Nursing Bra Express Giveaway

The Leaky Boob sponsors come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from work-at-home hand-crafting moms to local boutiques that have branched out to the internet, to large companies that have products in big stores all over the country run by a team of people; from single product companies to online retailers featuring a plethora of hand-selected items.  They all have one thing in common: the people behind them desire to support moms in all their stages of motherhood.  TLB sponsor Nursing Bra Express is a perfect example.  Dara runs her online retailer and specializes in Nursing Bras, but that’s not all she offers.  I took the liberty of copying this from the Nursing Bra Express Facebook page:
Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 12.01.25 PM
Additionally, you can find a collection of helpful links at the bottom of the Nursing Bra Express website, to keep you informed and support you in your breastfeeding experience, including Breastfeeding State Laws.  Read on as Dara answers a few interview questions about her family and her company, and enter for your chance to win a prize from Nursing Bar Express!


TLB:  Hello Dara, what kinds of activities does your family enjoy doing together during the winter season?

Dara:  The winter is a cold season where we live in Massachusetts, most nights are spent snuggling up with fuzzy blankets in front of the fireplace (although it is a gas fireplace, it still gives off tons of warmth, but no work involved!).  Skiing and snowboarding is also something we enjoy but haven’t been able to hit the slopes yet this season.

TLB:  Your company, Nursing Bra Express, has been a TLB sponsor for quite some time now.  What do you have going on that you would like to share with The Leaky Boob community?

Dara:  The most exciting news recently is that Nursing Bra Express is now a member of the Best for Babes Foundation’s C.A.R.E – WHO Alliance.  We have also added a couple new Bravado & QT Intimates nursing bras and Glamourmom nursing tanks, since last time we did a giveaway at The Leaky Boob.

TLB:  The name of your company suggests that you’re all about nursing bras; what other kinds of items would interest our readers?

Dara:  We sell a lot of cotton flannel reusable nursing pads and natural nipple butter.  I wish I could afford to put a sample of each in all of the outgoing orders, just so moms could experience how great these two products are!

TLB:  What kind of advice would you give a mother trying to figure out how she feels about nursing in public places?

Dara:  My sister recently nursed in public for the first time at a shopping mall in Cleveland, OH while we visiting family over a long weekend.  She was always too uncomfortable to nurse publicly  in an area where she knew people, so this mall located 900 miles away from home seemed like a good starting point.  She felt at ease among strangers and was then able to nurse in public comfortably while back at home as she imagined herself back at the mall in Cleveland.  Although one would think she would be most comfortable nursing around peoples she knows, sometimes friends and acquaintances can be more judgemental than a complete stranger.  So my advice would be to nurse in public (for the first time) in a place that you feel most comfortable – whether it be at a shopping mall that’s several miles away and hidden from people you may be afraid to run into,  at a friend’s house among people you know, a doctor’s office where others around you may be nursing too, etc.  Fears about breastfeeding in public places should be easier to overcome if your first experience is in a place where YOU feel most at ease. Every time after that should be easier and even easier! Much like riding a bike.  🙂


Dara is giving away 3 different prizes to 3 lucky Leakies!

1st Prize : Superior quality La Leche League nursing tank in your choice of Black, Ink Blue, Rose Red or White. Sizes S-3X  Retail Value $35



2nd Prize:  As mentioned in my interview above, a package of Kushies washable cotton flannel nursing pads.   Value $9


3rd Prize: As also mentioned above, Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter because every nursing mom should have this amazing product!  Retail Value: $14.95


Currently Leakies can find these and other helpful breastfeeding items on the Nursing Bra Express website.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from February 6, 2013 through February 12, 2013.  A big thanks to Dara and Nursing Bra Express for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter (@NursingBraExpss) and/or Pinterest and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is restricted to Canada, U.S., Puerto Rico, and APO/FPO entries only.

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  1. tiffany campbell says

    During winter months I love to bake with my son. With a newborn sister it was harder to get out of the house, especially with cold weather. So I searched around for yummy new recipes for us to try out. His favorite of course was the classic sugar cookies, probably bc he ate more icing and sprinkles than he used lol

    • michelle ragan says

      I love nursing tanks. I can throw a sweatshirt over and not feel exposed in the belly fat region!

