Nursing Bra Express Sexy Lace Nursing Bra Giveaway

I’m delighted to bring you a giveaway from TLB sponsor Nursing Bra Express. With a wide range of styles and products, Nursing Bra Express has something for everyone, fitting from A-M cups.  I hope you enjoy this interview with founder and owner Dara Davignon.  She shares about her business, working with moms, and what she personally looks for in a bra.


TLB:  What is your favorite part about working with moms and helping them get into comfortable, quality bras?

Dara:  The nicest thing about moms (and moms-to-be) that I’ve encountered is how nice they are! I have yet to come across an difficult or overly hormonal pregnant or nursing mom.  Any mom that has called in, has been very excited about her new journey as a mom and is looking forward to nursing. Times are tough, and it’s so refreshing to know there is a lot of positive energy out there.


TLB:  What are mistakes women often make when selecting a bra?

Dara:  A lot of first time moms immediately choose an underwire bra.  If they call or email me, I have to route them to a comfort bra style for their early stages of nursing…many of them don’t realize how uncomfortable an underwire bra will be when their milk is stabilizing.


TLB:  Share your favorite tip for finding a good fitting bra and any advice you have for buying bras online.

Dara:  Our staff lactation consultant wrote an article that’s posted on our website about “when to buy a nursing bra”, there are lots of helpful tips about fit. I hope all moms who come to our website read this article .


TLB:  What do you personally look for in a bra?

Dara:  I like stylish bras best, like the Sexy Lace Nursing Bra we are giving away.  The best thing about this new bra is that it’s cotton, non-underwire, affordable AND it looks good!


Today’s giveaway is a Sexy Lace Nursing Bra, a $24 value, for one lucky Leaky.  From the Nursing Bra Express website:

Hot pink, black lace, fully functional and affordable! What more could you ask for in a nursing bra?  With the Sexy Lace Nursing Bra by QT Intimates you’ll be the ultimate sexy mama!  Don’t give up on style just because you are nursing, have it all and feel beautiful at the same time.  Softcup light pink cotton bra with black lace and pretty rose and hot pink trim detail.  Non-padded nursing bra. Cups: cotton Lace: nylon.  Back: nylon/spandex.  Imported. 




 Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered and have fun browsing Dara’s shop.  The giveaway is open from March 27, 2012 to April 4, 2012.  A big thanks to Dara for her support of TLB and all breastfeeding women and I can tell everyone from personal experience, Dara is great to work with, patient, supportive, helpful, and so understanding.  Can’t beat great customer service!

This giveaway is open to international entries.


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  1. Oh la la. I’d love to win this!

  2. Erica Kotabish says


  3. Nicole McKinney says

    I’d just like to win a nursing bra 🙂

  4. I’d love to win this new, stylish nursing bra!! It would sure help a new mama’s self esteem to look pretty in her nursing bra! 🙂

  5. I would love one!

  6. Ashely Miller says

    I would LOVE to win this nursing bra! The one I have is just plain tan and I would like to look sexy still 🙂

  7. The Lotus Nursing Bra by Belabumbum looks so pretty and comfy!

  8. This lace nursing bra IS sexy! Love it!!

  9. Oh my! These are some of the prettiest nursing bra’s I’ve seen…and affordable too!!

  10. So excited about this giveaway. I hope I win.

  11. jessica Ferrigan says

    I would LOVE this nursing bra! The city I live in doesn’t have anywhere that sells nursing bras except Walmart & the ones there aren’t that stylish!

  12. I would LOVE to win this…I have no nursing bras (can’t afford ’em). I like the looks of this one too: Lamaze Intimates Padded Cotton Nursing Bra

  13. britney hillman says

    This mama could definitely use a sexy bra! I am stuck with walmarts finest nursing bra!

  14. Cara Peacey says

    I would love to win this nursing bra, I don’t have any sexy ones 😉

  15. I would love this!

  16. I have been nursing almost solidly for the last 5 years…needless to say, I could really use a new nursing bra !

  17. What a gorgeous bra and a great price too!

  18. would LOVE to win a nursing bra.. hers are so cute and would love to have one that is cute and comfy and still affordable

  19. I would love to win this! The nursing bras that I have are very plain and boring…I need a nursing bra makeover! 🙂

  20. Wow, what a cute bra! Love it!!

  21. Alicia Goveia says

    Love it! 🙂

  22. Hello i would LOVE to win this!!!!! I have a 8 month old who is EBF and i have 1 only 1 nursing bra!!

  23. Amy Watson says

    I would love to win!

