Hygeia EnJoye- a pump that sucks… good.

Before I get sucked into my review of the Hygeia EnJoye pump I need to share something important:

A breast pump is not essential for all breastfeeding mothers.

You can, as woman have been doing for a very, very, very long time, have a successful breastfeeding relationship with just your boobs and your baby.  Fancy equipment is not required.  At least, not most of the time.

However, should you decide you need a pump for whatever reason (some I can think of: you work out of the home and want your child to have your milk while you are separated; you chose to be a milk donor to a milk bank or through direct donation; due to issues with latch/preemie/other problems you have to offer your child expressed milk; or any other reason that really isn’t anybody’s business but your own) then getting a good quality pump that fits your needs is a good idea.


I have been breastfeeding off and on for the last nearly 13 years.  Mostly on.  In that time I’ve used a lot of breast pumps.  So many that I can only name a few of the brands and the rest I have to describe like “the one that was a double and kind of had a teal colored base and never had enough suction but was pretty cheap so I bought the same brand when I burned out the first one…”  I burned through a lot of those breast pumps.  There are pumps I declared I hated and pumps that revolutionized my pumping experience.  Most were in between.  I’ve used every major brand on the market including the ones highly lauded and popular as “the best.”

My reasons for pumping varied: I was a working mom and had a performing career in opera and I had an emotional need to know that I could hand my baby to The Piano Man and he could feed her (my sexual abuse past made this a crucial element to my success in breastfeeding).  With all 5 of my nurslings my reasons for pumping shifted slightly (including changing careers and going into midwifery) and with my 3rd I had a full time office position and regular evening rehearsals that meant I really depended on my pump.

There was a time when all I cared about an electric pump was that it could get milk from my breast but over time my expectations for pumps changed and my standards went higher.  I’m sure that to some it sounds like I got snobby, I mean, really, if it gets milk from your breast hasn’t it served it’s purpose?

Call me crazy but I started wanting things like longevity (I do have 5 kids after all), no pain, settings I could control, easy to clean, great suction and it not to weigh a ton.  Even further down the road I started to care about things like safety, no mold growing inside the motor, the ethics of the company, multi-user capabilities so I could loan it out while I wasn’t using it, and responsible marketing and bonus points for being environmentally contentious.  That last point applied to all our purchases as a family but I never expected to find it in a breast pump.

Enter the Hygeia EnJoye.

For starters, it already gets the bonus points.  It is perfectly safe with it’s closed system to share, sell, or hand-me down when your done with it giving it 1 green star.  Even better, it is recyclable and the company will help you out with that just to be sure it doesn’t end up in a landfill.  More green stars than I can count.

I’m not going to lie, for some at $320 this pump may seem expensive.  If you’re not going to be pumping often enough then maybe it’s not worth the expense.  For me, it’s worth it and it’s a competitive pricing with comparable pumps that, in my humble but experienced opinion, don’t really compare.  Plus, I’m done with cheap pumps.  Over them, burned through a lot of them and I want a pump I can count on to suck… good.  And because Hygeia really likes to surprise people, they even have a return policy and amazing customer service.  Something rather rare in a pump company.  The last time I tried to get anywhere with a pump I wasn’t happy with (not Hygeia but a brand that shall remain nameless) I pretty much got laughed at.

When Smunchie was a newborn and we were trying to get her to gain weight thanks to her struggle with a heart defect, I pumped around the clock, every 2 hours as well as direct at the breast feedings.  It was exhausting.  My hospital grade Medela Lactina is what worked round the clock with me.  Rather used to the loud “whispers” my pump had made to me for months before getting the Hygeia EnJoye I was shocked at how quiet the EnJoye was.  Seriously, I couldn’t believe the thing was on at first.  Made me wish I had used that pump all those times I was pumping in the middle of the night with a sleeping baby and husband because not only was it super quiet, it was just as effective.

