Earth Mama Angel Baby Giveaway

Started by Melinda, a mother who believes in the natural healing power of herbs, Earth Mama Angel Baby offers organic products for expectant and new mothers, and their babies.  Their dedication to supporting mothers and babies makes them such an easy fit with The Leaky Boob.  Read below as Melinda shares more about Earth Mama Angel Baby and some of her own experience as a new mother. And then enter for your chance to win a Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle!


TLB:  What should readers know about Earth Mama Angel Baby and the values you hold to for your company?

Melinda:  The one most important thing I’d love people to really understand is this: these products were formulated for pregnant women to use. If it’s going ON and IN a pregnant woman, it is literally being given to her unborn baby. The herbs used in Earth Mama products have stood the test of generations, and have been historically, safely used on the most fragile population on the planet. If it’s truly safe enough for a pregnant woman, it’s safe. But how do you know what’s safe?

We love mamas with lots of questions, because we have them too. What makes a product truly organic? Why do some companies use questionable ingredients but still use the word organic? What’s all that information on the label, and is it important? We think it is, and we think mamas have a right to know what they are putting on their babies. We don’t think that’s too much to ask, so we are happy to tell them!

TLB: Do you think parents really care about reading labels and knowing what organic really means?

Melinda: The reason we do this is because it’s safer. And safer is better. I couldn’t do it any other way, because I need to sleep at night knowing I’ve done my best to keep mamas and babies safe. One of our missions is education. People know to do better once they know that there is better to do. And we think that once mamas know about what’s really safe, they start to see how difficult it can be as a consumer to know what you are really putting on your baby. Mamas shouldn’t have to be chemists to know if something is safe. If something is safe it should say on the label. Sadly, there are a lot of words – like safe, natural, honest, organic – that are used on product labels that are anything but.

TLB:  What was the inspiration behind the name Earth Mama Angel Baby?

Melinda: It’s about using traditional plant medicine for our most precious populations: pregnant mamas and brand new babies. Our tag line is “Gifts from the earth, for your gift from heaven” and that’s not just cute, it’s true.

TLB: What is your role in Earth Mama Angel Baby and what do you enjoy most about it?

Melinda: Earth Mama Angel Baby was born in my garage, after I spent an intensive period studying herbs and plant medicine. I knew instinctively that the herbs that are abundant on this earth are here to heal and nurture, safely, and I wanted to pass that on to people. Women especially, because women go through pregnancy with a lot of thought for their growing baby, but with not as much thought for their stretching, itchy skin, bottom problems and tummy troubles. I enjoy helping mamas who are feeling so exhausted or discouraged from the normal discomforts of pregnancy. Or hearing that Angel Baby Bottom Balm soothed a particularly terrible diaper rash. I love getting feedback from mamas, whether they are needing help or saying thanks, it’s a joy to connect with them. And the baby pictures are great too!

TLB:  We all know that all that’s really essential to breastfeeding are a pair of lactating breasts and a hungry baby, but aside from those basics, what did you find invaluable in your breastfeeding journey?

Melinda: On day two after my first child was born I was home alone. I didn’t have support or models of breastfeeding, but I also didn’t have any expectations of problems. I didn’t know there could be problems, so any difficulty that came up I just figured out! Although I think the resources mamas have now are invaluable, with breastfeeding support and lactation consultants and sites like The Leaky Boob, there was something important for me in just sticking it out because I had to. I think I’d say to breastfeeding mamas, when you’re going to dig a trench you’re gonna get blisters, but by the time you’ve dug 5 trenches you’ll have some calluses and you’ll know that holding the spade a certain way works better for you than another way. By the time you’ve dug 10 you won’t even think about any of that. There’s a break-in period for breastfeeding, and it comes from sticking it out. In the end there is an amazing reward, not just the best nutrition for your baby, and the bond you’ll have for life, but the knowledge that you did this amazing, miraculous thing. It’s like boot camp, you asked your body to do something difficult, and it responded with exhaustion and confusion and then showing you that it was capable of doing it.


