An Itti Bitti giveaway of huge proportions

Just about a month ago, Jessica and SugarBaby had fun exploring the great variety of vendors at the 2012 Kids Expo.  Their impressions of the various products they encountered had quite a range: from fun to laughable, practical to absurd, ingenious to mundane, creative to basic, and just plain wacky; and Sugarbaby and Jessica didn’t always agree.  One company they both fell in love with was Itti Bitti.  The owner, Sue, was there in person and Jessica hit it off with her so well that it felt like they had known each other for years!  She was down-to-earth, brilliant, shared Jessica’s obsession for soft fabrics and bright colors, and just a whole lot of fun.  Offering the softest, most comfortable (so Sugarbaby has informed us) cloth diapers in the most vibrant colors we’ve seen in our many years of diapering, we’ve been hoping to showcase some of Itti Bitti’s diapers for The Leaky Boob community.  And it is happening now!  They are offering a HUGE giveaway for 2 lucky Leakies, and they would like to share their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals with you as well.  Check them out below!

First, Black Friday and Cyber Monday – fitting, as today is that Friday!  


Now, for the giveaway!

Itti Bitti is giving away three Itti Bitti packs to three lucky Leakies (one per winner).  Retail value : over $200.00 each

Check out this visual representation of each prize pack:

If you would like to check out their whole color spectrum, go check it out on Itti Bitti’s website.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from November 23, 2012 through November 30, 2012.  A big thanks to Itti Bitti for this huge giveaway to The Leaky Boob community; please be sure to visit their Facebook page  or follow them on twitter  (@ittibittiUS on Twitter) and show them your appreciation!

This giveaway is open to international entries.

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  1. Lisatlantic says

    I could really use some new diapers for baby 2, due any day now.

  2. I am excited to try new diapers anytime! So I’m most excited about diapers!

  3. i always wanted to try cloth diapers, but never wanted to spend all the money on what i need, you know in case its not for me :/

  4. Love the wetbags! I’m in need of some new ones!

  5. oh…what is not to be excited about in this giveaway?!?!
    we could always use a couple new diapers!!

  6. We cloth diaper because my daughter is` allergic to disposable diapers and cloth is so cute!

    • Us too, and not one breakout since we started using cloth three weeks ago!

    • My lo always gets rashes from disposables plus I haven’t found one that consistently stands up to nighttime and since we cosleep this is very important, so I’m most excited about the diapers.

  7. I’m the most excited about the AIO! We’ve only ever attempted pockets!

  8. Brandi Carrion says

    The luxury wet bag!

  9. Planning to use cloth second time round….these are gorgeous!

  10. I would LOVE to convert to cloth, but have been afraid to try.

  11. Katherine Dixon says

    New diapers and minkee blanket!

  12. Always excited for cute minkee!!

  13. Yes, I am excited to try some new diapers and the wet bags!

  14. Lori Jenkins says

    I would love the AIO! I am getting ready to start cloth on my 8 month old baby girl. I would love to win so I could help save so money for my little family. Love love love this website!

  15. I would love some AIOs!!!

  16. I LOVE cloth diapering! I have a 6 month old and we started about 2 months ago! Would love to try some different types! 😀

  17. Sarah Scott says

    I love supporting small businesses, especially when the product is good for my baby and the environment. (Not to mention my budget!)

  18. Alexanderia Altonji says

    Love this giveaway!

  19. I love cloth diapers!!!

  20. I have never tried itti bitti diapers, but I like how soft and large their wipes are. I am excited about trying out their different diaper types.

  21. Teresa Klemme says

    I would love to change over to cloth!

  22. Tiffany Worland says

    I really wanna do cloth diapers with new baby so im excited about the diapers

  23. Tristen Warner says

    Any pieces of the prize excite me! My sister is moving in with me and currently four months pregnant. (She’ll probably be more like 7 months when she gets here) She has nothing for her baby so ANY prize piece would lighten the load!!

  24. all of it looks fabulous – I love the star design on the changing pad

  25. I am most excited about trying new cloth diapers! I am still new cloth diapering and have only tried a few brands so far.

  26. Laurin Adams says

    I would love to win something new! So used to hand me downs.

  27. I’ve been wanting to try the itti bitti tutto for a while now! *fingers crossed*

  28. Ooh I hope I win!!

  29. This is a great way to get started! I’m most excited about the diapers!

  30. I’m excited about the AIO. I love the tuttos, but have never tried the AIO by itti bitti.

  31. Cloth are so cute

  32. Itti Bitti Tutto

  33. I am most excited about trying all those dipes; especially the AIO!

  34. Nicole Smith says

    I love cloth diapering! Any addition to the stash is a blessing!

  35. Frances Landreth says

    I’ve been wanting to try these diapers for a long time!

  36. Love this giveaway!! I’m in desperate need of more diapers!!

  37. I have used different kinds of cloth diapers but never these. I would love to give them a try!

  38. Brittni mesic says

    I would love to win this! We have a 10 month old just had never really considered cloth diapering until really recently. Just is a little pricey to jump in head first for us.

  39. Susie James says

    I love the cloth diapers great for a mom on a budget!

  40. i would really like to try out the changing mat 😛

  41. Steph Whitley says

    Fab prize. Would love to win 🙂

  42. What a great giveaway! Thank you!

  43. I would love some new diapers. Received all of my CD’s second hand and now they are falling apart. I am not crafty enough to fix them 🙁

  44. Andrea Meier says

    I would love to try the diapers! I gave a new baby due in January and I cloth diaper my one year old but I haven’t tried this brand.

  45. I’d love to try the AIO, I’ve never seen itti bittis in person before and I’d just love to get my hands on one to try with my upcoming newbie 🙂

  46. Kelsey Olsen says

    The breast pads!

  47. Sarah Scott) says

    I love to support small businesses, especially when their product is good for my baby and the environment! (not to mention my budget!)
    I’m excited about the diapers!

  48. I love being a cloth mom, and want to add to my stash!!

  49. I’ve been wanting to try these diapers for a long time.

  50. We love cloth diapering! I’d love to try Itti Bitti diaps!

  51. I would love to try Itti Bitti diapers!!

  52. I’d love to win! We’re expecting baby #2 in May, and I want to cloth diaper!

  53. I’m excited about the diapers! But I think I’m most excited about the minky blanket, oh and the wet bag, ah I’m excited about it all!!

