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The breastfeeding journey rarely happens without challenges.  Suzanne, from TLB sponsor Fairhaven Health, knows this personally, especially when it comes to dealing with low supply.  Today, Fairhaven Health is offering our TLB community a giveaway for those concerned about low supply.  Read on for details about this opportunity, to hear what Suzanne has to share about some of her own experience with low supply and answers some questions about Fairhaven Health.   


TLB: What kind of personal breastfeeding experience is behind the breastfeeding related products in your product line?

Suzanne: At Fairhaven Health, we support breastfeeding as the optimal feeding choice for mom and baby, and are honored to be able to support moms in reaching their breastfeeding goals. And, from personal experience, I know that even with lots of effort and intention, it is sometimes very difficult (but never impossible) to achieve the breastfeeding goals we set for ourselves. With my first born (Abigail, now 9 years old – see attached photo), I had high hopes of breastfeeding exclusively for six months or so, and then continuing  for as long as she wanted to, but at least until she turned 1 year. How hard could that be? But, during delivery, a few complications arose, and I ended up having a very late epidural. And, perhaps as a result of this late epidural (or for some other unknown reason), Abby had difficulty breastfeeding from the get go. Even after several visits with the lactation consultant and weeks of trying to establish a breastfeeding routine, Abby and I were unsuccessful. Because Abby never nursed successfully at the breast, I pumped exclusively and we fed her my breast milk from a bottle for nine months. As many women know, it is often difficult to maintain your supply when you are only pumping, and it was no different for me. I needed every herbal galactogogue available to help maintain my supply!  I am so grateful that these products existed when I was breastfeeding, and I love that Fairhaven Health is committed to providing such high quality products, like Fenugreek, Nursing Time Tea and Nursing Blend, to support today’s breastfeeding moms in reaching their breastfeeding goals.

TLB: What should we know about the new fenugreek tablets?

Suzanne: One of the inconveniences associated with taking Fenugreek and other herbal galactogogues (as if having supply issues is not inconvenient enough), is that research shows that these herbs are most effective when taken in large quantities. As a result, most brands of Fenugreek require many capsules each day. Fairhaven Health’s new Fenugreek product is a unique combination of organic Fenugreek seed powder and a concentrated Fenugreek seed powder extract (8:1), providing an equivalent dose of 2 grams of standard Fenugreek seed powder in just two capsules. This product is also great for what it doesn’t contain: no gluten, yeast, wheat, soy, dairy, animal products, artificial colors or artificial preservatives.

TLB: What do you think is most important for moms that are concerned about supply to know?

Suzanne: I think the most important thing for moms with supply issues to know is that it is actually quite rare for a nursing mom to not be able to eventually produce enough milk to feed her baby. Instead, it is often the case that supply issues are temporary, only present as mom and baby work to establish a routine in the first days, if the baby has trouble latching, or when mom or baby is ill. Once these kinks get worked out, supply typically increases. And, moms may see a decline in supply when they transition to work, when regular feedings are interrupted due to extended absences from the baby, or when exclusively pumping. It is during all of these times that moms can really benefit from natural galactogogues, such as Fenugreek, to boost their milk supply.


Fairhaven Health is giving away this helpful prize to 5 lucky winners:

Three (3) bottles of Fenugreek dietary supplement  Retail value $45.00



Currently Leakies can find these and other great pregnancy and nursing products on the Fairhaven Health website.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered, and check out fairhavenhealth.com for more products related to fertility, pregnancy, and nursing .  The giveaway is open from September 20, 2012 to September 27, 2012.  A big thanks to Suzanne and Fairhaven Health for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women, please be sure to visit their Facebook page and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is open to US entries only.

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  1. Veronica Darling says

    Drink water!!

  2. Oatmeal can help boost a low supply!

  3. Would love to try!

  4. Angel spears says

    Lactation cookies

  5. Don’t miss a feeding.

  6. Oatmeal can help boost a low supply

  7. Elise Vincent says

    Take a deep breath! Relaxing helps (but can be hard to do!)