  2. Well it’s never really winter here in Texas but I enjoy going for a nice walk in the brisk air. I’m serious it never snows here.

  3. These look so nice! I’d love to win!

    Winter is tough. We go to the library, the local children’s museum. It would be nice to go to the science center more, but it’s so expensive! Getting out in the winter is tough in the northeast, but we try to make the best of it.

  4. Cuddling under blankets to watch a movie!

  5. driving around looking at Christmas lights during Christmas time or just enjoying a slower pace of life when we get hit with a snow storm. Suddenly we don’t have to be anywhere or do anything.

  6. We live in southern California so the”winter” here is very mild and short lived. When it is cold, snuggling up with my family, hot chocolate, and a good book or movie is my absolute favorite. Taking short walks all bundled up can be nice, too.

  7. Cookie baking is our fav cold weather activity!

  8. My girls favorite activity during the winter are the indoor events I find to keep the kids out and interacting with others, Mr. Knick Knack (children’s musician) is one of favorite!!!

  9. Snuggling in with a fire going in the fireplace and a movie with hot chocolate in hand.

  10. Both my daughter and my dog are winter babies and we all love to just play in the snow!

  11. playing in the snow!

  12. Amanda Konkle says

    Our favorite winter time activities are playing board games inside.

  13. I hate cold weather, so anything indooors!!
    Luckily I now live in the South (after growing up in the midwest), so it’s not so cold most days. Like our 70+ degree yesterday and the 2 days of temps in the 80s in January – those are my favorite winter days! 🙂

  14. My favorite winter activity, which we can no longer do due to location, was going to watch the waves and surf competitions on Oahu. Winter always had the most awe-inspiring waves. Now that we’re back on the Mainland, though, we’re just wishing we’d get snow, and baking lots of cookies. 🙂

  15. It isn’t winter long here in Texas, but it is nice to go outside with a heavy jacket or any jacket at all. I honestly liking watching movies, especially on Christmas.

  16. We love to go skiing or sledding! 🙂

  17. Gina Demaree says

    I love to spend the too-cold winter days baking up special treats with my kids, ages 6, 4, 2, and one week. The kids learn to cook, enjoy the foods they create, spend quality time together, learn where our food comes from, and they also learn to appreciate the work that goes into providing meals for the family!

  18. I admit that I like spending the winter inside, although playing outside does make bedtime easier 🙂

  19. Winter in FL is basically like Spring. When it does get a little cold, I like snuggling with my family and drinking hot chocolate.

  20. Maggie Martin says

    We love to play in the snow, eat toast and hot chocolate, and snuggle under blankets while watching movies. We also like reading and the boys like taking hot baths.:-)

  21. We love taking a long walk in the first snow of the season and making snow angels. I learned to knit this year, so it’s become my favorite indoor activity during winter.

  22. We drink copious amounts of hot chocolate and tea.

  23. Jessica Damron says

    Snow, Snow in more snow. I am over it already 🙂

  24. I can’t wait for it to snow and see the look on my toddlers face!

  25. Our favorite winter activity is to head south to warmer weather!

  26. Holly Nakamoto Yep says

    Congrats to her sister for nursing in public!

  27. We love to go sledding in the little bit of snow we get here.

  28. During the winter we love to play in the snow!

  29. Holly Nakamoto Yep says

    Hot chocolate and cuddling by the fireplace with movies!

  30. We live in southern California, so winter isn’t much around here. My kids like playing in rain puddles when we have them, but otherwise, we just enjoy the outdoors as usual!

  31. Sledding is our favorite, by far! Thank You, my wife would love this tank and bf supplies!
    Ross Olson

  32. Kelley Andrea says

    My sweet girl is only 5mo, so we’re not spending a lot of time outdoors this winter (we live in Canada). I’m excited to play with her in the snow next year.
    As far as our current favorite winter activity? Snuggling up (perhaps nursing) by a fire while spending time with our family 🙂

  33. story time at the library, singing and dancing to classic rock, visiting parks and playgrounds, baking cookies.

  34. spending time with family

  35. During the winter, we love making hot cocoa and camping in the living room 🙂

  36. Normally I would say anything warm, but being a new Mom I have to say cuddling and nursing my little girl. I always knew I wanted to breastfeed but I had no idea how special it would be and how much we would love it!