Months after having the EnJoye and while I was in the middle of pumping we lost power due to a storm.  Thanks to the rechargeable battery I was able to keep pumping away.  This made me excited, think about the possibilities of where I could pump!  The compact size of the EnJoye and it’s handy-dandy attractive bag made it easy to transport and could go with me wherever I would need to pump, the rechargeable battery making it that much more simple.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly because I swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

What I liked:

Pretty much everything.  The size, the bag, the entire system (being closed and safely mold-free), the fit of the flanges, the options with the controls, the strength of the suction, the quietness of the machine, the multi-user capabilities, the recycling program.  And the company.  Hygeia sent me this pump 10 months ago.  They’ve waited a dang long time for a review on a rather expensive product.  But because I know that the moms that are in the market for a pump are going to use it for more than a week or two I wanted to give a time tested review.  Ten months.  This pump has been used just about every day for the last 10 months and nothing has needed to be fixed or replaced in that time (with the exception of an accessory set).  Which is amazing since I stopped pumping about 6 months ago.  So how has it been in use all this time?  I handed it down to a first time mom with twins, a good friend of mine.  Perhaps my favorite feature: I can loan this pump out safely to another mother with zero risk of there being any health hazard.  Not mold, not disease, nothing.  Which makes me feel really great.  I spent the same amount of money on another pump by another company several years ago and all I can do with that pump is throw it away.  Not the Hygeia EnJoye, it is an investment that keeps on helping moms give breast milk to their babies for a long, long time.

The suction was great for me.  Not quite as strong as my Lactina but I still expressed my normal amount of milk in about 10 minutes so it certainly wasn’t a problem.  It worked consistently used as a double or single electric pump.

What I didn’t like:

Um… ok, there’s nothing I didn’t like.  There were things that didn’t impress me maybe but it wasn’t that I didn’t like them.  There is a Hygeia CARE button that allows you to record something (such as your baby’s cry) for 5 seconds to play back when you pump to help you let down to the pump.  This is a personal thing, I don’t usually need help letting down to a pump.  However, I know plenty of women do and I can see how this could be a really important feature for those women.  The button did provide lots of entertainment, Smunchie would burst into tears every time she heard the sample recording of a baby crying and then the big girls discovered they could leave me “secret messages” with it.  Nothing like pumping, having a baby hit that button and hearing your 10 year old say “mommy, I think we need to get some ice cream.”


This is my favorite pump, ever.  It is the only pump I feel 100% confident recommending any more.  I trust the company (which, by the way, makes an awesome hand expression cup and educate women on hand expression, a handy tool for any breastfeeding mom), I trust the pump and I’m thrilled with my own personal experience with the pump as well as that of my friend.  My thanks to Hygeia for offering up a product that is competitive with other pumps on the market but goes above and beyond.


  1. just curious, is there any way for milk to back up into the tubes like it can with the medelas? the flanges & tubing looks almost exactly like the medela, so i was wondering if there was a barrier or not.

    • I never had it back up (and trust me, with my Medelas I have) and even if it does back up into the tubes the pump system is closed so you can just clean out the tubes without worrying about it getting into the motor and causing mold. But the placement of the tubs in the flanges is different, I think it would be really difficult to actually get it to back up. ~Jessica

    • Devastasha says

      I actually had milk back up into the tubing with the Hygeia EnRiche after only using it for a month or so. And that was the first time that ever happened to me. I used my Medela Pump in Style for nearly a year before that happened. And the Hygeia tubes and flanges were interchangeable with my Medela ones.

      • The big determinant with the backup causing a mold issue isn’t whether the milk can get into the tubing (because there you can see it), but rather whether there is a membrane to keep moisture out of the motor casing (where you can’t see and it can grow disgusting things). Medela is the only manufacturer that I am aware of that doesn’t have that membrane on their single user pumps (though they do have them on their hospital grade pumps).

  2. just want to say thanks for the review! i have had trouble with Medelas, and it is nice to know that there is an alternative that actually performs and is earth-friendly! i’ve been nervous about purchasing a Hygeia because of the price and its short time on the market. feel much more comfortable now!

  3. Hey, Jessica, I just want to point out one thing. The comparison of the EnJoye to the Lactina is a little off. The EnJoye isn’t, as far as I understand, hospital grade like the Lactina. It’s more along the lines of the Pump in Style there – which accounts for the lesser suction. The Lactina *is* a closed system, unlike the Pump in Style.

