KangarooCare Giveaway

Thanks to the World Wide Web, The Leaky Boob’s community has Leakies all over the world.  In the same way, TLB now includes a few sponsors beyond the North American continent.  One such sponsor is KangarooCare, located in Estonia (that’s in Eastern Europe, in case you weren’t sure).  The owner of KangarooCare is Varja, a mom of 2 kids, currently enjoying a family vacation with a fair amount of traveling.  Varja and her mom make adorable hand-crocheted nursing and teething necklaces.  These necklaces are what are featured in this giveaway.  Read on to learn more about KangarooCare, some of Varja’s tips on traveling, and how you can enter to win a KangarooCare necklace!



TLB:  Tell us a bit about your business, KangarooCare.

Varja:  KangarooCare is a place where you can find breastfeeding and babywearing necklaces and toys for you and your baby.  The KangarooCare necklaces are designed for mommies to wear while holding and/or breastfeeding their babies to prevent from pulling, pinching, and squeezing Mommy’s hair, clothes, or the other breast.  All KangarooCare items are also safe for the baby to play with and chew on.  The necklaces and teething toys are made using crochet-covered wooden beads, which help to massage Baby’s gums and absorb drool.  Try it out!  You will love KangarooCare – Breastfeeding & Babywearing Necklaces as much as your little one!  : )

TLB:  You have recently been traveling with your family; how do you keep your business going when you’re far away from it?

Varja:  It is not so easy to have full control over the KangarooCare business while I am away from my studio, but I try to check my mail as often as possible, and reply to everyone in a timely way. I have my very own “work” time every day (which is about 2 hours), when my hubby is playing with children, so I can get things done. I also have my mom & best friend, who stayed in Estonia, to take care of KangarooCare. They crochet, put the necklaces together, and send the packages out. I totally trust them : )

TLB:  When you’re traveling, what accessories can you not live without?

Varja: Earrings, bracelets and, of course, necklaces. Having an unlimited access to the KangarooCare studio, I’ve had a hard time choosing the right necklaces for our trip, but I finally did it.  : ) My personal favorites are the solid-colored necklaces and the rainbows. I love simple outfits, so they’re the best choice for me.


TLB:  KangarooCare is often coming out with new products; what do you have new for us this season?

Varja: I LOVE making something new! : ) I am constantly adding new color combinations & styles, so there can be a wide choice for everyone. Being a woman, I know how important it is to have an appropriate accessory for every outfit.

I am planning a lot of new KangarooCare stuff this season, but that’s a secret! : ) Stay tuned by liking KangarooCare – Breastfeeding&Babywearing necklaces on FaceBook!


You now have a great chance TO WIN one of KangarooCare’s breastfeeding necklaces!

Varja is giving away 3 necklaces to 3 lucky Leakies. Every winner will get a necklace of their own choosing!!!

Retail value $12.00 – $29.00


Currently Leakies can find these and other breastfeeding & babywearing items in the KangarooCare online shop.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from February 6, 2013 through February 12, 2013.  A big thanks to Varja and KangarooCare – Breastfeeding & Babywearing necklaces for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page, and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is open to international entries.

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  1. Amanda Konkle says

    I love the rainbow colored necklaces!

  2. I’m a neutral-color kind of gal, so I’d probably pick the “chocolate brown and beige – capuccino” nursing necklace!

  3. If probably pick the purple and black one.

  4. all pink!

  5. Jenny @ MyLittleMe says

    I love the flower mama necklaces.

  6. Beccah Larsen says

    I love the apple wood nursing necklace!!

  7. Loving those rainbow ones! Definitely snazzy.

  8. Kelley Andrea says

    I love the Avocado Nursing Necklace / Teething Necklace

  9. Jessica Damron says

    Love these!

  10. Love the Flower Mama Nursing Necklace!

  11. I love all the colors but I really like the “Applewood Nursing Breastfeeding Necklace / Teething Toy – light yellow and oatmeal crochet beads”!

  12. I have been drooling over these necklaces! My DD is finally getting to where she is starting to fidget and play. This would be perfect

  13. Love the applewood!

  14. They’re all so cute! I love the ColorMix Aqua necklace. Blues and greens are our colors. 🙂

  15. Theresa B. says

    I love the hot-pink Beaded necklace. http://www.etsy.com/listing/111299637/hot-pink-beaded-necklace-nursing?

    She has such gorgeous necklaces, it was hard to pick a favorite!