  24. I want to feel pretty while nursing!

  25. I would love a nursing bra that doesn’t look blah! Thanks for the chance

  26. Amy Watson says

    The belabumbum bra looks like it would be great for me 🙂

  27. lesley deng says

    It so hard to find a nice stylish bra and is also fully functional for a breastfeeding mother! Very nice! Would love to win this also! It will make one.lucky mommy happy!

  28. Deborah B says

    Wow! You have some very nice things! I love the shirt and dress hanging on the wall! Very CUTE! I would love to win a bra! Two out of my three nursing bras do not fit. 🙁 very frustrating!

  29. Samantha martin says

    I would love a cute nursing bra! Mine are so ugly

  30. Rebecca Sanborn says

    I love the light pink lace, it would be nice not to look so frumpy!

  31. I would love a supportive nursing bra that is funky. Plain colours are so depressing 😉

  32. I’m always on the lookout for a pretty nursing bra that does its job, and feels comfy at the same time.

  33. The Anita 5068 Seamless Underwire Nursing Bra is the only one you have in my size that I would want.

  34. The sexy nursing bra is too cute! I won’t mind winning that!

  35. What a cute nursing bra! We just weaned at the end of the year, but I’ll have to keep this site in mind for #2!

  36. I would absolutely love to win this!!! I am still nursing my 2.5 yr old. and find myself feeling less and less sexy to my husband.. i think this would help boost my confidence!!!

  37. Oh my goodness! That really is pretty and sexy! I think I’ll have to buy it if I don’t win it. 🙂 I think Hubs will like this much more than white cotton.

  38. Oh wow so pretty! I would love to win! If there as comfy as they are pretty I would be honored to win, to wear and to flaunt it my LLL meetings!!!

  39. I just have drab, colorless, leftover bras that are falling apart. Definitely need one that would make me feel pretty! 😉

  40. Jennifer Hough says

    would love to win a pretty and sexy (and have to mention FREE) nursing bra!!!

  41. Alison K. says

    A pretty nursing bra? Yes please!!!!!

  42. I would love to win a new bra! The couple I have are so old and dingy.

  43. Amanda Guidry says

    I’d love to win this! I’ve been on the look out for a nursing bra that still makes you feel sexy!

  44. Meghan Williams says

    I ordered all my bras too small while pregnant and would love this nursing bra! love the styles and prices but unfortunately everything is unaffordable if it’s not for my son. Being a SAHM makes money tight! Love this opportunity!

  45. Megan Lyons says

    would love to win a new nurisng bra especially a sexy one!!

  46. I would love to try a pretty nursing bra. 🙂

  47. I’d love La Leche League Wrap N Snap Nursing Bra!

  48. Rebecca Roland says

    I would love to win the sexy lace bra actually! It’s very pretty!

  49. Kayla Harness says

    I would love to win the Sexy Lace Nursing Bra because my husband is deployed and it would be wonderful to have this to look extra special for when he comes home! 🙂

  50. I could really use a new nursing bra!

  51. So many beautiful bras…and in a wide range of sizes, too! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  52. Chani-Claire Moran says

    Would love a nursing bra I actually look forward to wearing!

  53. I would love to win one. Have trouble looking for a cute bra

  54. The lace is cute

  55. Jessica Pritt says

    I would love to win the sexy lace nursing bra!

  56. Stephanie says

    One of these would be amazing.

  57. I’d love to win this, I need some sexy yet functional nursing bras!

  58. Krystal Sims says

    This bra is so cute!

  59. angela brandon says

    It’s such a beautiful product! I haven’t been able to find any that are comfortable, plus this one is so pretty

  60. tosha burger says

    Would love to try!

  61. pretty bras are essential for me on the days where baby will be happy with nothing but the booby. it’s the little things that matter the most 😉

  62. Affordable and sexy nursing bra available in my size, even if I don’t win I might have to buy one anyway!

  63. I’d love to finally have a pretty nursing bra!

  64. Crystal Vick says

    I love my bras from Nursing Bra Express! I would love to win one!

  65. So cute!

  66. Cole Chartier says

    So pretty! would love to have one!

  67. Rachael Kojetin says

    I like the Belabumbum Lotus Nursing Bra

  68. I love the Emily Nursing Top in Chocolate by Annee Matthew.

    For nursing bra’s, would love any and could use one. My bra’s are so worn and ugly. I need more support too! Would love to win one!

