Earth Day Giveaway

Happy Earth Day, TLB followers!  It seems fitting that Earth Mama Angel Baby would have a giveaway with us today, considering “Earth” is an integral part of their name.  As you can gage from the following interview, Earth Mama Angel Baby is looking out for the Earth as they create products that are good for mamas and babies.  Find our more about this TLB sponsor, and enter the giveaway below. 


TLB:  What makes breastfeeding eco-friendly?

Melinda:  It’s to-go meals without any waste! No bottles, no formula, no transport costs. Of course you can buy things that make breastfeeding easier, or more comfortable, or more efficient for you, but at its simplest, breastfeeding is completely self-sustaining.

TLB:  How does Earth Mama’s mission support eco-friendly breastfeeding?

Melinda:  Everything Earth Mama does is about providing safe, comforting products for the benefit of mamas and babies. That includes Mother Earth. We use organic and sustainably grown herbs and continually refine products as organic ingredients or more efficient herbs are available. We make the extra effort to certify our products, and use certified organic herbs because “certified organic” is the only way you can know for sure an herb was planted, grown, harvested and handled in a safe and sustainable way. Of course there are no petrochemicals, artificial ingredients or toxins in any Earth Mama product, ever. We choose green and toxin-free business practices because we have a company-wide commitment to honor the earth and her valuable resources. It isn’t just breastfeeding, we approach every aspect of pregnancy and childbirth in a eco-minded way.

TLB:  Which products specifically support breastfeeding?

Melinda:  USDA Certified 100% Organic Milkmaid Tea helps support healthy breast milk production naturally, with time- and science-tested herbs known to help increase milk supply. Natural Nipple Butter is certified organic by Oregon Tilth and helps soothe sore, cracked nipples without petrochemicals or lanolin (which many mamas avoid due to concerns about allergies and pesticide residue). Booby Tubes® are 100% natural, gel-free breast packs that can be used warm or cold, depending on what breasts need!

TLB:  Would you call yourselves eco-minded, tree-hugging, peace mamas? 

Melinda:  We love to sign our correspondence, “Peace, love and Natural Nipple Butter for All!” so yeah, I guess you could say that!


 Earth Mama Angel Baby is giving away 3 Breastfeeding Essentials Bundles to 3 lucky Leakies
(one per winner).  

Retail Value: $44.09 each

The Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle offers soothing comfort to nourish a new mama’s breasts, so she can nourish her angel baby, naturally.


Currently Leakies can find the Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle and other organic pregnancy, breastfeeding and baby care items on the Earth Mama Angel Baby website.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from April 22, 2013 through April 30, 2013.  A big thanks to Earth Mama Angel Baby for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page  or follow them on twitter  (@EarthMamaHQ on Twitter) and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is restricted to U.S. residents only.

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  1. I could switch to cloth wipes. I know! I’m so bad. I already cloth diaper, the disposable wipes are just so easy….

  2. Grace White says

    I cloth diaper our two boys to be more earth friendly.

  3. To be more Earth friendly my family could remember our shopping bags more often.

  4. Elizabeth says

    Use fewer paper towels!! Thanks Earth Mama Angel Baby!

  5. Francis Connor says

    We have only one car and have for 3 years. It’s one thing we do to keep our day-to-day costs down and leave a smaller footprint. We had our first child 3 weeks ago and are cloth diapering and EBF! One thing we could do is be more proactive about recycling. We recycle a lot but I really feel like we could do even more!

  6. joanna garcia says

    composting and growing a garden stuff i would love to learn!

  7. Get back to using cloth wipes

  8. courtney k says

    we don’t recycle 🙁 I’m so ashamed!

  9. I’d love to have solar panels so I wouldn’t have to use soo much electricity the heat in Florida can be brutal!

  10. Marie Iles says

    I could use reusable snack bags more often – I’m guilty of using way too many of the disposable zip lock bags.

  11. To be more earth friendly… I’m sure we could use our two cars less and walk more.

  12. sherry moore says

    I could recycle more to be more earth friendly

  13. I think the biggest earth friendly impact I make on a daily basis is packing lunch/coffee for my husband and school aged kids. I bake our own sandwich bread and make as much as I can from scratch and buy other items in bulk to reduce packaging waste. I pack it all in reausable containers.

