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What makes a business more than just a company trying to sell you something?  The people behind the brand.  Suzanne, Director of Product Development for Fairhaven Health, is a mother of two and she is passionate about raising healthy families.  She has taken the time to answer a few interview questions about her life in the Pacific Northwest, her role at Fairhaven Health, and her views on nutrition and breastfeeding.  Take a moment to get to know her and this great TLB sponsor.  Then, enter the giveaway below for your chance to win some supplements designed to help breastfeeding moms maintain a balanced nutritional diet.  

Munson Family Lake Padden

TLB:  Hello Suzanne!  To start off this interview, what kinds of activities do you particularly enjoy doing this time of year?

Suzanne:  Spring is a great time of year in the Pacific Northwest.  After many months of short days, the extended daylight is always so welcome and I love getting outside in the evenings.  One of our favorite things to do this time of year is to meet up with friends for a walk or bike ride around the lake near our house, and have a picnic afterwards.  (The above photo was taken at that lake.)

TLB:  Could you tell us a bit about what you do with Fairhaven Health?

Suzanne:  I came to Fairhaven Health a number of years ago, after earning a Master’s degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University and working in the natural products industry for more than a decade. As a nutritionist and a mom of two kids, I can’t help but be passionate about raising healthy families. As Director of Product Development at Fairhaven Health, I get to spend my work day talking to women about how they can improve their reproductive health naturally, and I get to work with a team of medical professionals to dream up new products that help couples optimize their fertility and that keep women healthy during pregnancy and nursing.  What an awesome job!

TLB:  As a nutritionist, what would you like to share with our Leakies about how their food intake impacts their health?

Suzanne:   As a whole foods nutritionist, I definitely believe in the health benefits of eating “real” food! By real food, I mean anything that is minimally processed . . .fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and fresh meats, fish and poultry. And, the more you can avoid highly processed junk foods, the more room you will have in your diet for the good stuff.

Of course, eating well is important during all stages of life, but is especially vital during pregnancy and while you are breastfeeding.  It goes without saying that taking care of a newborn is demanding and tiresome (and wonderful!). And, producing breast milk requires extra calories and nutrients. So, eating real food, and plenty of it, is important to ensure that you have the energy and stamina you need to meet the demands of new motherhood.

TLB: Do you have any tips to help nursing moms get the nourishment they need?

Suzanne: The reality is that most us don’t really eat all that well, even under the best of circumstances. So, with the time constraints that accompany new motherhood, cooking, meal planning, even eating, might be some of the first activities to go.  Here are some tips that might be helpful:

  • Have fresh fruit handy
  • Buy vegetables in a ready-to-eat package to cut down on chopping time
  • Snack often on nutrient dense foods, like nuts (and nut butters) and seeds
  • Cook in big batches and freeze extra portions
  • Ask family and friends to bring meals

TLB: Fairhaven Health is giving away Nursing Postnatal. Why do you think it is important for nursing mothers to take a multivitamin?

Suzanne: While women don’t bat an eye about being told to take a prenatal vitamin before and during pregnancy, some women are surprised to hear that taking a multivitamin while breastfeeding could be helpful. As we touched on above, eating enough of the right kinds of foods is a challenge for most of us under normal circumstances, and is certainly no easier when you are breastfeeding. So, taking a daily multivitamin simply allows a mom to bump up her nutrient intake. This is important for her health, and it helps ensure that her breast milk is nutrient dense.

Breast milk is an amazing food, and perfect for your baby. It contains approximately 4 grams of fat, 1 gram of protein and 7 grams of carbohydrates per milliliter, and these proportions do not change even when the mother’s diet changes.  But, it is also true that a mother’s diet (and her overall nutritional status) can influence the vitamin, mineral, and the essential fatty acid (EPA and DHA) composition of her breast milk, all of which impacts the overall nutritional quality of the breast milk, and ultimately the overall health of the baby. Because of this, it is my humble opinion, that we need to encourage nursing moms to both eat as many real foods as possible and take a multivitamin.

TLB:  Did you personally take multivitamins after the birth of your children?

Suzanne:  Yes, I continued to take a multivitamin while breastfeeding with both my kids, and try to remember to still take one every day.  I actually have a bottle of Nursing Postnatal on my desk at work.  Even though I am definitely a “food first” person, my life is busy and hectic and I don’t always eat the way I know I should.  So, taking a multivitamin just helps to ensure I am getting enough nutrients.


