Bamboobies Holidays breastfeeding survival giveaway!

As part of our LIVE Facebook chat this week with TLB sponsor Bamboobies, Kerry Gilmartin has generously offered a giveaway just for The Leaky Boob readers.  I got to meet Kerry this past September (and her adorable little boy!), she’s such a lovely person with a passion for helping moms, I am so pleased to share this wonderful company with my readers.  Read on for Kerry’s holiday breastfeeding survival tips and to learn about the products she developed and materials she uses.


TLB:  How did you develop your products and why do you use the materials you use?

Kerry:  I’m a hippie at heart – and a very leaky boob! When I was breastfeeding my 2nd, it really bothered me that the only pads that wouldn’t leak through my shirt and so I started stuffing some bamboo velour fabric washable baby wipes into my shirt because they were so soft and absorbent. I wouldn’t have had the instinct to start a company making breast pads if it weren’t for the funny name I thought of one day – or the knowledge of great eco-fibers and waterproof materials being used by cloth diaper manufacturers.

I developed the unique nursing shawl when I was embarrassed by the attention the bright apron-style covers drew and not confident enough to just nurse in public without any cover.  I wanted something that was stylish and could be worn all the time and wound up using a woolen shawl I owned to nurse in quite a bit. When I wanted something more lightweight I developed our unique design with a couture designer friend and found the neat soy/organic cotton fabric was really well suited to it for breathability, wrinkle resistance and keeping it’s shape.

We make all of our products here in Colorado by women making a fair wage and we’re really happy about that too!


TLB:  What holiday breastfeeding tip do you have to share with the Leakies?  I think our nursing shawl is such an attractive and subtle thing that whether you’re traveling on the plane or sitting at a cocktail party, no one will know what you’re doing until you pull the baby out! It’s nice to have privacy for yourself and your baby and boobies – especially at such a hectic time of year.

Kerry:  Taking time out to get naps for you and baby when you’re traveling makes all the difference too – a little nurse and nap can be a cure for even the most annoying of crazy uncles/nosy aunts etc.


Kerry is giving away one set of therapy pillows – value $24.99.  Bamboob-ease therapy pillows ease pains of engorgement, clogged ducts and weaning – and even big kid bruises!  They’re super-soft bamboo fabric filled with flax seeds that can be warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer to provide comfort and therapy for all sorts of breast issues.

Kerry is also giving away one Bamboobies Cute Little Nursing Cover – value $44 – a novel new nursing cover that looks more like a stylish shawl than a traditional apron-style cover-up.  It comes in only solid colors so it’s more discrete – you called it ‘mom-wear with flair’ !  Useful during pregnancy as well as the next couple of years as a stylish shawl, it’s a flattering addition to a new mother’s wardrobe.  Made of organic cotton and soy fiber, it’s a cool eco-garment and lusciously soft too.

Bamboobies are made in regular (ultra-thin and leak-proof) and overnight (ultra-thick).  Nursing mothers love them bc they’re the softest and they don’t show through or leak through like other washable pads.  Made of organic cotton, bamboo and hemp, they’re eco, ultra-soft and they’re money-savers in the long run over disposables.  We’ll give away a multi-pack with 3 pair of regulars and one pair of overnights – value $30.

Total value is is just over $100!


All you have to do to be entered to win one of these fabulous prizes is to comment on this post and share what you’d like to win in this giveaway as well as your holiday breastfeeding survival tip.  For a second entry please visit Bamboobies site and come back with the link of what you’d treat yourself to this holiday season.  Please be sure to visit Bamboobies Facebook pageand thank them for sponsoring this chat and giveaway!  And so you don’t have to wait, take advantage of this code FaLaLa25 for 25% off at Bamboobies, the code is good through the end of this week so get yourself something for your stocking this holiday season.


This giveaway is open to USA and Canadian entries and closes December 15th, 2011.  Good luck!


The winners have been randomly selected, congratulations to…


“My 2nd entry: I’d treat myself to the Thanks!”


“I would love to win the nursing cover. its so adorable and not as obvious as other covers. My survival tip is to just relax and do what you know is best, forget the rest! “


“I would love to win the nursing pads, as baby is due in January! With my first two babies we survived the holidays breastfeeding by trying not to stress. Stress just makes everything worse for Mom and baby, plus it is a lot harder to enjoy this wonderful time of year.”


  1. I’d like to win the poncho! it would save me from carring a nursing cover and a blanket because my son kicks them off!

  2. Just got my Bamboobies today. They are in the wash. Can’t wait to try them out! If I won a few pairs some I’d give a pair to a friend. I love a nice bath to soak in during the busy holidays.

  3. I would LOVE to win the cute little nursing cover!!! Thanks Bamboobies!

  4. I am new to bf. 2nd child, 3 mos old, did not nurse my 1st born. (Wish I had now!!) Have no survival tips, looking forward tor reading some from others! I would love to win those therapy pillows!!

  5. I would love to win the nursing cover!

  6. Sara Blackwood-Ortega says

    Thanks for the chat this evening. If I won I’d enjoy the nursing cover. 🙂

  7. Laura Moody says

    I would love to be able to use the super cute nursing shawl! That would make BF in public so much more discrete! This is our first bf holiday so I plan to stay up on my water and rest! Thank you!!

  8. I LOVE my Bamboobies pads! I have been nursing my daughter for 16 months and STILL leak!! I refuse to use disposables for environmental as well as health reasons. Every time we used them I would get thrush. Yuck!

    If I was to win I would love to win the nursing shawl/cover. I am not a huge fan of the traditional covers but this one is great. And with an active toddler it would be nice to have something to help in the struggle to stay somewhat covered!!

