My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear giveaway and breastfeeding in special situations live chat archive

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear is giving away a frog kits to 5 lucky Leakies!  One of those very special moments for expecting families is when you get to hear your growing baby’s heartbeat for the first time.  And the second time.  And every time after that.  There is something beautiful and moving about hearing the steady rhythm of your developing baby’s heart, indicating life, strength and health.  As an ultrasound tech, Purusha has enjoyed this experience over and over and over again, and it created in her a desire to provide a way for all these families to be able to take that life-sound home in a quality, cuddly, snuggly way, and keep it forever.  This is how My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear was born.  As a breastfeeding mother herself, Purusha has experienced not only this joy herself personally but also became aquatinted with breastfeeding in the face of special challenges when she had twins.  My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear sponsored a chat on TLB with Star Rodriguez, IBCLC, on the variety of unique challenges from multiples to NICU to health issues for mom and baby.  I’m so grateful for the support of My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear for TLB and all Leakies and hope you enjoy the interview and giveaway.

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Breastfeeding multiples and other special situations live chat with My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear and Star Rodriguez, IBCLC archive.

Introductions and personal experience

Breastfeeding multiples, challenges, tips, and tandem feeding

NICU babies and pumping in special circumstances

Dealing with the reality, finding out about special circumstances such as multiples or special needs, etc.

Health issues for mom and breastfeeding

Support, finding receiving, and advice for the mom facing a special situation

General questions included conversation about surgery for mom, baby with spina bifida, and cleft lip.


My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear is giving away 5 frog kits as part of the live chat.  Use the widget below to enter.  Please go to My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear’s Facebook page and thank Purusha for her support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

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  1. Such a beautiful idea!

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  3. These are awesome!

  4. brandy Anderson says

    That she is a ultrasound tech who also has twins!

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  6. that it takes about 1 week to notice a difference when eliminating dairy!

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    So sweet

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    That they’re great for multiples.

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    Just an awesome site!!!

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    When you cut out diary, it takes a week to noticed the difference.

  14. takes a week to see changes!

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  17. I learned that low supply is common in pregnancy.

  18. Cassandra Eastman says

    I learned about eliminating dairy – my son had dairy allergies and we didn’t know it for a couple weeks. We had the hardest time nursing, but once we figured it out and cut dairy out of my diet we were fine 🙂

  19. Alexandria says

    If I cut out dairy it will take a week before I notice anything.