  37. Sonya Morris says

    Going to the mountains and watching it snow then playing in it!

  38. Hard to say — I haven’t lived in a climate that experiences cold weather in 3 years! Hopefully, we’ll get to experience the joys of winter this year since we’re moving back to the mainland! I can’t wait! 🙂

  39. I live in Florida, where winter is beautiful. I love playing outside with my kids!

  40. We don’t get much of a winter here in Texas (more like roller coaster weather), but I like to take advantage of the break from the summer heat to go camping or spend time at the gulf.

  41. We love to head up to the mountain and play in the snow! Then cocoa of course!

  42. Not huge outdoors people- so we like to stay warm inside with a good movie and hot soup!

  43. Indoor farmers market and playgroup

  44. It gets very cold up here so we love to stay indoors and watch hockey :).

  45. Playing in the snow and snuggling up together away from the cold once we’re done.

  46. We love to play out in the snow. We haven’t had much of that this year but there is still time.

  47. We just spend winter doing our regular activities – Georgia has had spring like weather this year. If temps do dip low, though – we love hot chocolate, chili, and s’mores!

  48. Francesca McC says

    During the Winter months we love to ice fish as a family 🙂 It’s a cold one this year, though!

  49. Winter is a good time for indoor fun: practicing with crayons, drinking hot chocolate and watching a favorite movie, dancing together…

  50. Going to the children’s discovery museum, out of the cold and always something fun to do

  51. Playing outside without mosquito repellant

  52. Our favorite winter activity is sled riding.

  53. we go to the beach! we live in south GA 🙂

  54. Snuggling by the fireplace 🙂

  55. We love to cross country ski in the winter and take our little one sledding!

  56. sabrena haulter says

    We love to go snow skiing! Can’t wait for our baby to be big enough to take with us!

  57. snow angels, making snow creme and movies by the fireplace eating popcorn!

  58. I love the Leaky Boob! Our favorite winter activity is making hot chocolate together! : D

  59. My favorite winter activity with the family is snuggling on the couch watching movies!

  60. Snuggling together and watching movies

  61. Lessie LeBlanc says

    We don’t get much of a winter here in south Louisiana. We’re still going to the park on an almost daily basis!

  62. Miranda Mora says

    Cooking and crafting are our favorites during the winter time

  63. We live in the desert so we don’t have much of a winter. We can do most of the same things we do year round, going to the park and such 🙂

  64. We spend every weekend hiking with our dogs rain, snow or shine 🙂

  65. Its not cold here but i love to spend time with my 3 kids and take them to the park so the older ones can play onthe nice days on cold ones we snuggle up and watch movies together

  66. Right now to get out of the house with the little one in the winter, I’ve been going to baby boot camp. She thinks I’m playing peek a boo with her while I do squats 🙂

  67. I live in tank tops…in summer, fall, winter and spring. It would be great to have a legit nursing tank for a nice change of pace. 🙂

  68. I love going to Starbucks every once and awhile with my 2.5 year old and getting him his own little hot chocolate as we walk around town for awhile.

  69. Elizabeth Gliot says

    My boys love playing in the snow, followed by movie nights with popcorn and hot cocoa!!

  70. We live in WI, so we get a looong winter. Love to cuddle up in front of the TV with a hot chocolate after we spent some time outside building forts and a snowman!

  71. Our favorite activity is cuddling on the couch with hot chocolate!

  72. Sledding, ice skating and driving in the snow (:

  73. Corey rosado says

    Our Florida winter is hardly winter. We live playing around outside.

  74. Christmas light tours!

  75. Our winters sometimes get to cold to go outside but when we do. We love to go for walks and go tobogganing. Every so often a few families in our neighbor hood get together for tobogganing and snowmobiling parties where we have fun with the kids and have a pot luck dinner and a bonfire. When it is to cold to go outside with the little ones we cuddle up in the house and watch movies with popcorn or we have family game days with all kinds of board games.

