PAXbaby Wrapsody Stretch Brigid giveaway

October 11, 2012, in celebration of International Babywearing Week, TLB hosted a live chat with Jillian Davidsson and Paxmommies.  TLB sponsor is incredible babywearing resource with a variety of carriers, a wealth of knowledge, and ongoing support for babywearing families.  Stay in touch with via their website, blog, and Facebook page.

As part of our live chat with I’m pleased to bring you this giveaway for a Wrapsody Stretch Brigid.  Use the widget below to enter for a chance at this beautiful wrap!


This giveaway is open International entries.  Winners outside of the USA will have to pay shipping.  Good luck!


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  1. I would love to win this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love babywearing!! 🙂

  3. I found baby wearing very helpful in order to get things done while still nursing and keeping baby close to me.

  4. What a fun live chat!

  5. Oh, I would LOVE to win! I don’t have a stretchy wrap and really want to try one!

  6. Lori L. - @Miss_Elles says

    Babywearing has helped me to connect with my daughter, I love the snuggle time I get with her, I love keeping her close & safe when we’re out & about & I love how damned COOL it is! I get many compliments when I carry her 🙂 BABYWEARING ROCKS!

  7. babywearing has helped me by giving me free hands at the grocery store or around the house also love having baby close to me!

  8. awesome giveawat

  9. Katie Zuko says

    Thanks for the giveaway! Love Pax and Leaky!
    Katie Zuko

  10. We haven’t had the chance to baby wear yet, but ttc soon and we will both be babywearing! Hoping to win and store this away for the future!

  11. This would be amazing to win!!

  12. So far im a new mom at babywearing. I have trouble with my ring sling but the times i have gotten it to work i love it. I just need more practice!

  13. I would love to win this beautiful wrap!

  14. I wore my 1st some, but not often, but now with #2 babywearing has truly been a blessing! My kiddos are 22 months apart, and the only way I can chase my toddler around is by wearing my infant! Thanks for the chance!

  15. Sara-Mae Boruck says

    So pretty, love it!

    • Sara-Mae Boruck says

      Babywearing has given me my hands back to deal with my other kids and get grocery shopping done with ease!

  16. Robin Selvera says

    Me likey and so will the little ones.

  17. Cassandra Eastman says

    Babywearing has helped me to be able to hold and cuddle my second child, without neglecting my toddler. Being able to spend quality time with them both at the same time has helped them bond as well, i’m so happy to have found such wonderful resources like PaxBaby and The Leaky Boob!

  18. I would love to win this to share with the BWI of Chicagoland library.

  19. Amie Santana says

    Love the color of that wrap, and I really need to graduate from the Moby to a woven.

  20. Miranda Welle says

    It’s helped me because I am still able to do things for my other children and bond, comfort, and snuggle my baby simultaneously!

  21. This picture just makes you want to kiss that little cheek. I live that green color. Amazing!

  22. I love to wear my babies!!

  23. Olivia Pinheiro says

    How cute, can I nurse and wear!!?

  24. Hands-free baby-minding! The ability to do other things while having a calm baby on you is priceless!

  25. Babywearing has helped me soothe my kids when they are fussy can’t sleep nap stay close to me while I’m trying to do other things! Babywearing helps me be a better mother

  26. Pick me:-) I would love love love one!!!

  27. My lo loves to be held and looking around. This would be awesome to win!

  28. Babywearing has helped me in ways I cannot begin to explain! Being a single mom is hard! Sometimes I need both hands and to carry my baby at once, babywearing has let me do that from day 1! 🙂

  29. Being able to keep up with my older two while we’re out and about!

  30. I want one!!!

  31. Melissa Stanley says

    Babywearing has help me be a good parent by not only being able to stay connected to my children and give them the attention that they diserve, but also by letting me get household duties done while connecting with them. Babywearing was a life savor with my first, without babywearing I would have been stuck sitting or laying down with my baby because she wanted my attention constantly, I would have never been able to get anything done around the house. Now babywearing is a life savor with giving my newborn attention while giving my toddler attention and letting the toddler run around and play outside and getting to play with her, but still having the newborn right there.

  32. I love that babywearing allows me to keep my babies close to me without having to make any sacrifice in getting things done or in causing strain on my body

  33. Nichol Bey says

    I love babywearing because it gives me a chance to provide for the needs of all of my kids!

  34. Babywearing has made errand running with a nursling a breeze – he eats, I shop, and nobody is the wiser… 😉

  35. Babywearing lets me keep cuddling my baby boy even when I have to be doing cleaning around the house!

  36. Babywearing has helped me be able to run a business, with three kids and not loose my mind.

  37. When my DD was little, she needed to be held a lot. I didn’t mind, but there was housework that I had to do. Wearing her helped me do both things at nce.

  38. babywearing has helped me be hands free!! i can do dishes and put my little one to sleep! and nurse!! woohoo!!

