Community and sex

Beyond Moi Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber

Community and sex.

Those 2 really don’t sound like they go together.  They don’t.  Not really.  But I’m talking about them on May 19th at MommyCon Austin anyway, just not at the same time.

Well, I’m not planning to talk about them at the same time.  We’ll see what happens.  You never really know.  Because when you’re talking about finding your parenting community talking about what made you a parent in the first place may just come up.

I had a great time at MommyCon Las Vegas even though I got asked to cover at the lunch by someone unaffiliated with MommyCon in a kind of bizarre turn of events.  That incident aside, the whole experience was a lot of fun.  Getting to meet the companies sponsoring, connecting with the moms and other presenters, making new friends, and talking about parenting… and sex.  In that space of 24 hours, I saw moms (and dads) connect, broadening and deepening their community while educating themselves and finding encouragement along the parenting journey.

Personally, I’ve never really been a fan of “mom” events.  They tend to scare me.  Like an extension of high school I always seem to be wearing the wrong brands, sporting the wrong hair style, and blundering into the wrong topics in conversation.  Between laughing at the wrong things at times and not getting why everyone else was laughing at other times, I have typically felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb at mom events.  Instead of leaving encouraged and with friends, I tended to leave feeling more alone than when I came.

So it was with some trepidation that I agreed to speak at MommyCon.  Like being the awkward kid stuck standing up naked in front of everyone in a crazy nightmare, I figured speaking at a mom centered event could only be worse than attending one.  Even better, I was talking about being an imperfect parent and sex, because what could be more awkward than that?  But if The Leaky Boob has taught me anything, it’s that we all need community and having someone be openly honest about the struggles they’re having can be all it takes to unleash a torrent of support from those that have been in that same place.  Every time I see a Leaky open up and share vulnerably I am amazed at how powerful it is not only for them but for those that were quietly struggling and feeling alone.  So I went, opened up, and found my own connections with others, some that have had similar journeys and some that have had wildly different ones.

And it wasn’t nearly as scary as I expected.  In fact, I’ve signed up to go again this time sponsored by Kanga Care and talking about finding our parenting community and why we need it.

But this time I get to go with my family and The Piano Man is joining me from our joint blog Beyond Moi, to have the sex talk.  I’m really looking forward to our session sharing in a relaxed setting what 16 years of marriage, several years as marriage mentors, and books and counselors have taught us when it comes to sex.  Honest and forthcoming, we’re not ones to sugar coat or pretend nor pander to stereotypes.  We will, however, be sharing some Milk Maker Cookies at our session on sex.  And going beyond the grown up sex talk for couples, we’ll share how we approach the topic with our own children and encourage dialogue about how our own attitudes, experiences, and perspectives of sex as parents can influence our children.  We can move beyond ourselves and our fear of having “the talk” with our children and into developing a healthy perspective on sex for ourselves and our children.

Community and sex.  There’s no avoiding these issues in real life and as moms and dads, recognizing the value of both and coming to terms with their place in our lives helps us guide our children.  We need each other and we need to be bold enough to talk about these realities.

If you’re going to be at MommyCon Austin, Jeremy and I will be around and we’ll have some goodies with us to share thanks to the great companies we felt comfortable partnering with to sponsor our sessions at MommyCon Austin.  Find me (Jessica) and let me know just how RUMPTASTIC MommyCon is and the first 20 I talk to that say so will receive a free Rumparooz cloth diaper from Kanga Care and a fun something for anyone after that.  Talk to Jeremy and tell him how much you enjoy cookies and milk because he’s giving out Milk Makers Cookies and not just to breastfeeding moms.


Joining us at MommyCon in Austin on the 19th?  We’d love to meet you.  There’s a code just for TLB readers to get $10 off their registration, just use Leakyboob when you buy your tickets.  Need a better deal than that?  Enter to win a pair of tickets as a couple!  Along with a pair of tickets to MommyCon Austin, this prize bundle includes a Beco Soleil with drool pads in the winner’s choice of Micah or Stella, a Kanga Care Rumparooz in the new print Dexter and one in crimson, and a $50 gift certificate to Milk Makers Cookies!  Use the widget below to be entered.


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  1. Well, my parents kinda just assumed I knew about it and never actually had “the talk” with me. I plan on talking to my girls when they are of age. It will not be allowed until they are married, period!

  2. Jessica Hughes says

    I have no idea. I think I blocked it from my memory. =/

  3. I didn’t have ‘the talk’ when I was young, and always felt shy about talking about sex, however I have openly answered my daughters questions. I always use real words for body parts too.