  54. I would love the wet bag! Or any of the itti bitti products!

  55. the diapers and the minky blanket!

  56. We still use diapers for nap and bedtime, and I’d love to have some that are soft and cuddly for my behemoth three year old twins to wear while they snuggle with me and daddy in bed. Anything to remind me of how little they once were!

  57. Jessica Stevens says

    I’ve been curious about this brand recently, but wasn’t sure how it would fit on my toddler. I’d love to try one and see 🙂

  58. Amanda Lalonde says

    Awesome! I can always use more dipes in my stash, I’m CD-ing twins 🙂

  59. Such cute diapers!

  60. Steph Whitley says

    Fab prize, especially the nappies and funky blanket. Would love to win 🙂

  61. New cloth diapers!!! We just started using cloth with our 7 week old son and would love to try new brands/types 🙂

  62. Whitney nail says

    Most of my diapers are seconds… My little man is cute in anything but I’m sure he would love some fresh fluff for his cute tush!

  63. kim mcintosh says

    I would love to try the bitti tutto – they look amazing!

  64. Amanda Kowalski says

    I NEED these!!! My son is a little pee monster who leaks through everything and I need to add more quality dipes to the stash and these look awesome!

  65. Love this!

  66. I’m excited about all of it! It’d be a great way to get into cloth diapering!

  67. I’ve only used prefolds and would be excited to try something different!

  68. The AIO! I would love to try these.

  69. Kendra Rogers says

    I am excited to try the itti-bitti d’lish AIO!

  70. Michelle Hall says

    the blankie looks AWESOME. I’m most excited about that 😀

  71. Bridget Williams says

    I have been cloth diapering since I had my second LO 11 months and 1 week after having my first LO! These are so adorable and comfortable looking!! 🙂

  72. Kodi H. Miller says

    I’m excited about the wet bag!!! =)

  73. Oh, and I think the wetbag is the cutest!

  74. My first baby is due end of January and I’m hoping to start out with cloth diapers and stick to it. I haven’t known anyone personally who did use cloth exclusively but I’m motivated due to Facebook and blogs I’ve read in the past few months about the benefits for baby, financially and the environment. I’d love any of the prize packs…it’s all new to me! Thank you!

  75. What a fantastic giveaway!

  76. i’d love some new diapers for my new addition!

  77. The diapers! Free diapers are always great

  78. Baby boy has outgrown the prefolds in our stash, we needd help restocking!

  79. I’m excited for the minky blanket and the breast pads! I LOVE to cloth diaper, and I’ve heard fabulous things about ittbitti!

  80. We’re new to cloth and would love to try new brands/types of cloth

  81. megan watson says

    I would love to try them!

  82. This is one of the few brands of cloth that we haven’t tried! We would love to give them a shot!

  83. I am excited to try new diapers anytime!

  84. Wow what an awesome prize! I’d love the minkee blankee, but everything looks great!

  85. Love, love, love Itti Bittis!

    Would love, love, love to win this!

  86. i need some extra diapers (we only have 15 cd) and would love to try these!

  87. Christian morrow says

    After three children my prefoldd are falling apart! I have been building up a new stash for the newest baby and would love to add these! Also I need a wet bag.

  88. Hoping to use cloth 100% with next baby, this looks like a fantastic starter! I’m excited about the diapers but everything looks awesome! Thanks so much for doing this! 🙂

  89. I really want to change over to cloth, but I just can’t afford it 🙁

  90. I would love to add to my stash. Little Miss likes her cloth. 😉 Mama likes it too.

  91. i have wanted to try these for some time now they look so soft and fuffy and i love how you can customize the absorbancy to meet the needs of your baby

  92. I would love to win some new diapers!

  93. How can anyone pick just one? It’s all wonderful! AIO, please

  94. I’m most excited for the diapers. This is my third baby, but first time cloth diapering. I can’t wait to try different styles out

  95. We like our itti bittis. They also make soft covers with prefolds

  96. It is all so cute! I’d love any of the items 🙂

  97. Rachel Bartels says

    Any of the diapers!

  98. Vinessa Chapates says

    The diapers, and the wet bag!!! i could very much use some new diapers!!

  99. I am most excited about trying any of the cloth diapers!

  100. I can’t decide which diaper I’d be most excited about winning 🙂

  101. Heather Kemp says

    I am so glad we started clothing with our son and cant wait to cloth our new squishy in January!!!

  102. Kodi H. Miller says
  103. I’m excited about the changing mat–I could use a cute one for my diaper bag! 🙂

  104. I’m cloth diapering already, but not really satisfied with the brand I have. I am very excited to try any diaper from itti-bitti. 🙂

  105. AIO!!

  106. What a great giveaway!

  107. looking to win.

  108. I’m excited about the diapers! I need another wet bag too. Mine is falling apart!

  109. We only have a few cloth diapers, so I’m most excited about the idea of more diapers for sure!!

  110. Katie Hoffmann says

    I started using cloth on my 2nd born in August. I had a friend provide me with a few things frim her stash to get started & I’m always looking for more ways to expand my own stash to help us stay green!! Thanks for all your awesome giveaways!

  111. What a great prize! All of them are awesome!

  112. I love cloth diapering and haven’t tried these. Would love to!

  113. I’m most excited for the wet bag bc I don’t have one yet, but I’m also way excited for some itty bitties for our new baby that will join our family through the miracle of adoption.

  114. Karen Brunelle says

    I wanted to use cloth diapers when our first baby was born, but I had to go back to work and so wracked with emotion over it that I couldn’t do any research on them. And then, after three solid months of crying because I had to leave my sweet little angel every day, I got fired. Then we couldn’t afford the initial start up cost. I am still not working, our son is a month shy of turning two, so we still can’t afford the starting cost, but I would love to use them for our second baby. With the first born I made all his food and did everyhing I could to keep him away from all the additives that are in everything. I do regret that he has only worn cloth diapers.

  115. We use cheap covers and prefolds right now. I’d love to upgrade and get some cute diapers, especially some AIOs so my hubby will change more diapers!