  39. I love snuggling with my 6 month old while chasing my 2 year old!

  40. Sara-Mae Boruck says

    Haham forgot to say I am now able to get my household chores done and grocery shopping done!

  41. Jacqueline Griffin says

    I need one for my new baby

  42. Ohhhh! I’d be super excited to get this! 😀

    • Ah! Just noticed I’m supposed to say how babywearing has helped me…today I was able to keep quilting during quilting group while my 5 month old napped! 😀 Win win right there.

  43. Shantel Davis says

    It brought me and my son closer together and let me do things for my other kids! = life a little easier

  44. Michelle Frias-Rodriguez says

    Beautiful Wrap! Awesome chat and great collaboration going on between and The Leaky Boob. Thanks for putting this together!!!!

  45. Nicole O'Hare says

    Now that I have two babies baby wearing has helped me be able to play with my 3.9 yo and still feed and hold my 12 week old!!

  46. I have loved babywearing since my mom brought me a Snugli. It was not made well, and soon I progressed to an Ergo and OMG I love it. #3 is on the way though, and I’m looking for something infant friendly, glad to have this chat tonight to give me ideas!

  47. Babywearing has helped me to stay sane as a parent LOL. I’m able to get so much done while keeping baby close and helping to comfort baby as well. It’s so much easier to get around with a carrier than a stroller too!

  48. Roni Cotton says

    Baby wearing has helped me to be able to actually cook a meal!

  49. I’m looking forward to babywearing when my son is born next month! It will be a wonderful way to be close to him and with twin toddlers at home I’m going to need free hands 🙂

  50. Very cute, I love wraps!

  51. Babywearing has helped me grow an extra set of arms! I can tend to my baby and still do “life”.

  52. Id love a carrier, I can imagine how much easier it would be to get around

  53. i would love this!

  54. I like having my hands free since I needed to carry my daughter almost all the time!

  55. I have yet to do much baby wearing but I am pregnant with my second child and am feeling like my only way to servive is a great baby carrier. We recently got custody of my 6 year old step son who has been through some traumatic events and needs a lot of me, on top of that I have a two year old son and am expecting a baby girl Nov. 15. My hands are full she will have to be worn 😉

  56. Would love this for the second baby coming into our life

  57. Tiffany Thomas says

    Babywearing has changed my life! I can actually get things done at home and still be close 24/7 to my DD. I think my house would be a wreck.if I.didn’t babywear. I thank everyone I’ve if you moms that Gabe Bern so inspirational and guided me along the way..xoxo

  58. wraps are lovely for housework; without them nothing would get done around here!

  59. Would love this to give to a friend expecting her first baby! Babywearing has helped me bond with my preemie <3

  60. Enjoying the chat tonight! Learning a lot and would love to win this wrap!

  61. Babywearing helps things to run so much smoother when you have three kids four and under!

  62. Robin Carpenter says

    Baby wearing has been so helpful to myself and my four children. From getting things done around the house to taking a stroll and getting fresh air. I have worn all my babies. I currently only have an upright carrier because I had gotten rid of my stash , not thinking I would have more kids. I really need to get a wrap since I find them far more comfortable!

  63. Love it!!

  64. Melissa Dillow says

    My daughter was colicky so babywearing saved my sanity because it allowed me to get this done and kept her from crying.

  65. Samantha Vermeulen says

    Babywearing has helped me so much as a parent! I love snuggling my baby close to me. It makes running errands and shopping with 2 kids so much easier! And he loves to sleep in it, so I can get stuff done!

  66. Mary Frazier says

    This is so cute! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  67. It has helped me not to have to lug a big stroller everywhere! Get snuggles when he’s cranky, keep warm on chilly walks 🙂

  68. Nicole Whitten says

    I have always loved baby wearing, it makes it so easy to bond with the baby while getting things done.

  69. Lovely

  70. Beautiful! Would be great for my new DD who will be born in February! 🙂

  71. This is a beautiful wrap! I’m really oping to get into baby wearing more often, i just need to find the right carrier.

  72. Keely Glass says

    Babywearing has been so helpful having more than one child. I was able to keep my younger one close (who likes being held a lot) and still play with and do things with my old child

  73. This would be perfect for my little bub due in 6 weeks 🙂

  74. Babywearing made spending time with my first easier because i could wear the new baby and play with my toddler.

  75. Babywearing allows me to stay close to my little girl but also get some things done when she is needing some extra mommy time. When I need to vacuum or mop the floor, I can just put her on my back and she’s happy because she’s with her momma and i get stuff done 🙂

  76. This is wonderful! I know we all appreciate a great giveaway like this, thank you!

  77. What a wonderful giveaway! Love babywearing- it has saved my sanity many times!

  78. I love this color! I love wearing my baby!

  79. Babywearing my son allowed me to keep up with our busy little farm while offering him the comfort he always needed. He’s now outgrown being worn and my new daughter finds a lot of comfort being worn, which frees me up to both keep up with the farm and my 3 year old son. It’s a crazy life out here 🙂

  80. the ability to be hands free

  81. This is such a beautiful wrap! My favorite colour!

  82. Would love to hold my baby close in this wrap.

  83. Love this wrap!! Id love to get one, would be so nice for being out and about. Love your website and fb page too Jessica. Seeing all you have to say is my new favorite thing to do during the day when I have free time.

