Motherlove Herbal Company More Milk Two Giveaway

As part of our live chat on our Facebook wall today sponsored by Motherlove Herbal Comany and featuring guest expert Amber McCann, IBCLC from Nourish Breastfeeding Support, I’m delighted to bring you a giveaway of Motherlove Herbal Company’s More Milk Two for 3 lucky, randomly selected winners.  From their site:

A specially formulated, alcohol-free liquid herbal extract that safely increases breast milk for pregnant breastfeeding mothers. Made with nourishing certified organic herbs that support lactation and pregnancy.  Safe for use during pregnancy. 

To be entered, simply leave a comment on this post.  Please head over to Motherlove’s Facebook page and thank them for this opportunity and for sponsoring today’s chat.  This giveaway will be open until 5pm EST.  Good luck and have fun!

This giveaway is now closed and the 3 randomly selected winners notified.


  1. <3 Motherlove

  2. I’m currently trying to get pregnant so this would be awesome!

  3. This is so amazing!! Thank you!

  4. This is AWESOME that this exists! I’ve just heard of it and would love to try it! <3 Thanks again for this great chat, it couldn't have come at a better time!

  5. Thanks for these great products!

  6. Would love to try this out!

  7. I’d love to win!

  8. LeAndra Purvis says

    Thanks for all of the opportunities!

  9. celina pierce says

    this would be amazing to try! thank you for the opportunity to win one 🙂

  10. Would love to try this!

  11. More Milk Plus saved my nursing early on. Now that I am 10 weeks, this would be an awesome help! Love the chat!

  12. I would love to try this!

    • Need help with my supply as my little guy is getting hungrier these days- he is almost 6 months old.

  13. I love your products! The nipple balm & diaper balm are both staples in our home. I could really use sown thing to boost my supply as I’m nursing DS & currently pregnant with baby #3.

  14. Ashley Schneider says

    I would love to try this out. I didn’t know it existed. I am 13 weeks pregnant & desperately trying to continue breastfeeding my 9 month old.

  15. This is fantastic, I’d love to try it! I suspect my supply is already dropping due to pregnancy, since my little one is now taking way longer to nurse than usual.

  16. i’ve been wanting to try a booster for a couple of weeks. i used to recommend one of the other formulations (special blend) to a few clients. funny how the tables are turned leaving me the one who needs help now.

  17. Jen Wingler says

    Whether I win or not, I’m happy to know these products exist! Thanks for letting us know about this great giveaway!

  18. I am nearly 10 months in with breastfeeding my first son and am experiencing a dip in supply. I’d love to try this out! Great giveaway!

  19. Awesome! Thanks for all the information and giveaways today!

  20. Anna cash says

    Would love to try this out. I have been trying everything to up my supply.

  21. I’d love to try this out!

  22. I would love to try this out! First time momma, going back to work full-time in 2 weeks and so worried that my milk will decrease.

  23. I would love to try this! <3

  24. I just found out YESTERDAY that I’m pregnant! I’m breastfeeding an 11 month old, and continue to do so as long as I can. No pain or milk loss yet (of course.) I really hope I win 😀

  25. Thank you so much to you and Motherlove for this opportunity. 😀

  26. Amie Hale says

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I love the Mother’s Milk Plus blend, but am sad that I can’t take it while pregnant with número dos. Thank you, Motherlove, for creating this product!

  27. I love your products! I would love to try this!! Awesome chat… couldn’t come at a better time. Taking a pregnancy test today to see if I am pregnant with 2nd…still nursing my 7 1/2 mo old…want to nurse thru pregnancy and tandem if possible and let them self-wean. Hubby is big breastfeeding supporter so super psyched about how great he’s been through all this! Initially I was only going to shoot for a year but now I am shooting for the whole megillah! 🙂

  28. Amanda Iden Howell says

    This is so much more convenient than drinking teas and taking herbs. How nice is this!?

  29. Cara Peacey says

    My sister could really use this! shes pregnant with baby number 2, and had problems with supply with her first babe, and ended up not nursing long at all! 🙁

  30. Megan Lyon says

    I would love to get to win.

  31. How fabulous!!! Would love to try this!

  32. Oh I haven’t seen this one! I’d love to try this! Anything to help my supply while I’m away from my sweet baby!

  33. Would love to try this!

  34. Jessica Chisnell says

    Thanks!!! Winning this would be amazing!!! 🙂

  35. Would love to try this! I’m wanting to extend bf’ing my 9 month old.

  36. <3 this stuff!! Would really appreciate being able to win this! 🙂

  37. I just finished a bottle and need more! It really helps!!

  38. JoDe Watson says

    I would LOVE to try this! I heard about it on diaperswappers a while back but I couldn’t remember the name or the thread. I have a 16m old who I planned on nursing till age 2 and I got pregnant recently, my milk supply is definitely suffering and my little boy is almost weaning because of it. Makes me so sad when he nurses but gets hardly anything.