    I would like to start composting again. I stopped when we moved due to no longer having outdoor space but I really need to get a worm compost started!

  14. Recycling!!!!

  15. I could recycle.

  16. We already cloth diaper, breastfeed, and recycle. We are wanting to start a compost bin at home soon.

  17. Jennifer Kinnebrew says

    I really could do better on the choices of household cleaners I use!

  18. Recycle and compost!

  19. Teresa Herrera-Honores says

    recycling! also eliminating plastic from our life

  20. I could ride my bike more and drive less

  21. Silly as it sounds, remember to take my reusable grocery bags into the store with me! I often forget them in the car, and I feel so guilty carrying out the plastic bags.

  22. I would be beyond happy to be a winner! That nipple butter sounds beyond awesome!

  23. To be more green our family uses cloth diapers and we stress recycling with our kiddos! I love how breastfeeding is so natural 🙂 Thanks for coming to Denver this weekend it was a blast!

  24. savannah nourse says

    I would love to have this prize I have a 16 month old and a 5 month old an I breast feed my 5 month old but would love to give my son some breast milk in his sippy cup but don’t make enough for him

  25. We are going to start composting

  26. I could use more reusable cloths around the house instead of paper towels/napkins/ wipes.

  27. Thanks for the giveaway! We already cloth diaper and recycle; this month we’re going to install a rain barrel to use for watering our garden this summer, and we’re going to build a compost, too. I’m really excited about these steps we’re taking as a family to ‘do our part’.

  28. Christina Howell says

    I’m going to cloth diaper my baby that will be born in July.

  29. Jamie Urbanawiz says

    Arts and crafts for the kids.

  30. We already recycle, compost, garden, cloth diaper, hang laundry on the line..hHmmm….maybe making our own yogurt so we don’t have extra plastic to recycle.

  31. Shayna Dimmick says

    We recycle!

  32. We cloth diaper and try to be more conscious of waste, like using cloth towels, washcloths, etc. rather than the paper or throw-away versions.

  33. I’m currently trying to figure out a way to get our recycling to the center with two car seats in the car. It’s tricky business!

  34. Michele R. says

    I could stop buying bottle water completely. I recycle, use cloth diapers, breast feed, don’t use dryer sheets, carpool, and try to carry my own water bottle. However, being a busy mom with hectic mornings, many times I forgot to grab that bottle and end up buying one.

  35. Switching to cloth wipes…and not using so many disposable facial tissues.

  36. Elizabeth Gee says

    We already do lots of things to be more Earth friendly, CD, breastfeeding, recycling, farmers market etc. However I do need a more fuel efficent car.

  37. We recycle, use cloth diapers and wipes, and are working on reducing our use of paper towels in the kitchen. We breastfed until DS was 16 months. I wish we could do composting and gardening, but our townhome doesn’t have a place for it. One day!

  38. Cloth diaper full time instead of part time. Switch to un-paper towels. 🙂

  39. I cloth diaper and use cloth wipes. I also breastfeed to be Earth friendly. I do not recycle as my community is in the Arctic and hasn’t figured out how to do a recycling program yet. This is something I would like to start doing though.

  40. Jessica Hughes says

    I make my own laundry detergent, and I’m in the process of making wool dryer balls to replace fabric softener sheets!

  41. Now that I no longer have chickens – I need to start a compost pile for my scraps.

  42. Use cloth diapers! We are in the process of making the switch 🙂

  43. We cloth diaper!

  44. We compost and grow a lot of our own veggies

  45. Julia Miller says

    We use more biodegradable things to clean with, like a lot of vinegar and baking soda, instead of powerful chemicals. We buy local vegetables when available, take the bus or walk most places, and generally cool the house by opening the windows instead of running the air conditioner. We also don’t turn on lights until we can’t see by natural light.

  46. We did cloth diapers for our baby and we recycle. I think we could still cut down on how much we throw away though – maybe compost some of it!

