PAXbaby Beco Gemini Giveaway

October 11, 2012, in celebration of International Babywearing Week, TLB hosted a live chat with Jillian Davidsson and Paxmommies.  TLB sponsor is incredible babywearing resource with a variety of carriers, a wealth of knowledge, and ongoing support for babywearing families.  Stay in touch with via their websiteblog, andFacebook page.

As part of our live chat with I’m pleased to bring you this giveaway for a Beco Gemini.  Use the widget below to enter for a chance at this beautiful wrap!

This giveaway is open International entries.  Winners outside of the USA will have to pay shipping.  Good luck!

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  1. I learned that there a wide variety of opinions out there and that I should ask to try on some of my friends carriers before deciding which to buy next!

  2. Thank you for having the chat and giveaways!!

  3. I love the PAXFamily…. <3
    Would love to win! 🙂

  4. Id love a wrap!!

  5. I love Beco 🙂

  6. Oooo! I would love to win this carrier! I’ve been drooling over it for awhile!!

  7. Stephanie Wilson says

    I learned that even by being plus sized that I can still babywear and breastfeed without feel self conscience. THANK YOU so much for the information.

  8. Pick me, Pick me. Pretty Please?!?!?!

  9. Rachael Ramirez says

    I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to win a Gemini 😉

  10. Yay for babywearing!

  11. Thank you Paxbaby and Leaky Boob!

  12. That ring slings are great for newborns! I thought they were just for bigger kids…

  13. Cassandra Eastman says

    I learned how to make breastfeeding easier while babywearing! Such a fun chat!

  14. Loved that lots of people prefer a ring sling for plus sized/large chested women.

  15. it doesnt matter what “size” you are! babywearing is for everyone

  16. I love trying out new carriers and wraps with my 15 m/o nursling. We just started the back carry and she loves it!

  17. Melissa Stanley says

    I’ve learned that I need a woven warp. & that breastfeeding and babywearing looks easy.

  18. I learned more about options for breastfeeding while babywearing. Thank you!

  19. I learned that stretchy wraps and woven wraps are great for the newborn babywearing stage (which I’ve never done before)

  20. i would love to try a beco … have heard great reviews!!

  21. Melissa Dillow says

    So far I’ve learned some new carriers to try to make breastfeeding while babywearing as a plus sized parent successful!!!

  22. I love Beco!

  23. I’d love to add this wrap to my babywearing collection! It’s out special bonding time!!

  24. Lori L. - @Miss_Elles says

    I learned that there are so many beautiful & wonderful Mommies out there who love to babywear & who are AWESOME! BABYWEARING ROCKS! Thanks so much for the generous giveaway!!

  25. I love PAXbaby and would love to win a Beco for a friend of mine!

  26. Love that they have so many prints.

  27. I learned that stretchy and woven wraps are great for newborn wearing (which I’ve never tried)

  28. Ashley Fenton says

    I want to baby wear/nurse so bad! I’d love to try that carrier!

  29. <3

  30. Nichol Bey says

    I learned some new carries to practice babywearing and nursing in! Thank you Jillian!

  31. I should try different carriers when I want to breastfeed and carry.

  32. Learned that lots of people prefer a ring sling for plus sized/large chested women.

  33. not every carrier is right for everyone, but there is a right carrier out there for everyone! 🙂

  34. New tricks to attempt BF while babywearing.

  35. i need a new wrap my moby has stretched beyond belief

  36. Jill Magruder says

    Hope I win…I love baby wearing!!! 😀

  37. I only have a mai tei and have been dying for a new carrier. Would be thrilled to get picked.

  38. I am in dire need of a new carrier! Have second baby on the way and just lost my job!

  39. Keely Glass says

    I learned how to nurse in a wrap with Jillians hip carry

  40. Kindra Keller says

    Oh, I’d love to win this!

  41. Amie Santana says

    I learned that to nurse in a wrap just losen or drop one shoulder to get baby to the right height, and I love all the wraps you carys I have a HUGE wish list on your site lol.

  42. would love this!

  43. I learned that I will be trying a ring sling with the next squish to make bfing easier!

  44. learned how versatile ring slings are.

  45. Vanessa Johnson says

    I love baby wearing.. I use an inward facing buckle carrier and a maya sling.. My daughter loves nursing in the maya sling more than the other carrier.. As a stay at home Mommy baby wearing is just wonderful.. We use either gore walks, cooking, cleaning, and while out with friends..