  4. They didn’t really. But I try to make my kids as uncomfortable as possible by bringing it up in casual conversation, whenever it seems appropriate. And I gave them some good books. 😉

  5. Tasha Purington says

    Would love to attend, but would really LOVE to meet Jessica in person!

  6. Marie Bishop says

    I’ve always known, I think I must have been told about sex at a very young age.

  7. My mom did the book keeping for a few small convenience stores owned by my uncle. I was with her one day day when she was picking up receipts and checks from one of the cashiers (way back in the early 90’s before WWW was all the rage, haha) and a guy came in the store shirtless, out of breath and with his pants held together in one hand asking if they sold condoms. They didn’t but the cashier took some out of her purse and told the boy to be safe.
    That prompted the talk because I had plenty of questions. She was always very open with me (sometimes to the point of scaring or completely embarrassing me!)

  8. my older sister talked to me about it when I was younger than I should have been. my mom never uttered a word. with my kids, i’m just being honest. i’m trying to normalize the language, and take things as they come along. my 10 yr old was with me when I bought some tampons, and he asked what they were for… so I explained in the most scientific way possible. hahaha!

  9. Katherine Dixon says

    They didn’t. I plan to be open and honest with my kids from the beginning, whenever they start asking questions.

  10. It was an unspoken talk really. But I waited until I was dating my now husband.

  11. I had my first “sex talk” over the phone. from my dad. when I was 20. it was more of an awkward formality. when my son is older, I hope to just have an honest conversation.

  12. We never really had the sex talk honestly.. I will be having a talk with my daughter though. She’s currently only a month old so I have plenty of time to decide when she is ready for the talk 😉

  13. My mom was really open with us ( while keeping it age appropriate). I hope to do the same.

  14. Mine never really had “the talk” with me sadly I learned more so from my friends about sex. My little ones are still very young so Im not sure how I will address the issue & when.

  15. Kristenna says

    My mom never really wanted to have “the talk” with us. When she did, she made it sound so frightening (we were kinda young) that we never went back to her to ask questions, even when were plenty old enough and needed support or guidance. I plan on trying to ease into the subject with my children, once I feel that they are old enough. Hopefully I won’t scare them too!

  16. Brandy s says

    My parents never talked to me about sex. With our children we are open about it. No need to pretend a stork drops off a baby. We had our toddler with us for his little brothers birth. If our children have questions we will answer them.

  17. My parents never talked to me about sex. I will absolutely have a sex talk with my daughter, I’m thinking around preteen age, but I will see what feels natural as she grows up. I think it’s important to have an open and honest conversation with your children without judgement.

  18. I never really had a sex talk with my parents.. They just told me to use condoms. I plan on just doing it when it seems like the right time.

  19. Christy G says

    My parents never really talked to me about sex. I hope to be really open with my boys about it. I am not sure exactly when I will talk about it. They are 2 and 8 months so I think I have a little while!

  20. My mom never had any talks with me.. Kinda had to figure it out on my own :-/

  21. Sharon Doyle says

    Unfortunately, my parents didn’t give me a healthy idea of sex. We are hoping to do things different when our baby starts asking questions we plan to answer them and keep talking about it.

  22. Allison B says

    That was what sexual catechesis was for!

  23. I never had the talk with my parents, just a discussion about when to.

  24. My parents never talked about sex. Ever.

    I’ve been talking to my 10 year old about sex openly and age appropriately since I got pregnant with her sister when she was 4 years old. At age 10 she knows plenty and feels comfortable talking about it and asking questions about it from me. I know she knows accurate information. She loves my honesty with her. It’s very easy to talk to her about it as well.

  25. I only remember my mom talking about all the horrible STDs out there. I haven’t thought about how I will talk to my daughter about it yet, she is still a baby.

  26. My parents did did NOT talk about it. I ended up asking my grandma where babies came from, and she gave me a very clinical explanation, beginning from the point where the sperm has just met the egg. After her spiel, I pressed “but how did the sperm get there?!”.
    So other than that, I think it made for a lack of awareness of the intricacies and intimacy involved.
    I plan to be open and elaborate. Not in a hippie-for-the-sake-of-it way, but in a way that wards off fear and fosters respect.

  27. Amanda AndRandall Yonnie says

    My mom had “the talk” with me when I was in junior high. She let me know if I had any questions or concerns she was there for me, no matter what. It was really great because I had a best friend who really needed guidance with all that came with it. I’ll probably take the same approach with my children around the same time.

