blue

  110. now following bamboobies on facebook and showed TLB some <3 in their wall

  111. shared on facebook also!

  112. Black 🙂

  113. Bamboobies fan on FB!

  114. I liked Bamboobies on Facebook, and let them know TLB sent me!

  115. I would love the marine blue! I’m due with my 2nd in 7days with my first son. I’m determined this time to have a successful breastfeeding experience.

  116. Hot purple is so pretty 🙂

  117. Marguerite Maldonado says

    Black please 🙂

  118. Kimberley Quinlan says

    Oh, I’d love a marine blue one!!! That’s the color of her baby room. My story: my three wk old baby has taken to clenching her fists and punching my boob while nursing!!! Even with a cover on, it looks like she is silently trying to escape….or that my boobs are having a party under there. A hilarious look when your in public.

    I commented and was referred from TLB
    PS: I love that the security question is a math equation…..I am breastfeeding around the clock….and therefore my brain doesnt work this way any more!!! haha

  119. i can only see the black and purple ones but i love the Black one!

  120. I’d live one in black!

    My favourite nursing story is when I was nursing at a charity event and another momma was too…. it’s like we had our own little club! It was the first time since I had my baby that I’ve seen another momma NIP and the first time I got to go thank someone for NIPing 🙂

  121. I liked and commented on Facebook!! 🙂

  122. Bright purple.

    I don’t have any good NIP stories but I do have an amazingly supportive husband. 🙂

    I also liked the page on fb and will be sharing it with friends. 🙂

  123. I would really like the stone blue one. I have a breastfeeding cover, but it doesn’t cover anything. My LO always pulls the cover off his face, so my boob is exposed.

  124. black

  125. I shared the blog post on Facebook. I’d love the hot purple.

  126. Shannon Hayes says

    Would Love to have the stone blue one 🙂 Thanks a million 🙂

  127. Love the purple but black would go with everything!

  128. I love the purple! My greatest NIP story is when I had the chance to breastfeed my daughter in Chuck E Cheese at my cousin’s 5 year old’s birthday party! I don’t know if too many people realized what I was doing.

  129. I already like Bamboobies on Facebook, and I just left a comment.

  130. Aimee Stashak-Moore says

    Black PLEASE!!!!!!! I just posted on the leaky b@@b wall a few days ago discussing my complete and utter fear of nursing in public. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a Bamboobies Butterfly Wrap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. commented on Facebook!

  132. Teresa Schweizer says

    Hot Purple!!
    I have had a lovely time Breastfeeding . Best story i went to the mall and forgot a blaket. i sat on a bench Feeding my baby . A lovely woman walked up and told me ” i love seeing breastfeeding moms, i a so glad breastfeeding is makeing a come back !”

  133. Hot Purple!

  134. These look awesome especially for my latch issue little one! I like the Stone Blue as I have all boys!

  135. I would love to have one in any color. This is a beautiful nursing cover. Got purple or marine blue would be my choice though. 🙂

  136. Tiffany Holtzinger says

    I’d love the black wrap!!!!! So stylish : )

  137. i would pick black, love the versatility!

  138. i like bb on fb and thanked them for the giveaways!

  139. Tiffany Holtzinger says

    Liked Bamboobies on FB and told them you sent me!!!!!

  140. Liked Banboobies on Facebook. Thanks for the giveaway! Goodluck to everyone!

  141. rachel risinger says

    Stone blue and this wrap would make me feel good about myself. And keep my husband.from asking me to go to the car when my birdie gets hungry!!!

  142. Black 🙂 I would LOVE this as a nursing cover!

  143. I would love black!

  144. Megan Monroe says

    Marine Blue!

  145. Liked Bamboobies facebook page! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  146. Megan Monroe says

    I like bamboobies on Facebook!