  84. Jessica Rodriguez says

    Babywearing has totally strengthened by bind and also allows me to do chores!!!

  85. Ashley Fenton says

    I really want to try one! I would LOVE to win!

  86. Babywearing lets me get things done and care for my baby!

  87. Christina Boyd says

    I would love to win this. I don’t think a stretch wrap is the best thing for my heavy boy, however If I win I would try it, and if it doesn’t work, I would pass it on to another momma who would be blessed by babywearing.

  88. I would be interested in seeing if I can nurse in one. I’m very full figured with DDD breasts. Hope I can win one!

  89. I have two boys a one yo and a 4 yo and its my 4 yo doesn’t fit in a double stroller so its nice able to wear my baby and push my big boy lol

  90. Love the live chat! Thanks for the chance to win!

  91. Babywearing has been a life saver to me! My daughter is 4 months old and I just started college full time and with out a carrier I wouldn’t be able to do my homework while still cuddling with her.

  92. I love that I have my hands free for my other 2 children when we are out and about!

  93. I LOVE babywearing! It’s a special bond between my daughter and I. It is when we both feel most comfortable and at peace!

  94. Jennifer Gonzalez says

    I would love to baby wear! My dd is 13 months ebf and she always wants to be held. It would help me a lot.

  95. It has helped me bond with my kids when I go for walks. :]

  96. Danielle Irwin says

    It has helped me manage my other obligations besides just my sons needs and breastfeeding

  97. Love having my baby…well, now toddler, close!! )

  98. I love this wrap!

  99. Babywearing allows me to run errands and my daughter to sleep comfortably while doing so. Also helped establish my milk supply in the beginning with the skin to skin contact

  100. Leslie Kung says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! <3

  101. The most gorgeous green stretchie!

  102. Love this! Thanks Leaky Boob and PaxBaby!

  103. Stephanie Wilson says

    Babywearing makes me feel like I’m closer to my baby and safer. Love the skin to skin contact.

  104. I would love to win this. Baby wearing has helped in so many way. Winning this would help so much more.

  105. Baby wearing has allowed me to give my son the rhythm of his mum’s movement, a free on demand breast, and warmth and snuggles all while allowing me to be fully accessible to my older son and give him the safety and attention he needs.

  106. Nichol Bey says

    Babywearing helps me bond with all of my kids!

  107. Babywearing has been a lifesaver in our family. Our middle baby was only 14 months old when his sister was born. Days after she arrived my military hubby left and my carriers never left my side!

  108. i’m new and learning as much as i can about baby-wearing!!

  109. Babywearing has helped me accomplish many things: Snuggles, calming crying babies, grocery shop, washing the porch, chasing older kids, safe place to nap while on-the-go and much more.

  110. lovely wrap.

  111. Not a parent, a nanny! Babywearing has helped me keep the baby close while still able to be a part of the older kids activities!

  112. I need this for nursing one baby out in public and still be able to mange the other. I have not mastered nursing both in public tandamn. Thanks for the chance to win.

  113. I would love to win this wrap since I don’t have one and would like the experience. I love wearing my child because it keeps him calm and I can get things done around house.

  114. Babywearing allows me to be there for both of my children simultaneously – giving them both the attention they need.

  115. Babywearing was the *ONLY* way I could get out of the house with my newborn a she absolutely hated the stroller. If I hadn’t been able to babywear I wouldn’t have been able to socialize as much as I needed to in order to stay sane.

  116. Jen Fulton says

    Babywearing has helped me feel more in control when out on errands. I don’t feel like I’m in the way with a large stroller and don’t have to worry about whether the place is set up for strollers. 🙂 Plus I love having my baby near.

  117. It has kept us close while allowing my hands to be free to tend to everything else that life throws at us. I can still snuggle and nurse my baby and keep up with the demands of other things.

  118. I was hoping to already be babywearing, but my little peanut has decided to go “overdue”! I can’t wait to start!

  119. Babywearing helps me accomplish things while keeping baby happy and close!

  120. Katie Shaffer says

    Babywearing allows me to be hands free! I love it!

  121. I really love babywearing but traditional slings are not big enough or very comfy for me.. i used to like the moby wrap but now that i have a big girl it stretches a little too much! babywearing makes EVERYTHING easier.. cooking, cleaning, running errands, and baby is content to “help” you do these things!!!

  122. Babywearing has helped me be able to be more hands on with my oldest son and keep my little one close so they both get lots of love! Would love a wrap that is comfy for both me and my little guy!