  76. We love to get bundled up and watch the birds in our neighbors feeder. My son loves to see the Cardinal.

  77. Loooove the prizes!

  78. We love to bake and have lots of movie days during the winter.

  79. My 13m old son and I like to chase each other and dance to music.

  80. We try to get out as much as possible in the winter. We’re lucky enough to live in an area that has a moderate winter so we do get some nice sunny days. We like to go for walks at a local running/walking path with beautiful nature-y views. There’s a great story time at our library where my daughter can meet and interact with other babies. We also like to utilize the indoor pool, it’s always a good time for swim time! On cold days we get together with other friends at someone’s house or have them over to play at our house. We snuggle by the fire, read books and play games, unless there’s snow, we would love to play in the snow!

  81. Erin Compton-Monell says

    We love cooking and baking or arts and crafts indoors, making snowmen and sledding outdoors!

  82. I need all of these! Awesome give away!

  83. Lisa Haines says

    Dislike the winter so we stay inside and play!

  84. we love to go ice skating and tobaging 😀 , i WOULD love that shirt btw its amazing i just wear strapless tops over my breastfeeding bra lol its all i got

  85. We have been hiking lately… love the fog!

  86. We love tobogganing

  87. Rosina Fortier says

    We love to go out sledding and drink hot chocolate

  88. It’s always fun to enjoy some sledding in winter time! But mostly we love just snuggling up and drinking homemade hot cocao on the real cold days!

  89. Movie nights!

  90. Cuddling under blankets and play dates inside 🙂

  91. Jennifer J in MN says

    Stay inside! It’s MN, brrrrr!

  92. Going to the beach (us Floridians can do that!)

  93. Hot chocolate and cuddling!

  94. I’m not generally a tank wearer because I have issues with having that much of my shoulders, neck and chest exposed – I don’t know why, but seriously, a v-neck is too much for me – lol! However, I have no hangups when it comes to NIP, I just like to layer so things stay covered and tanks rock in that respect 😉 I’ve never tried an actual nursing top but this one looks awesome 😉

  95. up here in ontario, its winter for most of the year. i love taking my kids to the mommy and me classes here at our local day care center, we end up going just about every day of the week.

  96. We live in Texas, so our “winter activities” mostly consist of riding bikes and hiking on the trails near our house as well as exploring the dry lake bed in our neighborhood.

  97. Lydia Pinero says

    We love sledding and making snow ice cream!

  98. We love movies and cuddling and if it’s not too cold playing in the snow/taking walks as a family

  99. Our favourite activity in the winter is playing in the snow (tobogganning, skiing, snowshoeing) and with this BIG storm hitting Nova Scotia this weekend, we’ll have plenty to play in!

  100. We do crafts and like to build snowmen with my four year old and cuddles for our six week old.

  101. Katelyn McKim says

    We love the snow and having fun snowball fights 🙂 Too bad we haven’t had any yet 🙁

  102. We don’t always get snow here in the south, but if we do we love to get the four wheelers out and ride through the farm and through the woods. Our basset hound, Max, loves it too. He runs the whole way. 🙂

  103. Shellie Smith says

    In the winter months we enjoy all the lights around the south. That is pretty much the only change we get during the winter.

  104. Desiree Steele says

    Lighting a fire and sipping Mexican hot chocolate 🙂

  105. Living in Arizona, we don’t get much of a winter but we love hot chocolate, movies, and cuddling on the couch.

  106. Rebecca Robbins says

    My son enjoys playing in the snow! I honestly am not a big winter person…. So we don’t do much during winter! Although I do enjoy the cuddles on the couch from my LO!

  107. We love watching it snow, playing and sledding!! We also love cuddling up and watching movies and drinking hot chocolate with the kids!

  108. We like baking and hot chocolate!

  109. With a newborn, this year’s favorite winter activity is sitting at home snuggling, while we watch it snow outside.

  110. Snuggling inside together, watching our favorite movies and making some nice, hot tea! We’re homebodies for the most part, excepting my daughter–who loves anything and everything that has to do with playing in the snow!

  111. We looove hot chocolate and snuggling up with a good book!

  112. Well, I live in Texas and we have very mild winters to say the least. But I enjoy walking with my family.

  113. kristin king says

    Not gonna lie- I love snuggling under a blanket with my girls while one or both nurse with a movie on.

  114. We are big sport nuts in our house. So in winter months you can usually find my family playing football in the back yard or watching a game on tv.