  116. tovah miller says

    I’m excited about it all. Expecting February 2013 so I could really use this!!

  117. Renae Meyer says

    Expanding my cloth diaper stash since baby number 2 will arrive next month! Soon to have a toddler and newborn in cloth! so excited and hope I get to add some Itti bitti to my stash. Thanks

  118. Katie Hoffmann says

    I started using cloth on my 2nd born in August. I had a friend provide me with a few things from her stash to get started & I’m always looking for more ways to expand my own stash to help us stay green!! Thanks for all your awesome giveaways!

  119. Ooh. The minky and the bamboo breast pads. I need to stock up for January!

  120. I’m excited about the diapers! We cloth diapered when my son was born but I didn’t like the diapers we chose and never bought him the next size. We have been looking at getting new cloth diapers and these look perfect!! (G-diapers are as good as they look!)

  121. The wet bag and of course more diapers!

  122. Love the diapers.

  123. I’d love to win! Looking forward to starting our family and would like to do as many environmentally friendly and sustainable things as possible – no disposables would be fantastic!

  124. Oh I LOVE brightly covered diapers! Hubby and I were just discussing how glad we were we cloth diaper so we aren’t literally throwing money away! Would love these cute diaps! 🙂

  125. Would love to wrap my babies in these dipes!

  126. Ryan Lawler says

    These seem pretty neat. I don’t know if I could get the hang of cding

  127. I love trying new diapers for my little man!

  128. The whole stash, I need to get started!

  129. I am excited about the diapers! I love finding new companies to support!

  130. Katy DeFonde says

    ZZ would LOOOOOOVE a minkee blanket!

  131. Talena Krull says

    The dlish sio!! My all time favorite diaper!!

  132. I am excited to try new diapers! I love trying new diapers with my DD and all of the fun colors they come in!

  133. ALL OF IT!!! New little one on the way, would love this package. All of it. And it is fun to think that there is something for me too, would love to try the nursing pads!

  134. I love their AIO’s so I am most excited about that!

  135. Yay! New diapers!

  136. I’m most excited about the bamboo breast pads bc I just gave birth to my 3rd bitti on Wednesday nigh

  137. The aio I would love to try!

  138. I’m curious about cloth diapers, but scared about spending so much at once & then realizing they are not for us.

  139. I’m excited for the diapers! I’ve only ever tried Best Bottoms and I’ve really been wanting to try out a different kind!

  140. I would love the Bamboo breast pads! I’ve been wanting some reusables and those look nice and soft!

  141. I would love everything but I am in need of a new wetbag, this one is so cute!

  142. I’m looking forward to getting my 4 week old started on cloth diapers. Would LOVE to win this package!

  143. Ohhh I need this!

  144. I’m really exited about the nappies! Just found out I’m expecting our third child and am determined to go 100% cloth with this one 🙂

  145. Haven’t heard of these diapers, but they look super fun and great quality!

  146. I love cloth diapers! Would love to try new ones!!

  147. I would like to try the AIO.

  148. Sheree Garcia says

    We would love to win this give away for our upcoming baby and our toddler! 🙂

  149. Maria Friend says

    I would love to try out the cloth diapers.

  150. Rochelle Brooks says

    I’m really interested in changing from disposable diapers to cloth diapers so this would be a great way to help get me started!

  151. Catherine brown says

    Omg this prize pack looks amazing! A great starter pack!

  152. Natalie McCreary says

    I’m so happy I chose to cloth diaper my little one. 6 weeks of successful cloth diapering!

  153. Genevieve M says

    I already have a tutto that I love, but I’m so excited to try a boo! Or a d’lish!

  154. Tashina Kirk says

    Thinking about cloth diapering so I’m going to say the diapers!

  155. Would love to cloth diaper …but haven’t yet. Would be the perfect start. Hope I win since I got Twins lol.

  156. Ohh! Tough choice! Most excited about the aio and minky blanket!

  157. I am excited about the cloth diapers. I used them with my last DD and loved them but sold them for cheap to help out another momma in need. I didn’t think I would get pregnant so fast and now I am preg with my third DD and I am scheduled to deliver in 10 days!!! I love the cost savings and the chance to cut down on trash going to the landfill.

  158. I would love to try out the bitti boo diaper!!

  159. Ooh… I’d love to win these! They’d look so cute on our new little lovebug.

  160. I’m excited over any new cloth diaper or accessory at this point! I am anxious to keep building my stash for my little girl on the way! 🙂

  161. I’m excited about the AIO diapers!

  162. Umm it would be nice to have more than one of the AIO in my diaper arsenal. =)Absolutely my favorite cloth diaper!

  163. The different types of diapers to try out!

  164. Wow. That’s a cool prize pack. I’d love to try cloth diapers

  165. Andria Moore says

    I’m always happy to try new diapers. My first kiddo was such an odd size that we needed variety to find what works. The next one will probably be the same.

  166. Katie power says

    Love the diapers. I always want to try new kinds!

  167. I’m excited about all the diapers 🙂

  168. I’d love the chance to try some new cloth diapers:)

  169. Oh, this would be so fabulous!

  170. I love ittis!!!! Need some more and I’m out of funds so close to Christmas.

  171. Oooh more itti bitti fluffy goodness!!

  172. I’m excited about the AIO’s!

  173. I’m excited about the diapers! But, the blanket and wet bag look awesome too!

  174. After 5 kids you think I would have tried cloth diapers, especially since some of them have had extra sensitive skin! I’d love to try them on my youngest, he gets rashes all the time from the chemicals in the disposables. If I didn’t like them I can always pass them on to another leaky that could use them!

  175. ashley hernandez says

    I would love to try out cloth!

  176. I am excited about the diapers!

  177. I’d love to try these diapers! My sash is pretty small and I only have a few different brands. It would be gret to have another brand to try! We’ve only been using cloth for 5 weeks and so far I’m loving it. Especially since money is tight, cloth saves us loads of money!

  178. I’d love to win these!! Cloth diapering is addictive, and i can’t get over how CUTE the prints and colors are!!!

  179. Oh any bit of cloth makes me happy – I’m slowly assembling a list of the fluff I’d like to get when I get my tax return 😉

  180. I love the bitti tutto

  181. i am equally excited for the diapers and the breast pads! i lalalalove them!! <3
    God bless!

