Clek Triple Giveaway

Clek may well be the the rock-star of carseat companies, but they are also down-to-earth and dedicated to creating the safest and most comfortable seats on the market.  A TLB sponsor since this past Fall, they are offering us a chance to get to know them a bit better through a brief interview with the founders of Clek, and they are offering The Leaky Boob community a chance to win three of their industry-redefining carseats in a 3 week giveaway.  Thank you, Clek, for your support of TLB and our effort to normalize breastfeeding!  First, an introduction as to who they are and what they do:

Husband and wife team, Chris and Jenny Lumley of Toronto, Canada are in the midst of changing the child passenger seating industry with the introduction of Clek’s new convertible car seat, Foonf. Aptly named as a play on the word “five” in German, Foonf contains an active safety technology that is in the same cars we drive and therefore reduces the forces on your forward-facing child in the event of a collision, and they have and share the test results to prove it. Parents to two young kids who use their seats, they wanted to create a series of products that are easy to use, best-in-class in safety, AND stylish. 


TLB:  What should The Leaky Boob readers know about clek?

Chris:  A few unique facts about Clek are that:

– We are a Canadian company, owned and operated by a husband and wife team, who use the products for their own children.
– We have a North American manufacturing base (Foonf is manufactured in Canada).
– All of our employees are owners in the company.
– We have a recycling program for all of our products.
– We  make kick-ass child seats.

TLB:  How did clek get started, what was the inspiration behind the venture and what’s the significance of the name?

Jenny:  Chris, Clek’s founder, started Clek as part of one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers. In 2010, we took our life savings (borrowed the difference) and bought Clek outright.

The inspiration for our products come from the company’s automotive history and through our experience as parents.

Chris: Clek seats are designed to look and feel just like the seats in your car that you sit in. They’re engineered with the most advanced safety features in the industry to provide optimal safety performance – our kids ride in our seats too. And, they are designed with convenience to make parents’ lives easier, like easy installation, 3 across seating, Crypton® Super Fabrics,  etc.

We were inspired by a kindergarten student, who, when asked what sound the seat made when the signature rigid LATCH locked into place, replied “Clek”!  It stuck with us.

TLB:  What makes Clek seats distinctive?

Chris:  They look and feel like a miniature version of the seat in your car. The uber-convenient rigid LATCH installation is unique to the North American market, as is their advanced safety systems, which boasts a unique mix of European child seat safety systems and automotive safety systems.

TLB:  Every parent wants to keep their child as safe as possible, what is the most common mistake parents make with child safety seats and how can they correct it?

Jenny:  Installation is hands-down the most common mistake. Well in excess of 80% of car seats are improperly used. Like anything, it won’t work properly if you don’t use it properly.

Chris: Read and follow the instruction manual or visit with your local child passenger safety technician to have your seat installed (but remember to learn from them how to install it, so that you can repeat the process when your seat needs to be re-installed in the future).


Chris and Jenny are giving away 3 different color Foonfs to 3 lucky Leakies in three consecutive giveaways.
(One Foonf given away per week for the next three weeks.  Make sure you enter every week!)

The Foonf is a convertible car seat with top of the line technology and very appealing design, making sure that your child is both safe and comfortable.

Week 1: The black on black version in Drift which is not in Crypton fabric and does not have the integrated magnets.
Week 2: The Blue Moon which is in Crypton and does have magnets
Week 3: The Snowberry, which is like Bluemoon.



Currently Leakies can find these and additional colors at the ShopClek website at

For a personal review of the Foonf by Jessica (the woman behind TLB), click on this link.

ADDITIONALLY, during the 3 week giveaway period (April 4 – April 30) enter coupon code LuckyLeaky2013 for 20% off all Clek merchandise. This code is only good in the US at , and in Canada at


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from April 11, 2013 through April 18, 2013.  A big thanks to Chris and Jenny at Clek for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page  or follow them on twitter  (@Clek on Twitter) and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway open to US and Canadian residents.

Our first giveaway ended at midnight on April 10th, and the winner is: Jenny Walker!  Enter for our second Clek giveaway below!

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  1. I’ll take my little one on a drive to the park!

  2. Kalynn M says

    I would love this!!

  3. These seats look amazing! Would love to have one for my new baby girl.

  4. Around the block with the windows down to show it off!

  5. To visit one of the Grandma’s! (both live 3+ hours away)

  6. Wed take our 5 month old to meet his grandparents for the first time

  7. I looked at one of these cat seats recently in a store. Would love to have one!

  8. Erin oconnor says

    I would probably take them to the store….. Or school lol.

  9. Awesome! I love the backstory. Very inspiring.

  10. * car not cat lol

  11. I would take my son around the block just to see how he likes his new seat 🙂

  12. To the library! My babies love the library!

  13. Oops-the first place we’d go? Probably to pick big sis up from school!

  14. After reading your review, I would LOVE to have one of these for my daughter. Fingers crossed!!

  15. This would be great for our little one, especially since we take a lot of long drives! Would love to win one!

  16. Katie Ireland says

    The mountains.

  17. I love the pink one 🙂

  18. Katie Voyles says

    I WANT ONE!!!! 🙂

  19. I’d just go for a drive. Once a week we take the kids for a relaxing drive, so that’s what we’d do.

  20. I’d take it to see a CPST to make sure I installed it right lol!

  21. My kid would love to sit in the Snowberry!

  22. I would take my little one somewhere in nature, hiking, playing and exploring in the woods!

  23. Stephanie says

    Take my little one to school!

  24. Um, where’s the Rafflecopter widget?

  25. It would be a gift for my niece….she loves to take her son to the water fountain at the park!

  26. I would take my baby to play group to show all of the other mommies!

  27. Sarah Trede says

    I would love to win! What an awesome giveaway.

  28. I will be able to turn my daughter back rear facing since she will fit in this seat!

  29. I love that they are parents and use the products. If more baby/kids companies were run by consumers of the products they make I think we would have a much better product market to choose from! Especially carseats and strollers!!!!

  30. If I win a new carseat it will probably be taking my kids on our daily routine of work/school.

  31. Nicolle Walker says

    Down the Shore for vacation!

  32. I’d take my munchkin on road trips to see grandma and grandpa!

  33. I have been looking for a seat like this and just bought a Diono Radian but am still skeeved out by the fabrics etc. What an awesome company! I would *love* to have one for our little one due April 15th.

  34. I will take my little girl to visit family, swim lessons, nature preserve, and to our various activities with my friends and their children. 🙂

  35. I would take mine to visit another CPST friend, so we can play “car seat shuffle”!

  36. Woo hoo!! Would love this for my girl about to outgrow her infant seat!

  37. I would take it to playgroup to show it off to all my fellow carseat-obsessed mamas!

  38. Mary Vasquez says

    I want to take my baby for a ride to visit family and friends in his new caraway 🙂

  39. Ashley Leonard says

    family’s house to show it off

  40. Amanda B says

    These are so cool!

  41. I must have a Foonf!!! I’ve been drooling over it since I saw a review.

  42. Ill bring her to the zoo

  43. Amber Brewer says

    Done and Done! We have a new little one on the way and we would love this car seat!

  44. Bethany Schad says

    To a playdate so I could show it off to all my friends!

  45. The beach!!

  46. Ohh! This would be awesomeeee!
    I have twins and ONE seat would basically be 3/4 of the seats budget!
    Want! Want! Want!

  47. In our first Clek seat we would have to take a first trip to somewhere new 🙂

  48. We would go pick papa up from work!

  49. Ginger W says

    The first place I would take my Foonf is… Texas to see my family. Me and the kids (4 of them) head out the first of every Summer across the country (21 hours) to see the grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles that we live so far away from. My baby is not fond of his seat and is still in his infant carrier. I think he would rock a Foonf very well!

  50. Crystal Smith Zschokke says

    I would take her on a trip to see her uncle!

  51. Umm LOVE! This would be an awesome blessing to win!

  52. Stephanie says

    I would take my son to visit Grandma, who lives 2 hrs away, and know he was safe and comfortable!

  53. Tiffany Ellis says

    Looks comfy!!!

  54. I would love to win this!!! We are expecting our first foster child within the next month!!

  55. Jennifer Pischel says

    If I won one I would take it to all my friends with kids houses and show them how great it is!!

  56. Sarah McLaughlin says

    I would probably just drive around the neighborhood to try it out, to be honest!

  57. I’d love one of these for my little one!!

  58. Selena Neiderer says

    What an awesome seat! It seems like everyone I know personally with little ones is in a rush to turn their babies, we ERF thanks to seats like this! Love that this one makes FF safer too!

  59. Enjoy a trip to Tenn. to see family.

  60. Brianne Snow says

    I would take my daughter on her first car ride ever to see her auntie…(due in August!)

  61. I would love to win one of these for our little one, it would be especially great for all the long drives we go on!

  62. Annette Hardin says

    Would be great for our long car rides to Ky!

  63. Christie T. says

    We would take her to Paris Mountain to go for a hike and to play at the park!