  16. Deidre Caswell says

    I love the rainbow color one! I’m sure baby girl would love it too! 🙂

  17. Wow, such beautiful necklaces! I had to go through them several times to pick my favorite. I like Apple Wood Nursing Necklace / Bbabywearing Jewelry – chocolate & beige with soft flower the best.

  18. I definitely love Avocado and Applewood! So pretty and a great idea. Good job, Mama!

  19. These are absolutely beautiful! And my daughter could totally will with that instead of scratching me while she nurses. They’re so fashionable yet so resourceful! This momma wants one 🙂

  20. I’ve been eyeing the navy blue and pink for a while now. It’s already in my favorites on etsy!

  21. Linda Chipps says

    Love the rainbow one 🙂

  22. I’m loving the avocado and the black necklaces! i love your guys’ stuff!

  23. I love the cherry red & chocolate ones! so so cute.

  24. I love these!

  25. Mary Jo Brown says

    I love these, and have wanted to get one for some time now.

  26. I love the necklaces that have what looks like a crocheted flower on it!

  27. This would match everything: 100% ORGANIC COTTON – Nursing Pendant / Teething Necklace for Mom to Wear – neutral oatmeal and natural white

  28. Dawn Miller says

    It may be too late for me – my son is 28 months and picks, scratches, and pulls at me while nursing. He constantly demands the “OTHER SIIIIIDE!!” during nursing sessions. I’ve tried one brand of necklaces – which I LOVE and are beautiful – but they don’t hold his interest. I’d love to try one of these. I’m thinking the texture will lure him in 😉

  29. Love all of the solid colors and love the turquoise & chocolate!

  30. I think my favourites are the chocolate inspired ones. A chocolate one with a flower and the teething ring would be amazing.

  31. I love the pink and navy blue color combo necklaces!

  32. Love the green and brown gradient- they tend to be the colors I wear. I also looove the rusty and orange flower necklace.

  33. Desiree Steele says

    I love the shades of blue and the mint and blue ones 🙂

  34. SO funny, I just ordered one of these last night! I love the rainbow and rusty & orange!

  35. I adore the purple and black necklace, as well as the all natural one. They are so beautiful.

  36. i love the rusty & orange colours! KangarooCare has beautiful styles…

  37. Love the rainbow one. Simple but beautiful. I know my DD would love it!

  38. I love pops of color! and I have a baby who is just starting to pinch. so one of these would be lovely to add to my necklace collection!

  39. Love Love lvoe the rainbow one

  40. I love them all!

  41. I love them all, but especially the natural wood and black crochet beads. They just look so modern and fresh.

  42. Was just looking at these the other day- my 6 month old is really starting to need something to grab besides my boob! Love the solid black necklace- goes with everything. 🙂

  43. These are fantastic! If I don’t win the giveaway, I will certainly be making some less-than-subtle hints to my husband that I’d love the Purple & Black or Green & Brown Gradient necklace for Mother’s Day!

  44. love the flowers

  45. Stylish and functional two of my favorite things. I love the orange and the teal necklaces.

  46. Misty Henry says

    I personally like the greys, or the green and brown gradients, or the chocolate and cherry, but for the little one, I’d have to go with a rainbow or orange gradient because they POP!

  47. I love the Green and Brown Gradient Nursing Necklace that my husband got me, but I have another, more simple one that I also like. If I was going to win another it would be one of the more colorful rainbow ones!

  48. I have visited your site several times. You’re so talented! I love them all but im fond of the bright colors that would capture baby eyes.

  49. I love the rainbows and the little flowers!

  50. I love the rainbow necklaces!!

  51. Haven’t tried any yet, so idle what my fave colors are yet in these.

  52. Love the rainbow one!

  53. Rainbows!

  54. I love the colorful rainbow ones! Also love the neutral. But ColorMix is my favorite…the light blue are nice, purple/olive is best!!

  55. I love these necklaces! I’d love several in different colors to match different outfits!

  56. Lovin’ the rainbow necklace!

  57. Apple Wood!

  58. I love the solid colored necklaces, especially mint, orage or sky.

  59. Love the mint and white!!

  60. lindsey karr says

    Love the apple wood!

  61. Maybe my 20 month old nurser would play with these instead of pinching me…:-)

  62. Totally diggin’ the brown and pink combo 😀

  63. I have a couple favorited but this one is my absolute favorite right now: http://www.etsy.com/listing/105060111/golden-beads-and-apple-wood?ref=usr_faveitems

  64. Jennifer Strange says

    I love the rainbow coloured ones. One of these would be perfect for when my now 2 1/2 month old starts to get distracted at the breast 🙂

  65. Michelle Mallard says

    Oh My Gosh! They are so beautiful it is hard to decide! I love the black and charcoal one, the forest mix, the pink and navy flower one. They are all so gorgeous!!!