  123. I am a stay at home mommy with a wonderfully attached baby boy! Baby wearing allows me to get housework done while bonding with my little one! He also will not nap unless I lay with him so if he is getting fussy I wear him until I am able to lay down for a bit! Love your carriers!

  124. I am able to bond with my new baby while getting other things done with my older children! Hands free is the best!

  125. I haven’t done a lot of babywearing… but I really need to do more of it! Tonight, my baby was SUPER fussy and I was frustrated as I couldn’t figure out what he wanted. I put him on in my moby wrap and he “helped” me cook dinner and then fell asleep against me 🙂 I really like my moby wrap, but… it is ALMOST too small!! It literally JUST ties in one knot on me. Might not work when my 4 month old gets much bigger 🙁 Would love to win this wrap 🙂 I love the colour too!

  126. kimberly parkes says

    I would love to carry one or both of my twins in this carrier. too cute!

  127. Babywearing makes me feel like I am doing everything possible to help my baby grow,be happy and healthy.

  128. Antoinette P says

    free my hands up to do other things in addition to helping my toddler!

  129. Nicole Smith says

    I have always wanted one of these!

  130. This is gorgeous …would love it!!!! I need a new wrap and green is my fave!

  131. I would love to win this!

  132. Chelsea Anna says

    I have yet to enjoy the benefits of baby wearing, as my baby will be arriving in January. But I am definitely looking forward to the experience! I love the idea of keeping my baby warm and snuggled against me, a safe place for them to explore the world with me. Instead of using a carrier while out, I’ll carry them, so they will feel secure and I will have free hands. I intend to breastfeed and I think a wrap will make a wonderful, convenient way to breast feed discreetly while out without the baby having to rearrange themselves and get uncomfortable all over again. I can’t wait!

  133. Amanda Yonnie says

    Baby wearing is the only way I have been able to keep our house running. I couldn’t do my homework, keep up with my 4 year old, get all the chores done, and take care of hubby without babywearing!

  134. Kindra Keller says

    I’d love to win!

  135. wearing my baby who has cried for the last 11 months straight has given me some of the only moments of sanity I have had. 🙂

  136. I Love baby wearing because it keeps my son calmer and when he’s sick and wants mommy its very helpful.

  137. I would love to win this! I am so excited about bwing!

  138. I can actually get housework done!

  139. Amanda Smith says

    Babywearing allows me to keep my baby close to my heart, while I tend to the other work of the day!

  140. babywearing allows me to bond with my baby girl and enjoy every moment with her. 🙂

  141. Bridgette Laver says

    Babywearing has helped me immensely, in that I sometimes feel like a single mom. Her dad is here, but not very involved. I do all the shopping during the day while he’s at work. I often have to have her nap on the go…so I just put her up and let her pass out!

  142. My boy has had a rough start and needs a lot of comforting and love. Being able to wear him helps him feel secure and happy, and I love feeling him so super close to me 🙂

  143. I love babywearing!!! I still wear my oldest (almost 3 and 36#.) My youngest is such a chunk, it’s hard to wear him on my front anymore because it puts a lot of pressure on my hips…can’t wait till he’s a little bigger so I can do a back carry!

  144. Jacqueline says

    Babywearing helped me immensely! I got to enjoy my baby while freeing my hands to do other things.

  145. i am always excited to wear my baby everyday and practicing different wraps! babywesaring rocks!

  146. candace custer says

    What a great wrap! And I love all the discussion on fb tonight! I am learning a lot for our next baby!

  147. Babywearing has been a lifesaver for me in so many ways! It makes it possible when going out. Shopping or running errands is so much easier to just put my sweet boy in my carrier versus getting out the stroller. What I love most about babywearing the past 13 months is the bond that my son and I share. I still to this day can put him into my carrier (Ergo) and it calms him instantly just like when he was newborn. Of course I love babywearing and nursing too!

  148. Sarah Damelio says

    I would LOVE to own this wrap! Come March, I will have 3 under 3…..I NEED an extra hand!!

  149. ashley watson says

    Babywearing made shopping SO easy.

  150. I would love to win this wrap! The chat has been awesome:)

  151. Baby wearing help me get around with a 9 month old 3,7,10 year old it helps kep my baby close . I have conic body pain and my arms are weak a carrier is onetime the only wy I can hold my lil guy or longer then a few minutes . Baby wearing has allowed me to hold him close longer and as needed for his and my own comfort . I thank Jillian for introducing me to extended baby wearing and helping me find the proper carrier for us.

  152. Babywearing gives me more freedom to do things with my hands and helps me take the kid exploring where a stroller wouldn’t fit. My son also loves being right there beside me getting to experience as much as possible.

  153. My best friend is pregnant and I would love to win this for her!

  154. Babywearing has become essential now that I have an almost three year old and a newborn – it’s how I manage shopping, chores, playing outside, and basically anything that I need to be hands-on with for my older child.

  155. Vanessa Johnson says

    I love baby wearing.. I use an inward facing buckle carrier and a maya sling.. My daughter loves nursing in the maya sling more than the other carrier.. As a stay at home Mommy baby wearing is just wonderful.. We use either gore walks, cooking, cleaning, and while out with friends..