Fairhaven Health is giving 5 lucky Leakies one bottle each of Nursing Postnatal and Fenugreek.

Nursing Postnatal is a vitamin and mineral supplement designed specifically for breastfeeding moms, with extra amounts of Vitamin D and the B vitamins.

Nursing Postnatal

Fenugreek is often used to help support breast milk production. Fairhaven Health’s Fenugreek contains a unique blend of organic Fenugreek Seed Powder, along with a concentrated Fenugreek Seed Powder extract (8:1), delivering a dose equivalent to 2000 mg of standard fenugreek seed powder in just 2 vegetarian capsules each day.


Currently Leakies can find these and other pregnancy and nursing products at www.FairhavenHealth.com.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from April 1, 2013 through April 8, 2013.  A big thanks to Fairhaven Health for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit BellytoBreast on Facebook or follow them on Twitter and/or Pinterest and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is restricted to U.S. (including Puerto Rico and APO) and Canadian residents only.

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  1. oatmeal raisin cookies are healthy rught…

  2. knowbetter-dobetter says

    My fav snack is cut up apples and grapes!

  3. Christine R says

    I love to eat pears

  4. Thanks for the extra reminders of how we can improve our health for baby and mommy.

  5. Joanna Yeager says

    Tuna with avocado instead of mayo!

  6. Grilled cheese on whole wheat with hummus!

  7. My favorite healthy snack is oatmeal cookies, I have come across a few amazing lactation cookie recipes that are amazing!

  8. Lizz Gee says

    Almonds, all the time.

  9. Robyn Sheridan says

    Fresh mango!!! The stuff is addicting and is probably my favorite healthy snack of all time. 🙂

  10. I love tuna with cream cheese on rice cakes. And apples, bananas, rockmelon and grapes!

  11. Stephanie says

    Homemade hummus and raw veggies.

  12. Tabouli or hummus with pita or mulitgrain crackers and cheese.

  13. Greek yogurt with honey or fruit and granola.

  14. Mixed fruit or a handful of assorted dried nuts w/cranberries 🙂

  15. Kristen Larkin says

    My favorite snack as a lactating mother is cheese cubes and grapes with a protein smoothie on the side.

  16. ziggy28028 says

    Organic yogurt with chia seeds.

  17. Fenugreek really helped boost my milk supply!

  18. I love fresh fruits

  19. Eating healthy always seems so hard! Especially right now when I still (almost at the end of my pregnancy) can’t keep anything down

  20. Christina says

    Frozen bananas

  21. Crisp apple slices with peanut butter! OR Whole wheat pita bread with homemade hummus! Mmm… Yum!

  22. My healthy snacks to go are bananas, pineapple and cheese…

  23. I love an apple with peanut butter.

  24. Green apples with organic peanut butter!

  25. My favorite healthy snacks are celery with peanut butter, and cucumbers.

  26. Anne Perry says

    plantain chips, blueberries and cashews

  27. My favorite healthy snack is almost any kind of fruit!

  28. Sara Allen says

    I love homemade fruit and yogurt smoothies!

  29. My favorite (somewhat healthy) snacks are string cheese and peanuts. Whatever is easiest on the go with 2 very active children and another on the way.

  30. Vivian Sun says

    Apples and sunflower seeds

  31. Ashley B. says

    Carrots dipped in hummus!

  32. Organic Corn Chips and salsa!

  33. Becky Nixon says

    Almonds, strawberries, any fresh fruit really 🙂

  34. Katelyn McKim says

    Mine is asparagus 🙂

  35. Katie Pitcher says

    Carrots! I buy them by the 5 lb bag!

  36. Elizabeth Crabtree says

    My favorite healthy snack is fresh fruits and veggies with hummus.

  37. Kayla C. says

    My favorite healthy snack is lactation cookies or fresh fruit.

  38. One of my favorite healthy snacks is hummus with radishes.

  39. Shakeeta W says

    I love Granny Smith apples & trail mix!

  40. Michelle Bills says

    Strawberries, definitely strawberries!

  41. Kerrie-Anne says

    Bowl of porridge or some trail mix

  42. Mangos and cheese!

  43. Ashley C says

    My favorite healthy snack is typically a protein and veggie with a good fat. Grassfed butter or coconut oil melted on veggies is so yummy!

  44. String cheese 🙂

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