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Peek Away was developed out of necessity during a time of hardship for co -inventor, Natalie Sanders. She was inspired to create Peek Away’s 4-In-1 Nursing Kit, when she was nursing her second son and had to endure frequent long road trips.

She and her husband, Glen, recently lost their business and were on the verge of losing their house. Determined to find stability they chose to move closer to family. Natalie took a job as an occupational therapist specializing in the NICU and pediatric department at a county hospital. Nearby lived her grandmother, where she and her family stayed during the week. Every weekend they’d commute three hours north to upkeep their house until it could sell. Their son was just 3 months old, and their other son 3 years old. Commuting in a hatchback car & living with family did not provide much space. Carrying a large diaper bag, nursing pillow, in addition to luggage was virtually impossible. Stopping on the road to nurse in parking lots, restaurants or pumping in the car became a way of life. It was tiresome and very hard to get comfortable. Natalie and Glen searched for a travel nursing pillow, but there wasn’t one on the market yet, so they created their own together!  

Now TLB sponsors, they are offering our community 3 of their creations for this stylish and practical giveaway. 

TLB:  What should TLB readers know about Peek Away?

Natalie:  Peek Away isn’t just another nursing pillow on the market. It is very unique and original. Careful consideration was given when creating this pillow. I was able to utilize my professional knowledge of ergonomics and my experience working with infants and lactation consultants to carefully design a pillow to help moms feel comfortable breastfeeding anywhere. It provides proper positioning, giving ample support and comfort when nursing in cramped spaces or at home. It does not take up much room and it has all the essentials, including storage compartments and a diaper change pad with a built-in wipe case, forgoing the need to lug a diaper bag and pillow.  By nature, I’m modest and I wasn’t comfortable nursing or pumping in the car without a cover; therefore I included a separate matching nursing cover to come with the product for moms to use if they choose.

TLB:  Tell us about the inspiration behind the Peek Away and how you started your business.

Natalie:  The inspiration behind Peek Away came from the product itself. It is something very unique and serves a great purpose in promoting breastfeeding. Fortunately the patent office felt this product was unique too and issued us a utility patent in 2010 for our nursing pillow. This was a boost of optimism. That’s when we decided to test market Peek Away locally and had an overwhelming response.

TLB:  How do you balance family life and running your own company?

Natalie: Balancing family life and work has been challenging. We have had to work extremely hard to rebuild what was lost. I work outside the home at my private occupational therapy pediatric practice. Glen stays home to take care of the kids and devotes much of his time to Peek Away. I continue to contribute as much time as I can to Peek Away too, but finding a balance of running two businesses and raising a family is hard. We count our blessings that we have two wonderful happy, healthy, loving children. And like any parent, we wish we had more quality time spent with them!

TLB:  What would you suggest a mom nervous about breastfeeding in public do to get comfortable when the time comes?

Natalie: Breastfeeding should be done however one feels most comfortable, but it does take some practice before getting use to it. Some moms like using a cover, pillow, blanket, or just being bare. Babies feed off of mom’s energy and it’s important she’s relaxed. When mom’s stressed the baby knows and can panic too. This makes latching and overall feeding more difficult.  Anxiety can also affect a mom’s milk supply and the ability to have a let-down. If you plan to nurse in public and are at all anxious about it, the best thing to do is practice at home or even sitting in your yard. I practiced nursing my baby in front of a mirror, because I was worried about gracefully being able to cover up!

TLB:  What is your favorite tip for moms on the go with babies and small kids in tow?

Natalie:  My favorite tip for moms on the go with kids is just to travel light! Bring only the essentials. Eliminate the need for heavy bags that weigh down your shoulders and fatigue your arms which makes it more difficult to do what we love best : holding on to our kids!


Glen & Natalie are giving away a gift to 3 lucky Leakies.  The gift is their Newly Released Peek Away Travel 4-In-1 Essentials Nursing Kit – A nursing pillow discreetly carried as a handbag with storage compartments, a diaper change pad, and built-in wipe case. Included is a matching nursing cover.   Retail Value: $46.98



Currently, Leakies can find their latest updated nursing pillows, in all their stylish patterns, on their website at


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from December 11, 2012 through December 18, 2012 .  A big thanks to Natalie and Peek Away for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page  or follow them on twitter  and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is restricted to Canadian and  U.S. residents only.

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  1. I am usually very confident nursing in public….thanks to TLB!

  2. lol… whip out the boob, feed baby, replace boob.