  28. phenicia says

    I didn’t talk about sex with my parents, but i have talked about it with my children (ages 13 & 14) . We try to keep an open line of communication. We talk about sex, dating, everything:)

  29. <3 the leakyb@@b! It's great to be part of a like minded community.

  30. Rachel M says

    I wouldn’t let my mom talk to me about sex! I ran away screaming! My best friend told me all about her Mom’s talk and that was enough for me.

  31. Heidi McDonough says

    My mom had “the talk” with me around the same time we had the discussion in school. I think it was in 5th or 6th grade. I don’t remember a separate sex discussion when I got older, though. I hope to give age appropriate info to my boys as they get older so it’s not a huge talk when they get to puberty. I’d do the same if I ever have a daughter.

  32. Ashley B. says

    I was a very curious child. My mom had a lot of patience when explaining things and answering my questions. I hope to be the same way.

  33. My mom tried to have a talk with me when I was way too old for it, around 18. We did not have a trusting relationship at all and I never shared personal details with her. It was forced and awkward. I could tell she was uncomfortable and I was uncomfortable. She mostly talked about how I should not be promiscuous, none of the practical information I needed to stay safe.
    Now I have a 2 year old and we have already started talking about it. I think conversations about the body and sexuality should be a part of every day conversation. At my school growing up girls were dating and fooling around from 10 years old. It starts sooner than any of us want to believe. I want my daughter to be confident in herself and with her body. I want her to know that she can set limits and what it means to have respect for yourself and your partner. Whew, it’s kind of overwhelming actually, but we are trying.

  34. Cristal Carballeyra says

    My parents NEVER spoke of sex. It was so taboo. I plan to be pretty straightforward when my child starts asking questions.

  35. My parents avoided the talk! My mom asked if I needed to ask any questions the night before my wedding, though. Lol! No thanks, mom! We plan on it being one long never ending discussion with our children, though we don’t know when will be the most appropriate time for that. But our son is still under a year, so we have some time to figure that out!

  36. Jessica Fiumara says

    I honestly don’t remember the talk with my mom. I’m sure there was one, but I can’t recall the specifics.

  37. Melanie murdock says

    My parents didn’t talk about it. Abstinence was the only assumed way in our home. I plan to educate my kiddos realistically and honestly. My six year old has already had a lot of curiosity surrounding birth, so I have a feeling it will be sooner rather than later, as he is very inquisitive. I just want my children to understand love and that sharing intimacy with a partner is wonderful, but patience is rewarding. And safety is obviously of utmost importance as well.

  38. Kristin F says

    Can’t remember the talk. I’m already wondering what I will say to my two girls!!

  39. Mommycon would be an awesome adventure! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  40. Lauren A says

    They never really spoke about it to me. Hopefully with my own children we can have an open and honest decision about how to be safe and when to make that decision with their partner. Luckily, I waited until I was in a committed relationship with a partner that respected me and we were always safe.

  41. Britni Bradford says

    My dad and step mom gave us the talk when I was 9 – when they got preggo with my half brother, so it was a convenient segue… We will probably start talking about it around age 8, though it will be framed in a different way than what I got. I want us to be clear (but loving and grace-filled) that mom/dad/God’s expectation is that she will wait until marriage and build into that the importance of embracing wise counsel on perspective boyfriends. (Please no negative comments if this is not your religious belief.) My parents never really brought this up straight forward. I love the example that the movie Courageous sets for some of these father/daughter discussions, not just mother/daughter. I want to raise a girl who knows she is treasured and precious.

  42. My parents were not and still aren’t ones to even hint at sex. And my husband’s parents let him do whatever so he ended up in trouble as a teen. So I’m not sure how we’re going to bring it up when it’s time to have that talk with our kids. We’ve hopefully got another year or so to prepare for it.

  43. Rachel williams says

    My parents told me the basics when I was about 5. My knowledge grew as I got older and I asked more questions. I think I will tell them when they are the same age.

  44. My parents talked about sex sparingly, not terribly awkwardly, but not quite as transparently as I desire to with our kids. I am firmly convinced that sex education starts when they are tiny and that even the terminology you choose to use in regards to private parts makes a HUGE difference in their developing outlook on sex!

  45. Jessika Bumgarner says

    My parents didn’t really talk to me about sex. My mom handed me a book, and that’s where I learned what sex was. With my daughter (& any future children), I start from the get-go…just teaching her about her body parts and that they are hers & hers alone. I plan on keeping it an ongoing conversation.