  147. Stone Blue!

  148. I love this, marine blue is so pretty.

  149. I would love to have marine blue or purple!

  150. I like bamboobies!

  151. rachel risinger says

    Liked them on fb told them u sent me and that I ….. Love u for it * blushing *

  152. I like the stone blue

  153. Hot purple rocks! I’ve nursed in public with and without a cover- I always seem to get more looks with a cover so this would be awesome as it is so discrete!

  154. The first time I breastfed in public I was terrified of doing so but desperate because my baby was hungry and I was waiting with my husband for our car to be fixed in a shop. I’d brought pumped milk but of course in my lack of experience as a mom I forgot a bottle! After the car was finished i detached her and put her in her car seat quickly because I was so embarrassed of NIP. As we walked to our car, my husband said, “Hey guess what? You just nursed in public. I’m proud of you. You and Ana are really getting the hang of breastfeeding.” His encouragement was all I needed. I’ve been able to NIP a couple times since, without that embarrassment that I felt the first time! Though I do try to cover up because I like my privacy. It’d be such a blessing to have a cover….marine blue or stone blue…

  155. Shannon Hurd says


    I’m beginning to collect nursing covers like I do slings and wraps! I NIP all the time (LO = 11 weeks) with my cover on walking around shopping and talking to whomever!

  156. I”d love to own a black one. So many awesome products from your shop (I have a little addiction of shopping there for myself and others). Thanks for all that you do for all of us Mommies out here 🙂

  157. Rebecca Roland says

    I would love the butterfly wrap in hot pink!

  158. I would love any of those colors but i love purple and blue the best!
    My best moment breastfeeding was here last week, when i felt comfortable and confident enough to feed my baby girl at a park surrounded by many women i was just meeting for the first time. I didn’t even use my nursing cover!! And the best part was, that none of them minded, in fact, they commented how how cute my baby was and started chatting with me about her! Talk about breaking the ice! I love breastfeeding and i am such a supporter of it!

  159. I liked you on Facebook!!! 😀

  160. I liked you on Facebook!!! 😀

  161. Were I to win, I would like black! It would definitely be a poncho/skirt for me, because we aren’t the covering sort of nursing pair! 🙂

  162. I’m a classic black girl

  163. Hot Purple, Would love to have one of these for my first experience of breatfeeding. I am so very nervous!!

  164. I liked Bamboobies on FB.
    My favorite NIP story is actually not mine- we were at the Little Farm @ our regional park a few weeks ago and my (then) 8 mo DD saw the piglets nursing and signed “milk”, then saw another baby her age nursing ( no cover, yay!!) and then started to ask to nurse as well! We did, of course, walking around in our Ergo baby. 🙂

  165. Just like Bamboobies

  166. Aimee Stashak-Moore says

    i too “liked” bamboobies on fb!!!

  167. Black!! it will go with everything

  168. Shannon E.L. says

    What an ingenious idea! I would love Love LOVE to win one!

  169. Marine Blue
    =) These are great!

  170. I’d love a stone blue one.

  171. tlb!!!

  172. Black and marine blue! My baby is still in hospital he has been there for about 56 days. He has a hard time with the breast so I pump my milk, and he gets that exclusively fed. People are weird when I pump even when I am covered, but I don’t care because my preemie deserves the best to be healthy and grow.

  173. Misty Tooker says

    I’d like the black if I win!!

  174. Misty Tooker says

    This is my second entry (for black) because I “liked” them on fb and told them you sent me!!

  175. Jamie Gillahan says

    Marine Blue pretty please :o)

  176. Also liked bamboobies on facebook 🙂

  177. Danielle Duffy says

    Love the “Hot Purple”!

  178. Danielle Duffy says

    Liked on facebook too!!

  179. Black please!

  180. I’d love the black as it would go with the most. I don’t have any cool NIP stories. Nobody has ever said anything to me. I’m not sure they’ve even noticed what we were doing.