  9. the Nursing cover would be awesome… I originally said I only wanted to nurse until 6 months, but now that time is only 2 weeks away, and the fact that my baby still hasn’t gotten even a sniffle, makes me want to rethink it… I got a job, that I can take him with me, so the cover would be SO HELPFUL!! 🙂

  10. Megan Fuents says

    Id love to win the MultiPack! I leak all the time!!! Its such an embarrasing experience at times!!!! My holiday survival tip is to nurse, nurse, nurse! This way my supply is maintained and we get quiet time away from chaos!

  11. Shannon Winter says

    I would love to win one of the nursing covers! 🙂

  12. I would love to win the nursing cover. It is so much cuter than the cover I have that barely covers! I love the colors.

  13. I would love to win the pads. I adore the set I have now but I go through them faster than I do laundry!
    My holiday survival tip – well, I’m going through my first set of holidays with a nursling, so I am needing the tips!

  14. Megan Fuents says
  15. Hope Johnson says

    I would LOVE to win the bamboobease pillows… I have my second child due this summer and those look amazing for beginning nursing discomforts!

  16. I would definitely treat myself to this:

    If i don’t win I may just have to by one! It would be perfect for nursing my toddler. And I love that I could wear it when I become pregnant with our second. It is a very versatile piece.

  17. Hope Johnson says

    I would treat my self to the bamboo sleep bra!!

  18. Liz Wittrock says

    The poncho is so cool! My tip is to just remember that baby comes first – and if either of you need a break, excuse yourself from the room, no harm done! 🙂

  19. Nicole Auverset says

    I’d like to win the nursing cover. Would really come in handy at families houses and diners.

    My breastfeeding tip is this – carry a manual breastpump ALWAYS! I never know what’s going to happen day by day or if I’ll need someone to watch my daughter, and there have been many times I’ve been engorged to the point of massive leaking. Now I carry a pump with me at all times… just in case.

  20. I like all of them, but I’m most interested in the 3-pk. 🙂

    And my holiday survival tip is to make sure to take time out for you and your baby. That time to reconnect is so important. Nursing/diaper changes are a great excuse!

  21. I would love to try the Bamboobies — I can’t find a reusable nursing pad that I like so am stuck with the disposables at the moment. My holiday tip is to stay home and keep warm with the family!

  22. Liz Wittrock says
    Would love to treat myself to this! 🙂

  23. Christie Siefer says

    I’d love to win the cover up. I hate feeling naked while I nurse….

    I’m planning in always keeping a water bottle full and handy while we’re away in vacation…. Can’t dehydrate!

  24. Sarah Slavik says

    I would love to win the cute little nursing cover!! So awesome for my second daughter due in 2 months!!! My tip is to do what is best for you and baby not worry about everyone else!!

  25. I would love to win the nursing pads. My holiday survival tip is to find a quiet room to nurse away from the crowd if you and your baby need a break from the crowd. I am completely comfortable with nursing in public and/or in front of friends/family but sometimes a calm few minutes nursing your baby is all the break you need.

  26. Heather Matchett says

    I would love any product honestly, they each seem to have their own wickid benefits. But I guess the nursing pads.

    I don’t breastfeed, but I pump and bottlefeed. I know breastfeeding can be such a struggle. So my advice, is hook up with a support group so you have people to get advice, tip & tricks from. Ive learned a lot thanks to the leaky boob and I hope one day my son will latch again 🙂

  27. I’d love to treat myself to this for Christmas!

  28. Ohhhh the nursing cover in black. Love it!

  29. would love that nursing cover since I tend to be a little shy when breastfeeding in public! My tip is to make sure to drink lots of water…easy to forget during the holiday season!

  30. I would welcome the attractive nursing cover and pads for my pending holiday delivery.

  31. Shandi Turknett says

    I would love a poncho!!

  32. I may have to treat myself to one of these!!!

  33. I’d like to treat myself to this Christmas.

  34. Sarah Slavik says

    I would love to treat myself with the Bamboob ease therapy pillow!!

  35. I would Lovboth the nursing cover, or the nursing pads, my lil wiggle worm constantly kicks off her blanket. 🙂 To keep my supply up through the Holidays, I drink 2 glasses daily of my Mothers Milk Tea, and stay hydrated drinking Vitacoco coconut water, “like sticking a straw in a coconut” 🙂

  36. I would love to win the poncho as my 13 month old is a very distracted nurser and loves to flop all around on my lap….causing me to flop all around! 🙂 Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    • Almost forgot my tip! Try to relax (hard to do with everything going on) so that your supply is not affected and don’t fret about having to nurse your child with your brother/dad/co-worker/etc… sitting there -your childs needs come first!

  37. Shandi Turknett says

    I would definitely buy the Overnight Bamboobies 4 pack because I am a very heavy leaker! I always use extra thick pads because, if I don’t, my bra is wet within 30 minutes!

  38. I would love the nursing cover!!

  39. The pads deffinantly

  40. Id love the cover, Lacy is getting so curious when she eats! Holidays are scaring me FTM aND id love lots of advice!

  41. I’d love the cover! My 19m old thinks it’s funny to move my cover and flash everyone. My holiday tip? Stay home, avoid the stress!

  42. I would love the nursing pads for a pregnant friend!
    My holiday nursing tip is to relish those quiet moments alone with your little one away from all the hustle and bustle of the season. Even if you’re comfortable nursing somewhere, getting away can help a distracted baby and give you a chance to relax and breathe deeply 🙂

  43. I could definitely use the comfort pads, or the nursing shawl. Heck, I could even use the standard pads as I am pumping to provide breast milk for my 3 month old DD who is refusing to latch. Thank you for the chance to win, and good luck.

