The Vintage Honey Shop Giveaway

Much like The Leaky Boob itself, The Vintage Honey Shop started out as a hobby for Jennifer and Melissa; an outlet for their creativity and crafty side.  Encouraged by family and friends, their handmade items have turned into a local shop where they can both make and sell their paper and fabric creations.  With their online Etsy shop, these items are now available for people all over the world wide web.  Their handmade teethers are their most popular items and you have the opportunity to win one today through The Vintage Honey Shop giveaway on TLB.  See below for details and get to know Jennifer and Melissa a bit better via the following short interview. 

Vintage Friends

TLB:  Tell us what TLB readers should know about your company

Jennifer & Melissa:  We both co-own and run our handmade shop, The Vintage Honey Shop.  Not only are we best friends, but we are sister-in-laws! (We married a set of cute brothers!)  We are both originally from Northern Ohio, but moved south to Nashville, TN.  Our business sells a variety of handmade fabric & paper items, but we are known for our teething necklaces.

TLB:  What inspired you to create your business?  What’s the story behind the name?

Jennifer & Melissa:  We decided to open up our shop on Etsy because our friends & family would tell us that we should try to sell our crafty items.  We decided to go ahead and take the jump…and The Vintage Honey Shop was born!   We started our shop as a hobby, but it has turned into a business that we love and enjoy!!  Our business is the perfect fit for us.  We are able to express our talents, hobbies & interests while running our shop, but best of all we are making products that others enjoy & love!

TLB:  How do you balance family life and finding time to create and run your company?

Jennifer & Melissa:  The short answer to a very difficult question is that FAMILY COMES FIRST!  We both stay home during the week, so when we are not running our kids to school, reading books to our kids or snuggling them in our arms, we do our sewing, crafting and returning emails.  We do a lot of our business during the early mornings, during naptime or after the kids go to bed.  We have also become great multi-taskers out of necessity!  The majority of the items we sell in our shop are ready to ship, and the ones that are made-to-order we allow enough time to be able to hand make them without putting stress on ourselves & family to hurry to get them out.  We really enjoy our business and everything that comes with it, but we make sure that our husbands & kids come first!

TLB:  How would you describe your mom fashion style?  How do you like to dress yourself up when you’re out with your kids?

Jennifer & Melissa:  When we are home with our kids, we will be honest…we would NOT want The Fashion Police to critique our style!  We pretty much rock our p.j.’s, workout clothes and jeans & t-shirts!  Comfort comes first!!  When we go out without our kids, we like to accessorize, put on our skinny jeans & rock out boots!  Our biggest fashion tip to women to spice up your outfit is to accessorize with bracelets, earrings & necklaces!

TLB:  What is your favorite breastfeeding tip?

Jennifer & Melissa:  Find support!  If you feel alone, having breastfeeding issues or questions, you don’t have to do this on your own.  If you are having a problem, someone else has had the exact same one as you!  Call your pediatrician’s office to find out when & where local breastfeeding support groups meet or find support on breastfeeding websites such as The Leaky B@@b!  Above all, follow your heart.  Mama’s have good instinct…don’t worry about what others may say or think!


Jennifer & Melissa, from The Vintage Honey Shop are giving away 1 Teething Ring Necklace to one very lucky Leaky!

Retail value $25.00

This teething ring necklace is the perfect accessory to wear at home or away!  They make great breastfeeding/nursing necklaces to wear while feeding.  Not only are they cute, but they serve as distractions for the baby whose hands like to grab everything (like Mama’s hair, face & glasses)!  Since it is close to baby’s eye level, it promotes those first fine motor skills of grasping, all the while nursing & bonding with Mama!

Teething necklace

Currently Leakies can find this and other nursing/breastfeeding necklaces in the shop of  The Vintage Honey Shop.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from January 28, 2013 through February 4, 2013.  A big thanks to Jennifer & Melissa and The Vintage Honey Shop for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page  or follow them on twitter  (@theVHshop) and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is restricted to U.S. residents only.

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  1. Holly Nakamoto says

    LOVE the Leaky Boob!!! and definitely LOVE the teething necklace!

  2. Rebekah Theriot says

    Jewelry makes breastfeeding just a bit more fun. Feed on momma’s, feed on!