  66. Carrie Ann says

    Flower Mama Nursing Necklace / Teething Necklace – Blue in all apple wood is my favorite!!! My daughter LOVES blue!! I would love to try one of these because she has just started to scratch at my face while nursing! (She is 1 year old!)

  67. Jen Gordon says

    I love the Orange Beads and Apple Wood – Breastfeeding & Babywearing Necklace by KangarooCare! My son would love to play with the bright beads as he nurses!!!

  68. Carrie Ann says

    Flower Mama Nursing Necklace / Teething Necklace – Blue in all apple wood is my favorite!!!!

  69. I love them all.

  70. How do you clean/wash them?

  71. Jessica M. says

    I love the colormix necklaces and the applewood necklace chocolate & beige with soft flower 🙂

    • These are great! I’ve been looking at purchasing a necklace as my baby has recently taken to pinching me while she nurses.

  72. Lacey Wisdom Morrison says

    I LOVE the Applewood!!

  73. Brittney Kinstetter says

    No more pinching from itty bitty fingers!! These are awesome!

  74. april russell says

    i love kangaroocare necklaces! i bought one of these a couple of months ago and have gotten a lot of use out of it! i’d love to have one of the fully beaded ones, as that seems to be what my little girl prefers these days.

  75. I like the black and white nursing necklace in all applewood!

  76. Amber Snow says

    I love the green and brown gradient. So cute!

  77. The various shades of green applewood one!

  78. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the earthtones, but I think my favorite is Flower Mama in chocolate/cherry!

  79. I love the greens! I think the Apple wood oatmeal, mint green and chocolate brown is my favorite.

  80. They are also Sooo lovely..

    but my fave must be the Green and Brown Gradient Nursing Necklace.. beautiful design. look awesome and fun for my lilly who likes playing with anything she can get hold off!

  81. I adore the blue and purple color combos – anything with an owl is absolutely adorable! 🙂

  82. Cassandra Eastman says

    I love Mint and Baby Pink!

  83. such a great idea and so stylish!

  84. I’m always looking for “mom” jewelry that doesn’t scream “I’m a mom.” These are beautiful!

  85. tiffany campbell says

    I love the rainbow one. So pretty and practical!!

  86. Jenny Plummer says

    This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!

  87. I love all the ones with flowers on them, and the rainbow one is adorable!

  88. I just love this necklaces, so adorable and great for subtitutes to your own hair or lips with older babies!

  89. I love the dark pink one with the flower in the middle!

  90. ive been wanting one of these since you posted about them a few weeks ago! kangaroocare are the best looking ive been able to find!

  91. These necklaces are so cute! I would wear them even without kids!

  92. I would love the purple one to go with many of my accessories. I love these necklaces.

  93. I love them all, but in particular the ones with bright colors. They are all so beautiful.

  94. So excited for this giveaway! Love all the natural colored ones.

  95. Jessie Hay says

    I love the applewood, blue and black- so many gorgeous colours to choose from! 🙂

  96. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful necklaces!

  97. These necklaces look lovely!

  98. Elizabeth Lane says

    I love the shades of minty green or blue

  99. Love all the rainbows! So beautiful!

  100. My favorite is the Flower Mama Nursing Necklace / Breastfeeding Jewelry – Baby Pink & White – Juniper Wood!

  101. Christine Hutchings says

    I love the grey and cream colored necklace!

  102. I love the neutral.colored necklaces! One of the oatmeal ones would be perfect!!!

  103. Love the green & the turquoise necklaces 🙂

  104. They are all beautiful! I love the brown and light blue the most.

  105. Brittanie Pierce says

    I especially love her rainbow ones. I own two of her necklaces, and my little one loves them. Plus, they smell amazing.

  106. I love the turquoise necklace!

  107. Alyssa Eisner says

    I love the breastfeeding necklace in turquoise and chocolate brown! Simple and stunning!

  108. Alyssa Eisner says

    I love the breastfeeding necklace in turquoise and chocolate brown! Simple and stunning!

  109. Alyssa Eisner says

    I love the breastfeeding necklace in turquoise and chocolate brown! Simple and stunning!