  47. I’m going to but a reusable drinking cup so I quit buying bottles of water.

  48. I could be more earth friendly by bringing a reusable cup to work.

  49. One thing we could do as a family is stop buying paper plates and buy fun plates that make us want to use them. We have slowed down using paper plates but will still purchase them once in a while.

  50. Jenny Travis says

    We started using cloth diapers a few months ago. Better late than never!

  51. I use reusable cloths for cleaning the house!

  52. Cloth diapering. I want to try it, but I’m not sure how it’ll go.

  53. We use cloth diapers/wipes and mama cloth here!

  54. We cloth diaper! Buy secondhand toys/clothes!

  55. I could turn off the lights and the water more often.

  56. Recycle more


  57. I recycle, breastfeed, and cloth diaper to be earth friendly! I could be more earth friendly by using more reusable products–wipes, napkins, un-paper towels, etc.

  58. I need to start using rags more over paper towels. We cloth diaper

  59. I could use less paper towels… I’m trying but it’s hard!

  60. I’m working on getting my husband to support cloth diapers. He really hasn’t wanted to in the past, but not only would it be saving us a lot of money in the long run, it is better for the environment too! I love these more organic and natural products. 🙂

  61. anne perry says

    Use cloth wipes. we use cloth diapers cloth mama pads cloth breast pads and cloth napkins. I pledge not not buy anymore disposable wipes.

  62. I could use cloth grocery bags.

  63. less disposables!

  64. Amanda Konkle says

    As soon as my baby fits into them, I’m using cloth diapers instead of ‘sposies.

  65. I’d really like to give composting a try!

  66. I cloth diaper my daughter to be more earth friendly!

  67. Nicole N. says

    We already use many re-usable products in our home, but we haven’t made the full switch away from Paper Towels yet. I’d love to use 100% re-usable cloths and towels in our kitchen.

  68. Karen Gill Hinshaw says

    I could stop using the plastic Walmart bags.

  69. I could use a hand towel in the kitchen instead of paper towels.

  70. Dorothy McClelland says

    I could switch to cloth wipes and 100% cloth diapers. We use disposable wipes and disposable diapers for nighttime

  71. Michelle Mong says

    There’s A LOT that I could do to be eco-friendly. We cloth diaper part time and are acquiring a larger stash so that we can switch to using cloth 100% of the time!

  72. We use cloth diapers, & I’m so happy we made the switch! We switched over when our 2nd baby was about 4 months old & our 1st was about 18 months; they’re now 3 & 4 years old, & our 3rd baby has been cloth-diapered her whole life.

  73. More rags, less paper towels

  74. Claire Rheinheimer says

    We need to start recycling cans- we used to and then stopped.

  75. We are just trying out our own vegetable garden this year and I just ordered some cute microfiber cloth sets to use in place of paper towels!

  76. We already cloth diaper and I just finished making cloth wipes from our old bath towels

  77. Lyndsay Chae Deurmier says

    I could probably do driving less often and walk to the places I need to go.

  78. Krista Green says

    I really want to start making my own cleaning products to reduce plastic use in our home.

  79. We need to recycle more than what we do already. I also want to start a compost pile.

  80. I cloth diaper! 🙂

  81. Ashley Leonard says

    We could recycle more

  82. recycle, composting, repurposing

  83. Melinda M says

    I could walk/ride bike instead of drive more often

  84. I cloth diaper my baby girl

  85. I cloth diaper my daughter and recently started using ‘family cloth’ about 75% of the time at home.

  86. christie s says

    stick with cloth wipes and quit cheating with disposables:)

  87. I could use cloth toilet paper. I’ve considered it, but haven’t gotten around to trying it out.

  88. I should recycle more. Thankfully, our new neighbourhoodhas a great center! I’ll soon be greener!

  89. DJ Wiseman says

    I just ordered my first set of cloth diapers to make the change from disposables!

  90. Kari Harris says

    Get back to using our cloth wipes.

  91. Elizabeth L. says

    I’ve been wanting to make the switch to un-paper towels and we will definitely be using cloth wipes for the next baby too 🙂

  92. Elizabeth says

    We already cloth diaper during the day, but we could also cloth diaper at night to be more environmentally friendly.

