Rumina Give-away

Today we have a giveaway from TLB sponsor Rumina Nursingwear.  Read on for details on this opportunity and an interview with the company founder Dawn Alva and her sister Amanda.  I love this company and had the pleasure of meeting Dawn and Amanda last fall.  Their commitment to supporting moms extends beyond their customers and sales to ongoing support of WIC and Milk Banking.  I hope you take the time to get to know this company and consider using their product knowing that doing so helps them help so many other moms.  Their tanks are high quality products, I have both styles and love both.  Their new full coverage tank is so comfortable and a new staple in my wardrobe and with its classic design I’ll be wearing it long after weaning even.




TLB: What would you like readers to know about your company?

Amanda: Rumina’s been busy these past few months establishing a strong connection with our community and helping more moms reach their breastfeeding goals. We’ve been working on building long term relationships with WIC organizations both in our Northern California area as well as outside Rumina’s home state. We’re so proud to be able to share with you that through RuminaMoms, part of our proceeds goes to donating resources to help support various WIC programs.  A great success story is our continuous work with our local Monterey County WIC office in Salinas CA. Monterey County is a heavy agricultural based area with many moms working long hours out in the fields. We’ve been able to donate Rumina tanks to these WIC moms to help with pumping while they sit in their trucks or cars on their lunch breaks. The picture attached shows a mom starting to pump while she’s on her lunch break from working in the fields. They love being able to wear the tank while they work and not stress about where to pump in a very public area. We’re so happy to be supporting our local community and we’re so excited to start working with other WIC programs, especially the Peer Counseling Program.

TLB: What inspires your design process?

Amanda: It’s truly the needs of moms. Our first Rumina design, the all-in-one Hands-Free Pumping Bra and Nursing Tank was inspired by my personal struggle with breastfeeding and pumping. There was nothing at the time that worked for my body that allowed me to pump hands-free when I had to return to work. Now as we look at designing other styles, we really listen to what moms need, to inspire us to make a new garment to meet that need. So many moms have amazing ideas and suggestions on how products can be designed or improved to better fit every unique woman’s postpartum body. It’s our hope to have more forums and open discussions to hear what those needs are, ideas how to create and design new products and to see if we can develop garments that help breastfeeding moms to reach their breastfeeding goals.

TLB: How do you balance being a mom and running your own company?

Amanda: Good question!  This is something that I struggle with but feel very lucky to have an incredible support system in my husband and family.  As the sole financial provider for my family and the main financial contributor to the company I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for my husband’s commitment to the family, I could not have been successful in starting Rumina. His commitment and support along with my sister working full time for Rumina allow me to be engaged with my son and be fully present when he’s home. It’s important to disconnect from work when he’s home and on the weekends as much as possible so I can be the mom I want to be for him. At times it’s harder than others and it’s something I have to constantly work at but again, without the great support system I have, I wouldn’t nearly be as successful as I am.

TLB: What are your favorite breastfeeding memories as a mom?

Amanda: As I mentioned, I struggled with breastfeeding.  With returning back to work, I ended up exclusively pumping for 4+ months.  It’s in retrospect that I realize my most precious breastfeeding moment was the last time I nursed.  It was between Christmas and New Year’s and it’s still the most wonderful gift he could have given me.  Now with my second child on the way, I look forward to having many more breastfeeding memories.

TLB: What is one tip that helped you in your breastfeeding journey that you’d like to pass on to other moms?

Amanda: I would have to say it’s drink lots of water and relax. In today’s society, we measure everything. I think many moms (myself included) feel anxious that our babies are not “getting enough” because we can’t see to measure it. We have been conditioned to look at the ounces on the bottle and feel success when our little ones drink the “correct” amount. Our bodies are amazing! It knows what your baby needs and will provide it (of course, supplementing will change this dynamic) but consult with your lactation consultant and pediatrician to determine what weight is healthy for your baby.