  64. Disney world!!!

  65. I would just drive!!!

  66. If I won the Foonf, I would use it and take a day trip down to the shore with it!

  67. Donielle says

    I’d likely go to church!

  68. Tosha Burger says

    Thanks for the try!

  69. Lori Taff says

    These seats look amazing!! I have 2 in carseats and would love to have these! They look so safe and I love that children can be rear facing for longer in these!

  70. It would probably be somewhere mundane, like the grocery store. 🙂

  71. Christina says

    This is amazing! I love safety technology and the people behind it wanting to make our children safer. Thanks for the sweet giveaway!

    – Christina Sanchez

    • Christina says

      We would drive everywhere because that’s how we have to get around in Tampa AND my son would be the safest kid in town!

  72. Shawna Kennedy says

    I’ve been looking for a car seat for my 12 month old baby girl. She’s my itty bitty 18lb BF baby:) I think our first trip would be to my moms to show it off if we won!!

  73. Alexandra says

    I would take my LO to the beach!

  74. I’d take my baby for a drive to the beach! Summer just screams swimming at the beach to me! 🙂

  75. This is fantastic! I would love to win one of these seats!! Thank you!

  76. Tiffany Ellis says

    It would be great for our trip to Disney!!!

  77. I always thought I would stay home with the kids, but I find myself driving them around all of the time. Keeping them safe and happy is always a huge concern. The car seats have a great look to them too.

  78. Forgot to say where we would go! We would go visit my LO’s grandparents in PEI (4 hour drive away).. Comfortable baby seat is much needed!!

  79. We’d probably be going to his music class or our dog’s agilty class

  80. I would take it everywhere!

  81. We would go to the zoo if it was nice out!

  82. Jessica Parks Wiese says

    I would take my Foonf and my little ones on a trip to the zoo! That is their favorite place to go.

  83. Would love a foonf!!

  84. I so need this for my car! Love the black one.

  85. My little girl would love to ride in a new Clek Foonf to Walt Disney World!

  86. Antoinette says

    I need a carseat! My lo is about to outgrow her infant seat!!

  87. The first place I’d take it to is a local CPST to make sure I have it in correctly!

  88. Bryn Mitschelen says

    These carseats look so comfortable!! Would love to give that comfort to my little one

  89. I would go to my bestie’s house to show off lol!

  90. On vacation!!!

  91. We would go everywhere with it, but definitely I the pool it’s hot here in az!

  92. Melissa G. says

    The grocery store or in-laws to show it off! 🙂 I’d be showing everyone! 🙂

  93. Jack and I will head to the pool, grandmas house, and the zoo!

  94. We would go to the Zoo!!!!!

  95. We’d be honored to sport such a lovely carseat!!! We head straight to Disneyland!!!

  96. Jacklyn Rymer says

    I would take my son on a road trip this summer to visit daddy at work!

  97. Sorayah Kubba-Stepp says

    We would go visit family

  98. jackie sue says

    I would take my baby every where in the foonf!

  99. Oh the places we would go in this car seat: the park, the zoo, the library for storytime, doctor appointments, swimming lessons, farmers markets, grocery stores, and of course, the occasional drives to nowhere in particular to get them sleepy!

  100. Miriam Dachs says

    We would go on lots of car rides!

  101. Brianne Rushing says

    To the hospital to bring my little girl home in August when she is born!!

  102. Nikki Lewis says

    I would take my little one on a trip to see my family in Virginia! 🙂

  103. Amanda maupin says

    I would take my LO to the aquarium!

  104. I would absolutely LOVE this seat for those hour long trips to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. She’d love to be able to sit up high enough to see the orange groves!

  105. Claudia Matthews says

    On a trip to Arizona with all my little ones

  106. I also forgot! oops! I would take a trip to Ottawa (6 hours from us) to visit my dad, my 2 sisters and 3 brothers! They don’t get to see my little ones often because of the distance!

  107. Tara Satim says

    I would take my little guy for a roadtrip to visit family in Toronto!!

  108. Rebecca Fletcher says

    What a fab carseat! I’d take my baby to Grandma’s house!

  109. Our first trip with a new Foonf would be to the zoo! It’s been a long, cold winter and our 3 year old would love to spend a full day outdoors!

  110. I would love one! 🙂

  111. We would head to the beach!

  112. Michelle Lopez says

    I would probably take the clek to the grocery store! Lol

  113. Samantha says

    To the park!

  114. Ohhhh this would be lovely for our baby! Due in less than 3 mo! PS LOVE LEAKY BOOB!

  115. laci christ says

    To the beach!

  116. I would love to win this!! We would go on our very first family vacation!!

  117. Elizabeth says

    I’d take it to show my friends how awesome it is 🙂

  118. Mica Cuevas says

    I’d use this to tote my little man to the museum and the park to see the ducks waddle past.

  119. Courtney says

    To grandmas house we would go!! Then everywhere we would usually go, only in more comfort!!

  120. Tiffany H. says

    I’d love to use it for everyday car travel!!!

  121. Probably the grocery store or somewhere boring 🙂

  122. Christa Davis says

    Roadtrip!! Well, a drive anyway. 🙂

  123. Caitlin Pollard says

    We would love to take it on a ride to visit the great grand parents out in the country!!

  124. We would totally take it to a theme park about a two hour drive we’ve been meaning to go see their new Franklin the turtle character my daughter loves but the carseat she has she seems to despise so I’ve been putting it off

  125. arielle corwin says

    These look amazing!!!

  126. Marianne says

    The first place we’d go with a brand new Foonf? ROAD TRIP! 😀 Actually, probably somewhere boring like the grocery store.

  127. I would take my daughter with me to do volunteer work. Teach them young!
    My daughter is 85th percentile for weight and height. We won’t be able to keep her rearfacing much longer without a Foonf!

  128. Scarlet L. says

    I would definitely take my kiddo’s on a trip to see their grandparents 5 hours away in this comfy guy.

  129. Rachel M says

    I would want to go to the beach, but we would probably go grocery shopping or to a park. 🙂

  130. Jennifer A says

    Our first trip would probably not be anything too exciting. Our usual trips to Target or Price Chopper i guess.

  131. I would love to be able to use this seat to take my son or daughter on trips to my parents and my inlaws. It would be the perfect seat for either one of them!

  132. Jessica w. says

    I would probably go to the park

  133. Trisha Schuetz says

    To the park to enjoy the nice weather!

  134. Allison Perry says

    EEK! I’d love to win one. I’ve been waiting to buy one but dragging my feet!

  135. Oh my gosh, if I had the budget for it, I would already have one of these! So awesome!

  136. Courtney McMillian says

    I would take my Foonf to my friends’ to show it off!!

  137. Misty Williams says

    We would totally go road tripping to New Mexico!!

  138. I would take my kids to their grandparents 🙂
    Thanks for all the great giveaways!!

  139. We would probably go to the library, grocery store or target! Our three most visited places 😉

  140. Kristin E says

    I would love to take the kiddos down south to visit my husband’s family. A week ago today hubby was car jacked, they took his wallet and our only car including our car seats. They also tried to take him, and he ran. Everything is replaceable except him, we are so grateful to have him home. Winning a car seat would be very helpful to our family!

  141. Jessica van Beets says

    Love that its Canadian made. I would use this to drive around Canada 🙂

  142. I would take her for a drive around the block!

  143. Oh how I would LOVE this!!

  144. Fiona Dionne says

    My son is currently not with me. His father abducted him last August. However if I won a foonf I would have a guaranteed safe seat for his return in case dad doesn’t give his back. 🙂

  145. Tanya picard says

    We’d go to the beach and build a sand castle 🙂

  146. To the zoo!

  147. Just starting researching carseats for my 1 year old! Would love this one:)

  148. I would go to my sister’s to show the seat, and perhaps convince her to buy one as she is expecting.

  149. Perfect timing – we are about to grow out of our infant car seat and need something new FAST! we do so much driving – family lives 6 hours away, plus tons of weekend trips for camping. Fingers crossed!

  150. Adrienne says

    Trip to the park for this family!

  151. michelle eden-duval says

    Hello! absolutely love these, but out of our budget. winning one would be amazing

  152. I would feel so much more comfortable with my baby in this one!

  153. I am due with baby #3 any day. I would love to have a foonf for her!

  154. I’d take her to NC to visit family!!!

  155. Erynne Mitchell says

    We’d probably go to our local cloth diapering store to be sure the seat was installed correctly, since they’re also carseat techs there!

  156. Stephanie Lunday says

    Cleks are awesome seats. Love that you are doing this!

  157. We’d go cruising on the autobahn!

  158. I would take her on a camping trip. Our baby is about to outgrow her bucket seat and this would be perfect.

  159. Jennifer Collins says

    More than likely, the grocery store.

  160. To a playdate for sure!

  161. Emily Cooke says

    I’d so love to win one of these! I’m already planning on buying two once my twins are big enough, winning one would make my pockets happier! 😉

  162. For a long drive!

  163. Jamie Flora says

    I have been wanting a Foonf!! Would love to win!