  93. Someday I want to live in a place where we can grow more of our own food, compost and use our bikes instead of a car.

  94. Allison B says

    I would cloth diaper

  95. we try to be crazy about recycling and i need to remember all of our cute reusable shopping bags more!!

  96. I would like to use unpaper towels.

  97. I could go back to full time cloth diapering and pull out the family cloth again.

  98. I could go back to full time cloth diapering and pull out the family cloth again to be more earth friendly.

  99. Jayna Jaeke says

    We use cloth diapers. There are so many other things I want to do like gardening and such, but we’re renting and don’t have our own yard yet :[

  100. Ditto those who said cloth wipes. I CD, but use disposable wipes. I am going to make an effort to CW as well!!

  101. I could used cloth wipes. I CD, but use disposable wipes.

  102. We cloth diaper and buy local food from a farm!

  103. i could (and want to start) using cloth wipes instead of disposable.

  104. Shakeeta W says

    I’ve been using cloth diapers for the last 3 years and I made the switch to mama cloth a little over a year ago.

  105. Anna Parks says

    I also could switch to cloth wipes. I know it’s such a waste and I hate the ingredients, even the clean and pure ones.

  106. We rarely use paper towels, but I would love to make cloth ones.
    And I breastfeed twins!

  107. Slowly greening out my cleaning supplies… next up is new baby diapers

  108. composting and cloth wipes!

  109. We are working on becoming more earth friendly by using cloth diapers more of the time and drying on a clothes line

  110. Michelle Bills says

    We recycle just about everything we use and we take our own bags to the grocery store.

  111. kimberly pugliese says

    less driving and more walking could help lessen our footprint!

  112. Katherine says

    Switching to washable breastpads instead of disposable pads.

  113. Katie Pitcher says

    Just switched over to cloth nursing pads!

  114. Holly Jones says

    We breast feed, use cloth diapers and wipes, recycle…we do a lot of earth friendly things already!
    But starting next month, our entire city will be BANNING plastic grocery bags! So we will be using cloth ones. I want to grow my own produce but I live in a tiny apartment 🙁

  115. We recycle in our home. More than most people I know. We also buy stuff second hand and we have just recently switched to cloth diapering.

  116. Sarah Untersee says

    I use natural cleaners for my house.

  117. Cloth diaper the next baby.

    And remember to take my shopping bags in the grocery store every single time!

  118. I’d love to start using cloth wipes.

  119. Tabitha Patton says

    I could recycle our bottles and cans since it’s so easy but something we don’t do!

  120. Sara ruppel says

    I could cloth diaper to be more earth friendly, it’s something I’m considering!

  121. I’m looking forward to trying cloth diapers with #2 on the way!

  122. Unpaper towels, cloth pads, reusable menstrual cup, reusable shopping bags, bathe all the kids together, walk to most places rather than drive. I hope in the future to be able to have a decent sized yard where we can plant our own veggies (home-grown organic!), have some free-range chickens for fresh eggs…

  123. Love EMAB!

  124. I try to recycle and I was the one who encouraged my sister to cloth diaper. To further become earth friendly I’m considering a reusable menstrual cup.

  125. I breastfeeding our daughter to be more earth friendly and we also grow our own garden for vegetables.

  126. I breastfeeding our daughter to be more earth friendly and we also grow our own garden for vegetables.

  127. I could recycle and use the cloth diapers I got as hand me downs. Also hang things outside to dry.

  128. I didn’t do cloth diapers because I was so nervous being a new breastfeeding mommy that breastfeeding and getting use to the cloth diapers would be too demanding. Always wanted to try though !

  129. jessica w. says

    I could use a rain barrel, and compost. We cloth diaper and will be switching to cloth wipes, too. We use towels in the kitchen. Oh! I could make my own laundry/dish detergent. I’m Just a little lazy when it comes to that!

  130. To be more Earth friendly I am going to start using cloth diapers instead of disposable ones.

  131. Andrea Merrill says

    Re usable shopping bags

  132. I would love to start cloth diapering!

  133. cloth diaper, reusable grocery bags, reusable menstrual cup, compost…. i’m all about saving mother earth! 🙂

  134. We’ve recently changed our soap choices and I just read about soda and vinegar for your hair and i’ll be trying this soon!