  156. I loved snuggling and bonding with my baby in the moby the first few weeks after he was born, and we continued to use it during church to keep him calm. When we are out he still prefers to be worn vs stroller.

  157. Nikki Johnson says

    Baby wearing allows me to get things done.

  158. Kristi willis says

    This is beautiful! I’d love to wear it!

  159. Allyson B. says

    I love babywearing because it makes me feel like I am having a deeper bonding experience with my baby. I also love that it frees up my hands!! My baby loves to be held allllll the time and this helps let me do so!

  160. Jessie Murray says

    Babywearing has allowed me to be physically close to my children while still being able to get things done around the house. I also love babywearing in busy, crowded places! No need to try and maneuver a bulky stroller through the crowds.

  161. nancy merrell says

    Babywearing was most useful when grocery shopping!

  162. Bonding with my bebe 🙂

  163. Krystal Soboleski says

    i love babywearing. its made me closer to my son. and helped me breastfeed in public comfortably

    please please please let it be me 🙂 id love to try a wrap!!!!!

  164. My sling has allowed me to not have to lug so much ‘stuff’ around!

  165. Shakeeta W says

    Babywearing has helped me to keep my son nice & snuggly while making sure to not neglect my daughter and bonding with her as well!

  166. I have three under three, with the youngest (2.5 months) having a crazy fussy period in the evenings. Wearing her is the only way I can get my older two ready for bed without tears from the baby. I really don’t think I could handle my three little blessings without a good wrap or SSC in my parenting arsenal.

  167. Babywearing has helped me tremendously when grocery shopping with 3 kids!

  168. For me?

  169. Babywearing helped me as a parent by allowing me to have usage of my hands and still bond with my child. And it will help me even more when I have my 2nd child whom I plan on nursing. I’ll be able to wear and nurse my baby and tend to my 2 year old at the same time. 🙂

  170. I have a 5 week old and he is my first. I have not expierenced baby wearing yet! If I win this I will:))

  171. I’m new to the baby wearing world, cannot wait to wear my upcoming baby, for now I’m wearing my three year old when he wants because I want to let him experience that comfort! Even though he is three, its never to late! I cannot wait to use what I learn and wear my new little one and since I was unable to breastfeed my 1st, I will not give up the second time now that I have better information! I know babywearing will help me in this quest to do better for my babies and myself as a mother and individual. I would love this!

  172. So cute!

  173. love the colour!

  174. I love Brigid! So pretty!

  175. Baby wearing has allowed my son to get naps while my husband ( who works nights) gets some extra sleep in the mornings. I can get things done with my four year old, while my six month old naps on me. My husband also loves to wear him in the moby. I think he straps him on more than I do!

  176. heather massey says

    This carrier is beautiful- lovin the chat!

  177. So cute!

  178. When my daughter went through colic wearing her was theonly thing that calmed her down! My soon loves being held so hubby wears him when we are out…its awesome!

  179. Would love to try a wrap. I’ve heard they are easy to breastfeed in!

  180. Erynne Mitchell says

    I have a very spirited, rambunctious three-year-old. Some days, babywearing keeps his seven-month-old sister alive.

  181. It makes parenting so much easier in many ways, especially with 3. Plus it takes off weight more quickly!

  182. Babywearing roped me to bond with my baby, get exercise and chores done too all while still holding him close 🙂

  183. Would ADORE winning this… doesn’t hurt that it’s another version of my name, does it? 😉

  184. Would love to try a wrap, I hear they are easy to breastfeed in!

  185. babywearing changed my life while traveling this week. easiest airplane rides ever!

  186. It gives me my hands back, which are much needed when I have a 4 month old who loves to be held and a 3 year old who wants to eat, play etc.

  187. Oh, let me count the ways! Nurturing and bonding, bfing, house work, just to name a few…

  188. Babywearing gives me the ability to hold my baby AND get stuff done! It’s been a lifesaver with my second, very high needs child.

  189. Jeannie Swanson says

    It helps me take care of the older children. I don’t think I’d be able to homeschool without babywearing.

  190. Micah Wagner-Eagle says

    Love Brigid! Such a great cuddle squish wrap!

  191. This looks so comfy! I want to try it!

  192. My son never wanted to be put down as a newborn and it was driving me insane. Babywearing definitely helped!

  193. Babywearing was a lifesaver when flying alone with my 3 mo. old! My hands were free to hold luggage and tickets.

  194. i cant afford wraps or carriers so ive been trying to make my own 🙂

  195. Mellisa Pederson says

    I love wearing my daughter. Looking for new ways to do so.

  196. How has it NOT helped?! It’s amazing how much I can get done when I put the kid on my back even for a few minutes. It will be a lifesaver if/when there’s a second kid around!

  197. Julie Littlejohn says

    I want this!!!