  181. I would adore this in BLACK!

  182. I liked and commented on the FB page as Heather Ambos.

  183. Jamie Gillahan says

    Marine Blue pretty please!! :o)

  184. Monica Catherine Larson says

    I really like the Hot Purple!

  185. I also liked Bamboobies on Facebook and told them TLB sent me!

  186. Monica Catherine Larson says

    Liked Bamboobies on FB and thanked them for the giveaway at TLB!

  187. Jamie Gillahan says

    Marine Blue pretty please :o)

  188. Hot Purple!

  189. I liked Bamboobies on facebook and let them know TLB sent me! My name on facebook is Maria Cruikshank-Hilger.

  190. Stephanie Noyer says

    I looove the Black 😀

  191. I would love love love the purple one as my purple hooter hider draws way too much unnecessary attention!!!

  192. I also like BAMBOOBIES on fb… If I don’t win would really love to buy but as it stands getting married Aug of 2012 n saving for home is not easy!!!

  193. Angela Healy says

    Hot purple is so beautiful!

  194. That Hot Purple is gorgeous.

    My favorite time nursing in public would have to be the day I was walking to my mother’s house and it was windy out. I believe my daughter was just shy of 2 months of age. She started crying and I realized 2 hours had passed since her last feeding. I put the carrier on, took her out of the carriage and delicately placed her in the carrier. Quickly I put on a nursing cover to keep her warm and let her nurse. Walking very slowly, I let her nurse to sleep. I was happy and so was my baby. When I got to my mother’s house, she told me how impressed she was with my multi-tasking. Haha.

  195. They’re all so pretty, it’s hard to pick just one, but I really like the stone blue wrap.

  196. I ‘liked’ Bamboobies and left a wall post.

  197. Marine Blue! Baby Girl & I had our best NIP experience in the ladies lounge at Lord & Taylor this weekend. She nursed like a champ without our pillow. We got several smiles & approving looks from the ladies that came into the bathroom!

  198. Nicola O'Dwyer says

    marine blue please!

  199. Nicola O'Dwyer says

    marine blue please

  200. Liked Bamboobies on FB & left a comment. Hope all my other nursing mommy friends see it in my News Feed!

  201. Rebecca Collier says

    oh hot purple 🙂

  202. I like the jet black 🙂

  203. BLACK all the way!

  204. I commented on Facebook!!!
    I love breastfeeding my 4 month old everywhere we go. I am very modest so I have to cover up, so this shawl would be perfect for us. My DD is very noisy, lets go and peaks around all the time, and it has to be quiet unless she is very hungry.

  205. stone blue please 😉

  206. Rebecca Collier says

    I would like one of these nursing wraps in every color to wear just as a cute blouse 🙂 this is the style now days (with a cute tank under it!) so even if I don’t win I will be getting one :)…. This is something similar to what I put on Bamboobies FB page 🙂

  207. Liz Wittrock says

    hot purple

  208. Liz Wittrock says

    i “liked” bamboobies on fb

  209. Black would rock!

  210. Lauren Jager says

    I would go with jet black 🙂

  211. Stone Blue!

  212. Hot purple or black! Love em!

  213. Posted on fbook

  214. Like the Jet Black!
    My favourite NIP story was this summer when I was at the Unitarian Church. I was in charge of greeting, handing on the order of service and taking collection. I had our second son (only 6 weeks old) in a sling. He decided he was hungry just as we got ready for collection. I just set him up in the sling and walked about taking collection while he nursed! What adds to the story is that a portion of our collection go to support Planned Parenthood. It all just felt right!