  110. My fave is Apple Wood Nursing Necklace / Teething Necklace in all shades of brown and mustard – Kangaroo Care

  111. I love the neutral color one. My 3 month old is starting to get nosy and it would be perfect to keep him focused.

  112. I love so many of these! I would love a neutral toned necklace (browns and cream) and also colorful ones ( maybe a navy and yellow) such gorgeous products!

  113. Kristi Hooke says

    Love these necklaces! I would definitely want a colorful one to keep his attention!

  114. I love this one (Light Grey & Charcoal)!! http://www.etsy.com/listing/118990506/flower-mama-nursing-necklace

  115. Sabina Karns says

    Apple Wood Nursing Necklace / Teething Necklace in all shades of brown and mustard – Kangaroo Care

  116. I love so many of these! I would love a neutral necklace (browns and cream) and a colorful one (maybe navy and yellow)

  117. Would love these my little guy tries to chew on every-thing in site!

  118. I love these necklaces and so does my son! Would love to own another 🙂 One of my favourites is definitely earthy rainbow <3

  119. I love these necklaces and so does my son! Would love to own another 🙂 One of my favourites is definitely earthy rainbow <3

  120. Love her Earthy Rainbow <3. These necklaces are perfect for Babywearing mamas as well as nursing mamas!!

  121. Love all of them!!

  122. Awesome idea! Love color s!

  123. These necklaces are absolutely gorgeous. I love their chunkiness and rich hues!

  124. I love the aqua and black necklaces!

  125. Kristin Hallinan-Geary says

    I love the rainbow and mint necklaces.

  126. My favorite is the flower mama nursing/teething necklace in rusty and orange. Everything is so pretty!

  127. Noora Baroody says

    I love KangarooCare! I have the black and zebra necklace and wear it with everything. My 8 month old is obsessed with it. I’ve been wanting to get another since I use mine so much. I’d love a rainbow!

  128. Love them all, so hard to choose a favorite but I really love the – chocolate brown and beige – capuccino

  129. Love them all!

  130. Love these necklaces! So cute and so functional!

  131. I would love the rainbow necklace for my rainbow baby 🙂

  132. Love the color combinations! So beautiful! Love to get one with greys, Blacks and whites

  133. Jordan Brawner says

    I love The Very Green Nursing Necklace an the Flower Mama Nursing necklace/Breastfeeding Jewelry- green in all apple wood!!! (Turquoise,green, and light blue)

  134. Magali fletcher says

    My fav are the solid necklaces, I love te red coral one, makes a great statement!

  135. I really love the rainbow ones and the bright green ones.The chocolate ones are appealing, and I prefer the ones with a little crocheted flower. They are beautiful.

  136. I bought a rainbow one for myself recently. My son and I LOVE it 🙂

  137. I love the one with the blue crochet beads and blue flower with the brown beads. That’s one of my favorite color combinations these days. I also love the rainbow.

  138. I would say the rainbow one, but I already own one. I LOVE the look of the black one. Great to go with brightly coloured and patterned tops!

  139. I love the applewood and bright blue beads necklace!

  140. I love the dark red/brown combo necklaces! These are the coolest!

  141. I can’t make up my mind between the rainbow colors or solid charcoal gray.

  142. Lauren Swan says

    Hard to decide but I *think* it’s the simple rainbow 😉

  143. I love the all wooden necklace- so pretty and simple 🙂

  144. The Rainbow is my favorite!

  145. Kate Henifin says

    I love the simple beauty!

  146. Love the rainbow ones!

  147. Jessica Kluttz says

    I love the idea….any color would be great!:-)

  148. suzanne fisher says

    I adore the solid colour in turquoise, exquisite! X

  149. Kirsty McNeil says

    I own one of these in white and love it. Would love a more colourful one.

  150. Love the rainbows

  151. Applewood is awesome!

  152. Great giveaway

  153. Love all the necklaces, just can choose which one to get for my 2nd little ones arrival!

  154. Love these and need one – a pretty alternative to pulling my hair!!

  155. I totally asked my husband for one of these necklaces for valentine’s day, but I would love another.

  156. I requested one of these for valentine’s day, but I would love another.

  157. I already own one and love it! This time I’d go with The Best Babywearing Necklace by KangarooCare – brown & gold.

  158. LOVE THESE! Too many beautiful necklaces, it’s hard to decide. I love the purple and black, the neutrals, and love the ones with flowers.