  115. Rebecca Bush says

    We live in Colorado Springs and winters can be a hit or miss. Most winters are just extremely cold, windy and icy so we really like to take those days to snuggle, watch movies, drink hot chocolate and eat warm yummy foods!

  116. Chelsea Lyons says

    I love doing crafts and movie nights dying winter months with my family.

  117. Thankfully winter is very milk in Los Angeles!

  118. Chelsea Lyons says

    During not dying

  119. Its been a really warm winter in southern Colorado so were outside as much as possible with my 9month old little girl.

  120. Emily Brown says

    I have lived in my nursing tanks for the past 20 months. I sleep in them every night, and for a while, they were all I wore – instead of a bra. I’m since upgraded to a real bra, and since I only nurse at night, I wear them only at night now. But I loooooove them!!!

  121. During the winter, we enjoy going on walks when its not absolutely freezing & than coming inside where its all warm & toasty to make coffee & popcorn and watch an old favorite movie!

  122. We love to build a fire together as a family. Then we give our girls a bath and sit in front of the fire, reading books and snuggling up. On special nights we have hot chocolate or roast marshmallows and make smores.

  123. Emily Brown says

    During the winter…. wait – I live in Texas, we haven’t had a winter in 2 years!!!

  124. Baking and Sledding…

  125. We go hiking and walking around the parks, it rarely snows here so we get to go outdoors a lot more!

  126. I like to snuggle up and watch movies 🙂 especially now w my little one

  127. Winter in Florida is mild so we garden a lot! And im always wearing a nursing tank to do so!

  128. Hot cocoa & sitting in front of the fire 😀

  129. Would love to win!

  130. Michelle Mallard says

    Here in SW Louisiana we don’t have much of a winter season, it stays somewhere between 50-70 degrees most of the time, but occasionally we get cold days and we love to cuddle under warm blankies while reading good books or telling our own stories (and nursing baby brother of course). My 4 year old loves to bake and make hot cocoa!

  131. My 2 yr old discovered snow, so he keeps asking “play snow?” That seems to be our new favorite. 🙂

  132. My kids love to go sledding. This winter, my sons introduced their little sister to sledding, and to snow ball fights.

  133. Chelsea Anna says

    My son, and first child, was just born a month ago today so we are just beginning our winter traditions (so far it’s just been lots of cuddles and hiding in from the flu haha).

    But my husband and I have enjoyed spending time by the fireplace and going for walks in the woods on the more mild of days. Also enjoy other indoor activities, such as the gym, museums, and the indoor open market.

    I’m looking forward to adding lots more kid friendly activities to the list and spending play dates with my friends who also just had babies! 🙂

  134. I live in nursing tanks. I wish there were more options out there for nursing clothes, a lot of it is so drab!

  135. Even though we haven’t done them yet this year, definitely sledding and building snow men!

  136. Holiday baking and trying to stay warm indoors….

  137. We bake and enjoy the weather.

  138. During the winter months my oldest son plays basketball, so we get all of the kids bundled up and head out to his games.

  139. During the Winter months we love snuggling on the couch, introducing baby to hot chocolate and other fun Winter goodies and watching fun movies together. Usually these happen to be Disney or other cartoon movies, lol! Our Winters don’t get too cold though, so on the warm, sunny (or just sunny) days, we go for walks around our neighborhood or check out the local parks on the weekends so that we can take Daddy with us ;-).

  140. We love to cuddle up on the sofa with a blanket and watch some movies by our fireplace.

  141. Jennifer Martir says

    Making s’mores over the fire pit!!

  142. Honestly, my family isn’t really into winter. Great that we live in Iowa! We love to snuggle up with a movie, popcorn, and skittles. 🙂

  143. watching it snow while sipping hot chocolate 🙂

  144. Melissa Gonzalez says

    Baking with music in the background and singing with family

  145. I haven’t yet tried wearing a nursing tank. I’d love to win one. Thanks!

  146. Kristen - Mom of Twins says

    I like to stay in and play with my girls as much as possible during the colder months.

  147. In the winter we love our couch time. We have an old comforter that we all bundle under and watch TV or movies. I also love to make snow angels.