  46. Katie Pitcher says

    My parents didn’t really talk to me about it. I plan to be open about it, in age appropriate ways.

  47. Lindsay Hamilton says

    I was a pretty good (and smart) kid, so we didn’t have a formal “talk”. But once I was in a relationship for awhile my mom sent me to the ob/gyn for the first time.

  48. Monique L. S. says

    My parents did not talk to me about sex at all. I learned a lot from a friend who was given a book by her mother. I wish my parents were more open about it, so I could have learned the truth about things and ask questions. When my daughter becomes of that age, I hope to be open and honest with her. Sex is something that will happen for her eventually…it is not something to be shameful of and hidden. It’s better for her to be educated about it, in order to protect herself.

  49. Becca Eby says

    My parents never spoke of it. We want to open an honest dialogue about it from a young age. We are using the correct words for body parts already. We worked in youth outreach for years so we’ve seen the damage done by parents avoiding or ignoring the subject. I know it won’t be easy, but the important things rarely are.

  50. My parents gave me a book to read and said to ask if I had any questions. I plan to talk w/ my girls early and often.

  51. Jackie G says

    My parents didn’t really talk about sex with me. My mom basically said just don’t have sex until you are married.

    We have a long time before we will discuss it with our daughter but when the time comes will try to be pretty open about it.

  52. Sarah Stanford says

    Sex wasn’t talked about in our household. I want to educate my children about it early (in an age-appropriate fashion of course) so they won’t turn to the internet as their teacher, and so they can have healthy relationships with informed consent!

  53. Jennifer says

    My parents didn’t. I am still trying to figure out how and when and how much at each age to share. My baby is 11 months.

  54. Caitlin G. Hoover says

    My mom didn’t really explain the mechanics of sex to me, and for a very long time I had some very wrong ideas about what had to happen. Also, she kept telling me that, between a husband and a wife, it can be “beautiful” and I could not for the life of me figure out how being naked with a boy could possibly be described as beautiful. Now that I’m married, I know what she was talking about, but I will try desperately to make it a little clearer when it comes to be my turn to talk about it with my kids.

  55. courtney Nicole hambel says

    Oooooh pick me pick me 😉

  56. Michelle Bills says

    My mom did not talk about sex. When I was 14 she handed me a book and said it would answer any questions I had. Then she basically made me feel like it was a bad thing to want to read it. The book was one of those thick books on women’s bodies. I have no idea how i’m going to tell my children about sex. The way my mom did it was absolutely wrong. I didn’t really find out what it was all about until college when I was doing things I realized too late I didn’t want to do.

  57. Judith Martinez says

    My parents didn’t talk to me a lot about it but they were open with me if I had questions. We have a couple of books we’ve shared with our children as they’ve gotten old enough. Then we let them know we’re open to questions. We have lots of dialogue as things come up. We don’t really do a talk.

  58. I really wish I lived in or near Austin so I could come to the talk about sex! It sounds SO interesting, but a bit too far to travel from California!

  59. Jennifer K. C. says

    I never really got the sex talk and I am not sure how to bring it up but I have a while

  60. Cassandra says

    My mom only ever said not to have sex. There was no open talk where I felt I could go to her with questions without fear of a fight. I want to be that person my children can talk to.

  61. Natalie J says

    I remember wondering about sex and finally started asking questions. My mom answered my questions, but it was weird because I would ask something, think it over and come back with another question. The “conversation” lasted weeks and could have been a lot easier had someone volunteered the information.

  62. as a single mom i dont know if she really knew how to approach the topic of sex so it was never discussed but i did attend a few home births as a child so i guess she assumed i knew what was going on! as for my kids, they’ll probably attend a few births as well… plus we have a bunch of animals so that subject is pretty much inevitable!

  63. Meagan D says

    I don’t remember getting “the talk” from my parents. I plan on being open aboout it with my LOs, so they’re comfortable talking to me about it when they’re making the decision to be active.

  64. I never had the sex talk and I think that was a bit of a mistake on my parent fault because I started having sex at 15. I will definitely be educating my kids and hopefully picking up on their cues as to when the right time to do it is!

  65. Lindsay D. says

    Being raised in a Christian background, at the age of 13 we had “the talk”, but more so about saving myself for the man I would marry someday, rather than going in to details. I plan to be open and honest with my children if they have any questions. Certain questions may be for my husband to answer since I have two boys…

  66. sara swanson says

    My parents didn’t say much about the act itself, but discussed then “when” a lot. My one month old isn’t ready for “the talk” and it shouldn’t be just one talk!