  46. Would love to have this Beco carrier!!! Looking to try a seated carrier with more support from the hips(for me and my daughter) 🙂

  47. I’m dying to try a Beco!

  48. I learned a new way to carry baby on my hip thanks to Jillian’s video! Thank you, thank you. I also learned that I am not the only one having bw and bf issues! 😉 thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Brandi Campbell says

    I learned how easy bfing while baby wearing can be!

  50. love the color

  51. Roni Cotton says

    I learned that being plus size is not a sentence to not being able to baby wear!

  52. Thanks Jillian for being such a great resource and such an inspiring mama!

  53. love it!!!!

  54. Love!

  55. Britni Bradford says

    I learned that ring slings can be great for trying to nurse while wearing for gals with bigger chests.

  56. Id love a wrap to help me get more into baby wearing-something Id really love to do. Thanks for being a part of the chat about babywearing on TLB on fb!!

  57. You guys are awesome! I learn something new every time I visit your pages!

  58. i learned what ever is comfortable for the baby and mom for nursing, wearing positions. the live chat is awesome

  59. I’ve learned that this can really help me with my breastfeeding. I have no baby carrier so far and I would love to get my hands on this one. =)

  60. I’ve learned that babywearing and breastfeeding can be done!

  61. I learned that you can carry a child from newborn way into the toddler stage with certain carriers. I never realized people did that because nobody in my town (that I’ve seen) ever wears their baby let alone their toddler! Love it!

  62. CharLee Christian says

    First thank you paxbaby for this most generous prize!!
    I’d love to win this to give to my sister who just had a baby. I saw her post pics on her fb wall wearing a BJORN!!! I already sent her a moby and a gemini would definitely round out her stash when her squish gets bigger.

  63. Tiffany Thomas says

    I’ve learned that I’m not the only one curious about how to feed in a carrier and it can be done no matter bug it small nummies. I’ve also learned there I’d a much larger community of Babywearing then I ever thought.

  64. I’d love a new wrap!

  65. Megan Baxter says

    I never thought about what an advantage it would be to babywearing to keep baby #2 (due in Dec) up and out of curious big sister’s way. 🙂 She is an a big “helping” phase right now! We got our Beco from Paxbaby and everyone in the family loves it!

  66. I would love this carrier. I want to learn to nurse in one.

  67. I would LOVE a wrap!! Thanks for the chance :0)

  68. Christina Boyd says

    Someone on the Plus Size Post on Facebook said they had no problems breastfeeding in this carrier…I am plus sized and would like to give this a try!

  69. Thanks for your support Jillian and the give away. I’d love this wrap.

  70. I loved the video and can’t wait to check out more. Want to wake one up and practice now. It’s been a while since i was so inspired by baby wearing.

  71. Great tips on breast feeding while baby wearing!

  72. I would love to have one of these!

  73. Nicole O'Hare says

    I’ve learned a few new ways to try and breastfeed my baby!!

  74. I love baby wearing and would love a Beco!

  75. Mary Frazier says

    I’ve never tried the Gemini but it looks wonderful for breastfeeding!

  76. i love paxbaby! and would love to win

  77. Loved reading everyone’s input and seeing what works for different moms. Thanks for doing this!

  78. I learned that everyone has obstacles to babywearing…but we can push through, troubleshoot, see what works for YOU and your baby and make it a positive part of your parenting life!

  79. I would love a beco. So I can on tinge to wear my lil guy

  80. I learned that it *is* possible to breastfeed while babywearing (so I just have to keep trying!)

  81. Krystal Soboleski says

    wet nursing. never heard of it till today.

  82. Michelle Frias-Rodriguez says

    I love my Beco Butterfly but would love to add a Gemini to my collection! 🙂

  83. I’ve been borrowing a friend’s Ergo for months and I LOVE it! I’d love to have a SSC of my own…

  84. Katie Pratt says

    Love paxbaby and tlb 🙂

  85. I have learned about the BFing BWing community!

  86. Casandra Amaya says

    I love babywearing I feel that my daughter is at peace when she is being held with me. I love putting her to sleep in my sling I love when she is laying on my chest and she looks up at me and her big brown eyes are half sleepy and a couple of minutes later she sound asleep. I get this feeling inside that I feel my mission has been accomplished

  87. I’ve learned this can really help with my brestfeeding. I don’t have any baby carriers so I would love to get a hold of this =)

  88. candace custer says

    I would love to try this carrier! It looks awesome!