  39. <3

  40. jessica Ferrigan says

    I would love to try this, I’m feeding my daughter right now 🙂

  41. Bianca Munoz says

    Yay super excited! Thank you for the opportunity to try your product!! ^_^

  42. melissa richardson says

    I’d love to win this 😉

  43. Justine Tejeda says

    I would love to try this!

  44. this stuff ROCKS!!

  45. kari collinsworth says

    Thank you so much for this chamce to win something amazing. I have a 9 month old nd have been trying to increase my supply. Sounds like this would help 🙂

  46. Ashley Brower says

    I just had twin boys and am exclusively breastfeeding and could really use the boost in supply! Thanks for offering this give away!!

  47. My 29 mo reassures us both that there “be more milk when baby comes”

  48. I’d love to try this product! I currently breastfeed my little boy AND supply milk to 2 other babies when i can so this would be awesome!

  49. This looks like a wonderful product.

  50. Love this product. Helped me successfully nurse my preemie!

  51. Janelle Manske says

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  52. angela brandon says

    What an amazing offer. I’m due in 2 weeks with #1 and this product sounds awesome!

  53. would love to try this 🙂

  54. Im 10wks pregnant and nursing my 6month. Constantly worrying about my supply, I would love to try this!! Thanks!!!

  55. Elysia Brandt says

    Just found out I’m pregnant and nursing my almost 11 month old! This would be great! Thanks motherlove

  56. I’d love to win this!

  57. kellsey g says

    This would be so awesome to win. I have some but it is pricey. I had to use it in the begining because of a breast reduction, an autoimmune disorder, and a mandatory c section. Thank god it wasn’t 3 strikes I’m out because my dd is 9 months and going strong.

  58. Would love to try this!

  59. Melissa Moore says

    currently trying to get pregnant, so this would be a big help –

  60. oh pick me!!!

  61. Kristi Bean says

    Just started working again, and my supply is quickly deminishing! Please help!

  62. Sounds like a good product! I would love to try it!

  63. I would love to try this too! Thanks for introducing us to such great products 🙂

  64. Bethany Ewers says

    I have been looking for something like this! We got pregnant again when my daughter was 12 months old and are not ready to wean but my supply which was senstive to begin with has taken a dip. Really looking forward to trying this product since more milk plus worked so good for us!

  65. This sounds amazing! Would be great to keep my supply up with my 14month old!

  66. I am due next month and would love to try this since I will be bfing a toddler and a new baby.

  67. Thanks for the chance to win! I would love to try this… I tandem nurse my two daughters!

  68. Danielle Ring says

    I am actually entering this for a friend. She had to deliver her precious baby boy by emergency c section at 33 weeks due to placental detachment and is having to pump every two hours to get him his milk. The hospital she is at is feeding him the milk through a feeding tube but she isn’t making enough and they are making up the difference with formula 🙁 She hates that they are doing that but doesn’t know what to do. She actually wrote me last night asking what else she could try and I told her to drink TONS of water and to give this stuff a try! It would be truly awesome if her or I could win!

  69. love motherlove!

  70. I would love to try this the next time I’m pregnant and still nursing a little onr

  71. Tianna Sweet says

    I would love to try Motherlove! 🙂

  72. I am not pregnant but always worried about supply!

  73. Would love to try this as my boy is getting older and the demand for more breastmilk is getting higher! NEED something SAFE & NATURAL to help!

  74. I love Motherlove products!

  75. Melissa M says

    Oh cool! I’ve used a regular supplement for nursing, but I didn’t know there was one out there specifically for use during pregnancy! That’s the exact issue I’m dealing with now–this would be perfect!

  76. Oh pick me!! Had horrible experience breastfeeding- so glad to know there is something safe to take during pregnancy to prepare for a wonderful breastfeeding experience next time around!!

  77. I use the Mother Love More milk Plus, but haven’t tried this one yet. Me and my supply have been @ a battle since day 1, but am currently EBF my LO for 5mo, with some help via MANY herbal supplements!!! Lol I really hope I win this!

  78. Melanie Smith says

    I would love to try this out. I am 3 months pregnant and nursing a 20 month old.

  79. Amanda Fish says

    This sounds great! Especially because its natural:) Good luck ladies!!!

  80. Alissa Miller says

    I’m currently having a huge issue with my milk supply! My baby is 3 months old and it means the world to me to BF her exclusively, and my supply is the only thing stopping us. This would be great!!!