  3. I really like your Pink Paisly Teething neclace…the chew beads one. (Teether Necklace, Breastfeeding Necklace, Nursing Necklace, Babywearing, Bridesmaid Necklace- Pink & Green Paisley), but I also like the light grey one with the green florrett, as well as your sparkly hair clips.

  4. Love the necklaces! Just got one and my daughter (3 months old) loves to grab & hold onto it while she’s nursing.

  5. Elizabeth Koerber says

    I LOVE these necklaces! I”ve been needing to get one and just couldn’t find any that were stylish enough and practical at the same time. Im so excited the Leaky boob featured you!

  6. Stephanie Joseph says

    Love this! My little one is a pincher, so I think a nursing necklace would be a good distraction for him.

  7. anne perry says

    Favorite item is the pink and ivory chandelier

  8. Amanda Lockner says

    Love this idea. EBF at 6 months and still going strong!

  9. Yellow & Gray Teething Ring Necklace. <3 Love the colors.

  10. Priscilla chavez says

    I love that these mama are down to earth and keep it real! The necklace would be a great distraction for scratchy, grabby, pinching hands during nursing. Maybe i’ll have less battle scars 😉

  11. my little monster just started pinching:-) what a super cute idea!

  12. Kelley Andrea says

    I love the Yellow & Gray Teething Ring Necklace

  13. I would love this for the new baby!

  14. Maggie Martin says

    I really like the yellow and grey Rosette necklace.

  15. I just received the teething necklace from the Vintage Honey shop today. I would recommend ordering from these ladies. The necklace is awesome. I’ve received compliments and my little guy loves it, too.
    Also, the service was much faster than I expected.

  16. I love the camo ring necklace, so fun!

  17. Fav item: Black Damask Wedding Bridesmaid Necklace-Teething, Baby Wearing, Nursing Necklace

  18. brittany g says

    I love your necklace’s, I love how much support there is for breastfeeding and help making it a normal thing to do with such awesome accessories!!!

  19. I really like the Aqua Mommy Necklace, Teething/Nursing Necklace, Mama Jewelry- Babywearing Necklace

  20. So want one of these for my little grabber/scratcher/pincher!!

  21. I love the teething ring necklaces. Great for nursing babies to grab too.

  22. Melissa G. says

    My favorite item is the black damask nursing necklace.

  23. Lori Jenkins says

    Awesome company! I would love to win this!

  24. Lori Jenkins says

    I would love to win the yellow and gray teething necklace.

  25. Krissy Shively says

    I love the floral teething bead necklace and the floral teething ring necklace!!!

  26. Amanda Bucher says

    I love the fall colors teething necklace, purple and teal damask print.

  27. I love your necklaces for nursing boy or just to wear at work. My two girls 11 and 4 love to rock them too! thanks girls!

  28. I love the blue teething necklace with the wooden ring. I think that those are the ones that would be of the most interest to my LO!!

  29. my nursing baby boy 🙂

  30. Just ask Melissa & Jennifer, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE their necklaces and I LOVE the LEAKY B@@B!! So excited to see them together!

  31. My little nine month old chews on everything…we call her a hamster…she would def chew on this necklace. I love the teething necklaces!!! Anything with yellow love! Thanks for the giveaway.

  32. I have a few different nursing necklaces. I’d love to check this one out, it’s super cute!

  33. Jen Gordon says

    I love the vintage cuff bracelet…and the idea of the grabby little hands nursing necklace. =) Keep up the creativity ladies!!!

  34. My fav is the organic necklace they just custom made for me!

  35. love this! would be fantastic to keep little girl from pinching and grabbing!

  36. Elizabeth Almeraz says

    I really like the camouflage teething ring necklace 🙂

  37. I just checked out their Etsy site. Gorgeous necklaces! Hmmm, now what do I want for my birthday?

  38. Jessica Fiumara says

    I’m an exclusive pumper, I wonder if this would work as well for a bottle feeder?

  39. Megan Grant says

    My favorite is the yellow and gray nursing necklace that you are giving away! But I also really like the Vintage Lace Cuff Bracelet….sooo pretty!!!