  182. I am most excited about trying new diapers- and the wet bag!

  183. We are new to cloth and would love to try these!

  184. Amanda Wood says

    I lOve cloth diapers and like to try new ones!!

  185. Crystal Gibbs says

    I would love to try out new diapers! We always love growing our stash!

  186. Love me some cloth buns!

  187. The wetbag! I love that they can be used for anything!

  188. Desirae Larson says

    I”ve done some cloth diapering but not much because of the initial cost… I’d love to get more into it and eventually use only cloth! This would be a great start on that journey!

  189. Would love to win these to stock up for our new little one coming soon!

  190. Jacqueline E says

    Love those colors. Looking into using cloth pampers, so sick of buying them so often!

  191. Wetbag desperately in need of a new one!

  192. Love the whole set, but most exited about the bitti tutto diaper!

  193. Taylor Wingo says

    I’m most excited about the AIO as I’ve never tried one before. Right now we use prefolds and covers, but I’m too cheap to actually buy an AIO to try it!

  194. Megan Flanagan says

    I’d love to get this! I’m just starting out with cloth diapering and have a 18 month old and a 3 week old in diapers. I hate using disposables. There’s just so much waste.

  195. Erica Rowland says

    I’m most excited about the wet bag! We are using cloth with my 3rd baby and I didn’t know about a wet bag when I ordered the diapers so I need one 🙂

  196. Sarah Raffuse says

    I’m addicted to Thirsties and Sloomb but I’d love to give itti bitti a try!

  197. I love cloth diapering. My first baby is 17 months and we have been cloth diapering for 13 months with him. I’m currently pregnant with baby #2 and I’m hoping to add more to our cloth stash!

  198. Skyler Bouley says

    such a good deal!

  199. Would love to try these diapers! thanks for the chance!

  200. I need a new wetbag, so that would be my tops 🙂

  201. diapers and breast pads!!

  202. Kirstie Butler says

    I am most excited about the minkee blanket!

  203. Mairi Maclean Ewbank says

    This poor third child is surviving on ratty hand me downs! We need all of that good stuff!

  204. I’m getting ready to have two in diapers, but I haven’t been able to afford anything so luxorious looking as these dipes! They’re adorable!

  205. The wet bag would be amazing and also the aio

  206. I’m most excited about trying an IB diaper! The rest would go to a friend who is due next month and has little money. I hope I win this for her!

  207. I would love to switch to cloth. Both of my ds have sensitive skin.

  208. Colby Laine says

    I am fairly new to cloth diapering and am loving it!!! I would love to put my daughters cute tush in these cute diapers!!

  209. Still building my stash for baby #1. So excited!

  210. Winning this would be a great reason to start cloth diapering!

  211. I’m excited to try itti bitti diapers!!!! The bamboo breast pads look awesome too

  212. Katherine D. says

    I’ve always wanted to try cloth diapers, but never wanted to spend the money to get started. It’s not that I’m cheap, we’re just not made of money! lol Anyway, I think I’m most excited about the cloth diapers.

  213. heather greenlay says

    the minkee blanket!

  214. About to have two in diapers, and this looks like a super cool brand – I don’t have anything fancy, just workhorse stuff, some really adorable stuff would be nice. The colors are fabulous!

  215. The breast pads! My little one is due on Sunday and I could use some new reusable pads!

  216. Halfway through my second pregnancy! All of this would be so useful!

  217. mary velasquez says

    I’d like to try the AIO. Really need to replenish my stash.

  218. So excited about the minkies. super cute

  219. I would love to win free reusable diapers! I want to be environment friendly!

  220. I am really excited about the whole pack! From the changing pad to diapers to blanket, it all looks so soft and well made

  221. Angie W Ayling says

    I love how soft the IB diapers are. Would love some more for my baby girl who us due any day. And I would love the blankee.

  222. I’ve always wanted to try itti bitti, but haven’t tried this brand yet, so I’d love them! Plus with 2 in diapers and expecting once again, I’d love to expand my stash. 🙂

  223. I’m excited about the AIO

  224. i could so use the wetbag!

  225. Due on Christmas Day with my first baby and I’m already in love with cloth diapers! I can’t wait to check out this company!

  226. They look so cute!

  227. The diapers!!! I love getting new diapers to try out!

  228. The Minkee Blankee!

  229. My baby is due in a month. I don’t have any diapers. I’ve never even tried cloth diaper before with my other little one. This would defiantly be a nice Christmas surprise.

  230. I’m excited about all cloth diapers, period! Who doesn’t love fluffy mail?!

  231. I am most excited about the breast pads-I’m not sure whether we are up for cloth diapering, but I’d like to try it. But I KNOW I plan to breastfeed exclusively again unless there is a medical need to do otherwise, and reusable bamboo breastpads sound lovely!!

  232. i’m currently cloth diapering, and need a bigger stash to do it 24/7. I would love to win these!

  233. Oh man, i’ve heard such great things about your diaps but have never tried them. So I guess I’m excited to try them all, lol!

  234. I just have birth to baby #6 five days ago and am determined to use cloth diapers this time! This would be super awesome to have! Fingers and toes crossed 🙂

  235. I would love to share these with a close family member who is expecting. Spread the cloth love a bit further 🙂

  236. Michelle Nelles says

    Looks like there is a little bit of everything in this package, I love trying out new products!

  237. Would love to try cloth diapering!

  238. I am most excited about any of the cloth diapers. I recently found out I am pregnant after giving over half my stash to my sister for her new baby.

  239. I am new to cloth and would love to expand our

  240. Jessica Fiumara says

    I’d love to try the diapers for Sofia! She’s such a hard baby to fit.

  241. bitti tutto

  242. Love the changing pad!

  243. I would love to use cloth! we didnt before because we didnt have a washer and dryer, but now that we do I would love to sart using cloth! 🙂

  244. I love itti Bitti d’lish!!!!! So soft and fluffy!

  245. I have always wanted to try these diapers! They look so soft and comfy 🙂

  246. Need a bigger stash! Love!

  247. I don’t know what part excites me most, but I know that if
    I win, my Sister will be getting the best shower gift ever!