  69. Shannon Brazee says

    Sexy Nursing Bra! Love it!!

  70. I would especially love to win this because I’ve been a nursing mama almost 8 months and have never owned a proper nursing bra! Thanks for the chance

  71. Bernadette Yates says

    I would love to win any nursing bra that actually looks sexy and not like a sports bra or “old”. 🙂

  72. I’d love the Bravado original nursing bra in plus size cups.

  73. Christi b says

    I need a new bra!

  74. Christi b says

    The black lace looks pretty!

  75. I am pretty sorely in need of a new nursing bra; this is lovely!

  76. I like the LLL Wrap and Snap! what a great idea 🙂

  77. I hate having to choose between pretty bras, or functional bras. Yay! A pretty nursing bra!

  78. Shalala Morell says

    Nursing bras in my size is a rarity! Would love to get to try one. About to have my second nursing child and I have 2 bras that are uncomfortable that actually work to nurse in.

  79. I would lOve to win this and get one of those baby doll nursing tops to go with it!

  80. Lisa Nuckols says
  81. Lindsay Cooper says

    I have SO much trouble finding bras in general, much less good nursing bras! This would be fantastic!

  82. Felicia Peters says

    I’d love this! It’s not easy to find cute nursing bras!

  83. I would like one in large please:) these are gorgeous!!!

  84. I would love a nice lacy nursing bra!

  85. Would love to win a nursing bra! Tired of my boring beige, wires sticking out, cruddy looking current nursing bras.

  86. I could really use a sexy yet comfortable nursing bra

  87. I would like the anita 5068

  88. Need this so bad!

  89. LeAndra Purvis says

    A pretty nursing bra!!! Yes please!! I am nursing my 2 year old and pregnant and all of my camis have been worn out or shrunk by now..and the bras are just worn out and plain.

  90. How pretty! I would love to have this sexy nursing bra…all mine look so drab!

  91. I love the lace!

  92. I’d love a pretty new nursing bra!

  93. Ohhhh, I LOVE these! I just wish I had know abt them 3 years ago when my son was born too! 🙂

  94. Wow! that’s so pretty and looks so comfortable too!!

  95. I would love to win the Padded Lace Underwire Nursing Bra. It’s so pretty! After 9 months of nursing and at least another 9 to go I could definitely use a gorgeous nursing bra 🙂

  96. This is beautiful! I would love to win this one. I’m getting tired of plain white (or greyish – I’ve been wearing some of them for 4 1/2 years). I can’t remember what it feels like to wear a sexy bra!

  97. This could make me feel like a lady again. Not just a mommy lol

  98. I love this! I seriously need a new nursing bra and this would be awesome

  99. I would love a nice pretty nursing bra

  100. jessica mortomer says

    So pretty

  101. melissa richardson says


  102. Meredith s says

    Finally a cute nursing bra that doesn’t look like an old lady bra!

  103. I love the black with pink!


  104. What a great giveaway

  105. Julie Anderson says

    I love the padded lace under wire nursing bra! It’s pretty blue and back and it’s just my style! Oh and affordable too! 🙂 Good luck everyone!

  106. Julie Anderson says

    I really, really like this bra! I would still order it even if I didn’t win it. But I’d love to win it too! 🙂

  107. I would love a sexy nursing bra! All of mine are so dowdy, and don’t fit very well. Seeing this has made me realize that I have not made my bras a priority, which is ridiculous since my life as a new nursing mother totally revolves around my boobs!!

  108. Valerie Hoaglund says

    I am not picky. Any good fitting nursing bra would be wonderful!!!

  109. tina duran-ruiz says

    Cute bra! Thanks for this opportunity Nursing Bra Express!

  110. I could definitely use a nice nursing bra! I’ve been pregnant or nursing all of the last 4 years and my boobies need some lovin!

  111. Wow! I’ve never seen such cute nursing bras in stores around here! And good prices too! I would usually hesitate buying a bra online, but I think I may have to splurge on one of the cute ones. I especially like the “lotus”

  112. any of these would be awesome 🙂

  113. Leslie Gluck says

    I would love any new nursing bra. Mine are looking a little dingy!

  114. ladybug11780 says

    I would love to win that nursing bra (actually, I want almost everything from the website and probably will by something soon!) Love the site.

  115. jessica mortimer says

    aww these are so pretty!!