  148. Megan garrison says

    YAY I love nursing tanks, and this piece 🙂

  149. I really miss snowboarding. I haven’t been in years because I’ve either been pregnant or had a brand new babe every winter. Soon the kiddos will be big enough for ski school though!

  150. We like to snuggle when it’s cold outside!!

  151. My family likes to ski and sled during the winter.

  152. Corri Hammontree says

    Cuddling with my babies under blankets!

  153. I don’t have any nursing tanks but they seem pretty cool!

  154. staying inside in front of the fire 🙂

  155. Kristin Fortier says

    In Florida, winter means Disney weather! We love going together as a family.

  156. Winters in Hawaii are certainly mild compared to the mainland, but once ykoyve become acclimated, they feel quite cool. We enjoy cuddling up under blankets while watching movies, and making indoor s’mores on our gas stove.

  157. Love the length!

  158. I love spending winter knitting by the fireplace 🙂

    I love nursing tanks to layer in these colder months!

  159. Erica Rowland says

    During the winter I love to sit with a fire going and make s’mores with my girls!

  160. Movies and baking are our favorite indoor activities. We’d also go sledding if we had snow (we haven’t really had enough to go sledding the past couple of years.)
    Christmas activities include decorating a styrofome tree with red & green m&ms, baking cookies and making Christmas candies!

  161. Would looooove to get the nursing tank! Showing these to wonderful hubby tonight! My 3rd girl is due in May and I need more nursing tanks and bras!

  162. Jessica Pellegrin says

    In the winter time I just love to bake homemade cookies with my mom.
    It’s our mom daughter time to just focus on us not the hustle bustle of the holidays.
    And now having my son he is now part of our tradition!

  163. Play in the snow!!!!!

  164. We take a lot of walks in the winter!

  165. We try to get outside when its not raining and play in the mud!

  166. We love to have lazy mornings, sipping coffee and watching our little one play.

  167. Here in the UK, we’re bound to have a very cold/wet or snowy winter. I love snuggling up in our extra thick duvet with a mug of hot chocolate and watching a classic film with my husband and our baby. Precious times all round.

  168. Becky Ensinger says

    Going on vacation.

  169. We enjoy playing in the snow, sipping cocoa, watching movies, and baking during the winter months. We haven’t had too much snow this year though.

  170. Great Prizes! I would love the tank! 🙂

  171. I love to make chili when it chilly outside. It’s the best!

  172. We love making homemade hot chocolate! And getting to drink hot teas before bed again.

  173. ladybug11780 says

    I love winter and snow. My oldest loves it too. He never gets cold and wants to svxtay out sledding and playing.

  174. We love to bake! My oldest has a severe egg allergy so we love to experiment with new egg-free baking recipes.

  175. I love making chili when its chilly outside. It’s the best meal to warm you up.

  176. We are not really winter people but did bundle up our 17 month old (still nursing) to go play in the freshly fallen snow. She’s not too sure that she likes it either! Looking forward to spring so we can get out and walk!

  177. We love sledding and having snowball fights together.

  178. I love winter! My family loves to go sleding.

  179. We love skiing & sledding!

  180. Snowmen!

  181. In Maine winter can be long and very cold. But we love to ski, sled and go to the gym to swim! We find ways to keep active for sure!!

  182. mostly indoor activities here in ohio. we love puzzles and books and trips to the library! and if they really need to burn steam, our mcdonald’s has an indoor play place. emergency use only! lol

  183. Jordan Brawner says

    My family loves to snuggle up and read Dr.Seuss books and watch Disney movies 🙂

  184. Cuddling 🙂

  185. We don’t have winter where I live, but we love to go skiing.

  186. We love to make lots of different soups, go to Monkey Joe’s and cuddle up on the couch together! 😉

  187. Our winters are super mild in Tucson so this is the best time of year for us to get out of the house, go to the park, the zoo, take a walk, etc. Our winters are perfect, the summer not so much!

  188. One of our favorite winter activities as a family is going to the library or visiting our state museum which is a block from our house. It’s a big place for our 20-month-old to run around and explore!

  189. Miriam Thomas says

    Besides cuddling up to read and drink hot chocolate, we love to attend Christmas tree lightings around various hotels/historic places in Richmond. We also love to go to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg.