  248. I would love to have this!

  249. I am always excited to try out a new diaper! 🙂

  250. I can’t wait try the diapers! We have been searching for a good overnight diaper!

  251. I love CDing so much that one of friend’s is thinking about making the switch. This would be a great start for her and her daughter!! 🙂

  252. I would love to try itti bittis I just started cloth diapering

  253. Thrilled about the itti bitti d’lish – love the robot print!

  254. Most excited about the opportunity to expand my stash. Love this giveaway.

  255. I’m excited to try another brand of cloth diapers

  256. I’ve always been a disposable diaper mama I’d be willing to give cloth diapers a shot with cuties like these.

  257. Melody Rudenko says

    These diapers look like they have really interesting insert shapes. And the fabrics are so lovely.

  258. I love cloth diapering, it saves us so much money and cuts our waste in half.

  259. Carrie Mittleman says

    So excited to try cloth diapers this time around!

  260. Rachael Abedraboh says

    I want to try some new stuff! I only have one kind of cover right now… 🙂

  261. Tessie Biggers says

    I’d love this because my sis just had a newborn preemie and I’d love to turn her on to cloth diapering. I’ve used mostly flip style diapers and AIO’s like BG but would love to try others out seeing as my BG3.0 are starting to get really snug on my 2yo I’d be delighted to give her anything to start her stash. 🙂

  262. I LOVE my Ittis!! Need more but Christmas = lack of money 🙁

  263. Amy Wakeman says

    Getting ready to cloth diaper baby number FOUR, due in April. We would love this sweet pack!

  264. We are just starting cloth diapering and would love to experience your gift pack! 🙂

  265. Amy Wakeman says

    Most excited to try it ALL!

  266. Excited about EVERYTHING!

  267. I would be most excited about the new diapers. I am due with baby number 2 in Februrary and would love to try a diaper that will fit sooner than the brand I used for my daughter.

  268. Angeliah Clarke says

    I absolutely love cloth diapering

  269. Jessica Arendt says

    I am most excited about the wet back. We only have one now and I have to be so speedy about washing it between outings!

  270. Like it all, but especially the opportunity to try to other Bitti dipes (I currently only own 2 Tuttos). I’m due in late Jan/early Feb with my second child and I’m super excited to start CDing again!

  271. I don’t have any itti bitti diapers, so I would love to try them!

  272. I’m new to itti bitti diapers, but they look SO soft and I LOVE all the bright colors!!

  273. Elizabeth F says

    I’ve been interested in itti bitti diapers for a while now. And some new diapers would be nice then I could at least start diapering my youngest in cloth part time since I don’t have enough diapers for both of my babies. 🙂

  274. I’d love to give itti bitti a shot! Excited for the aio’s!

  275. Elizabeth Gee says

    Keeping it small, very nice!

  276. I’ve been dying to try cloth diapers but I just don’t have the money. This would be amazing to win!

  277. We use cloth because it’s the right thing to do for the environment and for our pocketbook.

  278. Krista Schizas says

    I don’t think there is a Mom in this world that would say I have enough cloth diapers in my stash. Evee and I would love to try these!

  279. Nathalie Aldana says

    Excited about everything!!!

  280. Money is tight, so I use mostly prefolds w/ covers. It would be so nice to have some great quality pockets to make it easier for my husband to partake in diaper changes. 🙂

  281. emilyanusbigian says

    I’d love to have some washable bamboo nursing pads!

  282. Lindsay Carpenter says

    What a great giveaway. I would love to win

  283. The diapers for sure all of them!

  284. I was JUST on their website drooling over them earlier today! I want to win this!!

  285. I am preggers with my second and I have been researching cloth diapers. I would love to try these! I absolutely LOVE the colors!!

  286. Trisha Kerstetter says

    I love cloth diapering! Better for my son and the environment!!

  287. I would love this whole package – but most excited about the wetbag!

  288. the cloth diapers, especially the adjustable size diaper! Love the bright colors and patterns!

  289. Love it all! We love itti bitti. I hear the blanket is fabulous! I would love one of them.

  290. Love the wetbags! I’ve only been cloth diapering at home but not outside cos the wetbags I have leak a little. Love to win the set to try!

  291. I would love to try the AIO!

  292. I love cloth diapering. They are so much cuter and more cost-effective than disposables.

  293. I love cloth diapering. They are so much cuter and more cost-effective than disposables.

  294. I love their cloth diapers.

  295. i’ve always wanted to try these!

  296. Itti bitti wetbags are my absolute favorite!!!

  297. What’s not to love about any of it?! But I do have to say I am in dire need of that wetbag!!

  298. i would love to win the cloth diapers! the other stuff looks super cute, too!

  299. Krista Hogue says

    I’ve never tried Itti Bitti so any one of them!

  300. I just started cloth diapering and I would LOVE to try itty bitty…I just can’t afford them right now. 🙁

  301. RomanyRivers says

    This giveaway is a wonderful opportunity – thank you! We use cloth diapers with both our babies and love the fact that we are saving money and the environment at the same time. Keep up the good work guys!

  302. Rachel Pray says

    I can’t wait to start cloth diapering! 🙂

  303. Alex Fisher says

    bitti d’lish aio

  304. Oh oh oh! I have an Aussie friend who RAVES about itti bitti! I want to try them so much! They are so vibrant and the poop fence is brilliant 🙂

  305. the bitti tutto!

  306. I love these diapers!

  307. I’ve heard great things about the bitti boo!

  308. This giveaway looks awesome! I would love to win and start my cloth diaper collection!

  309. the blanket caught my eye

  310. Heather Gifford says

    What a great prize package! I would be most excited about the breast pads for my nursing sisters. I cDed when my kids were babes and would love to gift this package if I won it! 🙂

  311. samantha clinton says

    wet bag or blanket 🙂

  312. would love to try new diapers!

  313. Excited to try a new brand of diapers and the wetbag because we need one of those. Thanks.

  314. I’m psyched about the Tutto, but I could use a new wet bag, too!

  315. I’m most excited about the 2 Bitti Tutto’s! I just bought my 1st one & love it 😀 I’d be thrilled to try all the others too!