  8. I pinned the fenugreek supplements

  9. Current leaky in need

  10. I take fenugreek capsules, drink mother’s milk tea, eat lots of oats, drink 1-2 gallons of water a day, nurse on demand, pump after nursing.. I have had low supply issues since the start, but using all of the suggestions I mentioned above we’re still nursing at 8 months!!

  11. Alexis Bertch says

    Feed on demand!

  12. amanda poplin says

    I can use any help! Trying to keep up a supply for a 2 year old is demanding!

  13. The best thing I could do for my supply with either of my girls was drink lots of water. water.water.water.

    It really does help to stay hydrated.

  14. Homemade beer really helped me!

  15. Lauren E Taylor says

    Would love to try these, and I could always use a supply boost!

  16. Need to try whatever I can to get the supply up

  17. I”d love some help!

  18. I will be needing these in the near future. What an awesome product!

  19. heather kelly says

    Would love to see an increase in my supply.

  20. Lisa Sweeney says

    I definitely could use a supply boost… my 2 yr old has been having health issues and my milk supply for my 2 week old is not doing well due to all the stress…

  21. Danielle Irwin says

    Amazing product, I would love it!

  22. Danielle Irwin says

    skin to skin is the best supply boost for new mamas

  23. Danielle Irwin says
  24. Emily Caltagirone says

    Oatmeal, fenugreek, and mothers milk tea

  25. The best tip I’ve received to boost supply has been to take a nursing vacation and lay skin to skin with baby and nurse as often as you can. The skin to skin encourages nursing and the added demand will help increase supply.

  26. I make homemade granola bars with oats, flax and brewers yeast.

  27. Nurse, nurse, nurse!!!!!!!

  28. Remember to eat! Kind of obvious, but my hunger was pushed to the back burner in the first few months my daughter was born, and I would notice my supply dipping on days I missed a meal.

  29. In taking/doing everything I can think of. I have an 11 week old and I feel like I’m always struggling to keep up pumping enough. Would love to try something new!

  30. I will be needing some of this soon! Dark beer and oatmeal always helped when I needed a boost last time around.

  31. Jennifer Oviatt says

    Drink plenty of water and eat yummy lactation cookies. 😀

  32. Drink lots of water, and eat right 🙂

  33. Oatmeal, tons of water, and nurse on demand!

  34. I drink Mother’s Milk tea once or twice a day, starting right after birth (but stopping briefly when milk comes to avoid engorgement.)

  35. I love lactation cookies 🙂

  36. stay hydrated!!! And make sure little one is getting everything they need!

  37. Lactation cookies and LOTS of water! 🙂

  38. Alternating breasts multiple times during a feeding, also recommend taking a nursing vacation day and just lay around watching your favorite movies while your baby nurses

  39. I’d love to try these!!

  40. Love Vitamins!

  41. Make sure you’re eating enough calories too!

  42. Be sure to eat, lots of skin to skin cuddle time, copious amounts of water, oatmeal. Fenugreek definitely helped me when I needed to boost my supply.

  43. Would love to try! Having trouble since going back to work, and having pump troubles 🙁 I’m getting them sorted out but supply took a dip in the meantime.

  44. Drink lots and lots of water!

  45. Marlena Lewandowski says

    I’d love to try these!

  46. This would be great for me. I’m already needing to take fenugreek per doctor’s orders for my supply. My baby boy would greatly appreciate for me to be able to keep feeding him!

  47. Lots of water, oatmeal, leafy greens and lean red meat!

  48. Stay hydrated, eat oatmeal, and pump pump pump :))

  49. I’m nursing my 16 month old and could use a boost! would love to try these 🙂

  50. Fenugreek and skin to skin!

  51. Feeding on demand and taking a nursing vacation 🙂

  52. desiree tatro says