  164. Since we are praying for summer, a ride to the beach in a new Foonf carseat would be a perfect day!

  165. Jaimie F says

    We would tool around town in style. Thanks for the giveaway!!!!

  166. Jennifer B says

    We would take the Foonf out to dinner to celebrate winning the seat 🙂

  167. I would love a Foonf now that my baby is big enough for one!

  168. Amber Bennett says

    My little one wont be born until July, so he wouldn’t be able to use it right away, but once he is big enough I would take him in it to see his Grandma 🙂

  169. We would head to the park!

  170. I need to win this!

  171. I travel for work every month, so this would be awesome to have! Thanks

  172. I would take my little one to the library.

  173. We would head to the park!

  174. jennifer says

    we would probably go to the gym! lol… my big girl would love this!

  175. Rebeccah Klump says

    I would travel to Michigan to see my mom. We o my get to see her 2xs a year since my husband is stationed at camp lejeune BC with the marine corps.

  176. To the zoo!

  177. We’d go for a drive to show one of my car seat obsessed friends the fancy new seat!

  178. Melissa Frank says

    I need this super crazy bad!! I did all 4 entries! Fingers crossed!

  179. I love these seats! I’ve been wanting one since I heard about them. Since we’re planning kiddo #3, it would be nice to be able to fit 3 seats across and not have to buy a big SUV… Yet.

  180. Eeeep! I would take my kids for a drive, just to drive (and maybe they would nap).

  181. This is genius!!

  182. The zoo!

  183. I’d take the clek on a drive to see if my baby wouldn’t cry like she does in her seat now!

  184. To soccer practice!

  185. I’d like to say I’d take a ride somewhere cool, but honestly? probably grocery shopping or a doctor’s appointment LOL

  186. Ashley Molnaird says

    Would love to have one of these car seats for my little one!

  187. I would take our baby to our friends’ house for a playdate.

  188. Jennifer Stone says

    I would take our kiddo to the park now that the weather is getting nice!

  189. sunkenbeauty says

    I would take my kids to visit their grandparents. We love visiting family 🙂

  190. Brittany says

    The first place we would take it would probably be to Target or the grocery. 🙂 Then we would use it to road-trip to Disneyland and maybe even a trip home to Florida (we’re currently living in CA). Would LOVE to win one! I have a 20 month old and a new babe on the way. I would just need to decide who gets it (and might even be tempted to buy a second one).

  191. Michelle Collins says

    We would probably go visit Nana for
    Our very first ride!! 🙂

  192. savannah nourse says

    I have a used carseat for my 15 month old but would love to have one for my daughter also… we travel long distances very offten for our appointments and some appointments r 3-4 hrs away bc my daughter has a mass in her lung so she needs a special hospital for CT scans… would b nice to have a nice safe carseay for either of my babies

  193. To the mall

  194. Would take my little ones on a road trip to see the grandparents 🙂

  195. Jess McGregor says

    I would load up my ‘burban and hit our daily travels, school, errands, and checking cows!

  196. To the park! Gotta get some vitamin d! 🙂

  197. It’s always hard for me to pick a carseat for my little ones! I always have to do a lot of reading and research! Clek seems to be a top of the line brand, I’ve also never heard of this carseat until TLB! So thank you for introducing them to me!!!

  198. Anne-Marie says

    To Grandma’s house, our favorite place in the whole world.

  199. Stephanie says

    I would take it on a drive with baby to most likely take my big kids to and from school!

  200. I’ve heard nothing but great things about these carseats and would LOVE one for my daughter!

  201. Grocery store

  202. Meaghan Greathouse says

    These seats are awesome! I’d proudly take my 2 yr old anywhere in this seat and know that he is safely installed rearfacing in an Oober comfy car seat that’s also stylish! Too neat!

  203. This would be lovely to have!!!

  204. We would probably head to our weekly park date!

  205. our family LOVES going on road trips…i think we would take a road trip to disney world !

  206. Stephanie says

    On vacation. Would love to win one of these. We are in the market for a new seat.

  207. I would love to go on some awesome vacation, but the first place it would probably go would be daycare, or the grocery store.

  208. I would love one for my one year old!

  209. I would take little man to his first trip to the springs!

  210. Awesome for driving everywhere!

  211. You know you are definitely a mother when carseats get you excited LOL

  212. the first place you would want to take my Foonf once it’s installed in my car is to grandma’s house – to show it off!

  213. Trish Morrison says

    Take a cruise around the block with my tiny mites & enjoy the spring weather with the windows rolled down

  214. Michael Bongiovanni says

    We are military family so our first trip would probably be during our move to our next duty station.

  215. Julianne says

    I would go everywhere, my son is growing out of his bucket seat and we need a new one. 🙂

  216. We’d take our Foonf…. Anywhere and Everywhere!!

  217. the playground!

  218. I’d love this for my 14 month old daughter! She would be so comfortable and safe while we chaperone her older two sisters all over town!

  219. I would love, love, live one of these. So gorgeous!

  220. Ann Marie says


  221. My daughters first trip to the zoo. 🙂

  222. Great Smoky Mountains on the way to see my niece expected to arrive in May!

  223. To pick up the older kids from school!

  224. I would take the carseat on a joy ride around the neighborhood.

  225. I would LOVE this seat for my 23 weeker who has low tone in her trunk. It is very difficult finding a seat to suit her needs, unfortunately the only way we can afford to have one is winning it in this giveaway.

  226. Samantha h says

    We would go to the zoo!

  227. lisa Horstkamp says

    I need a new seat!hope we win one!

  228. I hear defeat things about Clek! I would love to try one, especially since baby #3 is joining us in June. Time to up grade the car seats!

  229. I would love to win this so we can have an extra seat for when we visit Grandma an Grandpa! 🙂

  230. I would love one of these seats for my 15 month old! He is going to be growing out of his current seat before too much longer and needs a good, safe seat!

  231. Alissa Chronister says

    I’d take her around bragging about how long I can rf

  232. On a long road trip!

  233. Danielle says

    These seats seem too good to be true! I hope I get to experience one for my munchkin!

  234. Melitami says

    Probably would be to daycare, but maybe over to a friend’s for a playdate.

  235. Iris Legates says

    I would take my littles to the park they love the park

  236. Would love one of these for my baby boy!

  237. To visit grandma & grandpa!

  238. Michelle Sopronyi says

    Where would we go?

    A road trip to see mountains and camp! We just moved to CT from NYC, so it would be a fun new experience for us city slickers!

    Or Walmart. We don’t have any Walmart in NYC, so they’re super fun for us right now. Haha.

  239. Rebecca Cunningham says

    I’d love to get my oldest(7 and 50lbs) back in a harnessed seat. She has outgrown her last one height wise but I would feel much better if she was back harnessed. Plus the seats are so awesome!
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  240. Nicole Stevenson says

    I would take my little one to the usual places and to also visit extended family around the country!

  241. Probably grocery shopping, lol.

  242. Danielle says

    If we won, our first trip would be to the park or soccer field!

  243. I would pack the babies up and drive to see family back in Toledo!

  244. With a tiny little girl at 19 months and barely 19 pounds she will be rear facing for awhile. We would probably go show off the seat to grandparents or pick big sister up from school.

  245. Amanda W. says

    I would love to take a ride in the car without tears and drive to the park.

  246. Rebecca Cunningham says

    We’d going on a nice long drive along the water 🙂

  247. Probably just take it when I drop my daughter off at daycare. I never go anywhere cool. lol

  248. I would want to take it for a drive around town. Maybe to a national park.

  249. Elizabeth says

    I’d love to win one of these! My daughter’s been asking every day to go to the beach, so I think that’s where we’d go. 🙂

  250. Holly Nakamoto/Yep says

    I would take it on a road trip with my littles… it looks so comfy!

  251. Kim Earls says

    I’d take my little one to see grandma and meet her cousins across the state !

  252. Shayna Dimmick says

    The very first place we’d go is 5 states away to introduce my kids to their brand-new cousin, and their uncle who’s a US marine! Our current seats don’t all fit in the car well at the same time!

  253. Stephanie Wolfe says

    I would probably go to the park!

  254. Tracy F. says

    Toronto Zoo, then visiting friends up north.

  255. I would LOVE to win a foonf for my husbands truck that way we don’t have to move ours back and fourth!

  256. I would love to win this! We are always in the car, and with my son still rear facing in his convertible, we’ll soon need a convertible for our daughter.

  257. Jennifer Mercieca says

    I’d love a beach vacation to try out the new seat but realistically it would be a trip to IL to take my youngest to see her opsoclonus myoclonus specialist.

  258. I would go wherever my little one wants to go 🙂

  259. I would love one please!

  260. We are moving cross country in September – I’d take a ride from Chicago to Cape Cod!

  261. I’ll take my baby dino to the market – cant wait for a seat i dont have to wrestle with to get her in/out of!

  262. To the kiddie park, or grandparents house 🙂

  263. I would probably take my little one to church or to the grocery store, or probably just for a drive around the town!