  135. I could use the stack of reusable bags a bit more often

  136. lindsey karr says

    I can stop using disposable diapers at night.

  137. Cloth diapering

  138. We currently compost, recycle and take reusable bag to shop, not just at the grocery store either 🙂

  139. Thomasina P says

    I could use cloth wipes

  140. laura Schmitt says

    Eliminate using zip lock bags and paper towels

  141. I need to get reusable grocery bags and switch to cloth wipes. I would love to do that.

  142. Jessica Leon says

    We cloth diaper!! We love them, saving the earth one dirty diaper at a time!!

  143. I already cloth diaper. I need to get back into the habit of bringing my own bags to the grocery store. And recycling.

  144. Get my family to recycle more

  145. We recycle everything that’s allowed in town, cloth diaper, use only vinegar and non-chlorine bleach for cleaning, cloth bags….you name it, BUT my one fall-back is that we’re still using disposable wipes and paper towels (sigh)

  146. I could do better by not using plastic bags or plastic containers!

  147. Elizabeth James says

    I’m switching to cloth diapers and wipes, and my husband and I have stopped buying paper towels and are using rags instead.

  148. Amy Tuttle says

    We recycle and cloth diaper, and are switching our cleaners to green products!

  149. We make our own cleaning products, cloth diaper (& wipes) for our 2 kids, buy organic (local if available), recycle and saying ‘no’ to plastic

  150. Melissa D says

    We cloth diaper, mama cloth, recycle, and breast feed. We’ve recently been making whole foods at home to cut down on our trash, also. We garden some but not nearly as much as we’d like and we also would like to start a compost.

  151. We use cloth diapers, EBF, have a garden and try to remember taking our reusable bags to the store. We could use washable wipes and be more strict on recycling glass and plastic.

  152. Alishia Palmer says

    I should use our cloth nappies more!

  153. Joyce Joyce says

    I could cloth diaper but I’m on my last of 7 kids and I feel it’s too late but I could use cloth wipes 🙂

  154. I cloth diaper, use a reusable menstrual cup, recycle, and am working on other ways (composting is next on my list) to be greener/more self sustaining.

    Also, the morning wellness tea from Earth Mama Angel Baby is currently making my life bearable since I’m dealing with horrific morning sickness that lasts all day.

  155. Amanda Corrigan says

    We are teaching our children the value of reduce, reuse, recycle (my husband is a garbage/recycle man). We are also going to have a family garden to teach them the joy and value of growing their own produce.

  156. Leah Dunn says

    We cloth diaper!

  157. We started buying milk from our co-op that comes in glass gars that we return and they refill! (plus its from a local farm and is raw, so the glass gars was just a plus!) I also breastfeed and cloth diaper! Every little thing helps!

  158. I want to switch to unpapertowels!

  159. Alyssa Laughlin says

    I use cloth diapers and reusable nursing pads. I also donate my sons clothes to friends with younger kids! Recycling pretty much everything I can also.

  160. Remember to bring the reusable bags into the store with me.

  161. Do more recycling.

  162. Wendy Weng says

    We want to grow our own garden!

  163. We use cloth wipes, part time cloth diapered our toddler, and plan on full time cloth diapering our baby due in June.

  164. AJ Landrigan says

    We recycle as much as we can! I have been teaching my children since the day they came home about caring for the Earth <3

  165. I would like to start cloth diapering..just don’t know where to start.

  166. Amy Wakeman says

    We breastfeed, cloth diaper, use mama cloth, recycle, compost, take bags to the store, reuse containers, buy secondhand, etc. We could drive less!

  167. We could be more earth friendly by switching to cloth wipes. We already use cloth diapers and line dry them. I’ve also been considering composting.

  168. Francesca McCaffrey says

    I could support the meat industry a LOT less and go local

  169. it!

  170. Thanks!

  171. recycle 🙂

  172. noura slvis says

    I bought cloth diapers for this baby due in June. I also bought tons of used flannel sheets I plan to cut up &sew into wipes & spare prefolds. We also are planting a huge garden at our new house now that we have 5 acres. Its all grass now so we are getting a couple goats to get rid of the grass. I don’t want to grow what we can’t eat.