  44. I’d love the therapy pillows! And from the website? The bamboo sleep bra is lovely!

  45. Mama B’s Holiday Breastfeeding Survival Tip: When cold weather strikes your most precious spots (your nipples, your baby’s tender skin, etc.), apply vegetable glycerin (sold on or heatlh foods stores in the wellness section) to the affected areas! It rubs in so nicely, and like lanolin, you don’t need to remove it before nursing. Glycerin acts as a humectant (a moisture-binder) on skin without clogging pores, and it’s all-natural. I use it to make body washes, hand soap, and body scrubs, too.

    I think if I were to be able to choose what I’d like, it’d be the Bamboobies! I am in the market for some nice reusable nursing pads. I hate that I am throwing away so much MONEY and contributing to my landfill every time I use the disposable ones I’ve got. I tried some off-brand nursing pads that a friend gave me, but I only wear nursing tanks (instead of bras with padding), and you could see EVERYTHING. Sooooo not cool!

    This is the first I have heard of your company, but it looks like you put out a great product! I’d probably have said that I wanted the cover-up, but my little one won’t nurse under anything! She’s so curious, she just wants to see what’s going on around her. Plus, she loves exposing Mommy when it’s least expected…

    Thanks for your work in bringing about breastfeeding awareness, and keep up the great work!! <3

  46. Katherine Valenzuela says

    I would use everyone of those items! I’m tired of buying disposable nurse pads, and the ones I have make me look like I have coasters for boobs. And my nipples get irritated and burn frequently! Turns out bring my twins girls can be violent sometimes. They bite me, scratch me, etc. Thanks for introducing us to these products! All brand new to me.

  47. Linda Moffitt says

    I would like to Win any of the 3 though if I had to pick probably the Bamboobies Cute Little Nursing Cover and Holiday Tip, NAPS!!!!

  48. emily moore says

    I’d love to win the Bamboobies breast pads!!! I have been nursing my daughter for 10 months and still leak terribly! And my survival tactic for breastfeeding during the holidays is to breastfeed anytime and anyplace….whatever it takes to keep the baby happy during the hectic holiday season!

  49. Sarah Walker says

    I’d LOVE to win the Bamboob-ease! My son is a “barracuda” and at 2 months I still have pain and bruises! I refuse to let it stop me, though! These would be a huge help!
    My tip! Spend the holidays with family you love and you will never have to worry about being uncomfortable! 🙂

  50. I would love the nursing pads. I can’t find anything other than disposables that I don’t leak through!
    And my best advice is to remember to take time with baby, but don’t forget yourself, too!

  51. Crystal Shannon says

    I would love to win all of the prizes being given away, but especially the bamboob-ease being offered as I am bout to wean my first right after the holidays and am not looking forward to the tears or the engorgement.

  52. Julie Smith says

    I would love to win the nursing shawl. I want to nurse in public, and I think the shawl would make me comfortable enough to do so.

    My nursing tip for the holidays is to enjoy your little ones and enjoy the moments when you’re together, ignoring the hustle bustle:)

  53. emily moore says this is what i’d love to treat myself to!

  54. Crystal Shannon says

    Forgot my tip: don’t let any snipy comments from in-laws about your choice to breastfeed (and keep breastfeeding) ruin the holidays – grin and bear it and let them know that you are providing the best for their grandchild.

  55. I am totally lusting after this wonderful item on the Bamboobies website:

  56. I’d be so happy to win the Bamboobies pack — with my first child I never found a good reusable solution and alternated between soggy cotton pads and disposable breast pads. My second is due this spring so it would be perfect timing to win this!

  57. I really love the nursing cover, too! When I have the money, it’s on my list!

  58. I would love to win the nursing cover! My advice for nursing through the holidays is not to care what people think and to just remind yourself of what a wonderful thing you are doing for your child. 🙂

  59. I’d love some bamboobies nursing pads! I truly would appreciate them!

    As for holiday tip! Don’t forget to stay hydrated, enjoy your family and take time to nurse and snuggle the nursling!!!

  60. Julie Smith says

    I’d treat myself to the herbal shoulder heat wrap:)

  61. I would aboslutely be in heaven for anything from bamboobies, but this would be AMAZING to have:

  62. I’d love to try some bamboobies! I used disposables with my first, but am an avid CDer & would so much rather use a green product–and I’m due w/ #2 soon! FUN! Awesome, innovative products!

  63. Katie Ruffner says

    I would love to win the bamboobies nursing pads. I am in love with them! 🙂

  64. I would treat myself to the moby wrap for use with my next baby. 🙂

  65. I would want the nursing pads. I always said I was a super soaker when I first started nursing. I soaked through prefolds. So trying to find a breastpad that not only soaks up the mess but also doesn’t show through your shirt (who wants two giant circles on their boobs??).

  66. Id love to win this! I just had my fourth baby. This is the first one my husband has got to be home for in the “baby” stage due to deployments. He talked me into breastfeeding this child ( hes now three months). He has done so much research and been so supportive. I have heard nothing but great things about bamboobies .I would be ecstatic to get to use them and quit leaking through! I also have a hard time nursing in public because I feel like everyone can tell that my cover is a cover. Your covers are so stylish that you cant tell as much 😀 My holiday survival tip is to be open about breastfeeding so your not cut off from everyone else and can enjoy the company and the bond from feeding your child at the same time.

  67. Katie Ruffner says

    I would love to treat my self to the pump-ease pumping bra!
    Since I work and have to pump at least once while I am at work, it would make things a little easier if I had hands free pumping!

  68. If I could treat myself I would want the ease flax pillows. I had really bad mastits and clogged ducts with my first and with our new baby coming I want to avoid that at all costs.