  264. To the beach!

  265. Everyday cruising.

  266. Love the seat!!! Only way it Would look even better is with my little bug strapped into it!

  267. Helen Sitter says

    We’d go everywhere! Lol! But seriously, I’d love to frive to GA to see the inlaws!

  268. Alainna Bell says

    I would take my little one on a trip to see grandma and grandpa or to see her auntie. most likely before that we would do the typical park grocery shopping type stuff.

  269. I would take it to my local CHP office to have it installed properly.

  270. Genna B. says

    would love to move my 2 year old to extended rear face in this seat and give hers to our newborn!

  271. Jennifer P. says


  272. Genna B. says

    i’d love to have my 2 year old extended rear face in this seat and move my newborn to her seat.

  273. Kim Cooper says

    Sometimes cool things coming up are my baby girl’s first bday party, Hershey Park trip this summer, and Disney this fall.

  274. We would go to baseball practice!
    We desperately need new seats for our boys. They are both almost too tall for the ones they have now, and I need them harnessed longer!

  275. Melissa Ghobrial says

    I would love to win won of these amazing car seats for my new baby coming in August. I have a 2 year old and 3 year old who are still in car seats and so we need a new one for our new bundle of joy. I know baby would be so comfortable and safe in this seat and would last him a long time!

  276. Autumn Snow says

    This would come in so handy since our Nautilus just broke a few weeks ago and we haven’t been able to replace it. I would take it everywhere bc it’d be our only seat!!

  277. My twin girlies would looks stylin’ in these on our way to the park!

  278. Kim Kolander says

    We need a convertible seat for my 13 month old daughter who is currently still in her infant seat! Would love to win one of these seats and know she’ll be safe and comfy for years to come : )

  279. I would take my daycare kids on a field trip! 🙂

  280. I’d love to put my little girl in it to drive down to see her aunt, uncle and cousins by the beach!

  281. Lureta McD says

    We’d probably just go to the grocers.

  282. Wow! Can’t be too safe! Would use it to travel to see family this summer.

  283. Catherine Sanders says

    We’d take our 10 month old to the park and then buy her 3 year old brother a matching Clek (I would love two matching Clek’s in my backseat!)

  284. Suzanne Koerperich says

    To Texas to see my parents and sister!

  285. Aiden Wagner says

    I would take my son to visit his Grandmas!!!! (It’s a ten hour drive…..)

  286. To My Mom’s House, 4 1/2 Hours Away! A Long Trip Is A Great Test For A Seat!

  287. The park!
    The weather has been perfect.

  288. We would definitely have to take a trip to the playground!

  289. lindsey tice says

    Well with 3 kids , from ages 16 yrs old to 21 months we would be going to dance classes , lacrosse games , the beach , hordeback riding lessons ,little gym and all . We need a great carseat because of where we live we travel to another state for all the kids actvites.

  290. I would like to take LO to the Denver zoo!

  291. We’d take it on a ride through a Wisconsin State Park – it’s getting so pretty now that it’s spring!

  292. crystal a says

    Probably just for a ride to the park! I need one of these sooo bad!

  293. I’d take it on our road trip from Oregon to Texas!

  294. AJ Cecil-Starlin says

    I would probably end up taking it on a trip to Costco or to take my girls to after school activities 😉

  295. I will take the baby to daycare or the grocery store, most likely!

  296. I would her to the park or out shopping!!

  297. Laura B. says

    We would celebrate a new carseat with a trip to the ocean, about two hours away.

  298. Leslie G says

    First place I would go is to my mother 12 hours away to show of this carseat and her grand baby.

  299. I would love one for my ever growing 3 yr old!

  300. Heather R says

    To Grandma’s house!

  301. I would take it to the grocery store most likely.

  302. My husband and I are saving up for one for sure! It’s the Cadillac of safety seats!

  303. I would love to take my daughter on a ride to see her grandparents

  304. I’d take it on a ride to the beach!

  305. I’d love to take my baby to Disney land!!!

  306. My 6 month old doesn’t like riding in the car so maybe this will help? It would make our car trips this year so much better! The first exciting place we would go would probably be the grocery store 🙂

  307. Probably to a babywearing meeting- they would be appreciative!

  308. Karate class!

  309. to a fire station to make sure I installed it correctly 🙂

  310. Amy Phillips says

    I’d take the boys on the 9-hour drive to see my sis and her family, and I’d be confident they were safe the entire way!

  311. I’d love to use the Foonf to keep my 3.5-year-old rear-facing. 🙂

  312. Home to Michigan!

  313. I’d go for a trip to Louisiana to see my family…well I guess I’d need to win more then a car seat to make that happen, but it’s a start, esp. since we are TTC #4 and have no baby things at all!

  314. What an awesome company! We’d use it for daily trips on top of lots of summer traveling, plane, train, and by car! We have plans for Niagara falls this summer!

  315. Lauren W says

    Wow! What amazing people! Can’t wait to see a Foonf in person!

  316. Hannah Thompson says

    Love to try this!!!

  317. Cassandra Mackie says

    I will take my Foonf to Loew’s.

  318. Morgan Reece says

    This would be great for all our weekend excursions! He’s getting close to being out of the infant carrier! Too fast!!

  319. Nicole Seneca says

    I would go on a short road trip for sure! Maybe key west? Eventually disney!!!

  320. Anne Sliman says

    I would just drive around aimlessly so I could use them right away LOL! Since I have twins I can’t afford two seats. Could really use a free seat 😉

  321. On a road trip somewhere 🙂

  322. Heather Palmer says

    I would take it to show off to all my mommy friends 😉

  323. We would take a drive to see our Nana and Pops!

  324. I’m due with #2 in August so this would be perfect timing to win 🙂 First place I’d take the car, out for a drive because it has a cool new car seat 😀

  325. My 2 year old would be cruisin’ in style in one of these! With another on the way, she can truly be the older child and show off her “cool girl” carseat 🙂 We are planning lots of trips this summer to enjoy our daughter being the only child for just a bit longer! Zoo, pool, kiddo amusement park, visiting family in other states, etc..

  326. On a road trip 🙂

  327. I would really love one of these, I honestly don’t think I could ever afford to buy one though!

  328. Sarah Snider says

    We would drop my daughter off at school and head to the park and/or grocery store.

  329. Abby Doyle says

    We would go surprise daddy at work.

  330. I’d love to use this seat when we drive to Louisiana for Christmas!

  331. Would LOVE one!

  332. This is a really neat looking carseat. I’ve enjoyed reading Jessica’s reviews of getting it, installing it, and using it. I hope I win!

    • If I win, I’m taking DS to the children’s museum to play! It’s a drive, and he’ll hopefully enjoy it in this carseat!

  333. I would take my Foonf to the park. The weather is turning gorgeous and we need to get out and play!

  334. Take a ride around the farm.

  335. Brittany Parris says

    I would take my little guy to the zoo if we won this seat! His current seat was his sisters so its pink lol

  336. We would go for a ride to the beach!

  337. I would take her for a drive to the park!

  338. I would take the seat with my one year old in it, lol. To the playground or Target 🙂 .

  339. I’ve been saving up for this. would much rather win it!!

  340. The park! The best place on earth to a 2 and 1 year old 🙂

  341. To the Zoo!

  342. Laurie Laporte says

    We’ll take a mini road trip to visit my parents 🙂

  343. We would go clam digging with the family, or go see my sister in Eastern WA that we’ve been putting off for so long because of the length of the drive!

  344. We’d go all over the place, but she’d be especially comfy on our long trips to Kansas City to visit her aunt and cousins.

  345. We live far away from everything, so even grocery shopping is a road trip and thats where we would go!

  346. We’d take a drive out to the lake!

  347. I’d love to have one of these awesome car seats to take my baby to the park with his big brother!

  348. I’d love to have one of these awesome car seats to take my baby to the park with his big brother!

  349. The first place I would likely take my son in his new Foonf would be to take his older sister to school. lol

  350. A vacation to the beach!

  351. We would go cruise the town 🙂

  352. I’d take it to the beach for vacation!

  353. We would love a Seat for our cross country drive!

  354. This is something that would allow me to keep my tall son RF longer than his current seat. More trips to the zoo!

  355. Everywhere!!

  356. We would go visit Daddy at the fire station!

  357. Go on a road trip across the western provinces…maybe even to the Atlantic Ocean!!

  358. Would love this!!! Looking for an affordable carseat for my lo

  359. For my new baby on the way- we can go on vacation!

  360. abbie carr says

    We would lovvve to have one. We plan to dive cross country in the next year or so!

  361. I will use it to pick up daddy after an 8 month deployment

  362. Stefanie S. says

    I’d take Henry for a drive downtown to see dad at work!

  363. Jessica w says

    Long road trips back and forth to grandmas house happens at least twice a month. This would be amazing!

  364. The first place we would go is probably the grocery store.

  365. Tasha R. says

    A road trip to grandma’s would definitely be in order. 🙂

  366. Chelsea Carnefix says

    We would go see grandma!