  116. Dagny's Mom says


  117. Patricia B. says

    WOW! I LOVE IT! 😀

  118. Would love to win!

  119. The button hoodie nursing top is just my style 🙂

  120. I would order this: if I were buying right now – money’s tight, but good nursing bras are important!

  121. Would LOVE to win the Copacabana nursing bra!

  122. count me in! i need a new nursing bra!

  123. I would love to win one of these, they look awesome!!

  124. Oh my goodness! Sexy nursing bras. Just what I’ve been looking for!!!!!!

  125. I could really use a nursing bra! I dont even have a bra that fits right now, and my pregnancy is half over! 🙁

  126. Kristal Strawn says

    My favorite item from the Annee Matthew line would have to be ” Padded Lace Underwire Nursing Bra” (My favorite color is blue) 🙂

  127. Kristal Strawn says

    If I was able to order something today it would have to be “pump up the bands hands free nursing bra” it would make pumping easier!

  128. The bra looks lovely!

  129. To have a nursing bra that is really attractive? Awesome! The Lacy Bra pictured above would be wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity!

  130. I would love any of their bras! I really like this one…

  131. Oh beautiful! I want one. The sexy lace! Nothing about nursing says sexy so my bra is plain and boring.

  132. The Ivana Tie Nursing Dress from the Annee Mathew line is gorgeous! I’d love it for this summer. I’d also love to wear a lovely lacey bra like this giveaway, as I nurse my sixth baby. I would definitely use the help of Dara’s shop to get a good fit, too.

  133. I’d love to order the Smocked Floral Print Nursing Sundress. I love dresses for summer, but it’s often hard to find one that works for nursing. Lifting a dress up to my neck won’t cut it!!

  134. I love the Lacy one!!

  135. A nursing bra that doesn’t look like something my grandma would where, would be awesome!! 🙂

  136. Very sexy! I want!!!!

  137. I would love that nursing bra! All mine are so ugly, I’m surprised my baby hasn’t lost her lunch at the sight of them. 😉

  138. I would love to win ANY nursing bra!

  139. Christine v. says

    Everyone loves a giveaway, the anita seamless bra

  140. very pretty! hope to win one 🙂

  141. Oh I need a new nursing bra so badly!!! Especially with baby #3 on the way!

  142. Deborah Anderson says

    What a beautiful bra! I would love to win the sexy lace nursing bra!

  143. Love the Marissa Maxi Sundress from Annee Matthew

  144. i would love to win! super cute!

  145. I love the one in the giveaway the best actually. I sure could use new nursing bras! 🙂

  146. Bethany Kavich says

    I love the black and hot pink!

  147. OMG I need a new bra SO badly and this one is so pretty! I was just saying the other day how I miss pretty bras, I can get both with this bra!

  148. Thanks for this opportunity. I would love to win the sexy lace nursing bra, as most of the ones I have are worn out and so NOT sexy. I never win anything, so this would be a treat, although that 500 million mega lottery would be oh so nice to… if I won that I would buy everyone who entered this contest the bra of their choice.

  149. So cute! I’d love to win!

  150. I love the padded lace underwire nursing bra.. I love black and aqua together so this bra is super sexy to me!

  151. ren waters says

    I love the button hoodie!

  152. I would totally order this before-and-after tank!

  153. 🙂 Love nursing bras!

  154. Alia Brown-Gervasi says

    I’d love to with the lacy bra above, but with a little bit of lining/padding. I’ve been nursing now for 2+ years and don’t have any pretty nursing bras. I had to go down a cup size 12 months in and think I may be due again that or else the cheapie nursing bra cups are just worn out, they leave me looking a little bumpy :(.

  155. Anna Baehman says

    I would love to win either this bra or the Rachelle Nursing Bra by Belabumbum!!

  156. I have admired your nursing bras and would love to win one, they are my favorite item on your site.

  157. I’d love to win this, thanks for the chance!

  158. I’d like to win any of the cotton, comfortable, nursing bras!!

  159. i would love to win a comfortable and attractive nursing bra mine are depressingly unsexy!

  160. WIth a nursing 15 month old and another sweet baby on the way I would love a new pretty nursing bra. Like the one pictured!

  161. I want this bra!

  162. Wowzers!! Pick me! I’d love to win. Make me a hott momma!! Lol

  163. Nikole Stewart says

    If these come in 32H I’d love to win!!! They are soo pretty and most in my size are hideous <3

  164. Taylor King says

    I’d love to win this!

  165. Jessica Martin says

    I would love to win any one of these.