  69. Arelis Sierra says

    That Bamboob-ease pillow looks lovely. My boobies DO need a little pampering. Hehehe

  70. For my second entry, I would LOVELOVELOVE to have these:

  71. I would love to win the therapy pillow!! I’m breastfeeding my first born 3months and going strong and tend to get engorged regularly despite pumping. Holiday tip put babys needs above all else and yourself in a close second 🙂

  72. I would LOVE to win the nursing pads! Well I’d love to win them all lol, but I’ve been on the hunt for an absorbent nursing pad since we are expecting #4. This would be awesome 🙂 Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

    As for a holiday tip, I just try not to get frazzled! Its very easy for me to get embarassed around family because none of them have young kids, and esp none that breastfeed. Keep your composure lol. Sorry its not better advice :/

  73. I would love to win the nursing shawl! I have a. Baby that is soo warm all the regular nursing covers make him sweat soo bad this looks to be really breathable and would hopefully help with that! I think my holiday tip is to make sure you are eating consistently. It seems so easy to get busy and forget to to eat this time of year and then to splurge on the big days. You need to eat each meal!

  74. I would love to win some nursing pads, pregnant with my second and could use a nice pair of nursing pads. I hate using those disposable ones and I really would love a nice pair of reusable ones! Please!!

  75. I would really like the bamboobies set please 🙂 I am expecting my 4th child in April! My holiday tip is to go with your instincts and what works for you and your family, regardless of the “advise” from family members.

  76. I would love these for my sore boobies once I am back to breastfeeding…. they sound like heaven sent, wish I had some the first time around.

  77. Lissa Szweda says

    I’d like to win the Bambooease… It’s been quite nipply this winter and with the bitter cold and 60 mph winds things get quite prickly.. it should be able to ease the discomfort. My tip for the winter is to double up… wear a form fitting tank (even a nursing tank under a bra and another shirt, but just leave the tank on to cover up the tummy and back…

  78. I’d love to win the bamboob-ease! Would love to try them 🙂 or the multi pack as that is one of my go to baby shower gifts now!

  79. Oh, and my tip… Take some private time for you and baby away from the crowds… Helps both of you relax every once in a while (I do at least once a day!)

  80. I would like to win the Bamboob-ease therapy pillows because I am having a hard time getting rid of clogged ducts, engorgment and mastitis. My son is 2 months old and have had all of this in the last month. Currently I have 3 clogged ducts and trying everything to get rid of it.

  81. Nicole Bradfield says

    I would like to win the Bamboob-ease therapy pillows. I have tackled mastitis twice, engorgment and currently 3 clogged ducts and my son is only 2 months old. He is having a hard time with the breast but we are making it work even if I am the one to suffer.

  82. I’d like to win the pads! I tend to leak at night and have woken up soaked in boob juice countless times!! Aaaand they’re reusable-amazing!!!

    I’d treat myself to a Moby-im searching desperately for one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

  83. Nicole Baldwin says

    I’d love to wear the Bamboobies set! My holiday breastfeeding survival tip is don’t forget to nurse in all the hustle and bustle of the season. Baby’s hungry!

  84. Nicole Baldwin says

    I’d love to treat myself to this! The gift set with nursing cover AND bamboobies!

  85. I love my bamboobies, and could use a few more 🙂

  86. Bamboob-ease pillow looks absolutely divine.

    My nursing tip for the holidays is to keep things as routine as possible. A variation in routine can lead to a very, very unhappy little nursling.

  87. Frances Landreth says

    I’d love to win the nursing pads! I leaked through several pads a day, and was completely drenched every night for the first several months after my son was born with the pads I used before. With another one on the way, it would be great to avoid going through that again!

  88. shab higginbotham says

    I would love to win a therapy pillow…but anything from Bamboobies would be nice! My holiday nursing tip would be to do what feels right for you and baby!

  89. shab higginbotham says

    I would treat myself with a new nursing bra!

  90. Gretchen Hagge says

    I would love to have the nursing cover…or any of the three prizes! 🙂

  91. the cover/poncho or pads would be awesome! my tip is to bring your own water bottle =)


    i *need* overnight pads!

    hancoci_s at msn dot com

  93. I would like to win the nursing pads or the therapy pillows. They sound awesome and I’m sure I’ll need them once baby #2 is here and my milk comes back in!

  94. I would love the nursing shawl. My holiday tip is to not get psyched out about being away from home. We are traveling (first time on an airplane with DD) and staying with family. I am just trying to stay calm, cool, and collected that all will go smoothly.

  95. Scarlett Iverson says

    Bamboobies please! I am using disposables right now and would love to be more green.

  96. I would treat myself to the bamboo sleep bra. It looks super comfy!

  97. Amanda Stonecypher says

    I would love the nursing cover. As for a tip, the holidays can get crazy especially when spending it with family and friends. Ask for a quiet room where you can nurse baby. I do this at all family gatherings. It’s not because I don’t want to nurse in the room with others, it’s so that baby and I can have some down time and relax for a while.

  98. I would love the Bamboob-Ease! I get clogged ducts more often now that I’m nursing a toddler who has a short attention span. 🙂

  99. I would love to win any of the products above. I have been bfing for almost 8 months and i wish i had known about these products sooner!!!
    Best advice i can give is to be sure to travel with water. Stay well hydrated and eat healthy!

  100. First off thank you for all the advice you provided on TLB facebook page! 🙂 very helpful. I would love the nursing cover, it’s so very cute and doesn’t look as though baby can kick up the sides of it like the apron style kind seem to do. I’d most definitely wear it after breastfeeding is over. As for my holiday tip- find a quiet room to nurse in, it will give baby a time to relax and also give mom an excuse to get away from the hectic commotion we all know that comes with the holidays. Nothing else is better at easing my mind than mommy and baby breastfeeding time. 🙂

  101. Erica Kotabish says

    That shawl looks awesome! Little girl doesnt like to be covered but i’m pretty sure it’s because she’s not covered in style 🙂

  102. I would love to win the breast pads! My holiday tip is to find some quiet in the chaos to nurse; it’s the only way I could get my l.o. to eat on Thanksgiving.