  3. I don’t mind nursing in public at all! I’m such a introvert, but NIP has never bothered me.

  4. This portable nursing pillow looks awesome!! I have a large age gap between my oldest and my baby and with all his activities I’ve nursed just about everywhere (swim meets, church, birthday parties, etc.) We miss the cozy nursing pillow we use at home – so I would LOVE to have a portable one. Thanks peek-away!

  5. Christine Thompson says

    I like to find a place that isn’t near too many people– or at least not near too many men– and nurse my daughter as discretely as I can. I’ve learned that if I don’t look at other people and just focus on her, I don’t feel as self conscious about it.

  6. I’m much more comfortable with a cover in public. It’s who I am and I’m fine with that. Folks who think it’s wrong because I’m covered and folks who think it is wrong because I’m bf in public can both deal with it, IMO! But a cover and pillow combo seems amazing for travel (especially when you’re by yourself with baby).

  7. Gina Demaree says

    I like to cover with a thin receiving blanket, if it will stay up! I have a baby sling with an extra long tail that I can also use. I’ve never been very shy about nursing in public, however, since it’s just not too revealing.

  8. I’m comfortable nursing in public. Although I have to find a semi quiet space as my baby is easily distracted :-)!

  9. I’ve always just used a receiving blanket to had some coverage but not completely cover the head and suffocate us both. Power to all you awesome ladies who don’t!!!!!

  10. I’m pretty comfortable with my nursling in public! When ya gotta feed, ya gotta feed! I usually do bring a small blanket or burp cloth to cover up somewhat with, though. I’m MUCH more comfortable (and so is my Munchkin!) not covering up, but I suppose I mainly do it out of habit, and to help prevent prolonged staring by teen boys/men that happens at times. :/

  11. I am still trying to get the hang of nursing in public. I just need to find out the most comfortable way for baby and me!!

  12. This is a great product. Would love to win.

  13. Also, I couldn’t figure out how to share my link for sharing on my Facebook page! I did so, though, and set it to public! It’s at (since the widget said to share in a comment!). Thanks, guys!

  14. I use my Udder Cover to nurse anywhere. When we’re grocery shopping I just hold her while I’m walking around : ) I prefer to be someplace where it’s not as obvious but when you walk around wearing an apron, people can figure it out. It doesn’t seem to draw as much attention as I think it will.

  15. Melanie Davis says

    I don’t mind nursing in public, but my DD does. She’s so nosy! She might be hungry but she doesn’t want to miss anything! This portable nursing kit is absolutely brilliant!

  16. I have large breasts, and I found it difficult to be discrete while nursing my daughter. Baby #2 is due in May, and since my toddler is super active, I know I’ll be NIP much more often, and honestly, I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be practicing my technique at home, first 😉

  17. I just pull it out & nurse when my baby is hungry. At first I used a cover & under certain circumstances I still do but when she wants to eat…she eats 🙂

  18. I am comfortable NIP and would just use my clothes strategically placed to cover up, however, for baby thats on the way hubby confessed that NIP makes him uncomfortable and he would like me to use a cover, I’m okay with that!

  19. I usually wear a nursing tank so I can do the up-down method, not out of modesty but because I try to keep the muffin top under control lol.

  20. I like somewhere comfortable to nurse, with a little bit of privacy.

  21. I use a Belly Fish nursing cover and pillow in one, but am always up for options! We had tried just using an Aden+Adenais blanket draped over me and the baby, but it always seemed to fall off.

  22. We travel a lot! So having the travel pack would be awesome for when our LO gets here!! 🙂

  23. I nurse whenever I need to. I am most comfortable when I am around other mama’s who understand and are unfazed by nursing a baby in a public place without *gasp* a cover.

  24. I prefer to use a nursing tank, and a light blanket. Not necessarily to cover me, but more to keep my almost 1-year old from getting distracted every 2 seconds.

  25. rileigh thom says

    I am “bigger” on top. It is hard to nurse in public. This looks awesome. What a great idea.

  26. With my flimsy diaper bag under my arm. 🙁 I so need this giveaway!!!!

  27. Brittanie Pierce says

    I sometimes use a cover; sometimes I don’t. I like this product. : )

  28. I nurse in public all the time…as long as I have a nursing tank under my shirt – I don’t mind nursing in public even without a nursing cover 🙂

  29. I’m usually comfortable nursing in public without a cover, but I usually sit in a somewhat secluded area, especially because my 9 month old is very distractible.

  30. I’m still not nursing in public. Lack of supplies being a factor. I have no nursing bras or shirts so it’s a bit complicated. My DD is only 2 months so we don’t really go alot of places though.

  31. I’m most comfortable sitting down and nursing uncovered but I really want to learn how to nurse in the ergo.

  32. I am working on my public nursing confidence and one of the biggest problems is holding my son. This pillow is brilliant!