  173. Alexis Beveridge says

    I could run the water less while hand washing our cloth diapers

  174. Stop using paper towels.

  175. Heather Hedderman says

    compost napkins/paper towels
    Use more real cloth wash clothes instead of wipes, paper products, etc…

  176. We cloth diaper to help do our part!

  177. Melissa G. says

    Use natural hygiene products. Less chemicals in water systems.

  178. I could walk more, and drive less.

  179. I could switch to reusable shopping bags!

  180. Christina McClure says

    I could be more earth friendly by cloth diapering…I really want to!

  181. I recycle everything that I can!

  182. Michelle V says

    I started cloth diapering around the 1 year mark but not really fulltime. I’m hoping to make the switch completely with baby #2.

  183. Britni Bradford says

    We could compost

  184. Just started cloth diapers and I’d love an EMAB stash!

  185. Hayley Elliott says

    Using cloth diapers!! I really want to! And would if I could save up enough money to get started!

  186. I could definitely be a more vigilant recycler 🙁

  187. donna denktas says

    I use reusable nappies and have just started making and using my own reusable wipes x

  188. Elizabeth says

    compost would the the next thing we start to be more green, and a clothes line, so I can stop using my dryer. We cloth so that’s nice, and we live in town so we will walk to the local store to pick up items we need instead of driving 🙂

  189. cloth diaper, breastfeed, bring our own bags, and we’re vegetarian… i’m pretty sure we do a lot more too :]

  190. Lisa Haines says

    Using more eco friendly cleaners

  191. Ellen Bratzel says

    We could stop using plastic bags and paper towels.

  192. Reidene Sheller says

    I could switch to reusable groceries bags and start cloth diapering.

  193. EMAB is all we use!

  194. We could use cloth wipes…if only disposables weren’t so convenient!

  195. I could switch to cloth. Well, we will soon.

  196. I could remember my reusable grocery bags or take shorter showers. I’m definitely guilty of slacking!

  197. Reduce, reuse, recycle! 🙂

  198. Shayna Marks says

    We recycle everything. When we go out we bring home what can be recycled instead of throwing it out. We use cloth napkins and do not buy paper towels. We drive the recycling to my boyfriends school because they do not do recycling where we live. I could use cloth diapers and cloth toilet paper but I’ve been hesitant on both.

  199. among other things, i like to make crunchy bath products and i can produce from our garden

  200. We’re on the right track with EBF and cloth diapering. Getting better with recycling will be a great next step in the journey!

  201. We shop locally as much as possible and recycle everything we’re allowed to…also, I breastfeed!

  202. We could switch to unpaper towels.

  203. Switch to cloth diapers

  204. Rebekah U. says

    There are so many things I could do to be more Earth friendly. It’s hard to switch over everything at once, but I am trying to do baby steps. The main one I need to do more of is trying to recycle and reuse anything I can.

  205. I breastfeed. i would love to cloth diaper.

  206. I am registered for this exact pack on our baby registry … haven’t received it yet! I am so looking forward to cloth diapers and breastfeeding. Even making my own cloth wipes. Going as green as possible as we charge into parenthood!

  207. Stephanie M says

    I could cloth diaper more! I’m a part timer so I need to step up my game!

  208. Melissa Russell says

    We try to be as earth friendly as we can, but I’ve had a hard time weaning myself from paper towels! I really need to switch to cloth.

  209. I am trying really hard to be more earth friendly by remembering my reusable shopping bags when I go to the supermarket! After getting the kids packed and ready to go I sometimes forget.

  210. I could use more reusable bags on shopping trips.

  211. I cloth diaper and breastfeed!

  212. Tiffany Dustin says

    We could be more critical in our recycling. We do some, but not all

  213. Ellen Dugosh says

    I could cloth diaper. I don’t.

  214. rebecca williams says

    I use a reusable grocery bag and if I forget it at home then I recycle my walmart/grocery bags by using them as trash bags

  215. Michelle Bills says

    I’m excited to try the mousturizer!!

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