  159. I like the applewood necklace with blue and brown beads!

  160. My favorite colors are bright blue, orange, and gold with applewood beads — beautiful! Necklaces are my statement accessory pieces and it’s been difficult to wear any since my little man arrived – would love one of these!

  161. I’d love a black one, or maybe the purples!

  162. Maggie Martin says

    I love all the colors! I can’t decide on a favorite I’m too indecisive. lol

  163. I LOVE the sold colored ones that they made with Juniper wood, but they are out on ETSY. 🙁 I also LOVE the Earthy Rainbow and the Rainbow with Juniper wood button!! 🙂

  164. I like the blue and plain wooden ones 🙂

  165. I love the aqua circle beads one!

  166. These are gorgeous!!

  167. Holly Nakamoto Yep says

    Beautiful! And SO needed!

  168. I love the “Flower Mama” in navy blue and pink!

  169. I love the brown and beige one and the red and brown one 🙂

  170. So tough to pick a favorite! I love the Modern Mama and Apple Wood necklaces!

  171. Gina Demaree says

    I love this one: Apple Wood Nursing Necklace / Bbabywearing Jewelry – chocolate & beige with soft flower.

  172. Rachel Lenz says

    The third picture down is my favorite necklace!

  173. chocolate & beige with soft flower

  174. I have a necklace I got and it is LOVELY. The smell of the wood is amazing. I love the rainbow necklaces the best!

  175. I love the rainbow ones! Or the black!

  176. I love the rainbow!!

  177. I like the aqua rainbow necklace

  178. Megan Grant says

    Love love love the rainbow necklace!!!

  179. The very green nursing necklace is my favorite!

  180. I love them all! But that pink and navy flower mama necklace is calling my name. Thank you TLB and Kangroo care!

  181. I love the aqua rainbow!

  182. These are all great! I’ve been wanting a nursing necklace!

  183. Anything jewel-toned!

  184. I seriously cannot pick one favorite! I have been trying to pick one for one of my friends/doula clients and I cannot choose! I like the brown and black one, with the button that hangs down. They are all gorgeous!

  185. I LOOOOVE the Applewood beads with mint green, and the “shades of blue” with Juniper beads!!! I’m so excited over this giveaway! still gonna buy one if i dont win!!!! Thank you Kangaroocare and The Leaky Boob!!!!

  186. I ordered a necklace when my sweet Bear when he was quite tiny. He fell in love with it almost instantly and it’s one of his favorites to this day. I might add it’s quite lovely for a momma too 🙂

  187. I absolutely love the aqua rainbow necklace!

  188. Mia blues mommy says

    I love any and all. Have such a hard time keeping my lil one focused on nursing in public. Wish I had the money to get this for her. But a single mommy income leaves this in fates hands. Love your nursing and teething necklaces!

  189. I have wanted a Kangaroo Care necklace for SO long!! I’m all about the rainbows 🙂

  190. I LOVE allllll of these necklaces!

  191. I love my Kangaroo Care Necklace!! They are sooo pretty! 🙂

  192. I love the flower mama!!

  193. I really like the apple wood and bright blue beads and
    Solid Color Breastfeeding & Babywearing Necklace!!! It was really tough to pick just one.

  194. As much as I adore the rainbow necklaces, my heart less with the necklaces in shades of blue and mint.

  195. I love her necklaces!! I would love a blue one.

  196. I love the earthy tones, the rainbows and the emerald greens.

  197. Beautiful necklaces!!

  198. I love the green and earthy tones:)

  199. Gorgeous! I love all of them!

  200. Love the applewood!

  201. distraction for a nursing toddler?! yes please!

  202. very green & flower mama!

  203. Love the salad green color!

  204. I love the rainbow necklace but also love bright green or a brown ah so hard to chose just one

  205. I love all of the colors!!! Grey stands out!

  206. Flower mama navy and pink!

  207. I love the greens, rainbows, and yellow ones…too many wonderful ones to decide

  208. Jen Holland says

    I love the applewood nursing necklace! Would be an awesome gift for myself and my LO who will bd joining us sometime in the next week!

  209. Mandie Hamrick says

    I love the rainbow one. But honestly would be in love with every single one. 🙂

  210. I love the purples and the flowers they are beautiful!!

  211. I love the olive green and cream necklace. They’re all beautiful!

  212. I really love these necklaces, I told my husband this is what I wanted for my birthday coming up 🙂

  213. LOVE these! That navy blue + pink necklace is just gorgeous! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  214. All pretty, I like the red or black ones the best

  215. Beautiful necklaces. I know they would intrigue my little one. 🙂

  216. The Cherry Red and Chocolate Brown necklaces is my favorite!

  217. Oatmeal/natural white is the one I’d wear the most, but I love all the colors!

  218. I love them all. love the applewood!

  219. I’m a big fan of the bright yellow with the dark wood beads.

  220. These necklaces are beautiful and such a great idea. My 16mo is constantly pinching the opposite breast while feeding and I bet this would help distract her.