  367. I would take it to a car seat tech ftp double check that it’s installed properly 🙂

  368. I would drive it to two of my friend’s homes. They would love to see it in person

  369. Most likely the park. Gorgeous weather we’ve been having in Las Vegas 🙂

  370. Marci Dalm says

    I wish we had somewhere cool to go, but we would probably be out running errands or going to a doctor’s appointment. Maybe visiting grandparents!

  371. I’m not sure the first place I would take my little one! I’m currently 5 months pregnant! LOL

  372. Erica Farfan says

    I’d go to my mom’s house to show her what I won.

  373. tiffanie says

    SO excited:) would love to have a smaller seat since we have a small car:)

  374. As a mom who is waiting to be matched through adoption, I would appreciate this car seat to take our newly adopted child to meet his/her grandmother for the very first time.

  375. probably over to his Oma’s house 🙂

  376. Emily Caltagirone says

    I would love to take this carseat to the beach!

  377. I would take them… To daycare.

  378. Amy Tuttle says

    We regularly drive to visit family 5 hours + in the car to go to Hershey and Florida!

  379. Id take my son on a road trip to go and see grandma 10 hours away. its been too long!

  380. Kim Conway says

    I’d take her to the park in her new seat!

  381. We would drive cross-country home to California to visit family! I know my little one would be super-safe on the trip in a Foonf 🙂

  382. Amanda L says

    Everywhere I go! Of course the first place I go will probably be a playdate with my best friend who will love to see my new seat.

  383. Oh man, I would LOVE a Foonf!! We commute 50 miles daily so the first place we would go is probably Nana’s 🙂

  384. Anywhere! we would probably just drive around just to be seen in these awesome car seats!

  385. We’d go to the store or out to eat 🙂 Out twins are on the verge of needing big seats so this would help a ton! 🙂

  386. Liz nadeau says

    To playgroup! Fresh air and a chance to show off my new carseat.

  387. Diane Shideler says

    I’d love one for my daughter! She’s almost outgrown her bucket car seat!

  388. I would take my daughter to her grandparents (to show it off of course)!

  389. The first trip would probably end up being errands, but he would go in style 🙂

  390. I’d take my daughter to visit her grandparents that live 5 hours away. It’s a long drive and this car seat would be perfect!

  391. Our family would love to have one of these seats!

  392. Amanda Winslow says

    Found out yesterday we are having twins and since we have a 13 month old and wasn’t planing a SUV for a few more years this is gold! Favorite place to go would be the beach!

  393. Amy Tuttle says

    We would go to visit Daddy at work at the fire station!

  394. We are currently looking for a convertible carseat for our son, so this is perfect timing! Just in time for camping season.

  395. Shereen Ankrum says

    I’ll take my little one over to our friends to show off her new seat! Since they have a little one the same age they’ll want one too!! We’ve been wanting one of these seats for a while now. Just haven’t had the moolah!

  396. With a second baby due any day and a very small car this would be great! I’d take the whole family to the zoo!

  397. We’re not ready for a forward facing seat yet, but we’d sure love one of these for the future. The three across seating capability is a huge plus!

    • Amber - CPST says

      Brandi, this seat is a convertible seat, which means it goes from rearfacing to forwardfacing.

  398. I’d go straight to my mom’s to show it off!

  399. We would drive to see her new cousin!

  400. I so need a new car seat for my little girl.. Ive actually done rotators cuff damage still carrying her around in her infant seat (that she hasn’t grown out of yet)

  401. I would take my little one to go see his great grandma!

  402. Stephanie H says

    Probably the first place I would go is to the zoo

  403. Sarah Scott says

    As most mommies have said, I would take our daughter to the park!

  404. I’d take my daughter everywhere in her Foonf, it would be always installed in the car. 😉 She has hated her car seat since day 1 which has caused tons of traveling stress for the last 19 months. It’s better now but still miserable on rides longer than 20-30 minutes. Since TLB’s youngest has had the same issues and is doing so well in the Foonf, maybe mine would too. At 19 months and only 19 pounds (below the 5th percentile), she’ll be riding rear facing until she’s 5! 🙂

  405. I would take her to one of her favorite spots- the Science center on the lake so she can go explore and say hi to the fish and turtles!

  406. To the zoo!

  407. Jennifer Ford says

    Easy! We would go on a road trip to Florida! We live in PA, and we are starving for the warmth of the sun.

  408. Would love to use this for a three across installation and take all my kiddos to the beach!

  409. To the park!

  410. Nikki Williams says

    My baby girl would love to ride in style!

  411. Maryann Sherrick says

    We would use it to go to the library! Pretty much one of the only places we go, lol.

  412. Sarah Untersee says

    I’d probably go to Target first! I seem to be going there all the time!!

  413. I love this seat!!!! I’m a CPST and would love to have one.

  414. To the park!

  415. I so want to try this out with my special needs kido! We would drive to the zoo for a long over due trip!

  416. The first place we would take it is probably the grocery store or school.

  417. we’d head for the first camping trip of the season!

  418. I would love a chance to win!!!

  419. Amanda Corrigan says

    Wow… not only is it stylish, but it’s been so hard to find excellent quality, safe, Canadian made products here in Canada! Safety first is something we’ve strived to teach our little ones, and this would be a wonderful product to win! Good luck to everyone!

  420. We would take our 21 month old to see Grandma, 13 hours away.

  421. We are in desperate need of a car seat upgrade and a Foonf would be incredible! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  422. This would be great to go anywhere!

  423. Tara Elliott says

    My little one would love a new comfortable car seat!

  424. To the dog park with his canine siblings!

  425. As a childcare provider and mother I love that safety is Clerk’s number one priority. I love Foonf as its fun, comfortable, and safe.

  426. I would take her to the park!

  427. Christina L says

    On a peaceful drive to the park

  428. As residents of Portlandia, we’d travel to Voodoo Doughnuts for mom and dad, then stop by our local farmers’ market and coop store for groceries, finally we’d swing by the farm store for chicken feed for our backyard flock!

  429. St. Augustine ….. For a visit to the Spanish quarters and some icecream:)

  430. I would show it off to family and friends and probably a very public place so a lot of people can see this awesome carseat!

  431. I would definitely take it to show some friends! 🙂

  432. I would take my son to run everyday errands! Lol! But we might drive it around the neighborhood once I installed it. 😉

  433. I would love to win this for my daughter. I would take the girls to see their grandparents in Virginia.

  434. We would drive to the grocery store to visit Daddy at work, where they have carts shaped like cars. My son calls them fire carts because they have flames down the sides.

  435. Anywhere and everywhere! Maybe to visit my parents 3.5 hours away…since I know he’d be so safe & comfortable. Plus he could see more of the scenery on the way! 🙂

  436. To the park!

  437. We would take our little one to the zoo in her new carseat.

  438. To the grocery store lol

  439. The park!

  440. Jordyn Hall says

    I would take my LO to all places around our Province! We love to explore.

  441. I rarely enter giveaways but this one is too good to pass up! I’d LOVE a Foonf!

  442. The first take I’d go is to a playground!

  443. We are a Navy family and they are sending us across country. It’s first time in action would protect our little on our 4,000 mile trip!

  444. Trena Naccarato says

    I would probably take it to show the grandparents.

  445. I rarely enter giveaways, but I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity, I’d LOVE a Foonf!

  446. I’d take them up island to see the grandparents.

  447. On a car ride to family. Might as well give it a good test ride 😉

  448. With the spring days ahead, I see lots of trips to the park.

  449. Amy wright says

    We would head to Florida to visit the great grandparents and see the ocean!

  450. I have heard great things about these car seats. Would love a new one for my daughter because we are always in the car running errands.

  451. We are starting to search for our convertable as our little one turns 5 months this weekend. And this is one my top 3.

  452. Michelle Schwartz says

    We would go see grandma & grandpa!

  453. To the park!

  454. These are incredible looking seats, thanks for sharing, as I’ve never seen them before! And I love a product made by a company with a good story!! If I won one, I’d probably drive my son somewhere where we can donate his old car seat! 🙂

  455. Heather L says

    Since it’s spring and we are in the midst of the spring sports season, I imagine our 1st trip would probably be to a siblings’ sport practice or game.

  456. I would take the kids to the park!

  457. I’d love this car seat! Been looking at options for getting a new seat for my daughter and this one is too cute!

  458. The first place we would go is to our frozen yogurt shop!

  459. we’d take him to the zoo in Chicago

  460. Kristin nunnelley says

    We’re getting ready to travel out of state for my step-daughters graduation. This would be awesome for the trip!

  461. This would definately make the 6 hour trip to see family more comfortable than lo’s current seat!

  462. Monique L. S. says

    Great to learn that Clek is Canadian!! The Foonf has been one of the most talked about seats on a mommy forum I belong to.

  463. Melissa Meisenburg says

    I would take it to Disney World! We live an hour away and go often.

  464. Frances Landreth says

    I Would Take Mine On A Car Trip Home To Colorado (From Arizona).

  465. About to move to a convertible seat for my sweet B!

  466. A long trip… Just so I can see how lil man likes it!!

  467. Rochelle Luaders says

    I would take mine to Seattle with me – road trip!