Earth Mama Angel Baby is giving away 3 Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle to 3 lucky Leakies! 

The Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle has a retail value of $44.09 and its purpose is to offer soothing comfort to nourish a new mama’s breasts, so she can nourish her angel baby, naturally.

It includes all-natural necessities for every breastfeeding mama. Organic Milkmaid Tea is a USDA Certified 100% Organic nursing tea that helps support healthy breast milk production. Lanolin-free Natural Nipple Butter (2 fl. Oz.) is a naturally safe nipple cream that helps soothe and prevent sore, cracked nipples. Booby Tubes® are gel-free breast packs to use warm or cold to ease breasts sore from engorgement or mastitis. Safe and natural, with no toxins ever.


Currently Leakies can find these and other wonderful organic products at


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from March 21, 2013 through March 27, 2013.  A big thanks to Melinda and Earth Mama Angel Baby for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page and Twitter (@earthmamahq) and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway open to U.S. entries only. 

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  1. I think everything in the bundle is awesome, but I really like the tote. A new mom can’t have too many totes!

  2. Katherine says

    I just had my third baby yesterday and I would love to win this! The nipple butter and booby tubes sound heavenly right now!

  3. Rachel williams says

    I like the nipple butter. I am due in about 10 days so that would come in handy.

  4. Elizabeth says

    I would love this collection – I’ve developed plugged ducts and need those booby tubes!

  5. Would love to try the nipple butter and tea!

  6. Courtney C says

    I would love the chance to win this!!

  7. Becky Ensinger says

    Would love to win!

  8. Kristin F says

    I’d love to try the tea!

  9. I’m excited about all of it! But super excited about the tea!

  10. I love the all the products we’ve tried!! We use the baby oil and the bath wash all the time!

  11. Would love to win this as I’m pregnant with my 2nd and still bf’ing my 14 mo! I love all the emab products, but the tea is amazing!!

  12. sherry moore says

    Im most interested in the booby tube product i would love to win that

  13. Jamie Urbanawiz says

    I’d like to try the tea, as I may need to boost my production a bit soon.

  14. Nipple butter is awesome for everything! I’m excited about that.

  15. From this pack I’m most interested in the nipple butter. I already use the mama wash they have and used their stretch oil when I was pregnant.

  16. Katie Pitcher says

    I would love to try the Milkmaid tea. I am nursing a two month old, and am interested in increasing supply for pumping.

  17. I’m most excited about the tea.

  18. I NEED some Nipple Butter desperately! Hook me up LB!!! 😀 This stuff is great!

  19. domestic diva says

    The nipple butter sounds great

  20. I would LOVE to be able to try the Booby Tubes. After about 4.5 years of nursing for much of that time (3 babies… my 1st 2 babies self-weaned during my 2nd trimester of my subsequent pregnancies, so there have been a couple months in that timespan when I haven’t had a nursling), I’ve suddenly had lots of issues with mastitis & pain. I’d love to try these!

  21. I would love to see the results from the nursing tea. I recommend it to friends who have supply problems already!

  22. I really love the nipple butter, but I’d like to try the boobie tubes because I always seem to have something clogging up on me! Bad sleeping positions and oversupply due to extra pumping for donating. 😉

  23. The nipple butter!

  24. courtney k says

    i want to try the booby tubes the most!

  25. Gina Parks says

    Love this brand and love giving as shower gifts!

  26. I really would love the milkmaid tea!

  27. Francesca McCaffrey says

    I am heading back to work soon and I’m going to be storming the pumping battle….nursing tea will help as part of my arsenal!

  28. Michelle G says

    I love the breast feeding products! with my last baby a friend gave me a box of the tea and some of the creme. I’m now only 13 weeks away from having this baby and I’m starting to think of all the things I swore “I won’t go without THAT!” EMAB stuff is WAY up on that list!

  29. I’m most interested in the Natural Nipple Butter 🙂

  30. Jacqueline says

    I love love love nipple butter! I use it everywhere on both me and the kiddo.