  33. I am most comfortable nursing in public well-covered with clothing, but with baby uncovered so I can see what I’m doing! But I’ve never tried a real nursing cover-I’m sure they are less of a hassle than little receiving blankets that fall off constantly, which is what I did try but hated!

  34. I am very comfortable nursing in public. But it took a while to be. I prefer to be where I can sit behind sonething like at a tabke where the table is blocking me or something but it is by no means a must. My jud has to eat just like everyone else. I don’t make a big deal or draw attention to it. Just nurse him and be done.

  35. joanna garcia says

    with a nursing shawl and undercover!

  36. I’m expecting my first at the end of January, so I’ve yet to nurse in public. But, DH wants me covered, so I will cover.

  37. Allison McGrady says

    I am still not very comfortable nursing in public. I have only been nursing for 7 weeks so its still pretty new to me!

  38. I try to layer so I can pull over shirt up and undershirt down, but I still typically use some sort of cover. I am just super worried that someone will say something. It doesn’t help that I live in one of that last two states that don’t have any law protecting moms feeding in public. We hope to change that this year though.

  39. I never thought I’d be okay nursing in public but since I’ve been EBF I’ve become a lot better at it. I don’t even mess with a cover anymore. I love nursing tank tops from Target to wear underneath shirts.

  40. I prefer nursing in public with a cover. I am just a very modest person, and prefer to keep everything under wraps 😉

  41. as long i have my cover or blanket i am very comfortable nursing in public. I prefer having a nice quite place to sit, but if that isn’t available I’m fine walking around and nursing her too.

  42. We nurse in public with a simple nursing cover that my mom made.

  43. Cover

  44. I got more comfortable with the second one, but still preferred to use a cover. It got harder and harder the older my child got, but I always would prefer to NIP than give a bottle. In fact, I always felt like people judged me if I gave pumped milk in a bottle more than if I NIP.

  45. I’m only comfortable while using my nursing cover up while breast feeding in public. Unfortunately, I still get plenty of gawkers.

  46. I like using a cover

  47. When it comes to nursing in public I am most comfortable doing the layering method. One shirt up w/cami underneath that I pull down. That way there are no surprises of a baby pulling off a cover when I am not prepared/covered underneath!

  48. Madison DeShong says

    I have yet to nurse my three month old in “public”, but have gotten very comfortable doing it in front of friends. I am to the point in my nursing journey where if it needed to happen I would nurse in public. Him and I have mastered our skills enough :).

  49. sometimes mine will let me use a blanket as cover sometimes not. ive learned to just let it be. it is what it is. if anyone says something so what

  50. I like using a nursing tank or shirt. It just makes things easier.

  51. Anytime, anywhere. My son refuses to be covered so I had to give up modesty quickly, but I I did often use a bib turned so that the neck circled my nipple and the chest flap part covered my exposed skin on top. I did this if we were in Synagogue, a restaurant, etc.

  52. I don’t know yet, I’m still pregnant with my first!!

  53. Julie Jensen says

    I am most comfortable nursing in public if I have a big enough cover so that if my baby tugs it doesn’t come right off lol. I really don’t feel the need to be covered the entire time, only when I am getting my baby latched on. I am pregnant with number two and am so excited to begin my nursing journey a second time with this baby!!

  54. I like to NIP wearing a scarf just to cover the top of my breast. But I’m fine without one too!! 🙂

  55. Although I am always some degree of self-conscious I mentally tell myself that I’m doing my part to help normalize an activity that is natural. I live in New England so it’s getting harder and harder to find easy ways to nurse – in the summer I just always wore a strapless or halter topped shirt or dress. Now it’s ‘layer, layer, layer!’ time and I usually have on a bra, tank top, shirt (or 2!) and a sweater/sweatshirt. I mostly try to wear light layers and hope I don’t look ridiculous with so many clothes stuffed up around my neck!

  56. My little one is growing like a week and desperately needs some new organic clothing!

  57. usually author natura4. lift up shirt and unseat bra

  58. I am comfortable nursing anywhere. It’s food, not sexy time. I love to nurse her and when she wants it, she gets it!

  59. I’m really confident nursing in public. I’ve been doing it for many, many years! LOL

  60. My son was a super nurser and was hungry every hour if not less so I became comfortable quickly NIP

  61. I fed/feed my babies wherever they are hungry

  62. How cool!

  63. When I nurse in public, I still like to find an out of the way spot and use a nursing cover.

  64. When it comes to nip i am most comfortable doing the layering method: one shirt up w/nursing tank underneath. Easy peasy!