  166. I love this one!! I would diffently love to win it!!

  167. sarah scott says

    very pretty, i am having a hard time finding a great nursing bra right now! great website

  168. I would love this for my sister in law who is currently pregnant. I lost my baby girl to SIDS when she was 5 months old and I only breastfed her. Now my sister in law is planning on doing so even though no one in her family did. She would just love this!

  169. Rebecca T. says

    The lamaze padded cotton nursing bra from the site looks great also!

  170. Would love a new bra!

  171. Kate Dever says

    Cute bra! I’m in.

  172. I’d love to win! The bra looks so nice which is not normally the case for a nursing one…

  173. I love this:)

  174. The sexy lace nursing bra!

  175. Laura Fransen says

    I need a new nursing bra, one of mine has a wire poking out! ouch!

  176. the Molded Cotton Nursing Bra looks so comfortable!

  177. Great giveaway! I’d love to try the Lotus Nursing Bra!

  178. I could def use a nursing bra. Have not bought any yet. 🙂

  179. So pretty, I would love to win!

  180. that Sexy Lace Nursing Bra looks great! i’d love it!

  181. Kristin V. says

    I’d love a pretty/sexy nursing bra!

  182. Vanessa S. says

    I love this bra, and I also love the “Emily” and “Tuned-In” nursing tops!!! 🙂

  183. Looks so pretty and practical!

  184. Gabrielle Beaudoin says

    Wow, I would *love* a new nursing bra. My bras have lived through nursing two little boys and frankly, they look like crap.

  185. I’d love to win — I really need a new nursing bra!

  186. Definitely would love to win a new nursing bra especially one a cute as this one!

  187. Stacey Walker says

    I think my hubby & I would both appreciate winning this pretty bra. I’m sure he’s sick of seeing the unflattering nursing bras I have left. I know I am!

  188. The Orignal Nursing Bra Plus (C-E cup) in Leopard by Bravado! Or … the Lotus bra. <3

  189. Sarah Fuhrmann says

    love to win any of them!

  190. Dee Johnson says

    Great giveaway!

  191. I’ve always loved the Annee Matthew wrap top! But i would be happy winning anything 🙂 especially if the sizes come in 32 FF 🙂

  192. Leah Woosley says

    I could use another!

  193. Donna Marie says

    I like the Button Hoodie Nursing Top by Annee Matthew

  194. I’m always looking for better nursing bras and would love to try this!

  195. Over 2 nursing relationships (one of which is ongoing) and one pregnancy, I have WORN OUT my Bravado Body Silk’s! I would love to have some new bras, especially one this pretty.


    I would order this right now, I love the double shirt layering method of discreet nursing, and one can never have too many nursing tanks.

  197. love this! very pretty and functional!

  198. Oops, I’m a widget newbie, so I didn’t realize I had to pick one first. I’d love the ultrasmooth underwire.

  199. RaShea Lary says

    I wanna win! It’s so pretty!

  200. I would love to win a nursing bra–sadly I’ll be limited to only this one

    …so much for pretty colors, but at least it will get the job done.

  201. Ginnie M. says

    I would love to win the bra pictured here! I have been breast feeding for almost a year and haven’t worn a sexy bra since my son was born. It’s getting old! I love breast feeding but I can’t find any practical, comfortable nursing bras that aren’t super frumpy. These bras sound perfect!

  202. Krista Barber says

    Very pretty.

  203. I would love the sexy lace nursing bra! I have 2 plain sport nursing bras that I alternate between and would live to bring a little bit of sexy back to my life while BFinv my 4 month twins

  204. I would LOVE this!

  205. Love the nursing bra. It is nice to see something pretty!

  206. Justine Tejeda says

    What an amazing giveaway!! I love the Copacabana nursing bra, it doesn’t even look like one! So pretty!

  207. I would LOVE to try this bra!

  208. Jacqueline says

    I spent a bunch of money on nursing bras last year, but now that my boobs deflated I need new ones… so any of them are good! I think the Ivana Tie Nursing Dress is really cute, and my baby hates having fabric in his face or above the nipple when he nurse so I usually need to wear things that can be pulled down from the neck.

  209. Jacqueline says

    As for something I would order right now, the Before & After Camis by Belabumbum looks like something I can use for a while.

  210. gorgeous 🙂

  211. I have nurses 2 babies and my bras are WORN out. I am expecting my 3rd and I would love to buy a few new bras! These look lovely.

  212. Pretty Bras!