  215. LIKE ON FB

  216. I would LOVE a black one!
    My face recent NIP story is from the fair. It was really hot out and DS was obviously hungry. So we ducked into the dairy barn with all if the cows. There was a comfortable bench near a doorway so we had a breeze. DS nursed happily despite the constant flow of foot traffic past us. I was quite amused by the fact that we were nursing in the dairy barn. 😉

  217. I would love a jet black one!

  218. I LOVE the hot purple, but any of them would be amazing! My favorite story: wearing my 6 week old in a sling nursing, my mom asked when I was going to stop and feed the baby and I said “he is eating right now” 🙂

  219. Hot purple!!

  220. Hot Purple! 🙂

  221. I liked Bamboobies on FB and let them know it’s because of you!

  222. Black, please! My favorite nursing story was with my second child. As the music director at our church I led the congregation and praise band during services. Most of the time I had my son in a sling with a nursing cover while singing and conducting… and no one had a clue!

  223. I’d like stone blue, please. Thank you!

  224. christine kangas says

    stone blue

  225. id like a black one. Baby number 2 is on it’s way!

  226. I’d love the black one!!

  227. Liked Bambooies on FB!!

  228. blue, what a amazing idea.

  229. Black!!!!

    • Oh, and my fave breastfeeding in public story is:
      My MIL treated her Mother and myself to a haircut and lunch when my son was about 2 months old. During lunch, at Ruby Tuesdays, my son needed to eat. I proceeded to breastfeed him at the booth. As I was preparing to feed him, she said, “You’re not going to embarrass us are you?” I answered, “Well, I’m not feeding him in the bathroom.” She didn’t say a word after that.

  230. Black!

  231. Like Bamboobies on Facebook!!!

  232. Hot purple! & NIP @ Target while sitting on a lawn chair in the middle of the lawn & garden dept 🙂

  233. I liked bamboobies on fb!

  234. I love the purple but black matches everything…so black! I love this wrap, so pretty!

  235. Black please! Love it!

  236. I like Bamboobies on FB!

  237. I would like to have black 🙂

  238. Black, please.

  239. shared Bamboobies on FB

  240. Love the marine blue.

  241. Black!

  242. Oooh I love the stone blue wrap!

  243. Posted on Bamboobies Facebook page 🙂

  244. black! I never win anything so here it goes…lol

  245. Black

    I was in the feeding room at Buy Buy Baby and I had to call the store to have someone come empty the trash because whoever was in there before me had changed a very smelly diaper.

  246. I love the Hot Purple wrap!

  247. I like Bamboobies on Facebook!

  248. Black would be awesome!

  249. black 🙂

  250. I’d go with black – so I could wear it with every outfit 🙂

  251. Annika Jones says

    Stone blue please 🙂

  252. i remember my first time having to nurse my daughter out of the house, i couldn’t find a “private enough” space so i nursed her in the public bathroom- grody.

  253. Black! Could use it for a boy or a girl!

  254. Sasha Halliday says

    Marine Blue! 🙂

  255. I liked Bamboobies on FB! 🙂

  256. I love the marine blue wrap 🙂

  257. I would like black please!!! I hope I win! 🙂

  258. Sasha Halliday says

    “liked” Bamboobies on facebook.

  259. Hot purple

  260. Amanda Sanchez says

    Black…goes with everything!

  261. Black!

  262. I would love the hot purple. 🙂

  263. My first nip story is this; My husband and I have had many conversations about bf in public and he thinks I should ask everyone around me if they are OK with me feeding our son, to which I replied BULL SH*T! So anyway, we were out at dinner and our LO was hungry and so I proceeded to pull up my shit and bf while eating. My husband then grabbed a blanket from the diaper bag and started to block me from others seeing what I was doing. I then pushed him aside and said, “We are eating food, so why doesn’t our LO get to join in on the fun!” My husband still has an issue with feeding in public but doesn’t act like he did that night. 🙂

    I like black… always flattering! lol

  264. I would love a purple one!!

    My favourite breastfeeding in public story: My Lo was around 24months and i was carrying him in our moby sling when he decided that milk was what he wanted…i shuffled him down, got my boob out and fed him there and then whilst walking around a shopping centre.
    I was so pleased as it was the first time i had fed him whilst he was in the sling and whilst we were walking around in a public space

  265. Hot purple!

  266. I like bamboobies and I sent them to my friend Beth who is going in tomorrow for an induction! WISH HER LUCK! She just “like” you on FB yesterday or the day before, she loves the positive feed back and the other members on the page! Way to go with such an awesome place for mommas to go!