    Now, for the kind of pumping you’re doing, the EnJoye or the Pump in Style types are fine. But if you had, say, a preemie or a baby who couldn’t nurse or were relactating, the best pumps for that would be the stronger, hospital grade variety – the Lactina or the Hygeia EnDeare.

    I am a huge Hygeia fan in general. And I have their hand expression cup, it’s lovely.

    • No, I know. My point wasn’t that they were the same but that I responded well to the EnJoye following the Lactina. In fact, I responded comparably. I have owned 2 PIS and yes, the EnJoye is more comparable to that. However, I feel the EnJoye would have kept up just fine with pumping for Smunchie around the clock though I never got to use it that way. Thanks for pointing out that they aren’t the same level of pump, I didn’t mean to imply that they are just that switching between the Lactina to the EnJoye led to the same production. I should also point out that my other tester was pumping for twins and went from a hospital rental to the EnJoye without noticing a difference as well. ~Jessica

      • Cool. I figured that you knew the differences, it’s just a common confusion for women I counsel as to whether or not all electric pumps are the same.

        Pumps are hard for me to talk about because every experience is so different. I know so many people who have, say, overwhelmingly loathed Evenflos, but I also have a client who pumped for two weeks for babies who wouldn’t yet take the breast with one. It depends so much on the woman. Which is why I like to recommend Hygeia, as they are a good company with a solid product for a reasonable price.

        • I respond great to pumps, even crappy ones. (I used Evenflo once upon a time! Killed it too.) Every woman is so different that it’s really hard to say. However, your right, starting with a good company with a solid product, great customer service, and competitive pricing makes me feel better than suggesting any other pumps out there at the moment. ~Jessica

  4. So would you say the suction on this is better than the medela pump in style pump?I bought the pump in style back in March and Im not very happy with it.It takes forever(40mins) to empty my breast and Im a full time student and mom of 5 so I don’t have 40much minutes to spear 4 times a day between classes and taken care of my kids.I had a Lansinoh that I loved the suction on and it took about 20 minutes to empty my breast with but only works half the time so I don’t ever use it anymore and its also about 3the years old.Breastfeeding is very important to me and Im at the longest ever that I’ve breastfed my child at 14the months.(all 4 of my other children were breast fed for 2weeks-4months) I also need a pump that will help my supply due to me going to school my milk output has slowly dropped but is leveled at 3oz per session which my little guy drinks 3-4 oz per feed so I always add 1oz of goats milk to his bottle but I rather pump a extra oz per session so I no long have to add goats milk.I’ve tried nursing and pump for a whole 4milk day weekend but I didn’t get the slightest increase.Herbs and such does nothing for me at all.I did steele cut oatmeal 2 times a day for 2 weeks nothing and I’ve ate the lactation cookies and gained 2 lbs lol so im lost what else to do.

    • Yes, I found the suction on this better the the PIS and I found the control I had on the settings to help me have much better output than I ever had with the PIS. However, remember, every woman responds to pumping differently in general. ~Jessica

  5. Would this pump work with the Medela pumps sets? Do they have large flanges like Medeala does? After exclusively pumping for 18 months with Medela products, as much as I am not in love with their customer service, I found what worked. I would like to have a new pump before I have a new baby, since I can’t get the PIS cleaned out and it is gross inside, but I am comfortable with the Medela pump parts and hate change. 🙂

  6. I purchased my Enjoye through my hospital and paid only $162 for the pump, accessory pack & battery pack. I could have paid an additional $50 to get the bag as well, but since I didn’t feel the need to do so I didn’t. I’m sure other hospitals offer deals to their patients as well (you had to have delivered there within 3 months for that price.) Worth looking into if your a new mom wanting a pump!

  7. I had my mind made up to purchase the Medala Pump In Style, but after reading this review I am unsure. Both pumps are comparable in price. However, I can recieve a discount toward the Pump in Style at my hospital. Is the Hygiea really that much better than the Pump In Style in your opinion?