  316. I really need the diapers but I’m most excited about the blankee! I might just snuggle it myself instead of giving it to my toddler.

  317. Awesome giveaway! I especially would love to try the breast pads! Thanks for the opportunity!

  318. Love this giveaway! Especially would love to try the breat pads. Thanks for the opportunity!

  319. Excited about the possibility of trying these diapers! They are beautiful!

  320. I would be excited for any of it! I am always in search for a great new product! I haven’t used itti bitti!

  321. The breast pads, the wet bag, the diapers—it ALL excites me!

  322. Starting cloth diapering as soon as I get enough stashed!!! Can’t wait!!

  323. With two in cloth, I need to expand our stash. I’m excited to try the itti bitti tutto.

  324. i love these diapers and want more! they are always sold out!

  325. Stephanie Portz says

    I’m definitely most excited about the blankie! I’ve wanted to get one for my son since they became available in the States, but I can’t justify spending that much on a little blanket…

  326. I would love the minkee blanket!

  327. Everything excites me! I am having a new baby in April and need to restock all the basics!

  328. I’ve always wanted to try cloth diapers, so I’m excited that they are included in the prize.

  329. Would love to win!

  330. What a great giveaway! Cloth diapers are great and this prize has wonderful compliments to the diapers, too!

  331. I am excited about the diapers! I have never tried these before so I am excited for the chance to try them out with my son

  332. Elizabeth Shatzer says

    I have been drooling over itti bitti for months now. I think I most want the D’Lish AIO!

  333. OMG the minkee blankee i miss out on one and i would LOVE TO WIN 😀 :D, 99% of my 88 cloth diapers are itti bitti im a very dedicated itti bitti fan 🙂

    hope i win 🙂 xx

  334. I would love some of their diapers!!

  335. I’m most excited about everything, but especially the blankie.

  336. I am most excited about the aio. I want to try an aio we just use prefolds/covers now..

  337. Any of the diapers bc I’m a tad obsessed with fluff at the moment!

  338. Stefanie Hitzelberger says

    I am dying to try some itti bitty diapers! I am excited for anything in this package.

  339. Definitely the AIO.

  340. wet bag!

  341. I’m excited about trying new diapers. The last cloth diapers I used were the old flat ones you still had to use diaper pins with. I’m expecting in June & have started stocking up on what I can find. New ones to try out would be awesome!

  342. danielle hicks says

    I would love the bamboo breastpads!!!

  343. I am excited for the diapers but I also would love to try a wet bag.

  344. My son would love the minky blankie!

  345. Love cloth diapers!!

  346. Makenzie state says

    We love our Itti bitti’s and would love to finally have a blanket!

  347. Betty Jackson says

    I am most excited about the diapers and nursing pads! I have a REALLY skinny guy and have always wanted to try these on him, but they are SO expensive! He is 27 months old and we are still nursing…and 2 months pregnant…so those nursing pads would really come in handy too!

  348. Angela Munson says

    We love Itti Bitti’s!!

  349. Marjorie Volkers says

    Love the SIOs! Woukd love to win this!

  350. I love the blankets and Boo fitted!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  351. I’m excited about them all, but probably the wetbag the most bc mine is on it’s last leg!

  352. I’d be excited to try any of the diapers

  353. Nadene Adams says

    I’m most excited about the minkee blankee!

  354. I am excited about the itti bitti tutto

  355. I’m most excited for the diapers! We gave away/sold most of our stash since we thought we were finished. ONly to find out that we are unexpectedly having a third. This whole giveaway would definitely help us to rebuild!

  356. Shelley Weckler says

    I am excited about the Minkee Blankee

  357. I’m most excited about the diapers! I love itti bitti diapers, but I’m not allowed to spend anymore money for a while on them 🙁

  358. I am relatively new to cloth diapering and would like to try out different ones. I have 12 of one brand that I am pleased with, but would really like to see what others have and compare.

  359. Britni Bradford says

    most excited about the itti bitti tutto

  360. Just starting CD. So excited!

  361. Stacie Godin says

    I am 41 weeks along and anxiously awaiting my baby girls arrival. I have a small stash of cloth diapers peeped and ready. I have an assortment if diapers and would just love to add these to my stash!

  362. I am most excited about the luxury wet bag!

  363. I would love love love to try all; of it!

  364. I just started cloth diapering my little guy and I would love to bulk up my supplies!

  365. Everything minky is wonderful – but I’m especially excited about the blankee

  366. Stephanie Pi says

    I love ittibittis! I would love, love, love to win this!

  367. I’d love to try one of the Minky blankets!

  368. I am most excited about the diapers!

  369. I’d love to try the SIO.

  370. wetbag!

  371. I am most interested in the diapers since I don’t own any cloth diapers and would Love to try them out.

  372. The minkee blankee

  373. Kendra Dockery says

    The diapers for sure, but which one….Would love to try them all.

  374. I’m most excited about…well, everything! But especially the bamboo breast pads. I’ve been looking for a more eco-friendly but still convenient alternative to the Lansinoh pads.
    These diapers snap! I love that. If I win these I’d love to do a review on my site. I am absolutely pro-cloth diapering. I think it’s amazing and my second has yet to have a diaper rash (I don’t use disposables with my newborn but I did periodically with my toddler, who had a persistent rash from the chemicals).

  375. I’m most excited about the AIO. I’m tired of stuffing pockets. 😛

  376. I have been wanting to try the itti bitti boo but haven’t been able to find them anywhere until now-just saw this contest pop up on Facebook!!!!

  377. I love my diapers, but I’m actually interested more in the bamboo breast pads. Because….I also have a leaky boob.

  378. Hmmmm…the whole package! The diapers cuz they are awesome and we could use more for #2 who is baking. Or, the blanket because it’s a luxury I could never buy on my own. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!!!

  379. The minkee blanket!

  380. Jessica Beardmore Hilton says

    the diapers!!! I love to try new cloth diaper companies.

  381. THe diapers

  382. Beloved and I just found out we’re expecting baby #3!!!! We’ve loved cloth diapers with #2, and I can’t wait to continue with #3!!!!!

  383. Francesca McCaffrey says

    I’m super excited about the AIOs!