  67. When I was in grade 2, I took a book out of the school library that happen to be about sex (It was probably meant for Gr 5-6 level). So my parents had an age appropriate discussion with me, and then again later on with other age appropriate books.

  68. Karen C. says

    I don’t remember my parents speaking to me about sex, per se. I do remember my Dad giving me a talk on my flight up to college about how boys only have one things on their mind and how to stand up for myself and make sure I knew what I want and that I was valued. It was sort of uncomfortable and I was trapped (being on an airplane and all). I am sure that my mom and I had talks intermittently as I was a pre-teen and teen at home.

    With my own kids, we have tried to be open about talking about their bodies and make sure they know that we are there to answer any questions. Last year my 12 year old daughter had growth ed at school where she learned about sex and puberty. Timing was a bit difficult for her since I was very pregnant with her baby brother. Nothing like learning about sex (and being embarrassed by it) and then having mom walk into school with proof that her parents were having sex.

  69. I don’t remember my parents EVER talking about sex.

    I hope to take a much different approach and make our children feel comfortable talking about any time.

  70. My parents explained it to me at a young age, there was a book with illustrations *yay* and when I was 10 I was at my youngest sister’s birth. My mom was pretty blunt.

    I am actually more nervous about talking about with my son because he really has no filter and we have enough embarrassing moments as it is…

  71. My parents just talked to us about it as it came up and I will probably do the same.

  72. Jennifer Collins says

    Didn’t talk about it until I was pregnant at 17. :/ I wanted to talk to my daughter about it around 8, but she’s now 11 and I still am not sure how to have that conversation!

  73. My parents never really had a formal “talk” with me. I pretty much learned everything from the internet and school. I plan on talking with our kids frankly about it, what it means, and how to avoid an unwanted pregnancy if they were to decide not to abstain.

  74. My parents never had the talk with me, but I really wish they would have. I plan on talking about it as soon as they want to know where babies come from and then the more detailed version once body changes are clearly visable.

  75. My parents never really gave me “the talk” when I was younger. I plan on being as open as possible with my girls. Any questions they have I will answer the best I can. We always use proper names for body parts, I think that is important. My parents never used the proper words or any other words for that matter so I always felt really awkward as a kid whenever I heard them.

  76. Jessica Abbott says

    My parents never spoke to me about it. I just plan to be open with my son about it!

  77. Laura Frazier says

    My parent’s DIDN’T talk about sex and then when they found out I was having it they punished me. My husband, on the other hand, was raised in a household where they freely communicated about their bodies and sex. We hope to raise our children in an honest environment where they are given a good educational foundation and hope they feel free to always ask questions.

  78. My parents never did and we’ll be open with our children and teach them about sex from a Scriptural perspective.

  79. Stacie P says

    I don’t think my mom or dad ever talked to me about sex (except saying to wait until marriage). Most everything I learned was through classes at school or through word of mouth. My mom still feels uncomfortable saying the word penis! I hope to have a little more open relationship with my children about this topic so that they can atleast ask me questions.

  80. As far as us kids were concerned, my parents only did the deed 3 times (there are three of us!). I think being open and honest about it would have helped me a lot more growing up! As my only child for now is only 10 mo, I have a little time to think about my approach. 🙂

  81. My parents never talked about sex. I have NO IDEA how we will handle it.

  82. Nickki Freeman says

    My parents and I never had the talk….I wish they had been more comfortable talking to me about it, because I would have been open to listening. We have started with mine from an early age, beginning with childbirth.

  83. Alison Montgomery says

    It was really facilitated by a mom/daughter night watching a sex ed video at school together 🙂

  84. cassandra says

    My parents never talked to me about sex. To this day, almost 21 years old, I still can’t openly talk about sex to either of my parents. My sister, on the other hand, has always been there for me. I plan on answering any question my children have with an age-appropriate, anatomically-correct answer, none of that “cabbage patch” or “stork” bull.

  85. My mom was very open about talking about sex. I think this is good to an extent but I think the conversation needs to be “healthy”. She talked a lot about the physical aspect- but not the emotional aspect. So, when I had sex for the 1st time, I was very unprepared for the emotions that went along with it. I plan on talking to my kids about sex when they start to show an interest in “attraction”. I want to get to them before society does.

  86. My mom talked to me about it a little in late elementary school, but more in high school. My son is only 3 so we haven’t gotten there yet. I’m not sure what the best age will be.