  103. I would treat myself to the therapy pillows because some days pumping at work makes me sore!

  104. Sara Spieker says

    I’d love to win the nursing cover. I have an apron one, and it is so awkward-I hate using it. Thanks for the opportunity to get one! 🙂
    My survival tip is to relax, and let the babe have their time. I have found myself stressing over how quick she nurses (so I can get back to homework for my senior year of college) but she needs her time with you as much as you need time with her.

  105. Sara Spieker says

    What a neat idea, I would treat myself to this if I had the extra moolah

  106. I would love the multipack, it would be so nice to have soft nursing pads when baby #2 arrives in march and I’m tandem nursing her and her big sister! My holiday tip is to find a quiet place to nurse your young babe if they are distracted by all the commotion. This also gives you a chance to escape and reconnect with your babe:)

  107. If I was going to buy something today I would get the flax pillows. Between being 6months pregnant and nursing a teething 14mo, my sore nipples would welcome some relief!

  108. I would love to win the cover. I use an Udder Covers one right now, but I would love something more discreet at times. My holiday breast feeding tip is simple: don’t be afraid to nurse your little one wherever you are – if privacy or offending someone (or a distractible n ursling) is an issue and you are at someone else’s house, don’t hesitate to ask where a good place to nurse is! :^)

  109. I would love to win the therapy pillows…but not for me. For a friend who is having some breast feeding issues 🙁

  110. I would love love love to win the breast pads! I have such a leaking issue if my son goes even one second pass the two hour window, and with me going back to work soon and not being able to pump, every two hrs (instead I’m allowed to pump every 4), it would be so useful to have pads that help prevent leaking on to my scrub top, I mean how embarrassing to walk in to a patients room with breast milk all over the front of me?!

  111. I would love to win the Bamboobies nursing pads- I have some flannel ones and they show through my shirts. I have a new baby coming in May and would love some more nursing pads- I also hate the disposable ones- so hot and icky.
    Holiday tip- I always had my nursing cover with me- and then I felt more comfortable nursing in front of family that weren’t AS comfortable with the whole thing. And of course Nurse wherever it suits you- don’t run away to do it!

  112. Lydia Pinero says

    I would like to win the poncho. My holiday tip is not to turn down invitations because you may need to bf-instead look at it as a chance to share your views on bf with others.

  113. I would love some more bamboobies so I can share with my sisters- I just bought 14 pairs! 🙂

  114. I’d love to try one of these in plum, medium:

  115. Amanda Lalonde says

    I would love the therapy pads… been having clogged duct issues that they would certainly help with!

    As for a breastfeeding survival tip… this is my first time nursing over the holidays, so I have no experience yet… but I would say try to make healthy food and drink choices for your supply but it’s still okay to enjoy the occasional glass of wine with friends and family as well!

  116. I would love to win the nursing cover. As for my holiday tip, make others aware that you will be nursing and that there be a quiet place available for you to nurse.

  117. Love the nursing shawl and would love to win one! Great idea! Stay sane during the holidays by leaning to say no!

  118. Katy Allgood says

    Id love to win the therapy pillow. I have recurring mastitis and I can’t imagine the comfort that would offer if I get it again. Holiday tip – don’t listen to Nay Sayers. Just because you’re still nursing your child past their “comfortable age” doesn’t mean a thing. You’re giving your child the natural nutrition they deserve.

  119. I would love to win the nursing pads. I leak a lot and after 14 weeks I am still leaking. I change pads a lot. I don’t have any survival tips as I am going into this holiday season without ever experencing nursing during this season. DS #1 self weaned at 5 months. I do plan on nursing my daughter anywhere and everywhere I am. I don’t plan on excusing myself from activities. She is apart of the festivities too.

  120. I would love the nursing cover – would make all the holiday parties easier 🙂 My tip would be to remember that you are doing the best thing for your baby by nursing & don’t let anyone bully you into stopping when you aren’t ready 🙂

  121. My second entry. I would love to get this:
    It would be great to wear to things like my daughter’s talent show. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

  122. I would love to win the Nursing Pads. I used disposable nursing pads with my first baby and I am currently 8 months pregnant with my second baby. I have been heavily looking into the different types of re-useable/washable nursing pads – this would be a GREAT win! 🙂

    My holiday breastfeeding survival tip is to find a quiet room away from family and friends so mommy and baby can have that quiet time (and baby can nurse well) in all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

  123. Katy Allgood says
  124. I would love to win that poncho. I want to continue breast feeding but my baby kicks off the covers!

    This is my treat I would do for myself. I buy a lot of disposable pads right now

  126. I’d love the therapy pillow. I loved the time we shared together but I had all kinds of pains and I didn’t get to last as long as I would have liked. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the 2end time I get to nurse and hopefully it will be a way better experience.

  127. I would get a nursing cover : for myself & since I’m lucky enough not to leak I’d get the nursing pads for a friend that could really use them 🙂

  128. I want the pads !!! I have bought dispoables and ones to wash and wear and leak through all of them espically at night and on the baby !!! Im desperate to try anything. Second I would love to when the therpay pillow.

  129. I have a 13 mo and would REALLY like to win the bambooies overnight pads for my best friend. She is buying $4 cheap cotton ones and they are just so rough!! I really hope to be able to give her these.

    My tip would be to make sure you take time and excuse yourself from all of the commotion to go to a quiet room an decompress. All the hoopla can be much more stressful on both you and LO than you expect. Both of you will be glad you did and will be much happier after!