  384. I love it all, but I would be most excited about the itti bitti tutto diapers!

  385. I currently use pocket diapers and would LOVE to try an AIO!! Please pick me!!

  386. Im pretty excited for the diapers. I am very new to cloth diapers so the diapers in general excite me!!

  387. I love my AIO’s but have been wanting to try the Bitti Boo Fitted.

  388. I have a friend who is due next month that wants to cloth diaper. What a great giveaway!

  389. I would love some itti bittis for my itti bitti! Thanks for the offer.

  390. I could use that changing mat.. 😉

  391. The diapers would be awesome!

  392. I love itti bittis!!!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on a changing mat. 🙂

  393. I am most excited about the changing mat! Well and the d’lish, and the nursing pads…ok I am most excited about all of it!

  394. Rachel Garringer says

    I am most excited about the bitti boo! They worked awesome when my daughter was a baby and we are expecting again so I would love to have some for this one.

  395. I’m excited to try new diapers!

  396. Love and NEED those cloth diapers!

  397. I need a wetbag, but I would love to try itti bitti.

  398. Kayla Dusseau says

    I love the cloth diapers but a new changing mat would be GREAT!

  399. Katie Fender says

    I’m most excited about the diapers and the blankee!

  400. Have no changing mat, just using an old towel. So, the changing mat would really be a welcome addition!

  401. Jessica Einspahr says

    I am most excited about the diapers.

  402. I’d love to try the diapers!

  403. Wetbag & diapers

  404. our fifth baby on the way so anything would be helpful. But for sure cloth diapers

  405. Nele Scheers says

    Would really like to try cloth diapers for my 2nd child!

  406. Love the bitti d’lish SIO! They fit perfectly and look super cute!

  407. would love to win some itti bitti nappies because their a great fit

  408. I’m very excited about all of the products, but especially the tutto. We LOVE our d’lish and would love to try the tutto and all those great colors!

  409. Wendy Gillis says

    Most excited about the diapers. I’ve only heard good things!

  410. I’m most excited about five new gorgeous cloth diapers! I’m diapering our sixth baby (plus a few extra fosters that have stayed with us), and would love to try these out!

  411. I’m excited about the AIO and the wet bag!

  412. Katie Bylsma says

    With two babies on the way, we are deffinitly needing cloth diapers!

  413. Have a 10 month old little boy who is allergic to a few of the covers..haven’t tried this but would be great if I won and he isn’t allergic. 🙂

  414. I am most excited for the whole kit!! I could really use many of the items for baby number 3, due in 2 months. We have decided to go with cloth diapering, reusable breast pads, and many other things that are new for this baby and this kit would be tremendously helpful to our family while we continue to get ready.

  415. Itti bitti tutto.

  416. Most excited about the luxury wetbag!

  417. Yoonjin Kim says

    Always need more diapers, and wetbags have a myriad of other uses!!

  418. Loooove cloth diapers, and it would help us out so much to win this! Love your blog!

  419. Its hard to decide but the changing mat is super cute and all the diapers of course 🙂

  420. Catherine Spruance says

    We love our itti bittis. My daughter has super chubby thighs, and I space my d’lish SIOs throughout the day to give her extra chub rolls a chance to air out. I love the trim fit, and the super soft minkee fabric.

  421. I am looking at the aio i love aio i live in phx az and the sun dries them quickly enough for me

  422. Karen Coffman says

    I love the chance to try new diapers and these are sooo adorable!

  423. Johanna Thomas says

    Second baby but first time CD’ing and I’m super excited about this. I swear disposables were the most costly baby ire we bought since we breastfed, bed shared, and practiced baby led weaning with homemade food!

  424. I own a couple itti Bitti diapers and love them! Would love to add more to my stash.

  425. I would be honored to win! Really trying to be more earth friendly in my third pregnancy! Thanks for the opportunity! -Danielle

  426. Love my fluffy bums. These ones look super cute in those bright colours!

  427. What a cute set!

  428. Excited to be able to participate internationally! These look like great diapers, and some awesome accessories too!

  429. We could really use some new diapers. We have very few we can actually use do to a sensitive skinned baby!

  430. I would love to start cloth diapering and the whole prize pack seems great and gives several options. Then I would know which one I like most to purchase more and switch over!

  431. It a tie between the wet bag and diapers I could really use both 🙂

  432. <3 the bitti tuttos

  433. Jessica Martin says

    I would LOVE to win any itti bitti diaper to try out on DS1 before I decide to purchase any! 🙂

  434. nicole.milne.walker says

    Researching all about cloth, trying to learn all I can in order to switch over to cloth diapers asap. Thanks for the opportunity, it would be a great help! Good luck to everyone!

    • nicole.milne.walker says

      The entire set would be very helpful since I’m just starting out. Most especially the diapers!

  435. I’m still fairly new to cloth nappies so a few more to add to my stash would be great , but what I am really excited about in the prize packs are the bamboo pads! I had my 3rd and last child in July his year and for the first te I have been able to successfully breastfeed, I have been wanting to try cloth breast pads as the disposables make me itchy but I haven’t been able to afford them yet 🙁

  436. Nicole Petrov says

    I’m most excited about the free diapers…. I don’t have a lot of money so I could always use free diapers 🙂

  437. Jacqueline Edwards says

    The luxury wetbag is just what I need!

  438. We would love to win!! I would live to try the AIO!!

  439. Diapers!

  440. JenniferMOreno says

    The diapers. I haven’t tried this brand.

  441. I’m always on the look out for more AIO options as we mainly use prefolds, so I would love to try the bitti tutto and compare that to the other AIOs we already own.

  442. I’m most excited to try out the cloth diapers! Mine are going to need replaced soon and would love the chance to try these out.

  443. luv em

  444. I’m most excited about the diapers!

  445. I’m excited about the tutto. Fingers crossed!!

  446. Would love to finally try the cloth diapers… I have been intimidated in the past…. But these look really user friendly 🙂 and so cute! The wet bag looks terrific too. Too much to be excited about! What a wonderful give-a-way!!!

  447. I am definitely most excited about the cloth diapers! Have been thinking of going over to cloth for quite some time. This would be the perfect way to start!