  468. I would take my little girl on a road trip to see her great grandparents. Would love to see if a more upright car seat helps our melt downs in the car.

  469. Baby #4 needs seat that will fit in with others. Wish we could afford to splurge on this seat!

  470. What an awesome giveaway, and an awesome coupon code 🙂

  471. Ohhh, this would be so awesome!! 🙂

  472. I would take my sweet baby to the mall to buy her a new outfit so she would look as stylish as this car seat :).

  473. I would LOVE one of these for my son, I would take my munchkins to the park a celebratory play date!

  474. I would take my little man to the cottage, currently we don’t go because the last time we went he cried the 3 hours up and then 3 hours down and very little soothed him.

  475. .:karen:. says

    Would love one of these… we’re nearing the end of life on our current seat (it was a hand-me-down from her sister) and we’ll be taking the girls to the zoo hopefully this spring! Or the park… or anywhere! Thanks… blondredhead at mac dot com

  476. With three kids from 15yo to 16mo, it feels like we are always in the car so I guess we’d go everywhere!

  477. The first place we’d go is for a drive around town to “show it off”!

  478. kelsey Majewski-Jensen says

    On a drive through The Garden Of The Gods here in Colorado Springs! 🙂 Its so nice here, so I would roll down the windows and enjoy!

  479. Elizabeth says

    To church!!

  480. Yes please 🙂 !

  481. What a great seat! We are constantly driving across country to see our families. Our newest little guy would love a fancy seat!

  482. Wow what an awesome seat!! We’re just needing a new seat to flip our 2 year old to front facing soon too!

  483. To visit grandma and grandpa!

  484. Crystal H says

    We would go visit my Grandma !

  485. Ah missed the question oops! haha We’d probably take her to the zoo to see her new favorite animals…elephants! 🙂

  486. I would drive my babies down to Florida to see their Grandparents! We live in Michigan so it’s a 20 hour drive 🙂

  487. I would take my sweet little girl everywhere to show everyone her sweet new car seat! Those are too cute!

  488. I’d love to have this for our car trip North coming up!

  489. We would go to Grandma’s house!

  490. To the park!

  491. Marcie B. says

    Depending on the day, the Foonfs first trip would be either to pick my oldest up from school or to speech therapy for my middle.

  492. Patricia Seifert says

    Ah, I would love to win a Foonf. I would show it off to everyone and let them be so jealous of me 🙂

  493. We will be road tripping to grandma’s house!!

  494. A drive around town!

  495. Leigh Mondragon says

    Denali National Park!!

  496. Leicha Rivera-VanZile says

    We have another one coming in august and we have always spent whatever we had to to get the safest car seat we could. It would be great to win!

  497. Cute!!! We are about to transition from an infant carseat. Would love to transition into this seat!!!

  498. I would take my foonf nowhere, just a nice long ride for a little one

  499. I would take my son any and everywhere. We have plenty of family not living close by and he would really like a nice, comfy stylish seat. He does not like his carrier. We love going to the park, to the mall, visit friends and family and much more.

  500. Debbie Gibson says

    I really like the pink one

  501. Maggie Martin says

    We’d probably be running errands the first time we use it. Lame I know. Lol

  502. What is the first place you would want to take your Foonf once it’s installed in your car?: I am dying to take my son to the beach this summer!!!

  503. Since Daddy is all about cars and driving, we would go for a long scenic drive.

  504. Would so love this car seat. My LO hates hers and car rides are such a chore!

  505. We would go on a drive to the park as the snow is finally melting here!!!

  506. I’d take it to Hilton falls!

  507. My daughter has never been a fan of her carseat and I’d love to start fresh with a new one that is so thoughtfully designed. Thanks!

  508. Lynn Nadeau says

    Definitely time for my 10 mo old to upgrade to an upright seat. He hates his infant car seat!

  509. to the park or the zoo

  510. We would go wherever we needed…..safely! And on vacation this summer too!

  511. These look fantastic!

  512. I would take my little one to the park!!

  513. Maryelaine says

    I would take my son EVERYWHERE in one of these! Grandma’s, the park, school/daycare, Bluebonnet Trail and up to Brenham TX for Ice Cream at Bluebell and then over to the Antique Rose Emporium to pick up a new rose bush and take lots of pictures with the pretty flowers up there!

  514. Chauna Stapelberg says

    We would go to the zoo, church, everywhere in a rockin FOONF!

  515. We would take a drive by the lake and stop by to visit Dad at work!

  516. I would just take it out for a spin!

  517. Elizabeth Snow says

    I will take my little one to the ZOO 🙂

  518. We would probably just go to the grocery store. My little guy is 20mths and rearfacing, so the extra rearfacing legroom in the Foonf would be nice.

  519. We’re moving cross-country very soon, so I’d love for the inaugural trip of this amazing seat to be the long ride. 🙂

  520. Christine says

    Through the country on a scenic drive.

  521. Thank you for the chance to win a foonf! So exciting!!

  522. Karen Beck says

    We would go visit her Great Nana who is 93 🙂

  523. Would love to win!!

  524. We would take a road trip to see Grandma&Grandpa. A trip she doesn’t like in her infant seat.

  525. Christine says

    I would drive through the country on a scenic drive.

  526. Out to the grandparents!

  527. Sharon Carvo says

    My little one would have a more comfortable and stylish ride when we drive across the state to see grandma and grandpa 🙂

  528. I am sure we would go to brother’s lacrosse practice! Hopefully without the fussing and screaming we get with the bucket car seat.

  529. Amy Collette says

    I’d go first to Grandma’s house to show her our awesome new seat!

  530. Amanda Tillman says

    We would be able to fit three car seat in our vehicle so the options would be endless. We would go to the park, the zoo, or just for a drive to try the new seat out.

  531. Christina F. says

    i’d love to take my new foonf on a road-trip to visit family near cleveland, ohio.

  532. Sara rose says

    I would take my littles to the park!

  533. Steffanie evenson says

    These look great. Can’t wait to get one!

  534. risraelharris says

    We would go and show it off to anyone/everyone! We are also going on a big road trip this summer to D.C/North Carolina and this carseat would be awesome for the trip!!!

  535. Maureen Steele says

    Home! 🙂 lol This will be for our little one due in October! So we would be taking him/her home from the hospital for the first ride!

  536. Sarah warnick says

    We’d go to our fantastic chiropractors and run all of our errands in style 🙂

  537. I’d love this!

  538. We would make a trip to the zoo!

  539. Colleen Morris says

    I would take my little man to visit his Oma!

  540. Courtney D says

    Very cool giveaway! <3 The leaky b@@b and the clek!

  541. Clair Abney says

    I’ve had my eye on these for a while. They seem awesome!! I didn’t know as much about carseat safety with my oldest two. With this LO, I was to rear-face as long as possible.

  542. Victoria Kammerer says

    I would use this car seat to safely transport my daughter back and forth on the highway to her sitter while I attend my college classes. Also trips to the zoo!!

  543. Our third is due in September and we need a new carseat! I would obviously drive anywhere and everywhere if I won one of these seats. I’m absolutely jonesing to own one!

  544. Cassandra Bryner says

    I would go show it off to all my friends with Kids!!

  545. LOVE this. Coveting it for sure.

  546. Oh, I would so, so love this for my son. He hates his current carseat (that was $350… so we can’t really afford to replace it).
    I would take him to visit his grandma’s who both live over an hour away. Hopefully he’d be comfortable the whole trip and not scream his lungs out like he does everytime he is in the car now.

  547. Ashley hadsall says

    I would love this for one of the boys. We drive in the car a lot, so it would be great.

  548. Rachel Koby says

    The first place I would take my son is to a chiropractor that is an hour away. He hates his current cataract and we can’t afford to buy a new one. He desperately needs to see this chiro after his tongue tie and lip tie revision. My sweet baby!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win something so cool!

  549. Barbie Wells says


  550. Stacey Perkins says

    I would go visit family!!

  551. Krystal Miller says

    This seat looks amazing. I would be thrilled to have one of these in my vehicle keeping my child safe.

  552. I would go and show all my family and friends this AMAZING seat!! 🙂

  553. Our first trip would be to the park!

  554. I would take my kid to the park, and then to visit his Nana!

  555. I would take it to my mother’s house.

  556. Marie Kennedy says

    Recently researched this carseat, would love to win it!

  557. Nicole Rhodes says

    We would be running our errands and going on trips in comfort and style! 🙂

  558. We would love one for daddies car!

  559. Well, we have a teeny Mazda 3, so our rear facing convertible seat in the back makes sitting in the passenger seat near impossible. I am always stuck sitting in the back seat, where I tend to get dizzy. So I would like to go ANY place with my family, and to be able to sit in the front seat with my hubby! The foonf is so compact!

  560. To my mothers!!! 🙂

  561. My nugget is about to switch to her next carseat. This one looks amazing!

  562. Ashley Perkins says

    I would LOVE to win! We travel to church, grandparents and friends and love going to the zoo and Childrens museum!