  130. I would love to win the nursing poncho.

  131. Jessica Schoenstein says

    Such an excellent giveaway. We were just talking about how awesome these are at my LLL meeting last night! I would love to win the bamboobies nursing pads, I had such bad oversupply issues and leaker/sprayed like crazy!!!!!!! It never occured to be to use my bamboo wipes instead of the disposable or reusable nursing pads I had!

    My one tip for the holiday is to make sure you take the time to sit back, relax, and nurse your babies!!!! The dishes can wait : )

  132. I would love a nursing cover! I just ordered me two sets of pads at a great price!

  133. That nursing shawl looks awesome! I’d love to win one!!! 🙂

  134. Jessica Schoenstein says
  135. Second entry:

    I would most likely treat myself to the Undercover Mama Nursing Tank. Anything to keep Mama’s mid-section covered is a great help! (Especially during winter, burr!!)

  136. I’d treat myself to a black nursing cover in M/L! Unfortunately, they’re on back order right now!

  137. i would love the pads. baby #1 is on her way in a few weeks, and i want to be as prepared for breastfeeding as possible. these look great!

  138. I would love the soothing therapy pillows. My daughter is starting to self wean and engorgement is painful sometimes when she skips a meal. I think I would give the other items to my sister who is expecting her first child in July and is planning on bf (I am really encouraging her to and I think these items would help out a lot).

  139. Lydia Fredin says

    I’d love to win this prize. I’ve heard wonderful things about the pads & would love to try them. 🙂

    • Lydia Fredin says

      forgot to mention that i have no holiday breastfeeding survival tips as I didn’t nurse my first son & I’m pregnant with my second child. I look forward to reading the tips however 🙂

  140. Id like to win the give away cause it will be my only gift this year. Im fine with not getting anything cause i have the besst gift of all My baby boy! It would just be nice! Plus its really cute <3

  141. Lydia Fredin says

    I would treat my self to a Bamboo Sleep Bra –

  142. I would love to win the nursing pads, as baby is due in January! With my first two babies we survived the holidays breastfeeding by trying not to stress. Stress just makes everything worse for Mom and baby, plus it is a lot harder to enjoy this wonderful time of year.

  143. Such awesome products! Can’t wait to share them with my newest leakie friend.

  144. I’d like to win the soothing pillow I think! Though I love the nursing cover too! I’m not too leaky, so I don’t think I need the pads! : ) (though I have friends who are VERY leaky, so I could pass them on!)

    Anyway – I guess my only holiday nursing tip would be to DO IT!! If you want to use the baby needing to nurse as an excuse to leave the craziness – then do! If you want to stay in the craziness to continue a great conversation – then do! Take the breaks that you need by sitting down with your babe to nurse!
    : ) Kristine

  145. cindy delavega says

    Love the idea of a poncho, my almost 4mos old son always kicks nursing cover off!!

  146. Lindsay Oussa says

    I really WANT to win the cover, it is so cute! However, I would chooses the pads because that is what I really NEED. I am due in March, so I don’t have any advise to give, but really appreciate the advice given in all the comments!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity 🙂

  147. Kristy Cronkrite says

    I would LOVE the nursing pads or therapy pillows… both could be used SO much in this house!

  148. Kristy Cronkrite says

    Just visited the Bamboobies site… I really don’t need another nursing cover, but I think this one might actually work for us! If I were treating myself to something special this holiday, that would be it!

  149. Caitlin Smith says

    I would love to win any of them! My baby is due in two weeks and I still need a nursing cover and pads. The Therapy Pillows sound awesome too!

  150. Miranda Jones says

    I would love the nursing pads. I have yet to find something that doesn’t itch and doesn’t leak. I have very sensitive skin and these sound nice! I just weaned my 2.5yo and am due with a new baby in July. This will be my 4th nursling 🙂

  151. I’d love to win the nursing cover! <3

  152. Shannon Winter says

    My second entry!

    I would love to treat myself to this adorable nursing cover this holiday season. My son and I have gone 6 months strong exclusively breastfeeding and I would love to go AT LEAST another 6 months! 🙂 I could totally rock this nursing cover in South Carolina! 🙂

  153. I would love to win the bamboob-ease. Breastfeeding can take its toll and these sound wonderful! And I could never have too many nursing pads!

  154. carly glover says

    i would treat myself to the bamboob-ease. i am havign a day today when i could use this! I am tandem nursing and my supply goes way up sometimes. thanks for the giveaway!

  155. carly glover says
  156. That nursing cover is on my wish list!

  157. I would love to win the nursing cover! I haven’t been able to find anything that cannot be kicked off!!

    Keep yourself in mind this holiday! Nourish your body as well as baby’s, too often we get caught up in the hectic preparations and forget to get proper nutrition for ourselves.

  158. Until I started breastfeeding, I had no idea that accessories like cover ups and nursing pads even existed.

  159. 1st entry: the pads!

  160. I would LovE the bamboobies pads :0) they are so cute

  161. Would LOVE to win he nursing shawl!

  162. I need the Bamboobies!

  163. My holiday breastfeeding tip with above comment~ Love and cuddle and nourish your baby this holiday season in a cozy spot you feel comfortable with some delicious goodies at hand. Don’t do too much; take care of yourself (it’s okay to say ‘no’ to hours and hours of visiting if you get tired). Put yourself and your babies first!

  164. Emily Fluharty says

    THESE ARE CUTE! I would LOVE to have these.

  165. I would love to win the nursing cover!

  166. Shalala Morell says

    I would love the bamboob ease. I have 4 kids and one on the way plus I run my own daycare. This would definitely not go to waste!

  167. Pascale Langlois says

    I leek a lot and haven’t found good pads so far. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Bamboobies pads.
    BTW Love your blog and your page. I feel we can actualy get accurate facts and advices on breastfeeding. I wish there was something similar in French.