  40. Necklaces!

  41. Love these necklaces! I would love one for BFing my twins

  42. I’ve been looking for a good nursing necklace and I’m in love with the Green & Pale Gray Beaded Rosette Necklace….my little guy has wondering hands and I think he would love this as much as I would! Very beautiful products for an affordable price, Keep up the good work ladies!!

  43. LOVE the gray and ivory one, it would match everything!

  44. Blue floral teething ring necklace is SOO cute!

  45. Love it! Fashionable and functional.

  46. love this!

  47. I like the “Teething Necklace- Gray & Ivory” the best!

  48. I adore the pink and yellow paisley chomping necklace! So cute! It’s definitely nice to see something stylish and functional!

  49. Love the Fall Colors Necklace, Mommy Teething Necklace Super cute and have always wanted some kind of mommy necklace that my next BF baby can play with

  50. Gina Demaree says

    I like all the teething necklaces with the large ring at the bottom, but I also think the Pink Bridesmaid Necklace, Rosette Necklace- Shabby Chic Pink is gorgeous!

  51. It’s so pretty & I’m always looking for new nursing necklaces. If I don’t switch them out regularly my 19 m/o will stgart to fiddle or do other things that aren’t always nice.

  52. These are gorgeous! I love the ones with the wooden ring. My 12 week old son is getting grabby so it would be perfect 😀

  53. Amanda Morrissey says

    I love the yellow and grey necklace! Gorgeous!

  54. grace burnham says

    Cool chew toy

  55. I love TLB! I’m new at breastfeeding and it’s been a great place for me. My daughter is only 5 weeks old, but she’s already started grabbing at my jewelry… this necklace looks like it would be fun for her!

  56. Laura Miller says

    My 1st didn’t use a nursing necklace but I’d like one for #2!

  57. I love the cobolt blue rosette necklace. So beautiful. 🙂

  58. My favorite is the fall colors necklace – purple and teal damask.

  59. I LOVE the Baby Girl Pink fabric necklace. It’s totally me! I know my babies & I would get lots of use out of it! Good luck, everyone!

  60. It was so hard to decide. I think I like this one best. The purple wildflowers. Last week my 1 year old ripped a gold necklace right off. Nice. 🙁 I think I might direct my husband to your page.

  61. Jacque Ibarra says

    My favorite item is the yellow and gray fabric necklace! So adorable!

  62. Just beautiful

  63. Love this! My little boy would love this to play with while breastfeeding!

  64. Love the Leakyboob! Love nursing necklaces! I love the fabricbaby girl pink nursing necklace –

  65. I would LOVE to try this necklace out for my 6 month old! So fashionable!

  66. Michaele Howard says

    The necklaces are beautiful!

  67. This is so much prettier then the one I have.

  68. Rachelle McCurry says

    This one is my favorite – purple wildflowers!
    Thank-you for such a thoughtful giveaway Leaky B@@b & Vintage Honey Shop!

  69. The necklaces are all so pretty! I especially love the citron teething necklace with the wooden ring.

  70. This is so hard. I really like this one because of all the colors.

  71. I LOVE the idea of a teething necklace and giving my baby girl something other than my hair to cling to! Great idea and super cute!

  72. These teething necklaces are awesome! What a great idea! My favorite type are the ones like that pictured in this post – with the wooden ring. I really like the one pictured here or the “Citron” one that is yellow and white. But, all are simply beautiful!!

  73. So cute…my fav is the yellow and gray teething necklace.

  74. Wow! These teething necklaces are actually really cute!

  75. I love the aqua Mommy Necklace! I think it would look great with my baltic amber, so I wouldn’t have to choose.

  76. Love the necklace and the leaky boob!!

  77. Elizabeth E says

    I’d love this one!
    although, I love everything! I just need something for my little one to play with instead of kneading and pinching the skin on my chest!

  78. Wish I got one when my LO was younger!!

  79. I love durable beautiful jewelry! Doing double duty as a teether is icing 😉

  80. Nikki Little says

    I would love a teething necklace, never had one and would love one!

    I would be happy with anyone! 🙂

  81. i so need one of these!

  82. What an amazing idea! My daughter would LOVE that necklace to grab ahold of while nursing! Its always nice to see products that promote or support breastfeeding. Thanks!!