    • DaveandHeather says

      We would love the cloth diapers! Elle once you try cloth you will wonder why you didn’t try them sooner. We love ours but with expecting twins definitely need a few more 🙂

  448. Honestly, I would love to get the diapers but the minky blanket is super appealing!

  449. I am so excited to cloth diaper baby #2, due in may, this would be the best starter stash :]

  450. Michele Rossi says

    I looove the aio! With baby boy #3 due in jan, we will soon have 3 under 3 and could definitely use all the fluff we can get!

  451. I’ve been wanting to try the itti bitti tutto for such a long time!

  452. I would be most excited to try the AIO. I haven’t gotten to use one yet. 🙂

  453. I’m excited about the bitti boo and the prospect of trying out a new brand for Baby J. His bum is super cute, but no denying it’s extra cute in cloth!

  454. Love the breast pads!

  455. I would be so excited to win the cloth diapers! I’d love to give them a try. We’ve tried half a dozen brands but none that we love yet.

  456. I’m cloth diapering my fourth baby and would love to try these lovely dipes!

  457. Love CDing! It would be awesome to try this pack!

  458. I would love to try the bitti tutto.

  459. the bitti d’lish aio!!

  460. Would like to explore some other brands!

  461. These are so cute!

  462. Mari-Kristin Gilbert says

    I am looking forward to trying a new brand, and I’ve heard great things about the trimness of these!

  463. Gretchen Carson says

    Just making the foray into cloth diapering and learning which brand is best for us and our lil man!! Would love to try them and love the looks of the minke blanket!

  464. The diapers of course! I’m also curious about the bamboo breast pads though. I always leak through my cotton ones!

  465. I would be most interested in the SIO, I think!

  466. The diapers, we’ve never used an AIO before and would love to try!!

  467. Kristen Darraugh says

    I would love the diapers!!

  468. Rebekah Theriot says

    I love cloth diapering my little one and your dispers are often mentioned when favorite brands are being discussed, love to try your bitti d’lish AIO.

  469. I have never used an AIO so that is the most exciting part!

  470. I like the whole thing, but the blanket looks neat

  471. Whitney Lancaster says

    I am excited about all of it. I love cloth diapering. 🙂 if I had to pick one, it would be trying all the different types of diapers that they offer/

  472. Would love to try these diapers!

  473. Would love to try any of the package. The blankie sounds nice!

  474. Those are adorable!

  475. I’d love some new dipes!

  476. Yeahhhhh! Sweet 😀

  477. I’m in the market for a new wetbag, but I would love to try that AIO. 🙂

  478. Tabitha Julen says

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have these! I am starting my stash up and these would be a nice addition, especially since I can’t afford to buy any expensive diapers.

  479. Angela Beaumont says

    I am pretty excited about all the prizes but the luxury wetbag would be super handy!!

  480. i am very excited about the diapers and wetbag 🙂

  481. Always excited to expand my cloth knowledge and always can use another wet bag!

  482. I would just love to try this brand! I like how cute they are and it would be great to know their fit!

  483. I’m excited about the tuttos. I have one and love it but can’t afford more. Winning some would be awesome!

  484. Michelle D. says

    I’ve been wanting to try the Itti Bitti diapers!! And you can never have too many wet bags laying around. 🙂

  485. I’m most excited about the minkee blanket.

  486. Honestly there’s not one specific item! The whole thing is just amazing and really would make a GREAT gift for my cousin who is due soon! This is her 3rd child and 1st little girl and she has never tried clothe diapering before, I think this would be a great start for her 🙂

  487. I’ve been wanting to give CD but we aren’t able to try any because of financial issues. This would be a great way to dip my toes in the water of CD! Plus they are super cute!

  488. I’m most excited for the wetbag – we could really use some more in our house!

  489. A second wet bag and a new diaper!

  490. Always excited about trying new diapers!

  491. this whole package looks fabulous. hope i win so i can try it all. 😉

  492. i love their diapers but also want to try the minkee blankee and luxury wetbags.

  493. I love itti bitti! This is amazing!

  494. I’m most excited about the AIO: we only have Flip diapers & pre-folds, & while I love them, I’ve always been interested in trying an AIO.

  495. I am excited about the Itti Bitti fluff. I love cloth diapers, and have yet to try an Itti Bitti, would love to have them to try.

  496. Jessie Grinnan says

    We are really trying to go all cloth and getting a bit at a time. This would be HUGE for us!!!! Plus my birthday is Dec. 1st and this would be such an awesome birthday bonus!! LOL yes I lust for sweet cloth diapers for my LO as presents for me.

  497. Jessie Grinnan says

    I am excited about the whole package! But if I have to pick one, the bitty d’lish AIO!

  498. Stoked for some diapers for Baby Bear- my first!

  499. The Minkee Blankee. So cute!

  500. the AIO

  501. Mari-Kristin Gilbert says

    I have wanted to try these dipes for a while, I’ve heard great things about the trimness of them!

  502. I am most excited for the Minkee Blanket if i win!

  503. I’m in dire need of some bamboo breast pads as I keep leaking even at 11 months of breastfeeding.
    Of course my little one could also use some cloth diapers.

  504. Erica Killian says

    allsocute, but I aminterested in the AI1

  505. I REALLY love and want the wet bag and the changing pad. You can never have enough of either!!!!!

  506. domestic diva says

    The bitti boo (and other diapers) look fantastic. Yay!

  507. Bitti Boo – would love to try one!

  508. Ooo already such a fan of theirs I’d love a itti bitti tutto!!

  509. I tweeted about it!

  510. The wet bags look really nice!

  511. Definitely excited about the cloth diapers!!! We have a new one on the way and would love to try some new ones. Thank you!!

  512. DaveandHeather says

    The AIO cloth diapers

  513. All of the prizes are so exciting!! If I had to pick one of course it would be the dipes, but the blanket looks so soft!

  514. DaveandHeather says

    the wetbag!

  515. I’d be delighted to try any Itti Bitti! I’ve been a FB fan for awhile and have only read good things about them.

  516. We LOVE it all. Cloth diapers ROCK!!

  517. We would love anything!! All of the prizes are so wonderful, but we would would love the cloth dipes!

  518. What a wonderful prize!! All of them are wonderful, but love the dipes!

  519. I’m most excited about the new dipes!!