  198. Michelle L. says

    I love the feeling of closeness and the bond between my son and I when I hold him in my arms, and to be able to have that throughout the day as I carry him near my heart with a Wrapsody Stretch Brigid would be heavenly!

  199. Lauren E. Taylor says

    Love Wrapsody! So nice for warm weather!

  200. Julie Littlejohn says

    I can cook and clean with my 5 month old while babywearing and still have the time to interact with my 2yr old daughter. LOVE multitasking!

  201. Babywearing helped me be able to get out and do things with my oldest after the new baby was born

  202. Charity Gordon says

    I love

  203. How does one parent without Baby wearing?! I’m all about having my hands free to get the essentials done all while being close and bonding with my babes!

  204. With my 4th squish almost here and homeschooling the older 2 I wouldn’t survive without Babywearing. Living on low funds makes it less fun but 1 carrier or 10 I love wearing my babies and would love to add this stretch for my newbie

  205. Wearing my 10-week-old has empowered me to get house work and even some “me” time in while not feeling as though I was leaving her in the background. Plus, we have a strong bond and I just love having that sweet face snuggled up!

  206. stephanie shuman says

    Its helped me be able to nurse while out and about 🙂

  207. What a pretty green!

  208. heather kelly says

    Oh my goodness, such a cute wrap!

  209. Babywearing hasn’t helped me yet (twins aren’t expected to arrive for 2 more months), but I expect it’ll allow my husband and I to bond individually with each baby once they’re born.

  210. babywearing allows me to get things done without sacrificing being close to my baby!

  211. Babywearing has helped me as a parent in that it encourages me to talk more to my baby. I’m not a “natural talker” but having my baby right there…makes it much more natural. 🙂

  212. i love being able to have diffrent ways to wear my little one depending on what mood we both are in

  213. love!

  214. I’m having baby #3 and this would make taking care of my older two so much easier plus it’s cute. 😉

  215. Babywearing has helped create an amazing bond between baby and I , and with my newfound abilities as a confident Babywearing mama, I am not as intimidated about the upcoming birth of my new babe, with a toddler underfoot as well. I know Babywearing will give me the free hands I need to still parent my toddler while bonding with my newb.

  216. Would love to win and have another option to wear my little man

  217. My favourite parenting moment related to baby wearing was when I was finally able to wear my 5-month -old daughter on my back in a mei tai and could pick up my toddler more readily. He hugged me and said “I missed you mommy”. I think that says it all!

  218. babywearing has allowed me to become closer to my daughter. When she was first born and always wanted to be held, I couldn’t figure out how to be hands free and still cook or clean my home. I felt less stressed out when I was able to carry her.

  219. Such a cute wrap!! Would LOVE to win it!!

  220. lovely

  221. nikki vandiver says

    I honestly have no idea how I would have survived without baby wearing. My hubs was deployed when I had baby #2. He didn’t get home to stay until she was 6 months. My 4 year old would have missed out on an awesome winter in Fairbanks AK if I couldn’t wear her little sis and keep her warm with my body heat 🙂

  222. Babywearing helps me when we are out and about with the baby and a three year old.

  223. I know it can and will def help once I chose the wrap/carrier that I think wold be best for my 3 week old and I!

  224. Made it easier on my hands (I have arthritis) but I am still able to hold her and snuggle her all day long!

  225. Lily Greenwood says

    With my first, he was a very sensitive baby – light, sound, touch, everything set him off. He wanted, no needed, to be held all the time. That’s when I learned about wraps and slings and ssc’s, and the wonderful world of babywearing 🙂

  226. Babywearing has helped me get things done, and spend time with my older child while not neglecting my little one’s needs.

  227. Love baby wearing!

  228. I’ve never had something like this and would love one with the next baby!

  229. Babywearing is the only thing that helped me keep my house clean the first year of Tripp’s life!! I still wear him out and about, but now he won’t let me clean while wearing him! He tries to “HELP”….. Such a cute wrap!!

  230. Babywearing helped me to keep my baby close to my heart when he was just a little 4.5lb peanut.

  231. Jenn Beeler says

    Great giveaway!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  232. stacy hancock says

    its helped me meet all of my family’s needs at the same time, creating less rivalry

  233. I’ve love to win!


  235. Jenn Beeler says

    Baby wearing helped enrich the bond between my littles and me…and it was fun!

  236. I have 6 children, 2 are currently nursing (ages 1 year and 2 months) I am not yet sure if we will have more or not. It is only now, with our 6th child that I have learned how to nurse in a carrier comfortably as I am a larger mother. It would be wonderful to have a good carrier to do this in, I currently have a seven slings carrier :oP … I hope I win!

  237. I loved wearing my son – I often thought about all the extra cuddles and kisses he got as opposed to if I had him in a stroller or far away from me. I definitely think it contributed to our strong bond and connection 🙂

  238. heather murphy says

    i would love to have this stretchy wrap for my lil one, she is such a mamas girl and loves to be close to me<3

  239. Babywearing is a lifesaver in my house. I have 4 boys all 4 and under and without babywearing it would be so hard to get things done. I usually have at least 1 baby on my back (sometimes I wear 2) and it helps me be able to get all my chores done and be hands free so I can still play and interact with my older kids.