  31. I have wanted to try the nipple butter. I used lanolin for my first, but would really like to get away from animal products, so I’ve got EMAB on my registry this time around!

  32. kimberly pugliese says

    the booby tubes would be heavenly when i get overfilled!!

  33. Amy Bailey says

    Id love to try the tea and the body washes!

  34. I’m due with baby #1 any day now. I started using the nipple butter a few weeks ago to help with soreness. I love it already & baby’s not even here yet! 🙂

  35. I drank Earth Mama Angel Baby tea throughout my last pregnancy. It was one of few things tht helped ease my morning sickness!

  36. I like the bag and the tea. But I am not picky and would take any of them.

  37. Julia Miller says

    The natural nipple butter! The booby tubs seem interesting as well, but the nipple butter seems nice.

  38. Christina says

    I’d love to drink the Milkmaid tea when my baby girl is born. I’m sure the other items would come in handy, too!

  39. I’m currently expecting baby #3, and gearing up to start breastfeeding again!

  40. would love to try the nipple butter when this dude is born in May!

  41. we ONLY use emab creamsicle lotion (that’s what we named it, smell it and you’ll know why) on my baby’s ezcema prone skin…. the only lotion that not only doesn’t cause a rash but it also heals her rashes she gets from other allergens. i don’t know what i would do without it!

  42. Heather McKenzie Carter says

    Booby Tubes! I wanted them while nursing my daughter last year and just never got around to buying them. NOw that I am due with a little boy in May, I REALLY WANT to get some booby tubes!

  43. Christina Howell says

    The natural nipple butter!

  44. Christy G says

    I am most excited for the milkmaid tea. I love that stuff!

  45. Nicole N. says

    Would be interested to see how the tea increases milk supply. More milk never hurts!

  46. I am interested in the Booby Tubes.

  47. OMG I want to try this stuff!!

  48. Booby Tubes to help with recurrent plugged milk ducts.

  49. I’ve heard the nipple butter is fantastic.

  50. I’d love to try the Booby Tubes!

  51. Love the nipple butter! It was a lifesaver with my first baby. I’m due with my second in a little over three weeks so i would love to win this prize 😀

  52. Katherine says

    I’d love to try Mama Bottom Balm

  53. Love the boot camp analogy!

  54. Melissa G. says

    My favorite baby products come from EMAB! I wish I had known about them when I was pregnant. I pinned the delivery/baby full package because all the products are amazing. I can’t wait to try some of the mama products the next time I am pregnant. I use nipple butter and bottom balm for everything! I also use the castile soap for baby, for me, and for household cleaners and wipes solution. Great products! Thanks for sharing your interview with her and for the giveaway!

  55. anne perry says

    I am excited about the nipple butter.
    . I also love the baby wash.

  56. Desiree Rios says

    I’d love to try the gel pads! That bag is to die for, though 🙂

  57. Nicole Bear says

    Although I would appreciate what is in the bundle, another product I would like is the Bath and Body wash for baby!

  58. I love the whole bundle, but interested in the nipple butter. My daughter is 3 weeks old, so I still get sore nipples at times 🙂

  59. The booby tubes! My sweet babe is due in 5 weeks and those would be a godsend for this mama.

  60. Jessyca Booth says

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    I’d really like to try the natural nipple butter, but the whole set looks great!

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  63. I’m excited about the Organic Milkmaid Tea

  64. Awesome give away! I love the EMAB nipple butter and the tote is so cute!

  65. I am so thankful for these products. I use the nipple butter for everything from the original purpose of it, to helping with my son’s ezcema and treating diaper rash! That particular product has been so helpful to us. Thank you so much!

  66. Nipple butter sounds great.. I am nursing a 13 month old while 17 weeks pregnant ..I need it lol 🙂

  67. I recently asked a mom of 5 if she had any advice regarding nursing while pregnant and her answer was Booby Tubes! I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and nursing our (almost) 2 1/2 year old son. I would LOVE to win this prize tote!!!