  65. As a mom-to-be, this website has helped me find resources I’ll need to be comforable BF’ing in public. Thank you so much for sharing everything you share here.

  66. I feel comfortable nursing anywhere and any way that works.

  67. That is the coolest thing ever! There have been so many times I wish I could easily and discreetly carry my Boppy pillow everywhere with me! What a smart mama to actually solve my problem!

  68. I am most comfortable nursing in public with a blanket to cover-up. Only to avoid the stares really. 🙂

  69. I’m pretty comfortable NIP. I personally choose to use a cover but that is pretty much all I need. My favorite way to nurse is while babywearing because then its hands free. 🙂

  70. I’m expecting my first and am a little nervous about nursing in public. I plan to use a cover to make my nursing journey more comfortable!

  71. As long as i have a fairly comfy chair and my nursing cover i am good to go! I am amazed at how much more comfortble i am nursing in public with my second baby than i was with my first!

  72. I prefer covering in public, but now that my LO is easily distractable it’s difficult to keep her covered! Boppy pillows are way too big for comfort, so I usually try to sit where I can use my bent knee as a prop. After awhile I cramp up though! I also usually wear my LO so carrying large diaper bag gets in the way! The peek away seems to have the solution to many issues!!

  73. I’m most comfortable NIP when my LO is in a carrier like a mei tai or ergo

  74. I am comfortable anywhere. I nurse when baby is hungry. Sometimes I will use a blanket to cover baby &I.

  75. Anna Davidson says

    I’m getting more comfortable. I feel like covering up brings more attention to me, I just like to look like me and my little one are relaxing together – because we are!! 🙂

  76. teresa herrera-honores says

    very confident as long as i have my shawl!

  77. I am eagerly looking forward to it with baby #2. 🙂

  78. I nurse when he is hungry. I do use a cover. More for others comfort and my husband’s comfort.

  79. I try to find a quiet space and use a cover. My baby is easily distracted!

  80. In the beginning I used a cover, after a couple of months I just whip it out! I do try to make sure I’m not really in anyone’s face though, usually that just means angling myself to the side a bit.

  81. Pretty sure that TLB has some of the best sponsors and best advice there is! Thanks so much for all your support! <3

  82. Julia Miller says

    I prefer dressing in layers, and using a nursing cover while nursing in public. Although I’ll go coverless now and then, it makes me nervous because I don’t take confrontation well. Now, my SON doesn’t much like the cover, but I do my best to make sure he can get air, and I let him take breaks!

  83. brittany k. says

    would be great for breastfeeding in church!

  84. brittany k. says

    would be great for breastfeeding in church! this will be our first baby and I’m nervous about the whole “public” breastfeeding thing. Not sure I’m as strong as some of you ladies!

  85. I don’t mind nursing in public, but sometimes it is nice to have a little more privacy around those at church or certain family members!

  86. with my first daughter (who is now 2) i was NOT confident nursing in public. I would stress constantly about where i could go hide and nurse. However, i am expecting baby 2 in a few weeks and i will NOT do that again. I am very confident with my body now and the nursing experience that i am sure nursing in public won’t be an issue again.

  87. What a cool product!

  88. I would be most comfortable nursing with a cover but my daughter will now have that. She doesn’t like to be covered at all and gets distracted very easily.

  89. I would love to nurse in public with a cover but my daughter won’t have it. She doesn’t like to be covered and she gets distracted easily.

  90. Aislinn Burton says

    I personally would be most comfortable just whipping it out and feeding my baby girl, but if another man even caught a glimpse of my boob my husband would flip…. So out of respect for him I cover up. Althought it is getting really hard now that she is older and doesnt appreciate a blanket over her head….

  91. I have no problems nursing in public though I do like a little bit of privacy. With my second, I nursed in the car on practically a daily basis. If I’m inside somewhere public, a receiving blanket usually did the trick for some privacy. Number three is due in a few weeks and this product looks awesome and would come in quite handy!!!

  92. Elizabeth Walker says

    I usually wear a bigger shirt and sit in a corner or somewhere where we won’t be seen much. If I can’t, I use a cover…depending on the age and cooperation of baby!

  93. Desiree Tatro says

    I have no problem NIP. Thre is nothing wrong with it.

  94. I’m generally not comfortable nursing in public. But when I do have to I prefer to find private space such as changing room. But with product like this that doubles as a nursing pillow and nursing cover BF in public would certainly be easier!

  95. rebecca williams says

    I’ve never nursed but I’m expecting a child in January. I’ll probably be most comfortable with a cover