  240. I would love to win this for use with my brand new baby 🙂

  241. I have always wanted to try a wrapsody, thankyou!

  242. Andrea Racine says

    Baby wearing has really helped me as a parent by giving me the ability to take care of my home while being close to my son. He’s incredibly attached and always wants to be in mommy’s arms and I am incredibly attached to him, but even though all I want to do is hold him and all he wants to do is be held, things still needto get done.

  243. Babywearing makes a huge difference in our day to day, and I don’t want to imagine our time with our little girl without it. I loved it from the beginning and for my husband, it is a way he can enjoy, soothe and even put to sleep our baby (soon to be babies!) even though he isn’t equipped with breastmilk like me! Babywearing helped us so much through many different stages and I’m sure it’s only going to keep helping as our girls grow.

  244. I’ve been baby wearing for walks and hikes and general tasks since our 8 1/2 month old was born and I’ve nursed and walked on several occasions but it was only a couple of weeks ago that I combined the two. He’s so long to nurse while walking now and we were on a hike with him in a sling. He was impatient to nurse so I slung him in the sling and walked and nursed. And it was perfect!

  245. Jaime Morgan says

    it helps me to actually take care of all three of my kiddos at the same time!

  246. Beautiful!

  247. Baby wearing has been a God send, I highly recommend it.

  248. I have newborn twins and i tried on a friends wrapsody stretch. it is amazing and i was able to wear both babies together. id love to have one of my own!

  249. Dinner gets cooked a lot easier!

  250. Baby-wearing out of the house has meant that I don’t have to fight with my older son over who pushes the stroller (yikes!). We’ve also gone places we wouldn’t dream of with a stroller (tall ships festival, multilevel farmers market, rocky beach, Costco). In the house when my daughter was little it meant I could get things done, now that she’s two it still means I can get things done 🙂 She rides on my back through vacuuming, baking bread, hanging out laundry, cooking supper, walking to the bus stop and more. We don’t do it every day any more but on those days when everything is a little off she is always on 😀

  251. Chrystal Murphysmith says

    This looks great! So bright and vibrant!

  252. Amber Houser says

    I have been babywearing kiddos for almost six years and it has been invaluable! From keeping my hands free to help little ones to making it through the grocery store with a spirited toddler and calming fussy babies, I don’t know what I would do without my carriers! I’m expecting my fifth child now and I know babywaering will play a valuable part in always keeping my babe close and safe.

  253. Babywearing has helped us bond with our little girl and form a strong attachment while carrying on with our “normal” lives! Both my husband and I love to wear our 5 month old while hiking, walking the dog, traveling, shopping, eating out and much much more. Being snuggled into us keeps her happy, content and quiet while we do what we love to do. Babywearing is helping us integrate our sweet baby into our lives in a way that is exciting and fun for us all

  254. It helped me bond with my baby and I’m looking forward to how it will help me stay active with my toddler while staying close when my new LO gets here in a few months.

  255. Baby wearing get me through lots of complicated toddler moments, I can just strap him in and go when he is being impossible.

  256. Tabatha Cheney says

    I currently have a 16 mo old son and am due in January with my daughter! I would love to try a wrap!!

  257. When my baby was just born it was impossible to do anything unless I had her in ny moby wrap, it was such a necessity.

  258. I work full time, so wearing my baby is one way we reconnected at the end of a long day or on the weekends. I expect, with our next little one, it will serve the same purpose, plus allowing me to have my hands free to spend time with my toddler, too.

  259. I did not have a wrap carrier for my first baby and would love one for my second!

  260. I’d love this gorgeous wrap!

  261. Babywearing has helped me feel closer to all my kids. My youngest is 2 months old, and wearing him has been a lifesaver! It helps so much with being able to do things around the house, and managing my older 2 while we are out. We love babywearing!

  262. christy douglas says

    I love all the information on nursing and babywearing! My 2 little guy will reap the benefits!

  263. Lilia Aguilar says I would love to own this Wrapsody bali stretch “Brigid” I have a woven “Freya” ((( )))and have trouble with those pressure points and I think this one would be easier to master to make my baby comfortable to enjoy the world with me!! Thank you PAXbaby for the opportunity to win one Wrapsody Stretch Brigid in your giveaway in celebration of International Babywearing Week!

  264. Katherine Hutka says

    Babywearing helped me connect with my son after his NICU experience.

  265. I have been drooling over Brigid for months now and I have been a follower/fan of paxbaby for years. I know this wrap belongs in my home, with my little tucked into it!!! 🙂

  266. jessica M. says

    Babywearing has helped because I can play with (and chase after!) my toddler while wearing my baby 🙂

  267. As I’m only 6 months pg, I’ve not started babywearing yet. But, I really look forward to it!! I live in an Asian country where it is a common, almost expected, part of life.