  168. Merian de la Gardelle says

    I would love the nursing pads. I leak like crazy. I use milkies when nursing and collect anywhere from 1/2 oz to an oz on each side! Needless to say I go through a ton of disposables. I would much rather use these. Holiday tip…leave the room. Sit in the dark, nurse baby and breathe

  169. Merian de la Gardelle says

    I would SO treat myself to this nursing tank! How very clever.

  170. domestic diva says

    My survival tip: breastfeed proudly. Don’t worry about what others think.

    The therapy pads look great. And the nursing pads (my second choice) also look super — they’d make great shower gifts.

  171. I would love to have your therapy pillows. My 6 month old likes to nurse herself to sleep and sometimes leaves Mommy very sore. We plan to keep BFing for a long time to come and I could really use the occasional relief.

    For the holidays and anytime we go out, we use our Maya wrap. It is wonderful for nursing and for carrying her around so that I can get some things done. 🙂

  172. As someone who is due today pregnant with her first baby, I’m sure all of them would be useful! However, I’d really love the nursing cover! Thanks for the giveaway!

  173. Would love to win the nursing pads pack! I use homemade washable nursing pads, but they are not very discreet. My holiday breastfeeding tip would be to be prepared in case family members are less than supportive of your breastfeeding. And find a quiet place to feed if your baby is as easily distracted as mine is!

  174. I would love to win the cover. It is so cute.

    My holiday breastfeeding advice is use it to work for you and your babe. I would go off to a private room to nurse so that I could have a few minutes of quiet from the busy family and my babe could calm down from all the over stimulation. I may have nursed way more than I needed to last Christmas! Haha.

  175. I need the nursing pads. I hate using the disposable ones I have. Feed your LO when they’re hungry. Get somebody to take over cooking or cleaning while you take care of your baby!

  176. Sherry Poirier says

    I would love to win the nursing cover. its so adorable and not as obvious as other covers. My survival tip is to just relax and do what you know is best, forget the rest! 🙂

  177. Sherry Poirier says
  178. i would love the nursing cover! for someone with much larger breasts, those blankets and covers aren’t so discreet!

  179. would LOVE this wrap! and treat myself to this carrier!

  180. I’d love to win the nursing cover!!

  181. Jessica Clarke says

    I would love the multipack : ) I think breastfeeding IS a survival tip, not formula, no prepping and cleaning bottles….save time and $$!

  182. jolleen edwards says

    Id love to win the nursing cover 🙂

  183. I would love to win the multipack. These are the best nursing pads EVER!

    My survival tip is to feed your LO when they need it. Even if that means telling the in-laws that it is time to give up the baby so they can eat. Baby will be happier all around. 🙂

  184. I love those nursing covers!!! They look so much better than the bright, patterned ones!

  185. I would totally treat myself to an Undercover Mama nursing tank. <3 it!

  186. I’d love to win the multi-pack. I’m due in April and did not know about reusable nursing pads with my first. I am making an effort to go natural this time around! Thanks Bamboobies!
    My tip is to keep baby in the carrier/sling as much as possible. Less exposure to holiday germies.

  187. I would love a nursing cover. Since my little one is starting to pull ours up 🙂

  188. Ashley Cohan says

    I really need some nursing pads that wont show through my shirt!


    I’d like to have this. It’s nice I wouldn’t have to take it off after I was done nursing. Nursing “aprons” look so silly compared to this functional wrap!

  190. Sarah squishy Sakofske says

    I would love the nursing cover! It would help this holiday season at all the different houses we will be visiting there may not be somewhere for me to nurse my curious lil one. Survival tip- Ignore the unwarranted “advice” from family and friends. I just got a comment today from my step father because he saw my lil one has some teeth now and says I bet you stopped breastfeeding right away huh?! Well she has had teeth for months (she is 15m) and we are still going strong! When i said i still nurse he just made a disapproving look and said ouch. lol
    squishysarah69 @yahoo

  191. I would love to win the nursing shawl! I think it would be so much more discrete with my wiggly 8 month old than the cover I am using now.

  192. I’d love all 3 items but my favorite would be to win the Bamboob-ease therapy pillows; they look awesome!

  193. Betty Jackson says

    I could really use some nursing pads!

  194. I would love to win these. I am not very lucky at contests, but these are just what a busy Mommy needs.
    My Holiday tip is to not get overwhelmed, and try and get a nice quiet spot to nurse and some alone time away from crazy relatives. lol

  195. Sarah squishy Sakofske says
    I would love to get a nice nursing bra!
    squishysarah69 @yahoo

  196. I’d love to win any of it, especially the cover or multi-pack! My best tip is to stick with your routine. I plan to sneak away from the festivities any time my baby needs to eat!

  197. I’d love to treat myself to the ring sling or the Nursing Cover & 3 Pair Regular Bamboobies Gift Box

    Thanks for the chance!

  198. i would love to win the multipack. I have always used disposable pads and would love to save some money and try these! My survival tip would be to always find a quiet spot to enjoy your BFing time with your little one with all the hustle and bustling about. take that time to enjoy your LO and refresh yourself.

  199. Jessica Poulsen says

    I would love to win this cover!!

    I think it would make my first time nursing experience much easier! (sorry if this is entered twice it said it didnt go through the first time lol)

  200. I would love to win the nursing pads variety pack. My holiday tip is to be conscious of how often your LO wants to nurse, with all the hustle and bustle they need that extra comfort and closeness, and it helps prevent early winning.

  201. I would love to win the nursing pads! My tip is to always have a good nursing bra and pad inserts to prevent leaks during the holidays!

  202. I would love to treat myself to:

    I always seem to leak alot at night.

