Mother’s Day Wishes- Motherlove Herbal Company Nurturing Life Giftbox Giveaway

For this Mother’s Day Motherlove is giving away one Nurturing Life Giftbox.  I was given a Nurturing Life Giftbox and absolutely love it, used the birth and baby oil while in labor, my nipples love the nipple cream, and everything else in the giftbox has been put to good use over the last couple of weeks.  My favorite gift for expecting moms and new breastfeeding moms.  It has been a privilege to work with Motherlove Herbal Company (makers of More Milk and More Milk Plus) and I have completely enjoyed getting to know Kathryn Higgens and her eldest daughter Silencia over the past year.  Making quality herbal products that are of the highest quality, safe, and organic, Motherlove invests in Mother Earth and mothers of the earth through their company and their non-profit, The Nurturing Life Foundation.  Please read on to learn more about this trustworthy company from Silencia, the daughter of the mom that started Motherlove and now the Director of Marketing of her mother’s company.  This mother and daughter team go above and beyond in supporting mothers and promoting breastfeeding.  

Kathryn and Silencia

TLB:  What should TLB readers know about Motherlove Herbal Company?

Silencia:  Motherlove was started by my mom, Kathryn Higgins, over 20 years ago — when she was a new mother looking for natural options for her own pregnancy. The company has remained true to its roots and never compromised on quality. We were the first natural product line specifically created for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Today we make products for pregnancy, breastfeeding, postpartum and baby care. Our focus is on herbal products designed to nurture, soothe and heal women and babies.


TLB:  How does Motherlove support mothers?

Silencia:  Providing clean and simple products that work. Our More Milk Plus has helped thousands of women increase their breast milk supply and continue to breastfeed their babies. We donate a percentage of every sale to our Nurturing Life Foundation, which funds projects for low income moms, at risk kids and families who need extra support.


TLB:  What was your favorite mother’s day present?

Silencia:  I like to cook for my mom. She has trouble finding the time to cook (plus she doesn’t love cooking) so it is something that I can do to give her a little more time in the day to garden.


TLB:  What do you wish for all mothers this mother’s day?

Silencia:  I hope that every mom has at least one day a year they feel appreciated. Being a mother is such hard work and having a day to acknowledge that hard work is important.


Motherlove is giving away one complete Nurturing Life Giftbox, a retail value of $59.99.

The Nurturing Life Giftbox is Motherlove’s complete selection celebrating new motherhood! From pregnancy and labor, to breastfeeding and babies, these products nurture mother and baby with certified organic herbs and pure ingredients. These products do not contain any synthetic ingredients, fragrances or parabens commonly found in body care products. The perfect gift for the mother who is looking for only the highest quality, pure, natural products for herself and child.

The Nurturing Life Giftbox contains:

  • Nipple cream
  • Diaper rash and thrush cream
  • Rhoid balm
  • Sitz bath concentrate
  • Sitz bath spray
  • Birth and baby oil


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered and be sure to visit Motherlove online to learn more about the Motherlove products and get to know this company that makes it a priority to support mothers and babies.  This giveaway is open from May 9, 2012 through May 16, 2012.  Heartfelt appreciation to Motherlove for their support of TLB and all breastfeeding women, please be sure to visit the Motherlove Facebook page and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is open only to shipping addresses in the USA.

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  1. Jenni Bass says

    Even if I don’t win this prize, I am ordering the sitz bath spray and the nipple cream. Come on September!

  2. Hannah Senn says

    I would order the nipple cream. I am still breastfeeding my 14 month old, and my nipples still get sore now and again.

  3. Erica Kotabish says

    Awesome prize pack!!

  4. kayla kahre says

    I would love these!

  5. tosha burger says

    Hoping to win for my upcoming delivery in July:)

  6. The green salve as it comes in so handy for almost anything Thanks

  7. I love love LOVED the nipple salve when I first began breastfeeding my babe. I would order the sitz herbs, great for healing pp bums:)

  8. Courtney says

    Fabulous products! I am all about anything that helps boost my milk supply. I am pumping at work for my 7 month old and barely keeping up most days.

  9. would love this and the sitz bath! planning a homebirth, our 4th babe for november! thanks for the opportunity to learn about this great companny!

  10. Limor C says

    diaper rash & thrush salve

  11. Ashley Hudson says

    I buy motherlove more milk plus regularly. I have supply problems and am trying like heck to keep breastfeeding my 4 month old son. So will continue buying it even if I dont win.