  267. Marine blue! I was nursing my 6wk old @ a mall and this guy just kept “sneaking peeks” my sister in law yelled @ him and said “its not a show sir” I busted out laughing. I nurse as discreetly as possible but apparently he thought he could get a look anyways.

  268. Wendy Hernandez says

    marine blue

    the first time nursing in public i was a mess trying to keep my son covered as he would yank on the blanket that i used as a cover and trying to get adjusted and comfortable discreetly was the biggest battle. i was so shy and felt like all eyes were on me and all of the fumbling was not helping. finally i got things “flowing” and closed my eyes so i wouldnt see everyone staring. another mommy got up and sat beside me. i was quite uncomfortable with her approach but tried my hardest not to show it. i was waiting for some kind of negative suggestion about leaving or something along the lines. instead she asks, “how do you do it? how do you feel so comfortable?” she went on telling me about her fears and i didnt want to admit i felt that at that very moment. instead i said, “im sure its alot easier when youre not alone.” she then got her baby and began to feed beside me. with a huge smile she said this was her first time nursing in public. then with just as big of a smile i said, “mine too.”

  270. I love the purple wrap!

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  274. Crystal Gibson says

    Stone Blue!!!

  275. Wendy Hernandez says

    Liking Bamboobies now! Thanks Leaky Boob! (barely human it seems, considering how long it takes me to do simple math LOL)

  276. Black would be awesome

  277. Amanda Crowe says

    Stone Blue 🙂

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  279. Crystal Gibson says

    liked on facebook!

  280. I “liked” Bamboobies on FB

  281. LeAnn Eastridge says

    Black 🙂

  282. LeAnn Eastridge says

    Liked Bamboobies on facebook 🙂

  283. I normally wear a cami under my shirt so I can to the “one shirt up, one shirt down” trick to minimize how much can be seen as I nurse DD.

  284. Stone blue

  285. Stephanie Jones says

    I like the hot purple. And I also “liked” & commented on Bamboobies on Fbook!

  286. Liked and posted

  287. Black!

  288. I would love the stone blue!

  289. aleshia jennings says

    i would love a black wrap 🙂 hopimg to nurse the new little one and ill need one to keep up with my 3yo DD <3 cant wait to start nursing again!!

  290. I would love the stone blue/gray!! And I liked Bamboobies of FB!! Hope I win!!

  291. Stephanie Peacock says

    MArine blue please

  292. Stephanie Peacock says

    I ‘liked” the bamboobies facebook page

  293. aleshia jennings says

    liked bamboobies on facebook too<3

  294. I would love the stone blue

  295. Summer Rains says

    Oooh those are awesome looking! I’d love the stone blue. Fav NIP story actually is not my own. A dear friend of mine was riding around with me before I had my LO and we got pulled over as she was feeding him leaned over the carseat in the back seat! The cop at first was rather curious as to what she was doing, and upon discovering she was BFing turned a pretty shade of red and let us go immidiately LOL. Best get-out-of-a-ticket story ever! haha! Good Luck everyone!

  296. I love the black!
    Especially when thinking about it for a skirt post bfing. Lei (my girl) is having a tough time with nursing in public. I’ve tried a few different covers and she still manages to rip them off her. She’s not uncomfortable by it, she just enjoys playing with them while nursing. It’s only a bother on certain occasions in places where I prefer to cover up. Hoping to win, this wrap may be a solution!!

  297. Black and my best story was breastfeeding in a restaurant with a bunch of DH’s coworkers (all doctors). They were VERY supportive and even helped educate the waitress, who was less than accommodating. I like to think we changed an opinion or two that day!

