Dandelion’s PINK giveaway

The Leaky Boob sponsor Dandelion- Earth Friendly Goods (find them on Facebook here) has a sweet giveaway for all Leakies.ย  More than just benefiting the winners (and there’s 5 of them!) this giveaway features their PINK collection which supports breast cancer research and prevention.

Dandelion’s PINK collection benefits breast cancer research all year long. Supporting not only research but prevention (none of Dandelion’s products contain BPA, phthalates, etc.) all of the toys in this line are organic and machine washable. I’m a big fan of Dandelion’s “seeds of change” and the steps they take with all their products to use toxin-free raw materials, less packaging and educate parents about safer toys. Seeds of change are small steps we all can do easily to be more earth-friendly, without guilt or expensive products.

To enter the giveaway, go to Dandelion’s blog and share your seed of change. It can be something you’re doing right now (eliminating plastics, recycling, starting a garden, etc.) or it can be something you’re trying to do. Five random winners will be chosen from the comments to win the PINK doll. Tell Dandelion whether you’d like the blonde or brunette doll if you win. If you would prefer a non-pink item, note that and Dandelion will send a gender-neutral Activity Ball instead.


  1. Kelly Kalweit says

    We recycle & compost as much as possible, also using cloth diapers is helping us to make the world just a little better for our baby ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. We garden (both a large garden that we tend from afar and a nice patio garden), cloth diaper, we don’t use paper products (like paper towels) and reuse ziplock bags until they can’t be reused any more. And home birth (I’ve got to think that has to be a greener option some how), I also walk wherever I can instead of driving.

  3. Jennifer lomeo says

    We are starting to use cloth diapers. We will have a big garden this coming summer.

  4. Jodi Arsenault says

    We use cloth diapers and recycle when we can. We planted a garden this summer and tried to compost- but that didn’t work out so good.

  5. We only have one car, and we recycle as much as we can. We have to take our plastics to another town in order to have them recycled because there isn’t a plastic recycling option in our city. My husband takes the bus and I use the car in order to drop the baby off at daycare. We dont microwave in plastic. We take our lunch and heat it in glass containers.

  6. Emily Schroeder says

    We recycle everything we can. I also buy most of my kids closed from thrift stores and second-hand shops. Also buy a lot of their toys second-hand, too.

  7. We are trying to recycle more and just eliminate waste more. Would love a blonde one.

  8. We reuse & recycle whenever possible. I also planted a small garden and shop our local farmer’s market. Making an effort to walk instead of driving when that is an option.

  9. Oops. If we were supposed to put a preference in our post…. blonde. Thank you!

  10. Crystal Fitzwater says

    We recycle pretty much everything! I breastfeed – what’s a more green way to feed a little one? ๐Ÿ™‚ I buy most clothing second hand – especially for the baby who out grows everything within a few short wks. I crave my morning coffee and love 7-11. To save nearly a dollar a day and the landfill, I use my insulated coffee thermos – and my coffee stays hot longer! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Alexandrea Johnson says

    We currently Recycle in our household as well as cloth diaper our 4.5month old daughter. Recycling has become fun for our 4.5 year old to guess which items get thrown away and which items go to the recycle bin. Cloth Diapering our daughter is new to us and we LOVE it! Nothing better than reusing and making a difference in the world! I hope to garden in the future as well (:
    -Brunette baby doll, Thank you for the opportunity!!

  12. We recycle everything we possibly can and actively encourage our neighbors to do the same. My sister and I have handed everything down from one baby to the next to keep reusing as much as possible.

  13. Lissa Szweda says

    We are using cloth diapering and recycle all our cans & bottles and other assorted plastics – Brunette doll ๐Ÿ™‚