  89. I always resort to going to feed in the car when out and about! Winning this would be a big help.

  90. Learned how to breastfeed in a SCC for ease.

  91. Even guys have to wear the baby.

  92. Anyone can wear their baby!

  93. I learned that there are SO MANY wraps and carriers out there that I want to try out!

  94. Amanda Cook says

    Awesome wrap–thank you!

  95. Brittnee Williams says

    I love babywearing and right now I’m short on cash, I LOVE watching Jillians youtube videos on different ways to hold baby in carriers. 🙂 I would definitly get use out of a great carrier or preferably a wrap as I have a 22 month old and a 3 month old. 🙂

  96. love beco

  97. I’ve picked up some breastfeeding/babywearing tips!

  98. Christian morrow says

    I learned some techniques for nursing in a sling.

  99. I learned how to bf while baby wearing

  100. I can continue to carry me heavy baby !

  101. I would love to win! My little guy is outgrowing his moby

  102. I learned that I can nurse using a carrier while chasing a toddler around!

  103. That I’m not the only one with trouble breastfeeding in a carrier!

  104. piper scott says

    Would love a new baby carrier. . . The one I am using now is very well worn 🙂

  105. Elaine Becker says

    Yay! I think carriers are my favorite giveaways ever!

  106. Stacy Privett says

    It was awesome to see all the baby wearing mamas out there!

  107. I learned that I want more baby carriers!!

  108. I learned that there are many great benefits to baby wearing even after the baby stage. I’ve been debating on getting a SSC for my 16 monther because I thought she would be considered too old.

  109. Love baby wearing <3 thanks for the tips tonight!

  110. I’ve learned that there is a great community if baby wearing mommies out there that are great resources

  111. Nicole Smith says

    Id love a wrap!!

  112. I learned that I can nurse a newborn in a carrier while chasing a toddler around!

  113. I loved the hip carry video. Thanks for chatting with us!

  114. Micah Eagle says

    Love my carriers for on the go nursing! Great discussion!

  115. I have realized that all this talk about wrapping squishies has given me some serious baby fever 🙂

  116. heather massey says

    I love the live chat- great advice given- thanks!

  117. I learned about breastfeeding while babywearing!

  118. Amber Purcell says

    Looking for something easier than a Moby wrap. The Beco intrigues me 🙂 I would LOVE to try it!

  119. I love baby wearing!! And I learned a lot about breastfeeding while i’m doing it, can’t wait to try it out!!

  120. Would love a carrier for my lo.

  121. I learned how to breast feed in my carrier, can’t wait to try it with baby #3!!

  122. jennifer louie says

    Would love one of these!!

  123. I’d love to try a Beco. Thanks for the entry!!

  124. Erynne Mitchell says

    Lovely chat! Got a few babywearing inspirations for how to make babywearing easier with my little gal. Thank you for your time!

  125. would love more options to try

  126. I was excited to learn everyones fave carrier for a newborn! And to get tips on nursing in a carrier.

  127. I learned that babywearing is super personal and what works for one mom may not work for another. I also learned that nursing in a carrier may not be as difficult as it looks 🙂

  128. I am so looking forward to trying to bf while bw!

  129. Love to baby wear

  130. love the idea oh a high back carry balancing the preggo belly!

  131. Wow so much you can do while babywearing! And so many great carriers. Can’t wait to try some different ones out.

  132. A carrier with good shoulder support can help with back pain. I need a new carrier!!! My back always hurts after baby wearing. Thanks for this advice!!!

  133. Love it!!!!! I need a new one my ergo has about had it!

  134. Jennifer Roemer says

    Owning a Beco Gemini would make my day! Baby wearing is the best!! 🙂

  135. Would love to start babywearing with a Beco.

  136. i would love a beco

  137. I would love to win this. I have heard a lot of good things about this carrier.

  138. Variety is the spice of babywearing!

  139. Heard very good things about this one and would like to own it.

  140. I learned that breastfeeding is possible in multiple carriers. I have tried breastfeeding in my Moby but I have not had good luck so far because my dd just screams and fights against the fabric. I am going to do a little more research but was given some excellent recommendations for trying a mei tai, ring sling, or ergo.

  141. Breastfeeding and babywearing can be easy and comfortable!

  142. Kimberly Anderson says

    We love nursing in our beco. A must with two kids!

  143. I love Jillian’s how-to videos. She makes it look so easy!

  144. I learned that for infants baby wearing stretchy wraps are good but for toddlers you would want a woven.

  145. I learned that breastfeeding moms on the go seem to have a strong preference for ring slings and Ergos, and I own neither!