  298. Black again and I became a fan of Bamboobies and told ’em you sent me! 🙂

  299. Summer Rains says

    Also, Liked Bamboobies 😀

  300. Purple is all the rage for fall!

  301. I’d love one in marine blue 🙂

    I can’t even remember where I was when I first really NIP. All I can remember was how much better I felt finally doing it. Before, if my little girl needed to eat and we were in public I’d make a B line for our car. I’m still pretty self concious about NIP but I know once I find the right cover it’ll just give me a little more confidence 🙂

  302. I “like” bamboobies on facebook!

  303. Like Bamboobies on FB, also =)

  304. Jamie Gillahan says

    I liked Bamboobies on FB and told them you sent me!!

    PS Sorry about my multiple posts yesterday, apparently we were having a bit of internet connection problems and I wasn’t sure if my posts were going through. :/

  305. nicole nielsen says

    stone blue!
    one time i was camping with my mother at a re-enactment. I was nursing my month old baby girl at the time. I was trying to be discreet about it cause it was school day and i didn’t feel comfortable nursing in front of a bunch of little kids. Anyways, these 2 women walked up to me, congratulated me on my daughter then told me it’s wonderful that i’m breastfeeding. That had made my day!

  306. I would LOVE the Black! BIP: My grandparents were so weirded out that I was bfing (with a cover mind you) in their restaurant they could hardly eat! Then again, everything weirds out grandparents in the South!

  307. I liked Bamboobies on facebook and told them you sent me! 🙂

  308. Soaring Butterfly says

    Hmmm, I’m torn between stone blue, marine blue or my old stand by black!! I can’t decide, lol. I don’t cover up when nursing in public but I love the idea of the poncho or skirt, very intriguing.

  309. Liked Bamboobies and showed some facebook love from TLB!

  310. Soaring Butterfly says

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  313. Jennifer Jopp says

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  323. I liked Bamboobies on Facebook!

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  325. The purple is gorgeous – but I’ll take any colour!!
    : ) Kristine

  326. Black. 🙂

  327. I “liked” Bamboobies.

  328. Black

  329. black would be awesome! I love breastfeeding my daughter while on a walk in the park with my husband!

  330. I think I like stone blue best!

  331. I have shared Bamboobies with my walking mama group.

  332. I would love black!

  333. I like the black!

  334. Ariana Brown says

    I love the black!

  335. Ariana Brown says

    Also liked Bamboobies on FB.

  336. I’m totally partial to purple 🙂 I tend to nurse my little guy right before we go out, as he’s much better behaved. But my most public nursing was in a Starbucks, when he was about 6 weeks old. On my way out the door I looked down and saw that there was a breastpad on the floor and thought “oh someone lost their pad”. Took a few minutes to click in that it was mine! And when I got home I realized the adhesive on the other one was stuck to my nipple, ouch! All the more reason to pick up some Bamboobies!

  337. hot purple please!

  338. i like the black

  339. Carrie Whitcroft says

    I like the black one! Goes with everything.

  340. Tiffany Messenger says

    purple 🙂

  341. I like the stone blue or the black, but the hot plum is pretty too.

  342. Emily Kendrick says

    I like the hot purple! I liked them on facebook as well! And I will tell you my awesome public nursing story. An older gentleman thought I just had the baby covered with a blanket (it was my hooter hider) and pulled it back to say hello to my baby before I could warn him. He was so super embarassed (I didn’t care, I wear the cover for others sakes not my own).

  343. Hot Purple!!!

  344. carly glover says

    i love the black!

  345. carly glover says

    i am a bamboobies fan!

  346. I’d love one of these in that stone blue color!

  347. candice kidd says

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  348. I would love to win this in purple! I breastfed my son in everyplace possible! I loved never having to pack a bottle or lug around a huge can of formula! Go breastfeeding! 🙂

  349. stone blue!

  350. Shared Bamboobies with my friends 🙂