  563. Anne Perry says

    to the farmer’s market

  564. Would love this … I am currently searching for a convertible for my 4 month old girl 🙂

  565. lynsimarie says

    We’re about to move out of state, so Miss Baby needs a new seat for the drive! We’d LOVE to have one of these!

  566. Katherine says

    We’d go to the park!

  567. Melissa C. says

    a comfy seat like that means one thing… ROAD TRIP!

  568. I’m sure we’d eventually make it to the zoo and the museum – some of my daughter’s favourite places to got – but we’d likely just end up at the grocery store on our first trip…seems like we always forget something so we’re always at the grocery store!

  569. Miriah Miller says

    I would take my child to her grandma’s house

  570. Would love to win. I am currently searching for a new carseat for my 4 nth old girl

  571. The beach !!

  572. The first place we would go would be to West Monroe, LA. to visit my husbands 89 year old grandmother. Our son hasn’t met her yet.

  573. More than likely the first trip would be to one of the grandparents’ houses 🙂 Or perhaps to our new house that we’re buying!!!

  574. I’d really love to have a second seat, so I don’t have to move the seat every time we need to use a different car. Sometimes, all of us are going somewhere, and we need the van, but other times it is only a few of us, and it makes more sense to use the smaller car with the better gas mileage. We would love to have a super safe second seat for the short trips around town, and the long trips to visit our families.

  575. Julie Leighton says

    I would take my son to see his Nana

  576. I have one on the way and two in car seats. I’d give it to the three year old for now so he could see out the window easier. He’s a peanut and has a radian which means he doesn’t see as much as he could. We’d use it to go on adventures like the beach or discovery museum. I’d know he was safe and enjoying the ride that much more!

  577. I would love this for our n00b due in July! We would be showing it off for sure! 🙂

  578. To the park!!

  579. Catherine Harris says

    I want one for each of my three children. I would take them to see their grandmother they haven’t seen in two years. My youngest is almost 8 months old

  580. We’d go out to get ice cream or something just to celebrate having a new car seat!

  581. This seat looks amazing! My daughter loves Moab, and is always begging to go to the Desert during mud season, so that is probably where we would go!

  582. The first place I would take my son is to the new science museum!

  583. We would love to have a Foonf! We adore our Oobr!!!

  584. Woudl love to have one! Thanks for the great contest! 🙂

  585. These seem great! I have never heard of the company before today. I’d love one for my son do we could make some trips to family and places like the zoo with him as comfortable as possible!

  586. Catherine Spruance says

    We’d take the kids up the canyon for a picnic!

  587. Wow! These are so nice! We just got a new car (and have the bills to prove it!) so we would absolutely put this in the new car and feel like a million bucks! 😉 But in all honesty, I love how safe they look and sound.

  588. To the beach!

  589. I’d probably just take a drive around town.

  590. Amy Martin says


  591. Jenna Tate says

    We have twins on the way and would love one of these carseats for them. Where we would go? Probably the park or to Grammy’s house.

  592. I would go to the mountains!

  593. I would be able to turn my 3 year old back around rearfacing!!! We are in the car so much that I hated to turn her forward facing but she was too tall for her seat.

  594. We would drive to grandma’s house!

  595. We’d head camping!!

  596. Sara Allen says

    We drive around all day taking big brother and sister to school and activities, so this would be great!

  597. First place I would take my little one in this seat is to the grandparents house!

  598. We would drive to great grandma’s house for a visit! She lives almost 3 hours away and we have to time it for naptime right now!

  599. It would be awesome to be given the opportunity to have my son try this car seat. It looks great and I enjoyed reading about your husband and wife team. Thank you!

  600. We would go for a ride to the mountains. Or maybe the beach. I’m not picky.

  601. Alaka Frolick says

    The first place I’d take my Foonf is… to the grocery store, because goodness knows I can’t seem to get away from that place ;)!

    The first EXCITING place I’d take it, is to Montreal this summer! We’re taking a road trip there.

  602. We would cruise the coast, windows down, fresh air in, then stop for a nice stroll on the beach.

  603. Rebecca Roland says

    I would take it to Savannah! We missed out on our opportunity to go there due to a tornado in my city.

  604. A drive around the block

  605. omgosh i’d love one of these for our lil one! i want to get one for each of our children but have yet to get the hubs on board for new car seat purchases! maybe seeing one in action would change his mind!

  606. Many trips to the grandparents!

  607. Shonique F. says

    I’m sure hubby wouldn’t be home, so LO and I would visit him at work and go and a lunch date with our favorite soldier! HOOAH!

  608. We would visit family.

  609. Would LOVE one of these seats! I would go to the park for our first trip 🙂 I desperately need a seat to fit in my car!!

  610. Anywhere! 😀

  611. Jessi McKissor says

    I really want to win this! I let the price tag intimidate me and got a seat notorious for harness issues thinking people were just doing it wrong, and now I am having to return it and have no idea what to get now that my budget is lower than it was then :

  612. Ali Brunson says

    We’d take a road trip to Montana!

  613. Ohhh first place to take the Foonf once it’s installed in my car… realistically the grocery store (snooze), but ideally a drive to Discovery Green Park to play!

  614. I love these seats, and with twins, it would be amazing to win one!

  615. I love everything about the company and the car seat. I especially love how long the child can be rear facing! What a great product!

  616. Kyrie Smith says

    I’d take my Foonf on a road trip!

  617. Rachael Spak says

    Home. Due soon, we need a quality seat!

  618. Shannon Parker says

    On a road trip to see my parents!

  619. We would go to therapy appointments!

  620. I would really love to try one of these out!

  621. We would load the dog in the car and head to the river for our almost daily walk.

  622. To the park!!

  623. Jacey Bollinger says

    I would load my son up and make the 9 hour drive to see his grandparents and great grandparents. You can never be too careful with California drivers lol. I would also donated the carseat he has now to a women and childrens shelter.

  624. Would love a new seat for my toddler!

  625. lindsey karr says

    my son needs a new car seat soo bad but we cant afford it!!! Come on raffle!!

  626. Anywhere!! I would probably rf my 6yo in it until he hit the weight and height limit 🙂

  627. I would take my little chicken to our weekly play date!

  628. Andrea Neider says

    These look like awesome seats and my daughter and I would love to have one!

  629. Would love to take this for our roadtrip to Florida next winter!!!

  630. Brianne S. says

    To the grocery store! It’s basically my favorite place to go, ever.

  631. Florida

  632. The first place would probably be to a park!

  633. Mia Schadewaldt says

    I would take my little EVERYWHERE lo!

  634. Shandell Sapp says

    I would take my babies on a ride to the lake! Have to have some sun soon…!

  635. I would go to playgroups and then take this seat on the road to use as a demo too 🙂

  636. I’d take it all the way to Target to do some shopping! 😉

  637. I’d take my son on a trip to Newfoundland to see his relatives 🙂

  638. I would love to take my little one to the park, for a walk in nature, when she’s newly arrived. Taking her in this carseat would be great!

  639. The first place I’d want to go is to a carseat check point to be absolutely certain I did the install just right! 🙂

  640. I would go for a roadtrip to Jasper AB. We love the mountains!

  641. I would take it, and my baby on a road trip!

  642. I’d put my daughter in her Foonf and take her to the beach.

  643. We would go to the zoo!

  644. Awesome! I love clek!

  645. I am a CRST and have had my eyes on these since the first WTF? campaign. I need something slim to replace my expiring Radian (since #3 is unexpectedly on the way!) and would love to try this out. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  646. I would just ride around and let my little guy enjoy looking out and then we would go to the park to play.

  647. More then likely the carpool lane at my sons school…yeah, we are very exciting around here 😉

  648. Lindsay Wilson says

    The first place that I would want to go with my brand new Foonf? ANYWHERE!

  649. Probably just around town to show it off!

  650. Patti Coffill says

    One of these would be awesome!!!

  651. I would love one for our new baby!

  652. We would go to another car seat savvy friend who would love to see the Foonf.

  653. My wee girl would love to travel in such safe style! We’d go on a road trip to Mims’ house (my mom) right away!

  654. Tesse Simpkins says

    Would love to win this for my little guy. We would go visit some family!

  655. Hayley Parks says

    To grandma’s house, of course!

  656. Awesome giveaway! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  657. Andrea Neider says

    To win one of theses seats would be amazing! It would be like winning the lottery! My daughter who currently hates her car seat, she is nine months old on Saturday, would be a happy little girl on many road trips we have planned this year. Starting with a vacation to Florida where her grandfather lives.

  658. Laura Sylvestre says

    I would take it on the safest 5 hour trip to my inlaws, ever!

  659. I’d go to grandma’s house and give her my britax seat that wouldn’t be needed anymore!!!

  660. Sara Spieker says

    How cool. Never heard of this brand before. Would be extremely exciting if we won….

  661. Sure ill have a go!

  662. Kayla Morris says

    My husband is active duty Marine Corps, and since we’re so far from home we’d use this carseat to take out daughter home to see & meet all of her relatives! Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  663. A road trip. Haven’t taken one in a while.