Rumina is giving away a fabulous prize for the TLB community :

Their brand new all-in-one Full Coverage Hands-Free Pumping Bra & Nursing Tank. Rumina’s Full Coverage Pump&Nurse tank has a scooped neckline for more modest coverage and with a size range from C-H to accommodate larger cup sizes, it’s great for the larger busted mom! Retail Value: $48.00

Currently Leakies can find this and other great products on the Rumina website.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered and have fun browsing  The giveaway is open from August 16, 2012 to August 24, 2012.  A big thanks to Amanda and Dawn for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women, please be sure to visit their Facebook page and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is open to US entries only.

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  1. It would make pumping at work so much simpler!

  2. It would give me another tank option-I only have 2 nursing tanks so this would definitely add to my breastfeeding wardrobe!

  3. I’m definitely planning on wearing lots of nursing tanks this fall/winter for some extra coverage!

  4. Brilliant! I would love a hands-free tank (or two) for pumping at work!

  5. I would love to have a nursing/pumping tank that actually fits, it is so hard to find bras and tanks that fit!!!

  6. This would allow me to work on my Master’s program while pumping, which I am struggling to do right now!

  7. I have the hardest time nursing in regular clothes but nursing clothes are too expensive for us right now. A Rumina tank would help me out sooo much!

  8. I would love another nursing tank! It’s so hard to find a good one with decent coverage!

  9. Rebecca Roland says

    I currently have NO nursing tanks! lol it would help me a lot, especially when I need to wear a tank underneath a shirt that is sheer. Easier access to the boob and less fumbling for me!

  10. Oh I need this! Seriously awesome.

  11. oh, WOW, would that make breastfeeding easier!

  12. Being a busy mom with a baby who is just starting to crawl this would be so convenient for me to be able to easily nurse hands free while sitting on the floor playing with him!

  13. Bekah Capps says

    Wow, oh wow! Where was this when I was pumping 3 times a day in my car while traveling for work?! I love my pumpease but I still had to put it on and take it off. This would be fantastic!

  14. Joanny llapur says

    This would be wonderful in my next attempt at breast feeding

  15. I’d need about 5 of them please! Haha.

  16. So awesome! Would love it, I have struggled finding a nursing tank that works for me!

  17. The full coverage would make me feel more comfortable nursing in public!

  18. Sherri Smith says

    I have to pump for my baby because his mouth anatomy does not allow him to nurse. This would be great to wear when we are out and about and I have to pump in the car!

  19. jennifer louie says

    I love the rouching between the boobs. It looks really nice and I have been on the look out for an awesome nursing tank to wear at work for pumping.

  20. Keira Lindquist says

    This would make my life so much easier and more comfortable!

  21. It has a built in pumping bra. No worries if you forget yours.

  22. Jessica Young says

    It would be great to fit me since I’m larger! Hardly any nursing tops fit! Pumping at work would be easier, too!.

  23. I would love this handy nursing tank!

  24. Jennifer Thompson says

    Yay! A tank that will accommodate my H-cups and full coverage too. This will definitely solve my dilemma about what to wear while pumping when I return to work. Our company-designated pumping area isn’t particularly secure. I’ll be ordering today!

  25. it would help me pump and keep my supply up so I can keep breast feeding!

  26. I’m going back to work Monday and this would really help me to express milk quickly.

  27. I live in my nursing tanks and could use another one, as I don’t have many.

  28. This would save me time as I pump at work! Great idea!

  29. I have been successfully breastfeeding for 6 months now. I am a SAHM, and only work outside the home once in awhile. When I leave home to work, and prior to leaving home to work, I have to pump. I have been borrowing a friends pump to do this. But, when I go to work and have to pump- everyone knows what I am doing. I have to lug around a big pump and it’s noisy. I think having a pump like yours would make it easier and more convenient to pump discreetly. Also, I wouldn’t be “sharing” with anyone! I have also just started my own business, and if I had something this easy and handy- I could do events by myself and give daddy extra chances to bond with baby!

  30. Love nursing tanks! Especially ones that fit larger bust sizes!

  31. Need a hands free pumping bra before I go back to work. I’ve been eyeing this one for awhile.

  32. Time saver for sure! I could pump and work on the computer at the same time!

  33. Jennifer Oviatt says

    I love how nursing tanks make leaving the house so much simpler.