  68. I’d love to win all of it! But especially the tea; I love their milkmaid tea, and am drinking a cup of it right now!

  69. I wish I realized the nipple butter was available. I only heard about lanolin cream which has wool and I couldn’t use it. I had cracked nipples and this product would of helped. I have a couple of friends who are due soon and this would b a nice gift.

  70. Andrea Varnado says

    I’m due May 15th with my first and I’ve heard great things bout Earth Mama Angel baby products and would love to try any of them! Hope I win and that I can breast feed successfully..

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  74. I’ve used both the tea and the nipple butter, so I’m most interested in the booby tubes!

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  76. My favorite is definitely the Booby tubes. I use mine multiple times a day and could definitely use a replacement set!

  77. Not too sure which product I’d love to try the most,they all look great! I have been a breastfeeding/pumping Mommy for the past 25 months. I have two little angels , 20 months apart 🙂

  78. Jennifer m says

    The tea… I’m back at work and anything to help boost my supply would be amazing!

  79. Brittany C says

    I hope I get the opportunity to try these awesome products!

  80. I like the whole bundle! I guess if I don’t win I will have to order some!!

  81. I love the milkmaid tea! especially with a bit of coconut milk added! and we love the foam wash. Great for baby.

  82. Toni Smith says

    I really want to try the nipple butter!! The tote is darling too 🙂

  83. I am most interested in the nipple butter since I’ll be nursing a newbie this summer and definitely need something to help in the early days!

  84. Melissa Nickel says

    I would love to try the tea because my milk production has been up and down. Also what mama couldn’t use a tote?

  85. As a FTM I am interested in all the products!

  86. Shonique F. says

    As a 1st nurser it’s very important to me that I use all natural products. I would absolutely love to win this great giveaway to help me continue my journey.

  87. Most interested in the tea.

  88. Kim Werbrouck says

    I’ve been wanting to try that tea and a friend told me the nipple butter is awesome.

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    I’m so excited about it all but especially the tea!

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  104. Karen Sword says

    I love these! I had a hard time finding lanolin-free nipple cream. I had thush with my first baby and have since learned that lanolin can be a problem. I am now nursing baby #2and am much more selective about my care and products!

  105. Brittny Burbano says

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  106. I can’t wait to try this stuff out even if I don’t win!

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  108. I would love all of these things, I am due in May and I am sticking to my guns on EBF since i had so little support and information with my first and regret it so much I want to this one right.

  109. I would love to try the booby tubes! Since I breastfeed throughout pregnancy, when my “milk comes in” post-partum, I basically have boulders for boobs! Having a quick and easy go-to remedy would be life-changing.

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  110. Michelle B. says

    I’m soooo excited for this giveaway! I thought nursing a second would be tons easier but I’m only 28 weeks pregnant and my nipples are DYING. Everything is a cheese grater. Even if I don’t win the giveaway, it goes to another mama in need and I can always buy mine in store. Good luck, fellow leakies!!

  111. Caroline B says

    Would love to try the whole bundle but mostly the tea 🙂

  112. I would love to try the milkmaid tea!

  113. I would be interested to try the boob tubes. I love their nipple butter and butt balm.

  114. I am intriqued by the milkmaid tea since I struggled with supply with my first. I hope not to having the same problem this time around

  115. Chanda Atkinson says

    I am most interested in the Milkmaid tea, as I had supply issues with both of my DS’s

  116. the body washes!

  117. Sarah McLaughlin says

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  119. Elizabeth Thai says

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  120. Molly Bussler says

    I would love to try the nursing tea and nipple butter.

  121. I think i am most interested in the booby tubes.

  122. It’s nice to hear from the founder of this company. The EMAB products have been recommended to me, and I always like to know something about the maker…like that she’s a she, for starters! Thanks for providing these natural, safe products to mammas!

  123. Love the nipple cream! Use it before pumping everytime!