  146. I learned tips to keep your back from hurting! Much needed for my already 17 pound 4 month old!

  147. Oh how I love babywearing even more 🙂

  148. This looks like a great carrier 🙂 Would love to win it!

  149. i learned that people prefer stretchy wraps with newbies!

  150. Leslie Kung says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win! <3

  151. I learned that even us fluffier mamas can breastfeed while wearing baby!

  152. I learned I could breastfeed with taking my baby out!! That is amazing to me!

  153. I learned that it’s easier to bf in a carrier than I thought.

  154. Marissa Connauton says

    Would love to win this carrier!!

  155. I learned, that I helped some moms not be afraid to try and nurse while baby wearing. It has saved my life!!

  156. Desperately want any Ergo!

  157. Lauren E. Taylor says

    A Gemini would be lovely to own!

  158. I learned how different each mom’s preferences can be and how similar 🙂

  159. I learner that it’s possible to nurse while babywearing.

  160. Mellisa Pederson says

    I desperately need a gemini! Please

  161. I learned some tips for getting a good hold in a woven wrap, especially with a bigger baby or a toddler.

  162. Charity Gordon says


  163. Mellisa Pederson says

    Please pick me!

  164. Erin O'Rourke-Robbins says

    In dire need of a wrap !

  165. I liked hearing how others used their wraps at home to keep children calm and happy…I might start using my carrier for naps more often!

  166. I learned that I should try nursing in my ring sling before I try the Baby Hawk! And that my ridiculously large breasts aren’t necessarily going to keep me from learning to nurse in a carrier…

  167. i have a sling but i would love a more structured carrier!

  168. So many helpful tips tonight! Thank you!

  169. LOVE the Beco!

  170. Babywearing will help my confidence while nursing in public

  171. I am trying the poppins carry that you posted during the chat so hopefully I will learn that carry! Thanks for the giveaway!
    Katie Zuko

  172. I learner all about nursing in a wrap…I only knew it was possible in a ring sling before!

  173. I learned that the best way to have a successful time nursing while babywearing is to have a good nursing routine established first!

  174. Sarah Damelio says

    Love love love!!! To nurse and wrap is my dream!!

  175. I liked hearing about different carriers and how to nurse in them

  176. Jennifer Gonzalez says

    I learned that breastfeeding can be very easy while babywearing. My dd is 13 months and always wants to be carried. I would love one. Thank you for this opportunity to win one!

  177. I loved hearing more about how babywearing does such great things for our babies.

  178. I learned that not all baby carriers are for everyone. Baby carriers are like shoes! lol

  179. Ah! I’d love this! And to try BFing in it too…So far I haven’t had good luck with it in the carriers we have. And I learned I’m not crazy for thinking there are some carriers that work better for certain situations than others, so having different kinds isn’t ridiculous. (my husband doesn’t understand why we need more than one. ha!) 🙂

  180. I’d ? to try a beco 🙂 I’ve heard great things.

  181. Great tips tonight on nursing while Babywearing! Thanks for the Chat, and the amazing giveaways!

  182. kathleen yoneyama says

    I learner some tips on breastfeeding while baby wearing.

  183. I love baby wearing and my girls love to be close to their mama. We use an Ergo, Moby and sling.

  184. I learned that you can’t back carry in a Moby. I’ve never tried, but I never knew this before tonight.

  185. Looking to get into baby wearing with baby number three. 🙂

  186. Jeannie Swanson says

    I have been reminded to try a Poppins hip carry. She’s plenty big enough now:)

  187. I learned a rad trick for nursing in my Boba 3G. Thanks, ladies!

  188. Never tried a Gemini, but LOVE to baby wear!

  189. Felisha Martin says

    I need to try the poppins!

  190. babywearing and breastfeeding can not wait to try it.

  191. I would love to wear my baby in this carrier!

  192. What a neat carrier!

  193. Lily Greenwood says

    I NEED to try the poppins carry! I’ve been practicing my wrapping and I’m always up for a new challange 🙂 Can’t wait for baby #3 to wake up tomorrow so we can give it a go!

  194. I learned I can branch out from our ring sling and still breastfeed while wearing my son. Which is great, because my baby is already about 25lbs and not yet 8 months. I NEED a carrier with more structure and support!