  34. Maya Alvarez says

    I am expecting baby #2 and this would be great for pumping at work!!!

  35. Melody Rudenko says

    That is a really good design. I sometimes have to pump in my vehicle when I’m out doing field work. It’s hard to get comfortable and relaxed, feeling exposed is definately part of that, much more an issue for me when I’m pumping that when I’m nursing.

  36. Love tank tops and a nursing tank top would be AWESOME!!!!

  37. Jennifer Lavallee-Chesley says

    It would give me the ability to pump discretely without having to take off my shirt, making it easier when I have company.

  38. My daughter is a figure skater. This would make nursing my 2 mo old son by the rink so much more comfortable for me!

  39. Excellent idea – definitely makes the pumping process easier!

  40. Christina W says

    OMG I wish this had been available when I was pumping! totally getting one of those the next time around! or maybe more!

  41. Oh pick me pick me

  42. Amy Phillips says

    I love the fuller cut for layering. With a larger chest, a lot of nursing tanks end up showing a lot of cleavage, even when not nursing.

  43. I have to pump 3x day at work, this would be amazing!

  44. This would be perfect for going back to work!!! 🙂

  45. Sarah Lincoln says

    I love that it comes in larger cup sizes…decent nursing tanks for larger cup sizes are SO hard to find!

  46. This is awesome! This would help me pump and nurse simultaneously to build my stash! I dont have ANY nursing tops that fit the 36F girls, either 😉

  47. Anna Benzin says

    I would love to win this tank! I am going to be starting a work from home job and it would be great to pump and work hands free at the same time!

  48. Amanda Robles says

    I love how it looks and you cant even tell its a nursing or pumping tank.

  49. Love nursing tanks! I need to stock up 🙂

  50. Ann Shepich says

    This looks so nice! I am getting pretty tired of using my nursing cover and this looks really discreet!

  51. I’ve been thinking about pumping a lot more as I prepare to return to work in a week, and this is a great idea! I could see it making life MUCH easier!

  52. Shakeeta W says

    I will be going back to work next week (after almost 4 months at home) and this would make pumping SO much easier!

  53. Would love another nursing tank. Only have the one and I would wear them everyday if I could, so convenient when nursing in public.

  54. I love that it can support up to an H cup! I’ve never been able to wear a nursing tank because I’m do big! Yay 🙂

  55. This would be great for pumping at work so I don’t have to be topless – I have been walked in on twice (by the same lady) so it is hard to relax and pump now.

  56. This would be great to have when pumping and trying to help 2 toddlers and a nursling.

  57. This tank would make pumping hands-free so much easier!

  58. Love, love, love this tank!

  59. I manage a busy event and tour venue and will be going back into work after 4 weeks. This would definitely help make pumping much easier!

  60. Wow this tank is awesome! My husband is always so paranoid when I NIP and he is always hovering so no one can see me. this would solve that!

  61. What a great piece of clothing! I’d love to win this tank.

  62. Krista Barber says

    would love to pump hands free, i’m constantly feeling like I need a 3rd hand when trying to double pump. I’d love the flexibility of this tank.

  63. Nursing tanks are the best! This one looks especially thoughtfully constructed.

  64. Love that it is great for bigger chested moms.
    they are hard to find.

  65. I think the tank would help me pump more actually. I don’t have anything hands free right now & my pump drives me crazy!

  66. anne perry says

    It would help me pump while caring for newborn & toddler.

  67. I would LOVE one of these. I pump in a not so private location so to have such a discreate way to pump would be amazing!

  68. Tanks are best during those bleary first weeks when you need support and coverage!

  69. kayla kahre says

    I work at a daycare and have to go in and nurse my youngest (he was born with a cleft lip/gum and recently had surgery but still has a hard time with a bottle) and I would mind the comfort and extra coverage

  70. I so need a nice nursing top. I would love to try this one out.

  71. This would make pumping so much easier for me and I could use a nursing tank!

  72. grace burnham says

    Im glad they are makeing ones for fuller chests now

  73. Something like this would be perfect! I’ve always had such a hard time finding a tank that didn’t leave me looking like a flasher!