  221. Those are darling!

  222. Carrie Talbott says

    I love the bright red or mint green ones! Would love one of these for when I nurse my new baby due in September 🙂

  223. Diane Lovell says

    Love the rainbow teething necklace. My little girl chews everything at the moment and this would be perfect!

  224. Rainbow! Love them!

  225. any will do, all of them are beautiful!

  226. IM IN LOVE WITH THESE!!! Id love to have a few of these to go with every outfit.

  227. I like them all, but after much debating, my favorite is: Apple Wood Nursing Necklace by KangarooCare – cherry red & chocolate brown – natural jewelry

  228. I’m a sucker for the classic rainbow!

  229. Love all of them!!! Especially the rainbow!! Well need this when my twins come in July!! 🙂

  230. I love the chocolate and cherry colored one. Very modern and could be worn with many outfits. I need it–I have a hair puller/breast pincher!

  231. I love kangaroo care jewelry. I asked for a couple of the necklaces for valentine’s day.

  232. So many favorites! Neutrals and brights!

  233. I like the natural colored ones.

  234. I love the Purple & Black!

  235. Chocolate Brown and Beige, definitely. I love my neutrals.

  236. So many beautiful necklaces! I love the black and white ones!

  237. I like mint and white!

  238. Melissa richardson says

    I LOVE the 100% organic cotton necklace in neutral oatmeal and natural white! That one is my absolute favorite 😉

  239. I love them! Neutrals are my favorite though.

  240. All of them are so nice! I wouldn’t know where to start! LOL! =)

  241. Definitely love the rainbow color or neutral toned!

  242. Angelune Des Lauriers says

    I love the color mix necklaces, and also any with the crocheted flowers, too cute!

  243. I love them all! My top picks though, are:

    light yellow and oatmeal crochet beads
    chocolate brown and beige – capuccino
    classic olive green and natural cream white

  244. I line them all!! Especially the pink one.

  245. Mint and white is my favorite, but the mint and pink is pretty too!

  246. I like the shades of pink and juniper button. also I love the rainbow ones.

  247. I am currently nursing a toddler and pregnant. Would love the blue and pink necklace to keep my son entertained as opposed to pinching! And hopefully this will keep him nursing even if the milk production slows…

  248. These are truly lovely!

  249. I love the flower mama in the green hues.

  250. I love love love them all.

  251. Jenny Travis says

    I’m in love with the Apple wood with cherry and brown colors. I love the little “bloom”. My son is crazy for the nursing necklace. I should say I’m crazy for the nursing necklace! Without them my bust looks like a war zone. If I don’t win this is definitely going on a Birthday wishlist!

  252. These are so beautiful!

  253. I LOVE my Kangaroo Care necklaces, and so do my girls! They are some of the best purchases I’ve ever made!

  254. I love the natural wood necklaces. Goes with everything!

  255. diana rojas says

    The capuccino one is the one I’dike to have!

  256. Danielle Lamb says

    Love, love, love the turquoise and chocolate brown one:)

  257. Francesca McC says

    I love the pinks and browns!

  258. I love the greens the most, but I would wear any of them!

  259. abby gulden says

    I love the natural colors- go with anything!

  260. I love the black and grey gray, charcoal color combination necklace!

  261. I love the natural colors and the stripey beads!

  262. I love brown and white and neutral oatmeal and natural white! But they are all pretty fantastic!

  263. Anything to keep this kid from clawing my chest!

  264. I really like the chocolate and beige with the soft flower 🙂

  265. beautiful. I would love one of these

  266. The aqua rainbow one is so pretty!

  267. Starlet Saffron says

    I love the rainbow colored necklaces!

  268. Wow, so hard to pick! The rainbows are great and exciting for babies looking for those vibrant colors. But then I love the solids like purple and yellow too. Oh and just to round it out, I love the earth tone browns too. Yeah, so I guess I didn’t really pick well. 😉

  269. I really like the flower mama necklace, but they’re all lovely!

  270. Britni Bradford says

    I love aqua rainbow