  664. Molly Machen says

    I’d use it to transport the little one I nanny to the zoo.

  665. Robin Ross says

    We would head out on a road trip!! Drive for a while to see how much she liked it 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway! <3

  666. I would take my son’s new Foonf on a road trip from Austin through Houston to Lake Charles, LA to visit family. Braving I-10 in East Texas is always stressful with a little one on board, but the safety of the Foonf would let me feel A LOT better! Thanks for this chance at winning one!

  667. I’d drive everywhere with this! My son is in need of a new seat and we have a little one on the way, I would LOVE to win one of these!

  668. Michelle Heasley says

    On a drive to the beach with the windows down!

  669. Heather Condo says

    I would take it out to go show it off to everyone!

  670. I’m searching for a new car seat as my little guy is starting to get too big for the infant carrier! We drive around all the time! Our first drive with the new car seat would be to grandma’s house!!!!!

  671. We are currently planning a cross country trip with both kids. I’d love to have the added protection of a better seat for the way!

  672. I would totally use it as an excuse to drive to get coffee. Just to test it out!

  673. I would love one of these for my baby!

  674. Elizabeth P says

    The first place I would go with the Foonf is to Walt Disney World!

  675. nicole thomas says

    My son would love this seat! we need a dependable seat because we are always out and about!

  676. Liz Mathis says

    I would take the drive to apple hill or daffodil hill (in California) because my DD always gets sick in her current carseat if we drive over an hour. We can’t afford a new car or seat, I don’t know how to fix the problem, so we just don’t drive much.

  677. Michelle Barnhill says

    This car seat would be ideal for our Mazda 3. We would take lots of drives to see the grandparents and go to the park.

  678. We would take a little drive to the beach, check out the sand and waves!

  679. I am in need of a new seat for my little one and he tried this one out in the store and loved it.

  680. Kim Barnes says

    Since I would be using this seat for my toddler…any outdoor location is great for us! The Butterfly Museum is on our list:)

  681. It won’t be long and my little one will be in need of this!! It would come in handy on our trip from NC to CA especially since we will be flying! I love all the safety features! Nothing but the best for my boy!

  682. Amanda Rosengarth says

    here there and everywhere!

  683. We’d go on an outing somewhere fun!!!

  684. Drive to work and show it off.

  685. Renee Cordle says

    First place? Shopping of course:)

  686. Many errands!

  687. I would drive my daughter any and everwhere !

  688. Rachel Kubsch says

    I would love one of these! I drove 3 hours to Chicago just to see the prototype. 😀

  689. Michelle says

    This would be great, we’ll be needing a new seat for our 6 month old. The first place we’d go: probably the store. 🙂

  690. noura slvis says

    I would take my baby girl to the coast on a road trip! We would also bring the boy & hubby.

  691. I would take my daughter to go see her daddy at work to show it off!

  692. Amber - CPST says

    I would love to get a Foonf, especially since I’m a tech and am a carseat-aholic :-). The slimness is definitely a factor when trying to do 3across situations.

  693. The first place I would go with my new car seat would be a trip to San Francisco!

  694. I have wanted one so bad but they are so spendy

  695. Melissa French says

    First stop would be my local CPST to check the install. Then, anywhere, hopefully with much less fussing than in his bucket seat!

  696. Jennifer Traer says

    these seem great not only for the comfort and safety but i love to buy canadian! my fingers crossed!!!

  697. I just realized today that at 38 weeks pregnant, I’m going to have to get a new carseat (current seats are all in use by the older kids!). This one sounds awesome!

  698. I would take my daughter for a ride to the park (if the snow ever melts here). Was surprised to learn Clek is a Canadian company, even more reason to support them 🙂

  699. melody belvin says

    I would take my little ones that will be just 18 months apart to Ohio to see their granny. They have not met granny yet.

  700. Layla mairleitner says

    I’m done having kids but lots of my friends are having babies. This would make the best baby gift!

  701. We would take a spin around town!

  702. Shana B. says

    Would love to win one of these amazing seats! We are in desperate need of another seat for my husbands car. Good luck everyone! And thank you to TLB and Clek!

  703. Jennifer says

    I’d use this for my son. We’d go on hiking and camping trips, and to the museums! He’d love it, and so would I!

  704. Keely Anderson says

    I’d love to win a Foonf and would probably take a celebratory trip to see family 2hrs away!!
    Would be a good opportunity to test the comfiness of it!! 😉

  705. Danielle Kent says

    We would probably just go for a grocery store run to see how much he would love it 🙂

  706. melaniem says

    I’d probably take a trip to nana’s house!

  707. Helping a mother with a two weeks old baby, Currently has only one car seat and three beautiful girls all needing car seats. Husband is a University student, and mom will be looking for any type of work as soon as baby is a month old. Both parents recently come to Canada on husband student visa. This would be a blessed gift for them.

  708. Cheryl Guerriero says

    To show Grandma!

  709. Stephanie says

    Would love to switch my son back rear facing! He is bummed that he surpassed our biggest carseat’s 40lb limit. He has autism and needs to be harnessed as long as possible.

  710. Amy Messick says

    This would be an awesome give away to win…I had not heard of this car seat until I saw The Leaky Boob’s post.

  711. I’d go to my friends house and brag about winning then let her play with it and try her daughter out in it!!! Us car seat nuts gotta play with car seats LOL.

  712. I would take my daughter to visit family on the coast. The Foonf looks so comfy I wouldn’t feel bad for the long car ride.

  713. We Would LOVE this seat! We would take it everywhere .. We are always out and about .. 🙂

  714. I’m sure my newborn would LOVE this seat. It looks so comfy! And better yet designed by people in Canada. Love it!

  715. Brigid C says

    On a trip to see his Grandpa! We need a second seat for our other car.

  716. I would take my little man for a drive at nap time. Drives and nursing seem to be the only way he falls asleep, at least for mommy

  717. eliza colditz says

    I would take my one year old son on a weekend camping trip in our foonf! We have been waiting patiently for the warmer weather!

  718. We would go on base to surprise daddy at work!

  719. I would take my grandbaby to the park!

  720. Ariel Hecky says

    We would take ours on a trip to family 12hrs away!!

  721. We regularly take two hour road trips to the bigger cities in our region. My little man would love the comfort and view from a Foonf!

  722. Jennifer White says

    The foonf is the seat I really wanted to move my daughter into when my son was born, but it didnt start shipping until after he was born so we had to go with a different seat =( <3 the foonf!

  723. Melissa Russell says

    Our first trip would probably be to the park to play with others in our Moms Group, to Target, or to the grocery store since those are our most frequent destinations 🙂

  724. ashley fortier says

    Most Def would take a trip across town to visit relatives and show off our awesome new seat!

  725. Would love to take my son anywhere! Right now he is not pleased with his carseat !

  726. Anna Northrup says

    I want one of these so bad for my LO. I saw the video for the Foonf a few weeks after he was born and was so impressed by the car seat. Has to be the best on the market. Hands down.

  727. Michelle says

    I think we’d probably head to daycare first bc it would be my luck that the first ride would only be 5 minutes.

  728. Amazing giveaway! If we won this seat, we’d just cruise around town and bask in our safe and stylish bout of good luck. Thanks!

  729. First place I would go would be a trip to wherever we could go that would make the trip enjoyable…maybe camping or to the local bakery wherever my tank of gas would take us

  730. I NEED one of these for my baby girl Poppy!!!!

  731. It’d be awesome to win one to try out. My twins are nearing the height limit of their current seats for rear facing at 2 years old and I’d love to rear face them longer.

  732. What is the first place you would want to take your Foonf once it’s installed in your car?

    I’d want to take it on a trip to NC to visit all my family!!

  733. I’d want to take her on a tour to my friends to show off the cool seat!

  734. I would just love to have my baby safe wherever we go!

  735. We would likely take a ride around the town.

  736. Ohh a foonf would be fun!

    • The first place I would want to take my Foonf once it’s installed in the car is to the grocery store 😉

  737. This seat would add extra safety and lots more comfort to our afternoon commute to pick up older siblings from school and activities.

  738. Caroline says

    I would love to win!

  739. kelsey chapman says

    The first place I would go with our new seat is to the park to play and breastfeed in the warm sunshine!

  740. Stefanie says

    Would love seeing my baby girl in one of these beautiful seats! Just what we need!

  741. We would go on a road trip

  742. Amanda Panetti says

    Would love this for all the trips we have planned.

  743. April Bashioum says

    To seaworld!

  744. drive to the state park near our house 🙂

  745. I love their seats!! I think we would put it in my parents’ convertible and go cruising, just because it’s the cutest seat ever!!

  746. Probably we would go to the grocery store because we practically live there these days!

  747. Oh me me me me! i LOVE the black one 🙂

  748. probably to school! pretty, pretty exciting.

  749. Robin Dawson says


  750. Jessica Fiumara says

    I would love to take Sofia to the park or some other fun place, in reality, it would probably be a dr’s appointment.

  751. jessica martinez says

    Go cruising around town before we hit the park to have fun in the sun