  268. I’m due tomorrow, and I can’t wait to try baby-wearing myself.

  269. Babywearing helped me since I have two under two and will soon have 3 under 3 and a half!!! It is a lifesaver to have two hands even when baby wants held!!

  270. Babywearing helps me keep my sanity!

  271. Babywearing has let me respond to my baby faster and fosters security in my toddler.

  272. ashley hernandez says

    babywearing has helped me be able to parent both my children easily because i can wear our infant and still help our daughter

  273. ashley hernandez says

    i am a fan!

  274. Stephanie Brennan says

    I would LOVE to win this! Several of my mommy friends have it and LOVE it!

  275. Stephanie Robertson says

    Since my #3 was such a surprise (my other children are 14 &13 yo) I have discovered bwing with this one and I’m so thankful. I feel like we are closer and I’m so much more patient with all of my children because I feel more secure in the choices I am making this time around 🙂

  276. It’s helped me be able to do more with my older son while caring for the baby. I even occasionally have to coach his soccer practice with the little one on.

  277. Babywearing has done so much for me!! It has helped me with the fussy times, helped me to maintain a wonderful close bond with all my children, and made travelling around with 3 childeren easier!!

  278. I wanted a wrap and a sling so much with my daughter, but I didn’t get a wrap and the sling I got didn’t fit properly. I have a 3rd child on the way and I am determined to get a good wrap, I know it will be soo much easier for all of us!!

  279. Baby wearing is the only way I get everything done. My daughter wants to be held almost all the time, and I can only do so much with her on my hip and with only one hand

  280. Jen Pitkin says

    I couldn’t run an awesome home daycare without a few daily back carries!

  281. we loved baby wearing our first daughter, and now that #2 is on the way, we could use the extra carrier! my husband enjoys baby wearing as well, especially when we are out and about. we prefer it to a stroller because it is so much easier to monitor your little one when they are snuggled against your skin 🙂 also- it is easier to maneuver in crowds, and more discreet to breastfeed in mixed company. we love baby wearing most because everybody wins 🙂

  282. Babywearing has made it easier to care for both my children, ages 2 and 4 months, at the same time.

  283. When my older kids were little babywearing was an essential component to being able to care for, chase after, play with my toddlers while still caring for my infant (they are now 18, 16.9, 14.7, 12,.7 years). Now with my youngest (19 months) babywearing is a joy that allows me to spend time with my baby/toddler while still being actively involved in the lives of my teens. So thankful to my lovely midwife who introduced my to Ring Slings 18 years ago.

  284. Kristi griggs says

    Wrapping my infant has been a lifesaver with my toddler.

  285. I can hold my other little children’s hands while still having the baby right by me.

  286. I’ve always wanted a “real” woven wrap; I’ve only used DIY ones. They worked fine, but the Girasol weaves are so pretty. I love the colours of the wrap on the far right of the second row down in the collage of pictures at the top of this page:, but I don’t see it for sale. Of the ones available, maybe I’d choose this one:

  287. My baby is SO “held” but I’ve been able to do so much with her close!

  288. Brittney Gomez says

    BWing has helped me not only care for my 2 month old, but also my 18 month old throughout the day! I can cook, clean, cuddle, and comfort my LO, it is the most amazing thing ever!

  289. Randa Braun says

    I would love to wear my next baby as I didn’t do any with my first.

  290. Babywearing has really helped me feel close to my little guy while still having my hands free to do things especially with our older one 🙂

  291. Wearing my baby helped me to put him to sleep gently- sometimes it was the only way to help him fall asleep without crying.

  292. Babywearing helps me to be a better momma to my 4 mo. old and 2 1/2 y.o.

  293. I love how close it makes me feel to Sophie, and I feel that we connect more through our contact. She is calmer, happier, alert, and I love feeling her close to me. It’s a shared goodness!

  294. I love how I can cuddle with my daughter and get things done around the house/run errands at the same time.

  295. babywearing has helped me care for my granddaughters.

  296. domestic diva says

    It [mostly] frees up my hands to do things like cook.

  297. Babywearing has helped me so much, from making it easier to cook and breastfeed to helping calm and soothe a sick or upset baby. I love babywearing!

  298. Babywearing helped immensely when my son got out of the NICU and we were going through his colicky phase. The Moby was our saving grace!

  299. Britni Bradford says

    We haven’t been able to do much babywearing except a little with a Moby when DD was little. But I would love to one reason would be so that I can carry the baby while hanging up diapers to dry =)

  300. Babywearing has made me a better parent and spouse – I can get so much accomplished around the house while bonding with baby!

  301. Sorry I missed the give away! The Wrapsody looks like a great product. Baby wearing has allowed me to care for my LO while walking the dog, grocery shopping etc. It is the best way to get things done around the house while still spending quality time with my little man!