  74. I’ll definitely need this with a newborn and a just-barely-2-year old during the holidays!

  75. I love the look of this tank and thats it for fuller chested women. I own a couple from target and they have no style and just don’t fit right.

  76. chrystal winters says

    i would love to win this. i don’t have any nursing tanks 🙁 this tank would make nursing my 7 month old so much easier!!!!!!!

  77. Maggie Snyder says

    It would help since I have 4 under 4 make it alitalia easier

  78. Sarah Dupree says

    I have a much larger bust than the average person and just started pumping. I have been trying to rig up some type of contraption for support while pumping and that is how I found out about this lifesaver. What an awesome concept!!!

  79. I love the convenience and comfort of this nursing tank. Anything to help me breastfeed my son!

  80. Would LOVE one of these – having LARGE breasts makes pumping tricky for sure 🙂

  81. Kelly Messervy says

    I always have a hard time finding a top that fits. I am always over flowing. Nursing tops seem to be made for smaller girls who’s ladies don’t get so big. I would love to be able to have a top that fits comfertably and easy to use when I am at work.

  82. Katie Heal says

    I would LOVE a Rumina tank. Lot’s of people assume that ladies with a bigger chest have such an easy time nursing and that is so NOT the truth. I struggle alot with clothing that makes nursing while out of the home bearable and this would really help !

  83. Alison Bertsch says

    Looks like it will offer me fuller coverage, so I would look forward to testing it out!

  84. I don’t have one but would love to try it out and buy more!

  85. I head back to school next week, and this would be super helpful for pumping before/after class before I can get home.

  86. This would make life so much easier when I return to work in a few weeks!

  87. it’s so hard to nurse in regular clothes and this would be so great especially when I’m away from home.

  88. Laurene Hall says

    This would make pumping a lot eaiser since im a big chested women and this tank provides more coverage.

  89. I could really use one of these! I’ve been bra hunting and no one carries my size 🙁 Tanks and sport style bra’s are the only way for me to go at this point. Tanks are so much easier. 🙂

  90. julianne Perry says

    I hope i win!!

  91. jessica M. says

    This would be great for nursing my almost 3 month old (and 2 year old too)!

  92. This would definitely come in handy for a FTM expecting twins this December. I do not own any breastfeeding tanks yet so this would be awesome!

  93. I haven’t had any luck with other nursing tanks fitting properly; I am nursing twins and have *watermelons* LOL! Would love to try one actually designed for large nursing mamas. 🙂

  94. Nicole Bertrand says

    I pretty much live in my nursing tanks! I’d love to have another option and a new brand to try.

  95. Love nursing tanks! They make nursing in public so easy.

  96. I would love a full coverage nursing tank. I’m a 34G, so when I am just wearing a tank I feel rather exposed. As somebody whonever nurses covered, I appreciate you making a tank that is full coverage. 🙂

  97. brianna dale says

    This tank would help with ease of care and slimming too

  98. Evie Dykema says

    I’d love love love a nursing tank!

  99. As a nurse on a busy labor and delivery unit, some days my pumping time is the only break i get. It would be great to be hands free while pumping, maybe i could even eat a lunch those days! Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  100. Being an “H” cup and trying to discretely NIP is fairly complicated. Add a 2 year and and 3 year old to the mix, and nursing my newborn is near impossible. This tank would make it much easier and help me in my push to make nursing in public more acceptable in our super conservative Southern area.

  101. This would be great, I have a few nursing tanks but they don’t offer much coverage or support so I hate wearing them.

  102. This would help me bc it looks comfortable for tandem nursing! Which I will be doing for quite awhile since Im nursing my twins and have another baby due in December 🙂

  103. kristi willis says

    I would love one of these! I am an H cup and its impossible to find good nursing wear!