  203. I would love to win all 3!

  204. Would love the reusable pads.

  205. sarah pritchard says

    I love the cover! Ingenius idea. Love the story of how you started your company. So inspiring.

  206. I would love to either have the cover or the pads. I am expecting baby number 3 and am still nursing my 2 1/2 yr old toddler as well. These covers are so pretty and stylish and I would love to not have to deal with those silly sticky breast pads I used with him.

  207. Stephanie Pierce says

    I’d love to win the breast pads. I have very leaky breastfeeding breasts. They look so much more comfortable than my washable cotton breast pads.

    My holiday brestfeeding survival tip is to find a quiet space to nurse your child. Christmas season and family gatherings are stressful….you have an excuse to get away from it all–use it to your advantage!

  208. Stephanie Pierce says

    I’d love to win this: WIth my history, I’m going to NEED them! (I’m due January 20th.)

  209. I would LOVE a chance to win any of the items!!!!! Any of them would be great to have!!!!

  210. I would love a poncho, or a nursing necklace! 🙂 Please, Santa!!

  211. I would love to win that nursing shawl. I love the idea! It looks like it would be so versatile. During the holidays I would just hide in a quiet room because both my boys would always be too distracted to nurse when the house was full of people.

  212. I usually only need breast pads in the first few months of breastfeeding and am definitely going to treat myself to some of these nursing pads the next time around.

  213. Kathy Kingston says

    I think that this the poncho looking cover is actually quite pretty! Very Fashion Trend sensible (I know that sounds silly to say but I do!)
    I also find the idea of reusable breast pads to be a great one (I’m currently carrying my first child, due in 1 month and leak already – I picked up a pack of disposables, and have samples of many kinds, but they seem to slip around, not absorb fast enough, or just seem to make me more raw than when I use soft fabric scraps from my scrap fabric drawer – again, its not a large amount of leakage yet, its just that beginning stage)
    Now the therapy pillows – that’s peaked my curiosity! We were told about using cabbage in our BF classes, but a therapy pillow (IMO) would probably be a lot more comfortable and convenient than constantly putting a new leaf of cabbage on your breast – but again, I havent experienced this yet, I ‘m just thinking.
    I have no tips, but enjoy absorbing the ones everyone delivers… and thank all those who have passed them along to me for doing so. It makes a nervous soon to be mom feel a lot better about everything in this bottle driven world.

  214. The therapy pillows would be great right now. Dealing with the engorgement at times and after feeding aches.

  215. I would love love love to win anything and the multipack would be great! My holiday tip is to let Nana or other relatives who don’t see baby that often have lots of kisses from baby 🙂

  216. I would totally love the therapy pillows… i have had problems with mastitis, engorgement and all that fun stuff! thanks for the offer!


    The nursing cover would also be great to have!!!

  218. I would love to win the pads. I have one set that I wash by hand after each wear, but I need more so I can wear them every day. I hate my other pads; they show through fitted clothing. I hate having to base my clothing choices upon which pads I’ll be wearing.

    Holiday tips: focus on the needs of your little one and baby wear. I shopped with my boy asleep in the Moby and taking frequent nursing breaks helped him stay content during a recent party

  219. I would love to win the super cute nursing cover! And my tip would be to remember to take some time to relax! It can be so stressfully during the holidays!


    would love to treat myself to the multipack, but just made due with the 2 pack. the multipack has been on my amazon wishlist for months 🙁

  221. Erika Hilverding says

    I would love the therapy pillows (but I would like any of them)!! I plan on just taking time out to take care of mom (myself) and my baby boy!! And just enjoy all the holiday fun!!

  222. Kelly Evans says

    I’d live to win some nursing pads. I hate that I’m wearing ones made by evenflo! Ugh but the medela ones r too bulky!

  223. I would LOVE the nursing cover…..I’ve often thought the big apron style ones draw attention to the fact that I’m breastfeeding! My son is now 7.5 months and has started pulling the nursing cover off 🙂

  224. 2nd entry – I’d love to get the nursing necklace and teether… son chews on whatever he can find….the beauty of this is that he can’t throw it on the floor!!

  225. Love to win the bamboobies! so cute-plus tired of seeing the circles on my chest!

  226. jennifer carpenter says

    I would love to win the therapy pillows ! I’m expecting baby #2 and the pains that come those first few months and the pillows would be such a wonderful treat !!

  227. Ii would live the shawl, I hate messing around with a blanket to cover up

  228. shannon bullard says

    I already love my Bamboobies pads, and would love to win anything, but especially the cover. My holiday tip is to stay hydrated!

  229. shannon bullard says

    My second entry: I would to have this for the holidays

    I might have to use the discount to buy one, too bad I wont have it sooner!

  230. Sarah Noman says

    I would love to win this package!! My holiday tip: make sure you are fitting in regular naps and feedings (for mommy AND baby!).

  231. Sarah Noman says

    Thinking of treating myself to this for the holidays – could use some distraction for the LO!

  232. Kendra Campbell says

    I would love to win the whole package, but especially the therapy pillow and poncho!! My survival tip for the holidays is to get lots of rest and surround yourself with family and friends who are supportive of breastfeeding (or in my case pumping exclusively as my ds stopped nursing at 4 months due to my low supply, and has been bottle fed breast milk since then).

  233. 3 minutes to spare! I would love to win the cover because my 10 month old likes to sip and see and this looks awesomely versatile!

  234. I would treat myself to to some regulars and the pillow

  235. We would love a nursing cover!

  236. I would love to win the breast pads! My survival tip is to remember that baby eats what you eat so get that healthy food in among those holiday treats.

  237. Whether I win or not I’ll be getting another pack for Christmas, and maybe one to give as a gift.

  238. I would love that nursing cover. Totally adorable. Checking out the website now!!!