  195. I learned that I can breastfeed while baby wearing!

  196. nice 🙂

  197. I learned that I need a wrap conversion ring sling, since they’re supposed to be easier to nurse in. Must look into that! 🙂

  198. I learned about bf’ing and baby wearing at the same time

  199. Thanks Leaky Boob and PaxBaby!

  200. ashley hernandez says

    Love the colors on these carriers

  201. Careen Wong says

    I would want to have a baby carrier!! Can’t afford one as I have tight budget constraints.. 🙁

  202. Knowing how to breastfeed while baby wearing isn’t as easy as one thinks. They do seem to go hand in hand though 😉 I love wearing my kids and meeting their needs at the same time!

  203. Hannah Wheat says

    Excited to play with different carriers and learn how to nurse in a carrier!! I would LOVE a Beco!!

  204. I learned how you could breastfeed in a carrier and make life that much easier!

  205. Rebecca Post says

    I think babywearing is a great way to increase the bond between baby and mommy.

  206. vetonica lynn says

    I learned that I can breast feed while wearing it!! How awesome!

  207. You van breadtfeed in many different carriers

  208. Love to baby wear but don’t have carrier my dude is 28lbs..rented a pax baby carrier loved it.. Was the becco.

  209. Would love a new carrier;)19

  210. I would love a wrap. I don’t have one but I think it would be very neat!

  211. I would love a wrap. I don’t have one but I think it would be neat!

  212. Love them!

  213. Would love to try a Beco!

  214. i would love one of these. my son is 26lbs and hates his stroller.

  215. Babywearing and breastfeeding can be done even with bug boobehz.

  216. I learned y’all got some cute carriers, are kind enough to host a giveaway, and hopefully I’ll be able to use one with my toddler to extended breastfeed and babywear in style.

  217. Love the butterfly and would love to try the Gemini!

  218. I learned about some other carriers (besides the Ergo) that I can breastfeed in even though I’m a plus-sized gal 🙂

  219. i learned i need jillian to love closer <3

  220. I’d love to win another SSC, with another girl due in feb we only have an ergo. May e my husband would actually use the ergo and I could use the new beco! Eeeek!

  221. Jenn Beeler says

    I learned more about breastfeeding while baby wearing! Thanks!

  222. I learned some new tips & tricks to help with babywearing & breastfeeding!

  223. Love baby wearing! I have a home-made ring sling now, but would love another carrier!

  224. Cute, we’d love to win one!

  225. stacy hancock says

    i learned to layer so as to better control hot/cold temps!

  226. sarah reyna says

    i learned that breastfeeding isnt that hard once you get used to it and what type of clothes to wear when breastfeeding my baby. i also learned that these carriers are the best!

  227. Jessica Fiumara says

    I learned lots of options for a plus sized mama

  228. Samantha Vermeulen says

    I learned tips for nursing in a carrier and in going to try them!

  229. that there are lots of different carriers to try

  230. I learnt of breastfeeding while using a carrier. Something I did not try in the past but will be with new baby 😀

  231. I rented a Gemini through Paxbaby and LOVED it!

  232. Olivia Pinheiro says

    I would love this to try, breastfeeding and carrying 🙂

  233. Randa Braun says

    I would love a beco, I’ve been dreaming of one for a year, and would love to try nursing in one . . . Thanks to your tips

  234. danielle leslie says

    Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  235. Would love to master bfing while carrying!

  236. Lisa Dutton says

    I am looking forward to continue bw with so many different options and hopefully figuring out how to bf while doing so!!

  237. Leslie Henkel says

    We would live to wear my three month old so I could play more with my 17 month old!!!

  238. Andrea Racine says

    I wasn’t aware that some carriers go up to 40 lbs. That’s awesome. My son is big for his age and I’m tiny so people are always telling me you’re not going to be able to carry him for that much longer, but that information completely disproves that. Not that I was feeding into that negativity anyway.

  239. Elizabeth Keddell says

    I love baby wearing and would love to have this carrier!

  240. I learned so much more about woven wraps, which I’m now dying to try out!!

  241. I am excited to breastfeed in my baby carrier now! I am also more interested in wraps now more than ever. Thank you for the giveaway.

  242. Lexie Van de Ligt says

    I learned a new way to nurse while wearing.

  243. How much a really need a wrap!!!

  244. rebecca eagle says

    Great tips on breastfeeding in a carrier

  245. I hope I win a Beco!

  246. Babywearing is so awesome. Would love to have good wrap, my old was really good for a newborn but she has really grown out of it now 🙁

  247. I would love to win the beco carrier…I’ve heard great things about it!

  248. Theres more than one way to nurse in a carrier!

  249. That there is a sling out there for everyone. And to give a wriggly baby a toy.. for some reason that had never occured to me! lol

  250. I have tried my friends Beco and loved it,

  251. I learned several tips for nursing while baby wearing

  252. Melissa Keff Lynch says

    As a FTM of twins who love to be held & Breastfed, the carrier would be a saving grace!