  104. I am on the hunt for the perfect nursing take and this looks like it would fit the bill!

  105. Would love a full coverage nursing tank!

  106. I hadn’t realized there were any nursing tanks that go up to H cup! The biggest I’ve found in other brands is F. Although those don’t give me quite enough coverage, functionally I don’t know what I’d do without them. My first is still nursing at 23 mos, and I have another due in Dec (who will hopefully not be the last), so nursing tanks are likely to be a staple in my wardrobe for the foreseeable future. I’d love to have one that fits properly!

  107. As a newbie mom-to-be, I am still learning about breastfeeding and what I all need to be doing. I am looking forward to it so much, as I think it will be another great way to bond with my baby.

    I also plan on working full time while raising my child on my own.

  108. April Burns says

    I would love this! I don’t have any legitimate nursing shirts, this would be so awesome!

  109. After 3 kids, I still don’t have a decent nursing tank that can hold all of me. It would be so nice to finally have a nursing tank…that fits!

  110. I would love this!! It’s so hard to find tank tops for my larger chest… yay!

  111. Ashley Landry says

    Not only would this top be a time saver but it would be so nice to have a fashionable top that fits correctly.

  112. It would make pumping with a busy boy SO much easier.

  113. Would love to win one of these

  114. Neat! Didn’t know there was such a top. Would love to get one! 🙂

  115. Liz Wittrock says

    It would help me feel more supported and covered up top! 🙂 Can’t wait to start nursing my second!

  116. What a great design! This solves many of m current tank issues..

  117. It’s so hard to find nursing bras in larger cup sizes, this looks like a very useful product.

  118. I got back to work 3 weeks from today. I had a lot of issues nursing the last time and things are going so well this time! plus, i have struggled to find tanks/bras that fit me right 🙁

  119. It is so hard to find a good nursing tank for ladies with bigger boobies. Hooray, here’s one!

  120. Sounds like an awesome idea. I’ve made some of my nursing tanks into hands free pumping option in a pinch but it isn’t very comfy. The idea of a full coverage hands free option, especially for those who lack a truly private area in which to pump, is invaluable. And the company helping to make that option available to those who may really need it but not be able to afford it is awesome. Such a great sounding product I may have to pick at least one up to try.

  121. To be able to pump hands free would be amazing!! I’m pretty sure I would pump more often, which is a good thing all around 🙂

  122. I would love to have a tank like this, nursing in public can be a huge handful when you don’t have the proper clothes on! If I got one of these I can be covered and nursing all at the same time without having to feel like I am exposing myself.

  123. As a woman with a large chest, I’m thrilled that someone has designed something that might actually work for me! The traditional nursing tank is helpful, but just not all that it could be when you have mass amounts of cleavage to cover. Super excited about this giveaway!

  124. Maricela de Rivera says

    A nursing tank for a larger breasted mama is so exciting! This would help me prepare for our fost/adopt daughter we’re expecting early next year. I want to build a stockpile of frozen milk so she gets the best start like our son did. Pumping has been a challenge with an almost 2-yr-old. This would help get ready for the next baby!

  125. Would love to have a nursing tank that fits, so far all the ones I have cause major boob spillage.

  126. Cris Ingraldi says

    After nursing 3 babies it’s been a struggle to find one that’s supportive and comfortable. This would be great especially since it seems always getting bigger. Urge.

  127. I definitely need a tank that offers support for ::ahem:: large breasts. It makes NIP so much easier when you don’t have to wear multiple layers. I’d also love to try it for hands-free pumping!

  128. Allison Clark says

    I am a full time working mommy and having another nursing top would make my life much simpler!

  129. its great to see a company that has options for larger breasted mommys out there!

  130. Heidi Black says

    I would love to have a tank like this that would fit a large chest. I don’t have any nursing tanks due to being so “blessed”. Lol thanks for the give away!