  87. Stephanie says

    I’d love to hear you at MommyCon! I am pregnant and definitely need some advice on how to handle my previously, ever present, sex life with my husband!

  88. Natasha Puryear says

    My mom read me a book during a garage sale!

  89. Lily Ivey says

    My parents never said a word. It really would have been awkward for me. We just don’t have that type of relationship. My girls are babies, but I’m working on creating a relationship with them that will make it easy for me to be open about this topic and everything else as well.

  90. My parents never had the talk with me. I started talking to my kids before junior high or when they asked questions I answered honestly.

  91. Good for you, talking about these important issues.
    My fingers are crossed for the drawing- could really use the carrier.

  92. I don’t really remember my parents talking to me about sex other than don’t do it haha. We have yet to decide when we are going to talk to our kids about sex. I want to not talk to them about it when they’re too young, but I also don’t want to wait until they’re too old. I think it is a gradual conversation, where you gradually add pieces all at once as opposed to just info dumping.

  93. My family was very open on the subject of sex. I never grew up with any notion of sex and procreation other than the truth. No stork, no magic.

    I plan on doing the same for my children. There’s no reason not to, IMO.

  94. My patents were pretty open and frank with me. I plan to do the same with my son.

  95. My parents never had the talk with me…..We will talk to our children about it when they are older. They do know that you don’t casually date, when you date it’s about finding the person your going to marry. That is our belief….

  96. My parents never discussed sex with me other than to tell me not to have it. I hope to change that with my children and discuss it openly and honestly. Luckily I have a few more years before I need to worry about it…

  97. anne perry says

    I don’t think my parents told me about sex… Learned about it in health class.
    I will have the talk with my boys when they start asking questions. Guessing around 10??
    I feel that parents need to be open and honest about everything including sex and drugs. Otherwise your children will not trust you or come to you for advice.

  98. Lizz Gee says

    My parents totally failed at the “sex talk”. I plan to be open honest and factual with my children from the start.

  99. This was a good read! My parents and I never talked sex so it’s great to be able to read about it from a parent’s perspective.

  100. Never heard from my dad about it. My mom would give us books, talk about birth control, all the “fun” stuff. She was pretty open.

  101. Kristin V. says

    My parents pretty much avoided the subject! I hope to be as open as we can be with our 2, nothing tabu.

  102. I really hope to win so me and hubby would be able to go.

  103. I wish I knew when your panels were! Looks like so much fun

  104. Madison C. says

    My mother never educated me on sex. I learned everything in school and from my friends and television.

  105. Claire Rheinheimer says

    My parents were terrible about talking to me about sex, I learned more at school and from friends. I have 2 teenage daughters and have always been very open with them. It was never like let’s sit down and have a talk, I just answered questions as they asked them over the years. Of course I kept it to age appropriate answers but they grew up knowing the basics and we’ve have been very open with each other. They both know they can ask me anything. When my 17 year old started thinking about having sex she came to me and I got her on the pill. I refuse to be a mom that buries her head in the sand.

  106. My mom taught sex ed at my high school, and was WELL known for it. I don’t remember too much of a discussion at home though, although we were always pretty comfortable. I see my DH and I answering questions honestly and (age) appropriately as they get asked.

  107. We were told the basics and then I always felt comfortable asking questions. I was never treated like it was wrong or dumb. I plan on doing the same with my boys.

  108. My parents were always really open about sex, and I never felt weird about asking questions along the way. I hope my kids feel the same way. Although, it’s not really top of mind these days for me. The last baby kind of killed it 🙁

  109. My parents never talked to me about sex, and had they tried I would have plugged my ears singing “lalalala.” I was never comfortable talking about sex, my body, or emotions. I hope to have an open relationship with my daughter however!

  110. Amanda W. says

    I simply got don’t come home pregnant >.<
    I plan to be pretty frank and open about it since I have 2 girls.

  111. My parents never really had a talk with me. My daughter is very smart and asks a lot of questions so I’m sure we will talk with her sooner rather than later.

  112. Elizabeth says

    My parents were matter-of-fact and factual. I plan on bringing it up when questions arise or at age appropriate intervals, which ever comes first.

  113. I don’t remember having the sex talk with my parents. I remember taking a body changing class in 5th grade, but that was about it. I learned the ‘Birds and the Bee’s” from classroom biology.

    I plan on talking to my son about it. I don’t know if I’ll stress abstinence because his dad and I weren’t married when he came, but I will teach him the importance of safety and how to treat females. I want him to be respectful towards them and know not to push.

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