  83. I love all of the necklaces, but the Floral Teething Necklace might be my favorite!

  84. my favorite: Black Damask Wedding Bridesmaid Necklace-Teething, Baby Wearing, Nursing Necklace

  85. I’ve been dying for a nursing necklace since I saw them on the leaky boob!!

  86. Love it!! What an ingenious idea!!

  87. Christina Riley says

    How exciting!

  88. I really like the fall color teething necklace and also the ones with the teething ring. super cute. I like that they can be worn without looking childish.

  89. Ohh the green organic if had to choose just one. They are all BEAUTIFUL!!!

  90. Love the Leaky Boob and the Vintage Honey Shop is great too! The breastfeeding necklace is super cute and I’d love to have that for my little busy handed baby girl! Her little hands never stop! 🙂 I don’t want those little hands to ever get bigger….

  91. Sherice Marie says

    I love this entire idea! I love the cloth necklaces, my favorite was the breastfeeding necklace, black and peach and white flowers maybe? Second page I think. Mommy’s rock em, babies chomp em. That cracked me up!

  92. I like the teal teething ring necklace.

  93. Laura Schultz says

    I LOVE the lace bracelet cuff! I might just order it now, as an early valentines gift to myself!

  94. I have been eyeing these for months! I would love to win!

  95. So cute!

  96. Love really really need this!

  97. Kendra Stuppi says

    Love the teal chevron teething necklace!

  98. I actually like the one in the photo above best

  99. Love these necklaces, love the colors too!

  100. I would love this for my LO!!

  101. Love the Baby Blue Shower Cupcake Toppers 🙂 They would be perfect for my baby boy’s shower 🙂

  102. Brittany K says

    This is much prettier than some I’ve seen! Loving it

  103. sooo pretty! must have!

  104. I love the Pink & Ivory Chandelier, Baby Mobile! So pretty!

  105. My favorite item is the teething ring necklace in charcoal grey.

  106. Love the nursing necklaces!

  107. Alicia Taylor says

    This would be perfect! My sweet baby has just started reaching for things 🙂

  108. I adore the teething beads necklace in Peach. Such a lovely color!

  109. LOVE THESE NECKLACES, my wee man would love to play with one of these while nursing!!

  110. Heidi McDonough says

    My favorite is the Pink Raspberry Valentines Teething Necklace!

  111. I don’t know if I can pick a favorite, but I love all of the blues and purples!

  112. My 5-month old likes to slap me on the chest while nursing, lol. We could use one of these necklaces!!

  113. I LOVE the Plum Teal Damask Teething Necklace, colors are great!

  114. I would love this! So pretty!!

  115. These are beautiful. I would love to win one!

  116. One can never have too many nursing necklaces.

  117. The teething necklace is great. I’m dreading my daughter getting her teeth in! Her sister got them in at around 4 months old, but I didn’t BF her (I bottle fed BM to her) So this time I’m a little scared!! Anyway, I digress. It is a very cute shop!

  118. ashley fortier says

    This would be perfect! My 6 month old baby girl just began pinching and tugging while nursing
    She needs something to keep her hands busy.

  119. Love the grey lily teething necklace.

  120. Sweet necklace! We need something to keep scratchy little hands busy.

  121. It’s hard to choose ONE favorite but I love the Citron teething necklace! 🙂

  122. So cute. Could use something like this!

  123. Ooh, the purple and teal teething ring nursing necklace is splendid!!!yt

  124. Love these necklaces, all of them are just so gorgeous!!

  125. Def need one of these

  126. Figuring out your purpose and acting on it = success! I am so happy for you both!

  127. I absolutely love the nursing/teething necklaces. The bridal bracelets are beautiful too! What a wonderful etsy shop! Thanks TLB for introducing us!

  128. This teething necklace is very much what my 8.5 month old and myself need. He’s easily distracted, teething, and likes to scratch this momma up!

  129. Love the ivory and gray necklace. Simple is perfect

  130. What fun and fashionable necklaces! I would love to have and I’m sure my daughter would love to play with it.

    • Forgot to put in my favorite one before I submitted. I love the blue floral teething ring necklace. Such pretty colors that would be perfect for this spring! (Plus it matches my new purse/diaper bag!)