  131. Rebecca Woodin says

    This would be great! My daughter nurses and hates bei.g covered up so we never do it to her, it like really discreet

  132. I have a ginormous chest and the tanks I can fit into give me monster cleavage! So glad to see that finally somebody is making a fuller coverage tank for those of us who like to be a little more “contained”. 🙂

  133. I would love to win one of these because I ONLY wear nursing tanks and I am very modest as well and all the other tanks show more than i like. I also am tired of squeezing into tanks that are not made for big chested ladies!

  134. I do not have ANY nursing shirts or tanks and this would come in really handy!! I need something that fits comfortably and gives me coverage! Plus I am a preschool teacher so I need something to help me to feed, pump and pump quickly!! Please pick ME :O)

  135. It is so hard to find tanks for bigger busts! I have been sorely disappointed until now in the lack of nursingwear for already-well-endowed ladies. I would love to have this tank!

  136. All my nursing shirts show so much cleavage. This would make me feel much more comfortable when we go out!

  137. So excited for larger cup sizes! Much needed product.

  138. Having a nursing tank that is for large breasts would be awesome.

  139. I need one of these.

  140. much more discreet than what I use!

  141. Just had my baby girl 1 week ago. She came a little early at 37w4d so I have zero nursing tanks. This one would be the perfect first tank!!

  142. I am definately getting one of these, if not more. I am very happy that they have them in full coverage, as I am a big breasted mom and it is extremely hard to find good nursing tanks or bras. I hope they work out! This would be a huge help when I’m at work with limited time to pump and eat.

  143. I only have 2 nursing tanks and keeping them in rotating order is hard since I’m 4 weeks pp & still leaking. Having to do multiple loads of laundry to keep up, another tank would help out!

  144. This would help me pump without having to be in odd positions since I will be having a c-section…so less pain is always better.

  145. This would be great for going back to work! I am a teacher and have been unable to find anything modest for large chested ladies! I would love one!

  146. Aubrey Green says

    This would be so great for me…I haven’t been able to find anything nursing related in my size so I really need a nursing bra and I need to pump when I go back to work

  147. I just went back to work yesterday and I’d love to have this!

  148. Brigette Yerke says

    Would make nursing/pumping on the go much more discreet

  149. I would like this nursing tank- it would make nursing at night and pumping at work much easier. I would like to have a tank I could use to be hands free while I pump at work during the day.

  150. Patricia Huntley says

    I am large chested and really struggle with most nursing tanks! It is hard to be descreet with these things! 😉

  151. Not having to lift my tank would make nursing in public so much more comfortable.:)

  152. Brigette Yerke says

    This would make pumping/nursing on the go so much easier

  153. I have a hands free bra and I would love another.

  154. Sierra Weese says

    Going back to work full-time, this would make pumping at work so much easier! TY

  155. I’d love to win this!

  156. With this I could sit quietly in the back row at church and nurse my little one without anyone ever noticing!!! DO WANT! (even if I don’t win I’m sure I’ll be buying at least one!

  157. Dani O'Rourke says

    What a great idea. being in the military and having to pump is so hard. this could be worn under my uniform to aid in exposing myself less (have to pump in the womens locker room due to sharing an office with all men!).

  158. I would love to have a new nursing tank to wear while out with baby 🙂

  159. It would allow me some hands free time to work on our business that we are trying to grow. Pumping and typing is not so easy!

  160. Looks fantastic! A good, comfortable nursing tank is so hard to find, and making it hands free for pumping, GENIUS!! Lookin forward to gettin to know the company REALLY well!

  161. I have always thought it annoying to have to take off my shirt to put on my pumping bra. It is never convenient! This is a fantastic idea! What a way to make pumping more simple! 🙂

  162. Melissa Shoaf says

    I am starting nursing school next week, and I will be away from my 3mon old for about 5hrs 4days/week. I will need to pump in the car during class breaks and this would make it SOOO much easier! I have been so stressed out about how I can make this work, and I think this could give me the edge I need to keep up with my grades and my supply! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  163. Tracie Oliver says

    I would love to win this! What a help it would be!