  12. I would love to try these products! Especially the Nipple Cream and Baby Oil. 🙂

  13. Britney says

    I would definitely order the nipple cream- Lazy toddler latch + 8 (working on 10) teeth = sore nipples sometimes :/ I think I might be ordering anyways 🙂

  14. Motherlove is awesome. Hope I win!!

  15. jessica poulsen says

    Diaper rash and thrush is my favorite!!

  16. ladybug11780 says

    Diaper Rash and thrush cream. #1 and I had thrush early on and it was NOT fun.

  17. Dorothy says

    What a lovely set! I know a few mommies to be that would love this!

  18. Kristy Cronkrite says

    This would be so great to win… I have a friend who is due in July and would LOVE to give her this as a shower gift!

  19. Ashley Ratzlaff says

    The nipple cream is my favorite~!

  20. WANT!!!! The nipple cream is pretty much the only brand I can use–I HATED lanolin, and everything else has coconut oil in it (to which I’m allergic 🙁 ) I love the smell, too…MMMMM olive oil!

  21. I would order the Sitz Bath Spray since I’m 2 weeks PP and still sore.

  22. Heidi Black says

    The giftbox sounds great!

  23. Christine says

    Love the nipple cream

  24. meagan erickson says

    Thrush cream

  25. amy lee rife says

    I would order the more milk suuplements.

  26. Ashley C says

    We actaully use the green salve almost every week, it’s great for just about everything!


  27. Claire Reeve says

    Love the nipple cream, would love to try some other products!

  28. Meagan Mohr says

    the salve is a lifesaver!

  29. carly glover says

    i would get the sitz bath!

  30. Jennifer says

    I would have such a hard time choosing! I’m 12 weeks away from a new little one, so I want everything. For my life right now, I’d choose the green salve…. in a couple months, I’d want the diaper cream, the baby oil, could possibly need the nursing help…..

  31. Love the thrush/diaper rash cream and nipple cream!
    Your products are amazing!

  32. Amy Smith says

    I would love everything!! And what I can’t use I can pass on to an expecting Momma I know!!

  33. Leslie Gluck says

    I would love the diaper rash cream!

  34. I would love to try anything but if I HAD to choose I would try the nipple cream!

  35. I absolutely used the the more milk products after I had my last baby so I would order those again in a heartbeat ~ definitely helped with my milk supply. Thanks for agreat giveaway.

  36. I LOVE Motherlove products. After having so much trouble in the early days of nursing, I found their great products to help with several of my problems.

    • I would order more of the nipple cream. I’m half way through my first one.

  37. I would order the Diaper Rash & Thrush cream!

  38. Desiree T says

    I Love Motherlove! I have used the diaper rash cream and nipple cream. Would love to win.

  39. I have the diaper rash cream and love it. I would love to have the nipple cream or green salve!

  40. Green Salve

  41. Jennifer bowen says

    These look wonderful. I would love to use them for my new baby.

  42. You can never have enough nipple cream!

  43. I have the thrush cream and it is amazing!!!! I would probably get that again or nipple cream.

  44. I’ve been looking for a cloth safe diaper cream.

  45. Kathleen Lester says

    Very cool giveaway!

  46. idalia parrett says

    i really enjoyed the Motherlove products with my first child and will continue to use them with my second.

  47. Amanda Iden Howell says

    The Rhoid balm would be the most useful right now, though everything looks fabulous! I am better not still not fully healed from my last birth even though it was over a year ago!

  48. Samantha says

    My favorite is Motherlove More Milk Special Blend.

  49. Gizella DiVenere says

    The nurturing love gift box because my friend is a soon-to-be first time mom and I would love to get it for her!

  50. Addison Kat says

    I’d love the Nipple cream

  51. This would be awesome to win!!!

  52. Kerri Basista says

    Would be great to have for our next home birth!

  53. Sarah Fuhrmann says

    Nipple cream and green salve

  54. Jessica Bailey says

    Still pregnant but can’t wait to just try it all!

  55. I’d order the diaper rash and thrush cream. I’ve seen lots of good reviews for it!

  56. Nichole S says

    Motherlove More Milk Special Blend

  57. Katelynn Chaisson says

    I would get some nipple cream 🙂

  58. I love the nipple cream

  59. I’d love to try their goat’s rue tincture for when I am pumping for my third surrogate baby this summer (and beyond!). 😀 THANKS!!

  60. Either the birth and baby oil or the diaper rash cream.

  61. I would love to try the nipple cream! I use Lanisoh but am looking for an alternative brand!

  62. Kari Bh. says

    Rhiod cream sounds like a God send right now. Might even go buy some anyway cause I could use it now & hey if I win then I’d have even more of it yeah! I’ve heard rave reviews of all products so would love to try this sampler.

  63. Holly Profitt says

    I could use a few of their products! Hope I win!