  131. Love these!!!!!

  132. The Teal Chevron Teething Ring Necklace, my 6 month old son would have a field day with that! 🙂

  133. The teething necklaces are sooo cute!! Love them, can’t wait to order one.

  134. I love all the necklaces, but the blue and green breastfeeding necklace is my favorite. My litlle nursling one love it!

  135. Laura Curtis says

    I love the gray & ivory teething necklace. I was just looking to purchase one of these for a baby shower, so winning it would be amazing!

  136. Ellen Schwarz says

    Adorable necklace!

  137. Aww my LO would enjoy this!! Beautiful!

  138. Absolutly LOVE the teal and plum damask! Gorgeous!

  139. jessica Ferrigan says

    This is soo cute, my daughter would love to play with this while nursing! One year today 🙂 I love all the breastfeeding necklaces on your etsy page, especially the yellow and grey ones!

  140. Rachel Bartels says

    Love the teething necklaces! Definitely would keep my baby entertained and stop pulling my hair.

  141. I think these necklaces are lovely. I’m dying to see if it keeps my 19 month old entertained, she’s driving me crazy while nursing lately!

  142. I would love one of these necklaces!

  143. Love TLB and give aways!

  144. Seli Harbison says

    Please let me win one! Otherwise I will be buying one in the near future!

  145. Pink paisley is adorable! Love it!

  146. april russell says

    look like im late to the game but these are beautiful necklaces, and the giveaway is perfect timing for me and my busy 5 month old. it’s so hard to choose a favorite but the colors are beautiful in this one:

  147. I love these necklaces! I’ve avoided buying nursing necklaces in the past because I didn’t like the plastic look of them. These are earthy and beautiful. I hope it can keep my fidgety little one occupied!

  148. My little guy just started nursing, and one of these necklaces would be great to save my knuckles from being gnawed!

  149. Alyssa Adcox says

    This is an awesome post!

  150. I love the Pink Bridesmaid Necklace, Rosette Necklace- Shabby Chic Pink

  151. Any of their teething necklaces!

  152. i love the gray lilly necklace!

  153. I really like the the pink lace ruffle cuff 🙂 I know what I am buying myself for Valentine’s Day ^_^

  154. Corey rosado says

    Love all of the beautiful nursing necklaces. My Peanut gets really distracted, so these would be great!

  155. I really like how pretty these are. I cant wait to get one.

  156. Teething Necklace- Gray & Ivory

  157. Ashley Griffin says

    I love any of the teething necklaces 🙂 I am about to have baby #4 and definitely need one 🙂

  158. How gorgeous is that necklace?! I love The Leaky Boob

  159. I definitely need one of these! My son is always grabbing at something while nursing! He is such a distracted nurser!

  160. I visited their shop and love the lace pink ruffle cuff! So stinking cute! All their stuff is really cute. I definitely saved their shop to my favorites list!

  161. Heather Kemp says

    I absolutely love the teething ring necklaces. My LO is only a week old right now, but it would be great for her to have something to play with as she gets older & is nursing! <3

  162. I love the purple and teal teething ring and necklace

  163. tiffany campbell says

    I love the teething necklace!and its so true my daughter is always trying to grab my glasses off my face lol.

  164. hope i win

  165. This is exactly what I need! My 8 month daughter want to play with my face while nursing!

  166. I am so excited to see another vendor of teething/babywearing necklaces, thank you for the variety!

  167. Love the army necklace!

  168. Stephanie T says

    I would love to win a nursing necklace.

  169. Love the colors in this necklace! I’ll definitely be checking out this shop!

  170. Katherine Dixon says

    The necklaces are awesome!!

  171. I love the nursing necklaces!

  172. Love the teething/nursing necklaces! Too many fun designs to choose just one!

  173. kimberly pugliese says

    i love the red, khaki, and grey teething necklace!

  174. Krista Marchetti says

    Love your necklaces

  175. I am currently nursing a toddler and pregnant. Would live the turquoise necklace to keep my son entertained as opposed to pinching!

  176. Jessica Kliever says

    I love these! I’ve always wanted one. Currently nursing daughter number 2!