  253. Amber Houser says

    I learned some some things about nursing while babywearing something I have always struggled with!

  254. I had no idea there were so many hold options!

  255. Wow, what a great carrier.

  256. I tried my friends Beco and it was so much more comfy than the ergo! I want one!

  257. I’ve been wanting one of these but my husband says I can’t buy anymore carriers … it would be AWESOME to win it!

  258. I want one so bad, but my husband says I can’t buy another carrier. I only have a Moby wrap, which I love, but I really want another kind!!

  259. I learned about different positions and “switching it up” to avoid back pain.

  260. I learned that it is not uncommon to have multiple carriers for different stages in baby’s development and mama’s preference for the day.

  261. I learned that my children and myself were so much happier when I was wearing them

  262. I’ve been wanting to try a different carrier!

  263. I learned how easy it is to be a baby wearing momma and have other children. Also that wooven wraps are good for newborns!

  264. jessica M. says

    I learned more about breastfeeding while babywearing!

  265. I love carrying my children, but I mostly enjoy teaching others the best way to babywear! I would give this to a friend of mine!!

  266. Nikki Hale says

    I love babywearing! I’d love to try out a new carrier my ds seems to be outgrowing the ones I have. 🙂

  267. As I’m only 6 months pregnant with our first, I learned that it’s possible to BF with baby in carrier.

  268. I’m so excited about baby wearing. I think it will be a great way to bond with my baby while still having an active lifestyle.

  269. I learned that PAXbaby is a great site for babywearing info!

  270. Just tried out my sister’s the other day and loved it!!

  271. I have always wanted a Beco! 🙂

  272. Stephanie Robertson says

    I’ve learned that even though I had to miss the live chat, it’s ok because I was able to go back and read everything and it was all so wonderful to learn. Thank you PAXmommies!!! 🙂

  273. There are so many wraps that I want!

  274. Katie Wilkinson says

    What a fab prize. I learnt that you can breastfeed in any sling it just takes some getting used to.

  275. Would be amazing to win this for my wife and me too !

  276. I’ve learned about breastfeeding and babywearing, just need to attempt to combine the 2 now 🙂

  277. i learned about ring placement when using a ringsling!

  278. Jessica Swehosky says

    I learned that breastfeeding in a carrier can be easy!

  279. we love baby wearing our oldest, and now that #2 is on the way, we could use the extra carrier! my husband enjoys baby wearing as well, especially when we are out and about. we prefer it to a stroller because it is so much easier to monitor your little one when they are snuggled against your skin also- it is easier to maneuver in crowds, and more discreet to breastfeed in mixed company. we love baby wearing most because everybody wins 🙂

  280. Stephanie brooks says

    I learned about front and back carries

  281. I learned that there a wide variety of options out there.

  282. Realize just how helpful it would be to be able to attend a babywearing meetup–if only they were closer and I didn’t work full time (but then I wouldn’t be able to have the woven wraps that I do have, so you win some, you loose some). Still so much to learn and the ability to try out different carriers in order to make a good decision.

  283. Kristi griggs says

    I learned more about nursing while wearing. I think I’ll try it again! Thanks!

  284. I learned that PAXbaby has a rental programme for baby carriers. What a great idea!

  285. There are so many kinds of carriers depending on your babywearing style!

  286. Brittney Gomez says

    I learned about the benefits of BWing past the newborn stage 🙂

  287. Never tried breastfeeding in a carrier! Looks kinda cool.

  288. If only I knew about these when I had my babies…I need one for my friend with a special needs child…He has a metabolic disorder and apparently she tried one of these and her son liked it…

  289. I learned some new things to try to make nursing while babywearing easier.

  290. Learned that there are many more varieties and options out for baby wearing than there were six years ago when we had our first child. THanks.

  291. learned that stretchy wraps aren’t good for older babies and toddlers.

  292. I learned about more about the best positions carriers to use while wearing and breastfeeding

  293. I would love to start babywearing.

  294. Dewi Permata Sari says

    I learn that no matter what size I am, I can still breastfeed my baby while babywearing.

    Been in love with Beco for so long. Hope I can win.

  295. Would love to win!

  296. I learned that BF while BW can be done, even with big boobs!

  297. domestic diva says

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