  190. Kristi Hooke says

    We love snuggling up with everyone by the fireplace!

  191. We are a family that LOVES snowman making. 🙂 Otherwise, it’s pretty to look at from the window while we are safe and warm inside.

  192. Julie Littlejohn says

    playing in the snow and cuddling in front of the fire place!

  193. Right now I have an 18 month old and am 24 weeks pregnant, so we tend to stay in more than not (it’s not snowy here, but it’s super dry and super windy, which makes it very unpleasant outside). We spend time coloring, playing with her blocks, playing her former of dress up, doing puzzles, or playing games similar to hide and seek.

  194. “Winter” lasts all of about 2 weeks here in San Diego, but it’s my favorite time of year! I love to snuggle up with my boys to read stories, watch movies, or just nap together.

  195. we love to play games like yahtzee and bingo and uno. i would love the black in 2X.

  196. Our family loves to rug up and trek down to the beach and just watch the waves. If it is raining though, we like to go to the movies, or ice skating or bowling.

  197. Kerry Spence says

    Well I would have to say skating and tobogganing!

  198. I’m not a big fan of the cold months, I do like the fist snow fall and the look of untouched snow. And as my 3 girls get older (oldest 3yrs, 2yrs and our newest 2wks) I am looking forward to watching them play in the snow! right now they just like to walk in it 😉

  199. As a family we like to play with trains, and blocks. If I get free time I either knit or read a book.

  200. We do a lot of toddler arts and crafts in the Winter!

  201. Winter hikes, sledding!

  202. I wish it would actually snow – or even feel like winter – down here! I love playing in the snow, and getting all snuggled up with a good book or yummy snack when I get too cold. Not in Houston, though…

  203. Jenn wilson says

    We like to bundle up for a snowy walk with the dog in the rivervalley, wearing the baby of course to share the warmth!

  204. We LOVE sled riding & snow tubing!

  205. On warmer winter days we like to go for walks and go to the park, on colder winter days we stay indoors and play with the dog and watch Disney and play with toys and read. I cannot wait till summer!

  206. Linda Chipps says

    Uk winter is tough as it’s usually raining rather than snowing! So we do lots of indoor activities, including arts and crafts, den making, storytime, and dressing up 🙂 If we venture out we put our wellies on and go splashing in puddles!

  207. We don’t get much snow in SC, so mostly we enjoy the mild weather by going to the park, riding bikes, and taking nature walks. We also love to pop popcorn and sip on hot chocolate while watching movies as a family.

  208. We live in Germany and I love to put the little guy in the Beco and go to all of the Christmas markets!

  209. We’re like bumps on a log during the winter here in Northern Missouri. Every night when we let the dog in, we chase her around the house, play fetch, and giggle.

  210. Watching snow fall and a cup of hot tea!

  211. Brianna W. says

    This winter we were able to take the kids to the Shore Acres State Park light shore on the Oregon coast, it was really fun, and we love to go to the local Festival of Lights that’s a drive thru light show. We also do a lot of baking, it’s fun finding new low sugar/carb recipes as I’m a type 1 diabetic.

  212. Chelsea & Lily says

    Lily and I love to curl up on the couch in our fuzzy jammies because it is just too cold to bring her outside here in North Dakota. Cuddles usually include mommy singing and practicing sitting up!

  213. Snuggling up with a story, building snowmen in the yard 🙂

  214. Our favorite winter activity is to go to celebration at the oaks in new orleans during the holidays

  215. Our favorite winter activity is to go to celebration at the oaks in new orleans during the holidays

  216. We enjoy reading the birth if Jesus to our kiddos and discussing him with them. We also bake and do lots of crafts. The kids really enjoyed making a Christmas banner this year so I’ll probably do that again next year.

  217. I love going to feed the ducks at the pond nearby!

  218. Shandi Turknett says

    I love doing crafts with my baby!

  219. I can’t stand the cold unless it’s snowing, so I like to stay inside! Movies, baking, long naps, reading stories…anything with the heat turned on and a blanket handy!

  220. We have a great yard for sledding with our son. Our six month old daughter likes to snuggle and soak in all the energy that her brother has. I think she’s already learning a lot from him.