    • I truly think it is. I’ve owned two PIS over the years and I believe the EnJoye is a superior product in every way. Plus, you can resell it later, recouping a good amount of your money. You can’t resell the PIS because it is an open system making it unsafe as a multi-user pump. ~Jessica

      • Is it easier to clean? And do you think it is faster than the PIS? I only have used a manual pump so I have nothing to compare it to. I am going back to work soon and I need something very efficient.


  8. “A breast pump is not essential for all breastfeeding mothers.” -Awesome

  9. You always write such thoughtful, thorough and unbiased reiews Jessica! I only wish the Hygeia pump was around when I had my girls!


  10. Great review! I hadn’t really heard about Hygeia before and didn’t really consider it when I was last in the market for a pump.
    How often did you pump with the Hygeia, and how often did your friend pump? I got a cheaper pump and the motor is dying after about 6months of use (2-3x/day 5days/wk). The last pump I had was the same and died after 12mos of light use. I know, silly to get the same one twice, but I was comfortable with it and I respond well to it. Old habits…
    I’d like to keep my pump around for longer than 6months this time around though! Do you think this one will stand up to 6-12 more months of regular use, and another 18 or more if we decide to have another?

  11. I am also curious if it is easier to clean. I feel overrun with pump parts some days.

    On their website, it looks like there are only 2 pieces – flange + valve and duckbill as opposed to the Medela’s 4 – flange, valve, connector, membrane.

  12. Are other bottles interchangable with the Hygeia pump? Can I use my Medela bottles with it?

  13. monique edens says

    I was wondering if this pump would be good for me I am planning on going to school full time and working 20 hours a weeks onces my son will b 6 weeks due nov 8th. I have had cheap pumps that never worked right with my last. My boyfriend got me another pump for this baby but I just don’t think a 75$ pump is going to do the job. What pump do you think would b best for me?

  14. Anybody looking to sell theirs? I have a Medela Swing and, upon reading a blog entry about mold and Medela, checked mine and found it *eew* MOLDY! If anyone has one for sale and wouldn’t mind working out shipping and payment, I’d be very grateful! Email me at sutbe1sm@gmail.com if you’re interested 🙂 Shana

  15. Theleekyboob: You said you have used both the medela pump instyle and hygeia enjoye. How does the suction compare between the medela pump instyle and hygeia enjoye? Are they about the same or is one stronger than the other? Since you have used the lactina which ones suction is most comparable to the lactina? I am currently using the lactina due to a baby with poor suck so I have had issues with milk supply. My supply is better now but I want to get the best pump.

    • I think the suction on the Lactina has a stronger setting however I found that the strength of the EnJoye was more than adequate. The Lactina is a hospital grade pump (and multiuser) so it will be a little stronger but I think the EnJoye does a great job with more than enough suction. I did notice that it took me about 2 minutes longer pumping to get the same amount of milk in a session with the EnJoye than it did with the Lactina. But I never got sore from overdoing the suction either. I hope that helps! ~Jessica

  16. Sarah Robinson says

    Question: do the flanges come in multiple sizes like Medela? Used slightly larger flanges last time but am interested in getting this one this time around.

  17. Ok so I actually have the option to get the medela lactin for only 70 more then the hygeia enjoye. I am a SAHM but pump daily to donate. My son is already almost 8months old. He was born at 36weeks and my family is know for preemies, most do not see the nicu but figured if they coast about the same I might as well get what will cover the most possibilities but still being convenient. I have used the first years and it broke from milk in the motor. Wic lent me a bailey and I was not a fan of the loudness. Have you used that one? how does the lactin compare if you have. I figured with both being a closed system if my sis had a kid when I was not using it she could. Still not sure witch would be better. When I am not home and need to pump it is during classes I take. I know the bailey is pretty light in my opinion. Which is good since I climb a lot of stairs to my classes. IYO which would be better or are they equally comparable. I normally have no issues responding to pumps and have a fast let down. With the bailey on how it needs thumb down for pressure then thumb off to release I have difficulty reaching second let down.

  18. I love your wp format, where did you find