  81. Would love to win this! I used to use the capsules with my oldest and now with my younger baby my supply is going down again…pick me! pick me! haha!!

  82. Jacqueline says

    Today’s chat have been helpful! I decided early on to postpone TTC for #2 to after #1 is 2yo for this very reason, and hopefully I’ll stick to that… but it’s good to know that there is something safe for pregnancy to boost supply!

  83. Thanks

  84. Would love to try this!

  85. I would really like to try this. I am resuming my college studies in a few months and I want to continue breastfeeding my daughter but give her the best at the same time.

  86. Please enter me! I’ve heard such great things on this product!

  87. I am nursing 7 mos old twins and have taken this tincture religiously since they were a week old and I was nervously waiting for my milk to come in. I go through a lot of it, so I’d LOVE to win a bottle. I’ve turned several other mamas onto More Milk Plus and they’ve all seen an improvement in supply. Thanks for this great offer and for sponsoring the Live Chat today!!!

  88. Stephanie says

    Thank you for the opportunity. Would love to try this product!

  89. I have been looking for something safe to take during pregnancy to increase my supply! I am definitely going to give this a try.
    Also, the chat today was wonderful. Answered so many of my questions!

  90. Hillary Fink says

    Great giveaway! Thank you MotherLove!! 🙂

  91. I would love this for the new babe!

  92. Rita Miller says

    I would love some of this! This is the second time I have nursed through pregnancy and this tincture would be awesome!

  93. Lindsay Corpuz says

    What a great find! This could come in handy.

  94. Please please!!! I need this!! 🙂 thank you for the opportunity !

  95. Im due with my first child in 5 days and plan on EBF. I would love to try this! Hoping I dont habe any milk supply issues, but just in case 🙂 thanks MotherLove!!

  96. Kristin V. says

    This is great, I take all the ingredients separately, much easier this way!

  97. Amy McLane says

    I’d love this.

  98. Danyal miller says

    Thank you for this opportunity <3

  99. I may need this for my twins, due in October!! Thank you, Motherlove!!


  100. I struggle with low supply so I really hope I win this! I’m very envious of women that have abundant (even over-abundant) supply of milk… <3 you MotherLove!!!

  101. need this!

  102. Would LOVE this. I’m hoping to BF my twins.

  103. Jessica Chavira says

    I need this, it is truly a wonderful product!

  104. Iv had provlems with supply since my luttle one was born, I would love to try this 🙂
    thank you for this give away!

  105. Going on month 5 of pumping…always need more milk and More Milk always helps! <3

  106. Sarah Eberle says

    Love the nipple cream!!! Best stuff out there

  107. Aimee Villella McBride says

    I would love to win this! Nursing my 10 month old and seeing a dip since starting solids on last two months.

  108. Amy Cunliffe says

    Ooo be great if this works. Had nothing but problems the whole 10wks ive been feeding turns out i had renaulds (spelling?) got it sorted with meds then got mystitis so my milk supply still low especially on side i had mystitis. Will have to give this a go 🙂

  109. Allison Wing says

    In due in 3 1/2 weeks this will be WONDERFUL!!!

  110. Jessica Pritt says

    Will be first woman in my family to breastfeed because apparently we “can’t make enough milk”. The more I read the more I realize how much hard work and dedication it will take and I would love the extra help from this product.

  111. Heather d says

    I had to be put on prescription for supply issues with my first two kids so this would be great to try with this one arriving in 3 weeks!

  112. Heather M says

    I would love this! Thanks

  113. Could use some help with my supply. I would love to try this!

  114. Please!

  115. christine says

    Great products!

  116. much needed!

  117. Lynsey Bowes says

    Ooo might ave try this if it does what it say it does 😀

  118. would love to try this I always struggle with supply

  119. Katherine says

    I could really use this!!

  120. This would be awesome!

  121. Celena Z. says

    I am due in 6 weeks! Would love to try this organic tincture. Thank you for offering a giveaway through the leaky boob!

  122. Michelle P says

    Please oh please pick me!!! I preggers n my supply is dwindling n I don’t want to stop breastfeeding my little girl!!

  123. I love Mothers Love!!

  124. Carri Story says

    This would be amazing! Nursing my 9 mon old now who was a priemee and just found out I’m pregnant again.

  125. Ladan Rashidi says

    Thank you for this opportunity! I desperately need this as my 17 month old seems to be showing signs that I have low supply as I’m 14 weeks pregnant. We’re both not ready for her to wean, so I am desperate to boost my supply!

  126. wow, just bought malunggay capsules yesterday, and thinking of buying fenugreek later. Hope I win this one!

  127. Heidi Black says

    I would like to try this or give this to my sister in law who is pregnant and nursing.