  221. We love to play in the snow 🙂

  222. My son is only 5 months so he’s only been in the snow once. He seemed very confused by the whole experience. I can’t wait until he’s older and can play in it more!

  223. Erika Koldeway says

    We love to get all of our family together and hang out at my in-law’s farm. All the kids always have so much fun. There is nothing better than spending time with family.

  224. We love ice skating and snow shoveling.

  225. We live in OK, where there isnt’ really a winter anymore. So we like to go out walking every day if we can. I do love that we have such nice days.

  226. Rachel Silvernail says

    Winter is a time of much baking, reading, and snuggling at my house. The kids love to sled when we get enough snow for it (rare in the DC area) but I am not coordinated enough for most winter sports!

  227. We like to play in the snow, but for the most part just stick to indoor activities – we don’t get much snow where we live, but it’s still cold.

  228. There isn’t much winter to speak of here in Arkansas. If we manage to get a decent snow, you can bet that everyone will be outside playing in it!

  229. Sledding!

  230. Jessica Pero says

    We love to play in the snow and come inside to a cup of hot chocolate! 🙂 Snow angels are fun…driving in it, not so fun lol 🙂

  231. I love to bake bread when it’s cold out. My little one was born on Thanksgiving so he can’t help yet. 😉 Love the blog, keep up the good work!

  232. As a family we live to hike in the snow. This year son is finally old enough to take tobogganing!

  233. Our family of six likes to go sledding with grandma and drink hot coco. On cold nights we make a great big pile with blankets and pillows in the living room. We call it family pile. Then we watch movies and eat popcorn.

  234. Apparently these are must-haves. I don’t sweat it so much as I use the belly bands I had when I was pregnant, but I’d like to try one to see if it’s worth it.

  235. During the snowy North Dakota winter, it gets pretty cold! If it’s too cold to walk or go sledding, we head to the mall with one girl in the stroller and one in the sling. There is an awesome play land where our big girl can run and play and get her wiggles out!

  236. baking bread and cookies

  237. Hibernating with my fella, our little lady, and our four pets. We need to live somewhere warmer. 🙂

  238. rebecca williams says

    We like to ski and go ice skating

  239. Carrie Talbott says

    When it’s snowing, definitely sledding! Otherwise, playing inside and staying warm!

  240. Playing indoors – crafts, toys, games, and a fire!

  241. I really love that tank top!! Perfect for any time of the year

  242. Sledding and making snow men!

  243. It doesn’t quite feel like winter where we are, so our winter activities are the same as normal activities…playing at the park. I suppose I can say snuggling under a blanket.

  244. Mostly we stay inside and play and wait on spring so we can go outside and play! It’s a little cold to take baby out.

  245. We live in FL, so our winter is the perfect time to be outside! We like going to the park, to the beach (my daughter loves to play in the sand!!), going on walks, etc. anything outdoors!

  246. Chili and cookies! Making food!

  247. We live in the desert, so we love to play outside in the winter! Since it’s finally not over 100 degrees!!

  248. We love baking. Still waiting for a nice snow to play in!

  249. S’mores are a must every winter!

  250. Snuggling. I love bfing when it’s cold. My LO loves to be close.

  251. Snowman building and snuggling

  252. Jenny Travis says

    I live in Colorado. It gets to be mighty cold and snowy! I would say our favorite activity is making snowmen and snow angels and sipping hot cocoa!

  253. Snuggling on the couch under a big blanket with the whole family (dog and cat included).

  254. During the winter months I enjoy cooking and snuggling in with the family!

  255. We love sledding down my in laws big hill and making snowman!

  256. Here in Austin, a big favorite is to go swimming at Barton Springs. Winter is about the only time the pool is tolerable because it is actually warm. Still, I would have to say my personal favorite winter activity is Girl Scout cookie hunting!

  257. I love snowball fights in the winter! My husband has also been wanting to teach me how to build an igloo but we haven’t had enough snow lately

  258. We live in Arizona, so the winter here is not much of a “winter”. However, I love the mild weather because it’s much more comfortable to take the little one for walks in. A light jacket and I can pop him in the Ergo or stroller and we walk around the neighborhood. It’s wonderful!

  259. We love hockey and skiing!

  260. I like snuggling under covers with my family