  164. I will be starting nursing school next month and this would make pumping so much easier!

  165. Nancy Edds says

    What an awesome giveaway! I need a full coverage option! Especially now that I have a easily distracted baby! ;p

  166. Wendy Gillis says

    These tanks are amazing! Being a busy Mother of 5 (All of which are headed back to school next month), and suprise baby # 6 will be joining us in October. These tanks will make for discreet breast feeding or pumping while waiting for the kids at football or dance. Thank you for all you do and keep up the good work.
    Wendy Gillis
    Green Bay, WI

  167. Stacey Eby says

    This tank would help me keep my hands free so I can still do stuff for my 3 kids. It will also help me be *somewhat* discreet while NIP 🙂

  168. This tank would make it so much easier to nurse & pump discreetly at work!

  169. Thanks for this giveaway!

  170. Rachael Abedraboh says

    I need a scoop-necked white one for under my button-ups!

  171. jennifer halko says

    This would be a great addition to my breastfeeding wardrobe!

  172. I didn’t know there was a hands free nursing tank on the market. I have been struggling while pumping at work. Great product!

  173. It would make nursing my toddler a bit more discreet:) or I’d gift it to my SIL who just her little girl last week!

  174. It would make pumping quicker and more comfortable!

  175. Ryan Alcazar says

    This would help me feel comfortable nursing my 14 month old daughter in public and eventually tandem feed her and her sibling that I’m expecting!

  176. Finally a nursing tank/hands free for us larger breasted girls! 🙂

  177. I would love this to nurse in , im always wearing tanktops this is perfect

  178. This would be awesome for work!

  179. Heidi Daily says

    This would make life much easier with a toddler and newborn

  180. I’d definitely pump more with a hands free pumping bra, trying to hold both flanges against me while dealing with an in your face two year old is one of the reasons I skip pumping. I want to build up a stash but as of right now I don’t have the time or enough hands! This would help out a lot!!

  181. I’ve had trouble finding full coverage nursing bras and tanks big enough but still supportive.

  182. Lexie Van de Ligt says

    I love how flattering it looks!

  183. Shannon Brazee says

    I have almost no nursing/pumping clothing so this would be great!

  184. Love nursing tanks!

  185. Lindsay Gardner says

    I would love to have this. I just had my third baby and find it very hard to nurse in public. Would love to have something like this!

  186. Jamie Sprout says

    Loving the fact that this is designed for a larger bust size! Being a DD/F cup, it’s almost impossible to find anything that is modest. Especially when it comes to breastfeeding!

  187. Megan Schmidt says

    I don’t have a nursing top yet so this would sooo help me out and make my life easier!!, with very cuddly 1 year old twins plus a brand new baby, having a free hand is luxury I don’t have right now.

  188. it would definitely help as i know i will be breastfeeding exclusively for at least 4-5 months!

  189. These tanks look awesome!

  190. I just retuned to work after 4 months off. I pump three times at work a day. This would be great for me 🙂

  191. I have only bought one nursing tank, but have purchased a ton of nursing bras. So many are uncomfortable and I end up wasting my time and money. I can’t wait to try this one. It seems like a great solution.

  192. I only have one nursing ank and it’s not all that great – this one looks much better!

  193. I have one nursing tank that I wear ALL the time and it would be nice to have another one, especially one that would allow me to pump hands free! It can be frustrating to make my older daughter wait when she needs me to help her with something, and it would be wonderful to be able to read to her or do a number of other things for her while pumping.

  194. I hope to win, it would be nice to finally have a nursing top and one meant for my large breast!

  195. That would make my life so much easier!

  196. I had so many issues trying to nurse my first daughter and am working very hard to prevent those problems again! This tank would be amazing!

  197. Corrie Beecher says

    I have been fighting many “negative nancy’s” to continue breastfeeding after going back to work. Being able to pump and have my hands free to still do work would allow me to continue my dream/desire to breastfeed!

  198. I’m having my first baby!! I’m so excited and have been searching for just something like this since I found out! It would be an incredible tank to have and to start my new mommy wardrobe with! 🙂

  199. It would be great to wear around and nurse my daughter and do some occasional pumping.

  200. I like that this tank has such discreet openings!